Vastu Expert Tips For Construction Home -Vastu Stairs, staircase inside house

Best Vastu Expert Tips For Construction Home & Stairs

Stairs are a significant element when you are constructing a building, a home or an office, and as per Vastu Shastra, they play an imperative role in controlling the flow of energies. Vastu consultants believe that energies that are filled with life forces also travel through the internal structure of the stairs. Therefore, Vastu professionals and Vastu experts give attention to the details related with stairs. They look into the location of staircase along with its shape, numbers and elevation to ensure that inflow of energy in your space is positive.

In this post, we have shared useful Vastu expert tips for construction of homes and stairs. Read on to know more about Vastu Shastra for staircase to have stairs that lead to happiness and prosperity.

Vastu for Staircase Inside House

If you plan to have staircase inside your house then here are some tips based on Vastu for staircase inside house. You must follow these Vastu tips for home while constructing stairs to have positive energies surrounding your spaces:

  • Shape: Never ever have circular staircases in the house as they are considered inauspicious.
  • Storage: If you wish to utilize the space under the staircase then storage is the best way to utilize it without adversely affecting the positive energies in the house.
  • Direction: The stairs should start either in East or North and must end either in West or in South. Also ensure that the stairs should move in the clockwise direction.
  • Numbers: The numbers of stairs in a staircase should always be an odd number like: 3,5,9,11, 17. Never have the numbers end in even.
  • Placement: Never have the stairs placed right in front of the main gate of the house as it would keep the ground floor deprived of energies.
  • Colour: Always paint the stairs in light and soothing colours. Dark and bright colours should always be avoided.

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Things to Avoid As Per Vastu for Staircase

Here are certain things that must strictly be avoided while constructing stairs as per Vastu Shastra for staircase:

  • Never construct a pooja room, meditation room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom under the stairs because it is considered inauspicious.
  • Having stairs in the North-East corner of the house is considered to cause loss of wealth, health and prosperity.
  • Broken stairs in the house are considered bad luck. Never leave them in a broken condition.
  • Never have the same stairs the go to the other floors also go to the basement.
  • Never have the staircase encircling the building.
  • The first step of the staircase must never be round in shape.

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Staircase Vastu for East Facing House

Considering the staircase Vastu for east facing house, here are the points to keep in mind:

  • Staircase should be from North to South.
  • The finest choice of direction for staircase is Northeast.
  • The worse choice to have staircase is Southwest.

Staircase Vastu for North Facing House

The staircase Vastu for North facing house defines that:

  • The staircase should be from East to West.
  • The best direction for staircase is Northwest.
  • Construction of stairs should be avoided in Northeast direction.

These are some useful Vastu expert tips to keep in mind while constructing stairs. Keeping these points in mind will ensure that your spaces have positive and progressive energies.

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Remedies for Delay in Marriage

Reasons for Delay in Marriage As Per Indian Astrology & Their Remedies

Astrology considers marriage as a significant part of life as it is a way of leading a complete, happy and prosperous life. Like everything else, marriage also should take place at the right time or else it fails to bring desirable changes in life. Due to increase in cases of delay in marriages in present times, we come across couple facing different late marriage problems which are causing complications. Therefore, it is extremely important that we take necessary steps to deal with delay in marriages to have a sorted life.

Astrology offers effective solutions to deal with delay in marriage and this post focuses on everything you need to know in this context.

Significant Reasons for late marriage in horoscope

Here are some of the astrological reasons for late marriage in horoscope.

Presence of Malefic Planets in 7th House – Placement of malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or/and Mars in 7th House causes delay.

Placement of 7th Lord – Placement of 7th Lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house is another reason for late marriage.

7th House in Paap Katari – Placement of malefic planets in 6th and 8th house makes 7th house Paap Katari.

Weak Venus in Horoscope – Bad placement, affliction of Venus in horoscope causes delay in marriage and problems in married life.

Weak Jupiter in Horoscope – Jupiter in 7th house brings problems in marriage and marital life, especially in female horoscope.

Retrograde Planet in 7th House – This is another reason and problems worsen due to presence of malefic planets like Mars or Saturn.

