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Make your spaces healthier and happier with right Vastu. Synchronize your home and offices with principles of Indian Vastu shastra.

Vastu shastra is an amazing science that takes into consideration the construction of buildings in the wisest way so that it brings maximum benefits to the people who are residing in that building. It aims at balancing the five elements of nature- Water, Light, Air, Earth and Space so that you can have a positive ambiance in your space and you can enjoy a healthy and happy living with your family. Indian Vastu Shastra takes into account the elements of engineering, architecture and interior decoration to come up with constructions that are highly beneficial for the residents.

Shri Gupta ji is an expert of Vastu in India. He has been studying and researching on Vastu astrology to come up with Vastu designs which can revamp the feel of your home, office and every other space. He is the best Vastu consultant in Jaipur who has been offering his impeccable Vastu Shastra services to people in different parts of the country. This Vastupurush provides wonderful and comfortable Vastu dosh remedies that can nullify the negative effects of your spaces and make them healthier and wealthier places to live in. He is an extremely professional Vastu expert who provides you with reports on your construction along with Vastu dosh nivaran.

Expert Vastu Consultancy Services in Jaipur India

We provide expert Vastu consultancy services, Vastu Shastra Services, Indian vastu consultants, best Vastu Tips and advice for home/house, Office, Restaurants, Plots, Hotels, Bungalows and Villas, Factory, Buildings and Apartments, Flats, Malls, Shops and Showrooms, Hospital, Cafes, Resorts, Educational Institutions and much more. Famous Vastu Consultant in Jaipur Gupta Ji Gives All Vastu Problems Solution with 100% Assurance.

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Vastu Consultancy Services

Different Types of Vastus:

Some of the important branches of Indian Vastu Shastra in which Shri Gupta ji deals with have been mentioned below. You can hire his consultancy services and use his Vastu tips to revive your constructions with a completely revived ambiance and aura.

Vastu Consultant For Home, House

Wonderful home Vastu consultation services to come up with designs that take into account the directions and placements of different rooms in the best way possible for a positive environment.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Perfect Home
Easy & Complete Vastu Tips For Home
Vastu Points to Keep in Mind While Building a New House
Vastu Tips To Bring Love, Happiness & Prosperity To Your Home
Vastu Guidelines for Buying New Home / House
Tips for Constructing House As Per Vastu Shastra
Vastu Remedies For South Facing Homes
Vastu Tips During Construction And Remedies For Home Interiors
Vastu Guidelines For Buying Property Or Home
Vastu Advice For Home Construction
Vastu Expert Tips For Construction Home & Stairs
Vastu Remedies For South Facing Homes

Best Vastu Consultant for Hotel

He is an expert in hotel Vastu. He offers advices on complete design of the restaurant or hotel so that it can offer the best hospitality to the visitors and bring more business to the owner and help him prosper.

Best Vastu Tips for Restaurant or Hotel
Vaastu Shastra Advice for Restaurant

Indian Vaastu Shastra Consultant For Residential

He pays attention to nitty-gritty in the house. He pays attention to Vastushastra house entrance, placement of kitchen, bedroom, children room, pooja room, toilets etc. in the house to make your residence compatible with Grahvastu principles.

Vastu Tips for Children Room
Effective Vastu Tips for Main Door or Entrance
Pooja Room Vastu tips for Every Indian Home

Vastu Shastra Expert Consultant for Office

Get complete guidance on making your office Vastu-friendly to take your business to new heights and make it popular with your customers. Placement of seating of different kinds of staff is one of the strongest points in office Vastu.

Vastu Tips/Remedies for Office or Small Factory
Vastu For Office Construction
Vastu Tips And Guidelines For Office Construction
Best Vastu Shastra Tips For Success In Office
Vaastu For Office And Commercial Building
Get Rid Of Office Problems Through Vaastu

Vastu For Bedroom – Vastu Tips For Bedroom

Have your personal bedroom designed as per Vastushastra principles in order to enjoy the most relaxed and stress-free life. Give your personal room a perfect ambiance and aura which helps you soothe your body, mind and soul.

Vastu Shastra for Bedroom for Married Couple

Vastu for Kitchen

Design your kitchen as per this amazing science by balancing all the energies. Cook healthy food in a kitchen that is located in the South East corner of your house to bring health and happiness in your family.

Vastu Advice For Having Perfect Kitchen

Vastu for Plot

Get professional consultation from a plot Vastu expert to ensure healthy and profit-centric investment in the land you are buying. If you have already bought a land then know the best remedies to make it a great deal.

Vastu Shastra Consultants For Commercial

Direction Of Flats | Vastu Tips For Flats | Flat Vastu
Five Point Vaastu For Flats
Vastu Shastra Tips For Apartments And Flats
Vastu Principles For Flats
Vastu Tips For Apartments And Flats

Vastu for Hospitals

Vastu Tips For Hospitals, Nursing Homes
Vastu Advice for Clinic

Check Out Other Vastu Shastra Guidelines

Vastu Astrology Tips To Have Happy Married Life
Vastu Shastra Advice for Successful Love Relationships
Best Vastu Advice for Physical Fitness and Health
Vastu Guidelines for Wealth and Richness
Expert Vastu Remedies For Shop or Showroom
Vastu Shastra Guide for the Success of your Business
Expert tips to improve your business finances with Vastu
Vastu Remedies For Job Promotion/Career Growth

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