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Bedroom is the most special place for anyone. It is the place where you relax, sleep and feel stree-free. We spend almost 7-10 hours of our day in our bedroom. Hence, it has lots of influence on my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. It is the aura of the room which influences our mood. Every morning when we wake up, our energy levels and mood depend upon the sleep which we have had. For a soothing sleep and energetic morning, it is must that we follow bedroom Vastu tips to make our living healthier and more comfortable.

The importance of Indian Vastu Shastra has been understood and accepted by all. The direction of bed, the placement of bed are some of the factors which influence your body, mind and soul as your body stays in that direction for the longest number of hours when you are relaxing and dreaming. The flow of energies during that time affects your health. Hence, we cannot negate the importance of bedroom Vastu which is very much essential.

If you are seeking advice on bedroom Vastu then Shri Gupta ji is a famous Vastu expert who provides complete assistance on bedroom Vastu so that you can take the best decision on placement of your master bedroom, decide on placement of bed and various other things so that you can enjoy a soothing sleep at night and a vibrant morning every day. He suggests solutions that can ease you mentally by ensuring healthy sleep for you.

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Important Bedroom Vastu Tips and Advice

Here are some of the important tips which highlight key points when you are designing your bedroom.

Location of Bedroom
The master bedroom should always be in South or South West direction of the house. The children’s bedroom should be placed either in East or West direction. The guest room should be placed in North West side. Make sure that the shape of the bedroom is either square or rectangle.

Directions for Sleeping
When you are sleeping then you should be cautious about the direction. If you place your head in East then you gain knowledge. If you place your head in South then you enjoy improved health. North and West directions are not recommended for sleeping.

Doors and Windows
It is good to have windows in East, West and North direction. They should open at least at an angle of 90 degrees to let fresh air, light and opportunities come in. They should all open inside.

All these points are very much effective in maintaining a good and balanced energy level in the bedroom. Make sure that you follow such simple points so that you can enjoy a healthier aura in the space in which you spend the maximum time of your day.

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