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Astrological Solutions for Late Marriage Problem

Here are some delay in marriage solutions from astrologers that are highly effective. Go through these delay in marriage remedies to experience wonderful results. These remedies for delayed marriage of boys and girls revolve around strengthening the 7th house in horoscope. Here are some delay in marriage vedic astrology solutions.

  • In case of Dhasha Lord afflicting 7th house, worship deity to the planet.
  • Gouri Pooja works wonders for girls. Perform it in front of Goddess Durga’s photo and recite the stotram.
  • In case of Mangal dosha, girls should chant Shri Mangala Chandika Stotra before five-faced lamp. This is an effective marriage delay mantra to recite.
  • Boys should worship the significator of planet Venus, Goddess Laxmi.
  • Chanting of “Om Brahm Brahaspataye Namah” by girls, and “Om Shum shukraye Namah” by boys.

What to do to get married soon?

If you want your boy or girl to get married soon, then here are some of the astrological solutions to control delay in marriage.

  • Add turmeric to bathing water and put saffron tilak on forehead
  • Water Peepal tree for 43 days continuously and light deshi ghee Deepak except on Sundays. Girls should not perform this during periods.
  • Visit VIshu Laxmi temple on Thursday to offer 5 laddoos with a Kalangi along with prayers for early marriage.

Astrological Remedies And Upay for early marriage of Boy

Here are some of the astrological solutions for early marriage of boys which are very effective.

  • Worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi together
  • Offer cosmetics and sweets to small girls around you.
  • Do not have multiple relationships with females.
  • Offer water to Shivling everyday and also worship Goddess Parvati.
  • Read marriage verses of Shiv and Parvati in Ramcharit Manas on daily basis.

Astrological Remedies And Upay for early marriage of daughter

To get your daughter married at the earliest, follow these useful astrological solutions.

  • Make her wear new clothes when she goes to see a new prospect for marriage.
  • Wearing new clothes on Thursdays in yellow color and white clothes on Friday helps in increasing number of proposals coming her way. Do this for consecutive 4 weeks without repeating any clothes.
  • While going for any marriage, if possible then put the mehandi for bride or groom on her palm.
  • 16 consecutive Monday fasts and offering prayers to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati
  • Offer red chunni, sindor, red bangles and other things related to marriage in the temple as offering to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
  • Wearing clothes of another girl who has got fixed or is all set to tie knot.

Vaastu Remedies for Delay in Marriage

Here are some very effective Vastu remedies that help fight delay in marriage.

  • If there is an underground water tank in the south west region of your house then you must correct it at the earliest.
  • The slope of the house should be in north east region.
  • Bedroom for girls should be in the northwest region. If that is not available then go for the western most direction.
  • Use furnishings in light colors and soothing shades. Do not use dull blacks, blues and browns.

Here is everything that you can do to make sure that there are no delays in marriage of your daughter or son.

Husband wife love divorce problem solutions

Astrological Solutions for Love Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

Divorce has become a very common word in the modern society. Everywhere around, we will see marriages ending with divorce because of compatibility issues in marriage, lack of understanding and patience between husband and wife and the lost love in their marital bond. Conflicts, suspicions and disagreements come in picture because of immaturity, impatience, difference of opinion, ego issues, adjustments problems, extra martial relationships thereby compelling the couple to head for a legal separation. But divorce is not a solution to these issues because it has its own consequences. It brings along mental and emotional torture along with difficulties on the social front.

Divorce becomes all the damaging if you have children because it affects their mental growth and peace. It is very difficult for them to get over the whole episode as for children both their parents are equally important and they want love, attention, care and concern of both mother and father.

Astrological Reasons for Divorce

Here are some of the reasons because of which chances of divorce or separation between husband and wife arise.

  • Weak Jupiter or Venus I the birth chart of the husband or wife.
  • Astrological presence of more than one marriage for the wife or the husband.
  • Presence of astrological doshas in the horoscope like Kaal Sarp Dosha or Mangal Dosha
  • There has to be a balance between the nature and the status of the ruling lords of the houses.
  • Presence of Venus for men and Jupiter for women in any of these constellations- Jyeshtha, Ardra, Kritika and Moola.

These are some of the reasons on the astrological front that result into separation between a couple. Other than these, there can also be other reasons which lead to divorce and are subjective to various calculations.

