Useful Vastu Advice for Physical Fitness and Health

Health is the first and the foremost thing for any person. We all strive to follow a healthy regime, a balanced diet pattern and enroll for gym and fitness centers to make sure that our body and mind stay fit and fine at all the times. But there is something more on which we need to focus in order to fit and healthy. Vastu Shastra plays a significant role on health of a person. We cannot negate the influence of these directions and energies on our body. Hence, this amazing science has given certain principles which everyone must follow while constructing their house and otherwise in order to enjoy wellness.

Here are a few Vastu advice which have been mentioned in terms of health to help you have a sound body and mind. In case you or your family members are suffering from prolonged illness or you just don’t feel fit despite all the treatments then this is a sign that you need to focus on your Vastu as many health issues are related with Vastu doshas or defects. With the help of these guidelines you can focus on these issues and ensure better health for your family.

Vastu Tips for Health and Wellness

Here are some of the Vastu tips which must be kept in mind:

  • If you have a staircase right in the center of the house then it is not considered as a good thing for your house. This can cause lots of healthy problems in you and your family members. Corner of the house is the best place to have stairs.
  • You can always improve your general health by sleeping with your head in South direction. This will take care of your trivial health issues.
  • Make sure that you keep the center of your house empty. This is the Brahmasthan and needs to be kept clean and light. In case there is some heavy furniture placed there then remove it as it affects health. You should not have any wall or partition or pillar in this zone. In case there is something of the sort then you must install Reiki charged crystal grid in that zone so that the complete house stays charged with good energies.
  • Make sure that you don’t sit, sleep or eat under the beam. Also ensure that there is no beam running through the centre of your house as it affects health and mind.
  • Directions and their influences on health are an important point of consideration in terms of health. Whenever there is imbalance in fire element, the chances of health issues increase. If you have a house which has slope towards South and also faces that side or you have placed generator in your house in North East or you have a water tank that is placed in South East then chances of health issues in your family members will increase. To nullify the effects of all these problems you must have a wooden gate on the South wall which is high enough so that the road on the outside is not visible.
  • Make sure that you have your kitchen in the South East zone of the house as that is the right place to have it. Remember kitchen is the place which is the source of energy in your body. If your kitchen doesn’t fall in that zone then you either light a candle on daily basis in that direction or cook something small like a tea or rice in that zone daily to nullify the effect of wrongly placed kitchen. Kitchen is North East adversely affects the health of women in the house.
  • Make sure that the boundary walls of your house are of the height as that of the main gate. If possible then having plants of citrus fruits on either sides of the main gate of the house is good for sound health.
  • It is considered good to burn a candle in the room of the person who is keeping unwell in your house for a few weeks.
  • If there are some elderly people in the house then place their bedroom in South West direction for their good health.
  • Make sure the beds are of wood and not of iron.
  • Keep electronic gadgets and mobile phone at a distance while sleeping.
  • Do not construct toilets and kitchen adjacent to each other. Do not have toilet above or below the kitchen.
  • Do not have toilets under staircase.
  • Maintain a distance of a few inches between the bed and wall.

All these points are very effective in maintaining physical well being of all the people staying in the house. Use these Vastu tips in your house to enjoy wellness and fitness.

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