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Keep Your Family Healthy with Right Kitchen Vastu

Keep your family healthy and fit by cooking food in a kitchen that has perfect energy balance as per Vastu Shastra principles.

Kitchen is one of the most important areas of a house as this is the place which is responsible for health and well-being of the people residing in the house. All kinds of energies prevail in this space which influence the food that is been cooked thereby affecting the mental, physical and emotional health of those who are consuming that food. Indian Vastu Shastra focuses on some very important points which must be kept in mind while selecting the location of the kitchen and allotting spaces to different objects inside it so that they can have the best of the affect on the health of the people residing in the house.

Vastu experts advice everyone to follow kitchen Vastu and different Vastu tips which can bring about an amazing change in the fitness levels of your family members. Shri Gupta ji provides amazing Vastu remedies for kitchen which take into consideration important points like location of the kitchen in the house, direction of kitchen, direction of cooking, placement of windows and doors, placement of gas cylinder, refrigerator and various other gadgets which have noticeable effect on the health of the family members.

If you are constructing a new house or you are just keen on knowing some useful kitchen vastu tips which can help you have a space which is in synch with the principles of this amazing science then get in touch with Shri Gupta ji who promises to provide the simplest and the most useful suggestions which can bring about the greatest change in your life by balancing all the energies that prevail in your kitchen.

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Vastu Advice For Having Perfect Kitchen

Useful Kitchen Vastu Tips

Let us have a look at some of the most important Vastu tips which are necessary for every house for healthier living.

Location of Kitchen
The best place for setting up kitchen in your house is the South East corner of the house as out of the five elements of nature, Fire dominates this direction. The second best choice of location is North West direction..

Placement of Gas Stove
It is good to place your cooking stove in the South East direction so that you are facing towards East when you are cooking food. This is the best placement for your stove which will ensure good health and great food for your family..

Placement of Water or Sink
Always place water or sink in direction away from your cooking stove as elements of fire and water repel each other. The direction of North East is considered to be the best choice for placing sink.

Placement of Electronic Equipments
Always place the electronic appliances in your kitchen in South East direction. Ovens, heaters, microwaves should be places anywhere in the southern direction. Placing them in North East is not considered good for your kitchen.

All you need to do is have a kitchen that is placed right and then arrange everything in it according to these principles so that your kitchen becomes Vastu friendly and there are no health issues in your family. Get more personalized advice by seeking kitchen Vastu consultancy from Shri Gupta ji who is very supportive and helpful to his clients in India.

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