Astrological Remedies for Divorce Problem

We all want a happy married life and here are some astrological remedies which have the power to reduce the bad influence of weak planets in the horoscope or specific houses and also multiply the positive effect of favorable planets which can help you save your pious bond with your spouse. All of these measures can be extremely helpful in saving your marriage from separation.

  • Chanting of Vedic Mantras as they have the power to impart strength to weak planets.
  • Wearing remedial gemstones at an auspicious time and date.
  • Undertaking Vashikaran measures.
  • Making donations and charities.
  • Installing astrological yantras to save marriage in your house.
  • Pacifying malefic planets.

These are some of the astrological remedies that can help you save your marriage from divorce.

Other Remedies for Divorce Problem

We must understand that only astrological remedies cannot bring about a desirable change. We also need to have a positive approach to make these changes and we must act accordingly. Here are some of the other actions that can surely support our astrological solutions to avoid separation.

  • In Hindu culture, we don’t have anything called as separation because we believe that it a bond for life, for 7 lives. With that belief, you must give your decision a second thought before implementing it.
  • It is very important for the partners to trust each other. If there is some misunderstanding, you must make efforts to resolve it instead of being suspicious about your partner.
  • Communication always helps. So always talk it out.
  • Support of family can make a big difference. Always let your families have a say in this matter.
Vastu Tips for Home Full of Love

Vastu Tips for Home Full of Love, Prosperity, Happiness & Joy

Indian Vastu Shastra is known to be a highly effective science which studies influence of directions and energies on humans in context with the building in which they reside. It talks about how to get benefitted with the influences of these directions and how to save yourself from the ill effects of these directions.  It is important to know how you can increase love, happiness, peace, joy and prosperity of your family members just by following the principles of this wonderful science which is so interesting and effective.

Here are some Vastu tips which have been lined for you to help you have a house with arrangements that are according to this science so that the members of your house enjoy an environment of happiness, joy and become successful in whatever they do. Read through these simple yet highly effective vastu tips which can bring a beautiful change in your life.

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For Prosperity and Success of Family Members

If you have set your house and office in accordance with the principles of Vastu Shastra then you will experience inflow of money in your life which will help you grow professionally. Once you have been able to set your career or business on the right track then you will be able to solve many problems that have been bothering you since long. You will become a more confident person. Just follow these points and feel the difference.

You must keep in mind some of these important locations of your business as they affect your prosperity.

  • North East is the best corner for meditating or setting up your office desk as it is the corner of wisdom. Do not have your store room in this side. Make sure that this part of the building is free from clutter and garbage. Do not have staircase in this direction.
  • South East is the corner for money. If this corner is perfectly balanced then you will enjoy regular inflow of money. You must place your safe or the cupboard in which you keep your cash and jewelry. This cupboard or safe should open in north direction. It is not a right direction for having your bedroom.
  • East should be the direction for having your drawing room or a meeting area for finalizing deals as it is responsible for your connections with the world.

Make sure that you focus on all these directions while setting up your home or office and you will enjoy success and prosperity in your life.

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For Happiness and Joy of Family Members

Who doesn’t want a family that is bonded and every family member is attached with the others. Sometimes because of situational factors, problems pop up in relationships without any reason and that love and affection in association is gone. For that it is important that you maintain right Vastu in your house so that all the people staying in that house love each other and enjoy an environment that is infused with positivity, love and affection.

  • Do not place television in the bedroom
  • Always close the door of attached bathroom and toilet.
  • Never split the bed mattress or bed sheet for healthier relationship with spouse.
  • Make sure that you have enough light on all the corners
  • Do not allow any mess to accumulate in your house.
  • Do not have a dining room that faces entrance of the house.
  • Do not place mops and brooms in your kitchen. Place them at a place from where there are not visible and keep them upside down.
  • Make sure that windows and doors of the house open inwards.
  • Do not place mirror in front of your bed or inside your kitchen
  • Do not have cactus plants in your home
  • If possible then place a happy family portrait in your living area
  • Make sure that the shape of your room is either square or rectangle.
  • Make sure that there are enough sources of natural light and air in the house.
  • Never wear torn clothes.
  • Have your kids room in west direction. If not possible then northwest, northeast and southeast directions are the next best options.
  • Keep the centre of kids room empty. Do not place any furniture there.
  • Make sure that the placement of bed is not opposite to the door.
  • Do not place dried or artificial flowers. Go for fresh flowers and change them as needed.

