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Use the finest principles of residential Vastu for setting up your bedroom, kitchen, toilet and various other spaces for a healthier environment.

Indian Vastu Shastra takes into account different kinds of energies that are present in the atmosphere and the five elements of nature which influence human beings. The principles of this amazing science focus on striking a balance between these elements and energies to create a space which has the most soothing and positive aura.

When we talk about best residential Vastu, every detail related with placements of different rooms and construction of house on the whole is taken into consideration. Vastu astrology believes that directions and energies influence body, mind and soul and hence it is extremely important that we pay attention to these residential Vastu principles while constructing the building so that people who are going to live in that house enjoy mental, physical and emotional balance which can bring peace, happiness and health to them. The placement, look and feel of every room is important in affecting our physical and mental state. For instance, in some houses people always stay unwell, that is sometimes because of Vastu dosha. Likewise, in some houses there are lots of fights and problems which are again a result of not following the principles of Vastu Shastra.

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Useful Residential Vastu Tips

Here are some very useful tips that every person must keep in mind while constructing his residential.

Placement of Rooms
Entrance should be in East direction. Pooja room should be in North East side. Kitchen should be placed in South East corner of the house. Make sure that it is not adjacent to the bathroom or in front of it and when you cook food, you are facing East. Bedrooms are recommended on the Southern side.

Windows and Doors
The number of windows and doors in the house should be even. The door of the Pooja room should have double shutters with four frames. All doors and windows should open inside so that all the energy in the house remains inside. No three doors should fall in one line. No door should be bigger than the entrance door.

Placement of Bed
Never place bed, chair, dining table or any other sitting arrangement below any attic or beam.

All these important tips are very useful in bringing peace and prosperity in your family’s life. If you are in need of assistance of expert in residential Vastu then Shri Gupta ji offers the best services to help you have a house that is not just great to look at but also has a positive and comfortable feel. He possesses amazing experience in dealing with different problems and is capable of suggesting fine solutions so that you can stay with your family in the most house. He offers professional guidance on right placement of rooms and objects inside them for healthier and happier living.

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