Vastu Astrology Tips To Have Happy Married Life

It is quite surprising to see marriages failing at such a shocking rate. Couples are finding it difficult to adjust with each other, with family members. They are not ready to compromise for a healthy and happy married life at any cost. Such dynamics in a married life is extremely dangerous. In India, we often get in touch with astrologers to help us suggest astrological solutions for happy married life. We also consult them for vastu tips for couples, vastu shastra for bedroom bed direction etc. for harmonious relationships with the spouse. This kind of divine intervention, if taken at the right time, under the right guidance, can actually help in saving your marriage from falling apart. This post has been designed to share various vastu tips for marriage proposal that make marriage a more beautiful association.

Vastu Shastra and Its Effects on Marriage

Vastu plays a vital role in building and destroying relationships. Likewise, when we talk of vastu in context of marriage then it does lead to problems between a couple, leading to separation, causing divorce, causing delay in marriage etc. We must understand that most of the times, the reason for separation or divorce is small problems which take a bad shape. We have made an attempt to study vastu and its effects under different headings.

Easy to Follow Vastu Tips for Early Marriage

Here are some very simple yet extremely effective vastu tips for early marriage.

Vastu Tips for Girls:

  • After the initiation of her menstruation cycle, she must be made to sleep in the North-West bedroom of the house. In case of absence of a room in this direction, make her sleep with her head in South or West direction as vastu tip for position in bedroom has a significant effect.
  • The color of the bed sheets and other furnishings of her room should be in pink, lavender and other light colors.

Vastu Tips for Boys:

  • Boys who have touched puberty must be made to sleep in South-West or North-East bedroom of the house. If there is no bedroom in North-East direction then bedroom in the South is the next preferred choice.

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Useful Vastu Tips for Happy Married Life

Vastu tips for good relationship between the spouses have been listed below to make sure that they have a healthy and happy marital association.

Vastu Tips on Bed and Bed Direction:

  • Always sleep in the bedroom which is either in South-West or South direction of the house as per vastushastra bedroom bed directions.
  • Always sleep on the wooden bed with head on the South side.
  • Avoid beds made of metals for peaceful marriage.
  • The shape of the bed should be either rectangle or square.
  • Always use single mattress and quilt instead of two different quilts or mattresses.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom:

  • Use light and soothing colors on walls. Colors like mild red, pink and soothing greens are a good choice.
  • Keep your bedroom free from clutter and mess.
  • Placing fresh flowers in a vase in your bedroom will always make it a happy space. Make sure you change them regularly.
  • Do not have mirrors in your bedroom.
  • The door of your bedroom should open more than 90 degrees. Avoid keeping a computer or TV in your bedroom.

General Vastu Tips for the House

  • Keep the North East direction of your house free from clutter.
  • Do not have any extension like balcony etc. in the South East corner.

We have taken the best of the vastu tips for couples which are very effective in making them a happier couple. Make these small little changes in your bedroom and see their amazing results as they bring harmony and romance back in your marriage.

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