No matter whether you are staying in a rented apartment or you are residing in your own house, all these tips can be followed and if you do them right then for sure you are going to experience amazing effects of these changes in your life.

Vastu Advice for clinic, vaastu Shastra for clinic tips, best colour

Vastu Advice for Clinic: Points to Keep in Mind

The place where we stay or where we work has a strong influence on us because the energies of that particular space influence us mentally, physically, emotionally, financially etc. Just like any other space, performance of a clinic also regulated by the principles of Vastu. Therefore, if a clinic is not constructed using the principles of Vastu, it can have adverse effects. For instance, you may find it difficult to diagnose the disease, the patients may take longer to recover etc.

In this post, we have come up with few very important Vastu advices for clinic that must be kept in mind while constructing your clinic so that you can create a positive space and enjoy success at work.

Size of Clinic

  • To make sure that your clinic is a success, the constructed area should be anything more than 250 sq feet. Anything smaller than this area is not considered auspicious as per Vastu.
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Construction of Clinic

  • If your clinic is placed on first floor of the building then it is always good as per Vastu principles.
  • The entrance of the clinic should be either from North or East direction.
  • The face of the building should also be in North or East direction as this would bring in positive energy in your clinic.

Clinic Layout

  • The reception should be either in Eastern or Northern side of the clinic as it is considered welcoming.
  • If there is a patient’s room then it should open towards North-East direction as this would ensure faster recovery.
  • The placement of toilet in the clinic should always be in North-West direction. Any other placement is not considered auspicious and can have bad effects on your clinic.
  • Placement of medical books inside the clinic should be in West or South direction.
  • All the machines and other electronic equipments should be placed in South-East direction. This means that the X-ray room or if there is a small operation theatre, then should be in the same directions.
  • Hang photographs of happy and smiling people to bring in more positivity in your clinic.
  • Quarters, if any, for the staff should be constructed in South-East or North-West direction.
  • Parking area of clinic should be in South-east or North-west direction.

Vastu for Doctor’s Room

This is a very important part of the clinic and therefore has to be designed keeping in mind these points:

  • The doctor’s room or the consultation room should be constructed in L shape. The slope of the room should rise in North East direction.
  • Avoid having doctor’s chair colors like black, blue or grey as these colors spread negativity.
  • Place the windows and doors facing East, North-East or North direction.
  • Colors of the wall also have to be chosen wisely. Light green, pink and blue are considered to be good choices as they have calming effect on patient’s mind.
  • Placement of examination table should be in North-West direction.

Points to Keep in Mind While Studying Vastu for Clinic

Given below are a few points which must be studied in order to understand the Vastu of the clinic without missing on any important points. So use these as the checklist to make sure that you have covered everything:

  • Location of the clinic
  • Exteriors of the clinic
  • Location of basement
  • Location of beam
  • Direction of entrance
  • Direction and placement of doors and windows
  • Color of the walls
  • Direction and placement of machines and equipments
  • Direction of the doctor’s room
  • Direction of patient’s room
  • Direction of toilet
  • Direction of reception
  • Direction of parking
  • Direction of guard room
  • Direction and placement of water products
  • Direction and placement of kitchen or pantry

With these points in mind, you would never miss on anything important while constructing your clinic. And if you have followed all of these points then surely you can have a successfully running clinic.

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Vastu Tips for Successful Business

Best Vastu Tips for the Success of your Business

For a businessman, his business is the most important thing. It is not only essential for him but also for hundreds of people who are associated with it for their earnings. Hence, it is not just a desire but also a responsibility of the owner to make sure that his business prospers and grows.

We often see that sometimes some businesses are doing simply amazing without putting in much of efforts and sometimes we find ourselves struggling but are unable to meet our targets. We are not making any compromises with our efforts. In such a scenario, we must check the Vastu of our office or factory from where we perform our business to make sure that we are not working against the principles of this amazing Indian science because of which we are not able to have desirable outcomes of our efforts.  It so happens that people often venture into some business without seeking consultations from professionals regarding plot and directions. We need to understand that every space has its energies which influence the persons living in those spaces. Hence, it is very important to make sure that the space in which you are working are supportive.

