Office Vastu – Vastu Shastra for Office and Work Place

We always expect prosperity, profits and success when we set up our office. Therefore, it is very important to follow guidelines by Vastu for office. Vastu Shastra for office defines rules that must be followed while constructing the office. Office Vastu suggests placement of Vastu items for office, Vastu office paint colors, Vastu for office room etc.

Just by following Vastu tips for office, you can multiply the positive energies and reduce the negative energies in your place of work. It explains the right Vastu for office entrance or guidelines on Vastu for office table that cannot be missed on.

This post throws light on Vastu tips for office along with remedies which are extremely helpful in bringing success and profits.

Important points to be considered while following Vastu for Offices

Keep your office Vastu perfect by following the guidelines suggested in Vastu Shastra for office. Here are some important Vastu tips for office that promise success on professional front:

  • Rectangular or square shared plots are best to have an office.
  • East facing office is considered very auspicious.
  • The owner must face the North direction while working or having deals with clients as per Vastu for office boss cabin.
  • Managerial staff must sit either in South or West direction of the office.
  • East or North direction is perfect for executive staff of the company i.e. they must sit facing west direction in office.
  • North- East is the best for temple direction in office or to have water resources.
  • Pantry in South-East is considered good.
  • Toilets in West or North-West are the best direction.
  • Reception should be in North-East direction.

Office Vastu Remedies and Tips: Vastu Shastra for Offices

Follow these Vastu tips for office and remedies as per Vastu Shastra for office to make sure that you have spaces that radiate positive energy and bring success to your company:

  • The walls on all four sides should be equal in height. Ensure that walls on West and South don’t exceed the ones in East and North direction.
  • Never have your employees sit under the beam as this affects their mental and physical health.
  • Always have the floor of the office in North, East or North-East direction.
  • Keep the North-East direction neat and tidy. Do not place any heavy equipment in that corner. Let there be enough light and air in that corner.
  • Have your parking space in North-West, North or East direction. Do not have parking in North-East.

Best Direction for Office Desk and Table as per Vastu

Seating plays a significant role in office Vastu. In which direction you should sit and which direction you should face depending upon your position in the organization, Vastu for office defines it all:

  • The receptionist should always face North or East while working.
  • The owner or manager of the company must always North direction while working.
  • No tables in the office should be placed under the beam as per Vastu Shastra for office.
  • The shape of the table should be rectangular or square. The table should have four corners.
  • The ratio of length and breadth should be 1:2.
  • Keep the office desk free of clutter. Keep it organized.
  • Avoid placing idols and images of deities on your working table.

Keep these Vastu tips for office in mind to ensure positive flow of energy at your place of work. By following these guidelines, you can enhance your chances of success in your profession.

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