Expert Vastu Tips For Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Clinics

As per Vastu Shastra, a hospital requires positive energy because patients visit them with hopes for quick recovery. Other than the dedication of doctors, nurses and other staff at the hospital, taking care of Vastu can bring about a significant change in making your hospital a success. Just by following Vastu for hospital building, Vastu for hospital reception, Vasthu for pathology lab you can ensure quicker recovery for patients, conducting successful surgeries on patients and thereby making your hospital a success.

Vastu experts suggest that following Vastu for clinic consultation, Vastu for doctor clinic, Vastu for corporate hospitals can add on to the success of hospitals.

Useful Vastu Tips and Suggestions for Hospitals

We have come up with wonderful Vastu tips for hospitals that must be kept in mind to make it a success:

Hospital Vastu Plans

  • Always keep the center portion of the hospital open. If it is covered then it should be a couple of feet higher than the roof of the top floor.
  • Slope of the floor should be towards East or North East or North.
  • The main door of the hospital should be in the East or North East or North.
  • The placement of the staircase should be in West, North- West, South- West or South-East direction of the hospital.
  • Placement of drinking water should be in North- East.
  • Restrooms, changing rooms, cleaning rooms should always be the West or South direction.
  • Have the parking in the East or North side.

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Vastu Tips for Hospital Reception

The reception of the hospital should be placed at West or South direction. Make sure the reception should face either North or East as per Vastu.

Vastu for Consulting Room

  • The consulting room of the doctor should be either in South or West or South-West or North-west side of the hospital building.
  • The doctor should always face North-east or East or North directions while consulting the patients.
  • The seating of the doctor should be in South or South West or West direction.
  • The patient should always sit before him in an ‘L’ shape. This is important as it brings success and prosperity to the person heading the organization.

Vastu for Medical Equipments Room

  • The medical equipments room should be in the South-west, West or South side of the hospital building.
  • It should be constructed in a way so that it is at a height above than the other structures.

Vastu for Store Room

  • The store room should be either in the South West, West or South direction of the hospital.
  • Make sure that the store room is slightly elevated compared to the other rooms on the same floor.

Vastu Tips for Medical ward / ICU

  • The face of the emergency ward should be in the South West direction. It should be located in such a way that whenever the patient enters the hospital, he immediately reaches there.
  • The placements of the beds should be in such a way that the heads of the patients are in the South direction. This helps in quicker recovery for the patients.

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Vastu Tips for Electrical Equipments

  • Any kind of heavy electrical equipment should always be placed in South East rooms. Placement of generator, heaters etc. has to be in those rooms.
  • All the testing equipments like X-ray machines etc. should be placed here as per Vastu for pathology labs.

Vastu Tips for Operation Theatres

  • Operation theatres should always be in the West direction.
  • While performing the operation, the doctors should either be facing North or East as this would ensure more success in surgeries.

This post gives an overall view of the hospital as suggested by Vastu principles. So while deciding on constructing a hospital, always keep these useful vastu tips in mind as they will make your hospital a successful brand in your city.

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