Here are some very useful and effective vastu tips which have been mentioned below which are very helpful in providing an environment of success and glory to the businesses to make sure that they grow.

Face and Shape of the Plot

If possible then go for a plot which is east facing as it is considered to be the best direction. Make sure that there are no electric poles or large trees right in front of the entrance as they affect the view. Do not go for the land which is irregular in its shape. Square and rectangle are considered to be the best shapes for plots for offices. Having a plot which is broad from front and narrows down at the rear is considered a good choice as it is very much helpful in bringing more customers and clients. Make sure you check your surroundings before setting up your office. Do go with plots which are close to graveyards or temples.

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Placement of Staff

When you are designing the seating arrangement of your staff then you must look into the best directions. The owner must face north while sitting in his office. He must also be seating facing north while striking an important deal or having some meeting with the clients. His cabin needs to be the largest and must be placed farthest from the entrance. For other staff, the north or the east side is considered good. For people holding the managerial position, south or west is considered to be the right direction for sitting. It is important that you follow the right seating arrangement for having greatest control over your staff which is your strength.

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Placement of Facilities

It is important that you design the placement of facilities in accordance with Indian Vastu Shastra to avoid making mistakes which can hamper the performance and growth of your business.

  • Make sure that the toilets in your office are placed in the west or north west side of the building.
  • You must have the water resources or any such element in the north east side of the plot. Do not stuff this corner with anything else. You must keep it light and airy.
  • The ideal corner to have the pantry is south east

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Other Important Placements

  • The wisest corner for having staircase is either south or west or south west. Make sure you don’t have staircase in the centre of your office.
  • If you are planning to have temple in your office then have it placed in the north east side.
  • The perfect place to have your reception is in north east, adjacent to your temple. The receptionist must sit facing the entrance.
  • You can have the waiting area of your office in north east, close to reception
  • Keep the paint on the walls soothing and pleasant.
  • Do not place any depressive or evil painting.
  • Make sure that none of your employees are seating under the beam.
  • Make sure that there is no clutter in your space so that there is no negative energy affecting your place of work.

All these small but very effective vastu tips are essential in making your office space positive and harmonious. This way you are able to give a positive environment to your staff to work with the best of their abilities and take your business to new heights.

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Vastu Tips for Wealth and Richness

Vastu Tips for Wealth and Richness

North direction is ruled by Lord Kuber who is the God of wealth and money. If you desire to have more money then you must know the right Vastu tips that can help you have a wealthy and rich life. This article brings to you some of the guidelines which are very effective in pleasing the Lord of Wealth and seeking his blessings for your desires.  All these remedies and tips that are mentioned below are related with Vastu Shastra and if you follow them religiously then you will experience a change for sure.

1). The first and the foremost point is the direction where you should be placing your safe or cupboard which contains your cash, jewels and other precious things. All of them should be placed either in South or South West side so that when you open them, they face North which is the zone of Lord Kuber.

2). If you want to multiply your wealth then place a mirror in front of your cash locker as every time you will open your cupboard the reflection of your wealth in the mirror will aim to double it.

3). Never place your cash locker under the beam as this causes lots of financial problems in your family.

4). It is advised that you keep the North East zone of your house light and clean. Do not allow any clutter to get accumulated in that area. Do not place anything heavy in that portion. Do not have staircase in that zone as all these things affect your wealth adversely.

5). Having swimming pool or any other water body in South West direction at a lower than ground level is not auspicious for your wealth, so don’t have it or if you have it then have it removed or shifted.

6). Having high trees on the North East side of your plot hampers the flow of money in your house. But having huge trees on the South West corner of the plot is good for stabilizing finances in your family.

7). Having temple or high building in North East is again not good for your wealth; especially if the shadow of that building falls on your plot or house. This adversely affects the flow of wealth.

8). Focus on the slope of your plot. It should be from South West to North East.

9). The boundary walls of your house should turn at right angles; avoid curved walls. The walls on South and West should be higher and thicker to those on the North and East side.

10). Make sure that the elevation of the plot of your house is either higher or at the same level. The plots with lower elevation are not good.

11). Brahmasthan i.e. the central zone of the house should be kept free and light.

12). Make sure that the doors and windows of your house open inside. Keep them clean so that the inflow of air, energy and money is not obstructed.

13). There should not be any leaking tap or faucet in your house. This reflects leaking of funds.

14). Place a fish aquarium in North East direction of your house, preferably in the living room or hall. Keep it clean and maintained.

15). Purple color attracts wealth. Hence, you can have a purple colored plant planted in your house. If you are unable to find such a specific plant then you can place a money plant in purple colored pot.

16). Place water and feed grains to birds as it brings wealth and positive energy to your house.

17). Make sure that you design and decorate your entrance beautifully. Keep your entrance bright and clean. Also have your name plate outside your house and decorate it beautifully as it will also attract wealth to your house.

18). Paint the North zone with green.

19). Place your store room in South West or West zone of your house.

20). Have a water fountain in North East corner of your house as it attracts positive energy.

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Nadi Dosha Remedies - Nadi Dosha in Marriage

Nadi Dosha And Remedies For Nadi Dosha in Marriage

We all have come across the term “Nadi Dosha” in astrology but most of us are not aware of what it is. Be it a love marriage or arrange marriage, in order to calculate the compatibility between the partners, Ashtas are studied and Nadi is one of these eight Ashtas with the maximum value of 8, making it extremely important to match. Nadi Dosha in marriage surfaces when there is conflict between the nadi of the two people. And most of the astrologers consider it as a big negative.

If questions like can Nadi Dosha be ignored or what are the solutions for Nadi Dosha in kundli are troubling you then this post talks everything about Nadi Dosha cancellation with the help of useful remedies for Nadi Dosha.

What Is Nadi Dosha?

In astrology, kundli milan is considered very important for proceeding with a decision of marriage. Kundali milan is horoscope matching which takes into account eight different aspects or Kootas which sum total to 36 points or Gunas just to know the physical, emotional, mental, financial capabilities of two individuals.

Nadi Dosha is an inauspicious combination in the horoscope of two people considering their marriage because it has the potential of causing some serious problems in their marital life. Nadi Dosha in horoscope matching takes place when the proposed partners have the same nadi in their kundli.

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Eight Ashta to Calculate Compatibility

As mentioned above, it is significant to know the compatibility of proposed partners to know how compatible they will be with each other in their marriage. Here are eight Ashtas along with their maximum score which form the basis of calculating compatibility in arrange and love marriages in India:

  1. Varna: Maximum point is 1; work compatibility
  2. Vashya: Maximum points are 2; dominance compatibility
  3. Tara : Maximum points are 3; destiny compatibility
  4. Yoni : Maximum points are 4; mentality compatibility
  5. Graha Maitri: Maximum points are 5; general compatibility
  6. Gana: Maximum points are 6; guna-level compatibility
  7. Bhakoota: Maximum points are 7; love compatibility
  8. Nadi: Maximum points are 8; health compatibility

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Remedies For Nadi Dosha

Given below are some effective Nadi Dosha remedies which can help you cancel the effects of this dosha. These solutions for Nadi Dosha in kundli are extremely helpful:

  • If the girl has Nadi Dosha then having her married to Vishnu before her actual marriage is an effective remedy.
  • Chanting Mahamrityunjaya Mantra every day helps.
  • Offer Swarna Nadi along with grains, cloth and cow to a Brahmin.
  • Donate the grain equal to your weight on your birthday.
  • Organize a Nadi Dosha Nivaran Pooja at a big scale.
  • Maintain peace, coordination and understanding in marriage with maturity and patience.

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Cancellation of Nadi Dosha

Whether it is Madhya Nadi Dosha in marriage or Adi Nadi Dosha, cancellation of Nadi Dosha can happen in the following situations:

  • If proposed partners have different signs but same Janma nakshatra.
  • Nadi Dosha cancels when the same sign but different Janma nakshatra.
  • If proposed partners have same Janma Nakshatra but different Charan.
  • The presence of Rohini, Mrigshira, Ardra, Jyeshtha, Kritika, Pushya, Shravan, Rewati and Uttarabhadrapad nakshatras also cancels the Nadi Dosha.

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Effect of Nadi Dosha in Marriage

Given below are some of the effects of Nadi Dosha in marriage:

  • Chances of infertility.
  • Chances of miscarriage or unhealthy child.
  • Birth of child with health problems or mental or physical difficulties.
  • Chances of having difficult marriage full of discord and problems.
  • Lack of attraction between husband and wife.
  • Lack of compatibility between couple.

Nadi Dosha in Horoscope Matching

Let us understand Nadi Doshas in horoscope based on three different types of Nadis as each type reflects the nature of the individual:

  • Adi: This nadi is for Kaph prakriti of a person. In Adi Nadi, the relationships lack dedication.
  • Madhya: This nadi is for Vaat prakriti of a person. Madhya Nadi, there are many fights between the couple.
  • Antya: This nadi is for Pita prakriti of a person. Antya Nadi promises calm marriage but lack of coordination and harmony in marriage.

Scientifically, as well as astrologically, two people with same nadis when they get married, they result into weak progeny. This is because they have same nature which becomes the reason for the conflict. There are less chances of conception in this case and even if conception takes place, chances of miscarriage are very high. People marrying with different nadis will be able to balance each other and will have healthier children.

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Kaal Sarp Yog Effects in Kundli, Horoscope - Kaal Sarp Dosh Remedies

Kaal Sarp Dosh Yog Effects and Remedies in Horoscope, Kundli

Kal Sarp yog surfaces when all the planets other than the outer planets come under the nodal influence of Ketu and Rahu. This means that all the planets hem on one side between the Ketu and Rahu. Kaal Sarp yog in Kundli has its own impact but these impacts are very unpredictable. Kaal Sarp Dosha surfaces when Rahu is in bad position and when Rahu is in good position, it brings good fortune along.

How to Get rid of kaal Sarp Dosh in Horoscope

Kaal Sarp Dosh brings along its good and bad impacts. Delay in marriage astrology, delay or problem in child birth, ups and downs in financial situation, unhappy and unbalanced life are some of the issues of this equation. In order to minimize the bad effects of this combination, solutions of Kaal Sarp Dosh are suggested. The most effective and important of these Kaal Sarp Yog remedies is Kaal Sarp Dosh pooja which is performed with all nitty-gritties.

Types of Kaal Sarp Yog and Dosh Remedy

As per astrology, there are 12 different kinds of Kaal Sarp Dosh in Kundli. Each of this dosha is a result of some different placement of planets and therefore, it comes with its own impact on the native. Some doshas affect the health, some finances, some personal life, some married life, some children. We have listed all the 12 Kaal Sarp doshas which influence the life:

  1. Anant Kaal Sarp Dosh
  2. Kulika Kaal Sarp Dosh
  3. Shankpal Kaal Sarp Dosh
  4. Vasuki Kaal Sarp Dosh
  5. Takshak Kaal Sarp Dosh
  6. Padm Kaal Sarp Dosh
  7. Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Dosh
  8. Karkotak Kaal Sarp Dosh
  9. Ghatak Kaal Sarp Dosh
  10. Sheshnag Kaal Sarp Dosh
  11. Vishadhar Kaal Sarp Dosh
  12. Shankhachuda Kaal Sarp Dosh

How Long Does kaal Sarp Yog Last

The duration of Kaal Sarp Dosha will depend upon placement of Rahu. It ranges from 27 years to 54 years of age depending upon in which house it is placed. For instance, if it is placed in 1st house then the effect will last up to 27 years of age and if it is placed in 6th house then the effect will be for up to 54 years.

Anant kaal Sarp Yog Positive Effects

When Rahu is placed in 1st house and Ketu is placed in 7th house, and all other planets are hemmed between the two then it is Anant Kaal Sarp Yoga. This combination doesn’t come with any positive effects and hampers the marital life and also the health of the native.

Mantra to Remove Kaal Sarp Dosh in Kundli

Here is the mantra to remove Kaal Sarp Dosh:

Om Hoom Hoom Swaha, Om Bhu Bhuvah Swaha,

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Shugandhim Pushti Vardhanam,

Urvaarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityur Muksheeya Ma-mritat Om Swaha,

Bhuvah Bhu Om Swaha, Hoom Hoom Om Swaha ||

kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Puja

The simplest Sarp Dosh nivaran pooja is performed after taking bath on a Monday within 1 hour of sunrise. Offer to shivling 11 pieces of rice while chanting “Shri Ram”. Perform this for 11 consecutive Mondays.

kaal Sarp Dosh Effect on Marriage

Kaal Sarp Dosh adversely affects marriage. Firstly, there is delay in marriage and when marriage happens, there is disagreement with the spouse and issues in marital life. Native also has issues in having a child.

kaal Sarp Dosh Effects on Health

Native with kaal sarp dosha in horoscope suffers from health issues which don’t surface without any problem and these health problems are not curable even with medicines. Native suffers with some or the other health problems throughout the life.

kaal Sarp Dosh Effect on Career

Career of the native is full of challenges and ups and downs throughout life. Person has to work extremely hard in order to achieve the goals. Goals will demand lots of dedication in order to be successful. Success is delayed.

kaal Sarp Dosh Effect on Life

Overall life of the native with be full of mental, health, financial and emotional problems. Native will have bad dreams. There may be sudden death of a family members. There will be complete imbalance in life.

kaal Sarp Dosh Effect on Childbirth

There may be delay in child birth. Sometimes the couple may not be able to conceive a baby. This is the effect of Kaal Sarp dosh that the native may have miscarriage etc. during pregnancy.

vastu tips for buying new home

Vastu Tips To Considering While Purchasing a House

Constructing a house is not an easy task. It demands lots of money, efforts, dedication and time to have fine construction which is ideal from architectural point of view. Hence, some of us prefer buying already constructed houses or flat as they are less of a hassle. These ready to move in apartments are a wonderful choice of residential options. But it is very important that we are aware of some of the Vastu Shastra principles before purchasing a house so that we are able to have a perfect place to dwell which not only imparts comfort and ease of living but is also very positive in its energy. Remember buying a construction which meets the important principles of Vastu will always keep you and your family happy, successful and healthy.

This article brings to you some of these Vastu tips which you must know about before finalizing a house for your family.


If you are purchasing a flat then the main entrance of your block will be considered as your entrance. The best choices are either east facing entrance or north facing ones as they promise good health and positive aura of your space. Also make sure that there is enough space around the building,

Placement of Kitchen

The placement of the kitchen has to be in south east direction as it gets the fresh morning sunrays every day. The placement of gas stove has to be facing east so that you can serve healthy meals to your family.

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Toilets and Bathrooms

A house should have toilets and bathrooms places either in south corner or in south west direction. This is the ideal corner as it will never contaminate the air inside your house and will always keep the ambiance fresh and nice.

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Master Bedroom

This bedroom should be placed in the south west corner of the house. The placement of the best should be either facing north or facing west.

Kids Room

While selecting a home, you also need to take into account the placement of kids room in the house. The best place to have room for children is either in north east direction or in north west zone as this corner gets fresh light and air and is good for the growth and development of kids.

Prayer Room

Make sure that the prayer room is located either in north or east side of your house. It should not be placed adjacent with the toilet.

Natural Light and Ventilation

Before purchasing any flat, make sure that you make sure that there is enough source of natural light in that apartment along with cross ventilation. This is important because fresh air and light has the potential to clean away all the bad and negative energies in your house thereby keeping your house free from bad aura. A flat that faces north or east has windows or balconies in this direction is considered really very healthy for the people residing in that space as it gets along freshness and vitality. Make sure that the house doesn’t have windows or balconies in south or west direction and in case there are windows on these two sides then they need to be really small or covered so that harmful infrared rays in the afternoon do not enter the house. If possible then make sure that your house doesn’t share any common wall with the neighbors as it interferes with the energies of your spaces. The house should have some free space on all the directions.

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Water Storage

It is good to have water tank placed in north east corner of the house or the flat that you are planning to purchase. This is essential because the UV rays of the sun are effective in purifying the water. Also make sure that the water tank is not made with plastic. It should be of some dark color to ensure that sunrays are absorbed for more benefits.

Keep all these points in mind while purchasing an already constructed home for your family. All these points will make sure that you are able to select a flat or house that is constructed in synchronization with the VAstu Shastra principles. With this you will own a house that will prove very lucky for you and your family. You will enjoy health, wealth and comfort in such a house.

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Helpful Vastu tips for construction of a hotel that promise growth and prosperity.