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Best Guidelines on Hotel Vastu from Experts

Give your restaurant and hotel a mesmerizing aura with right Hotel Vastu that promises to help your business prosper by offering best hospitality.

Having a finely designed restaurant or hotel using the principles of Vastu astrology not only helps you have prospering business but it also ensures well being of the customers who have been eating at your hotel. Restaurant Vastu is considered to be very important both for the owner and also for the customers as restaurant is the place where people come to enjoy a meal and if that place has been designed in synchronization with Vastu Shastra then it will surely mutually beneficial.

Restaurant Vastu plays significant role in inviting more and more guests and offering the best hospitality to them. The placement of hotel, the directions of rooms, the placement of kitchen, the entrance of the hotel, the hotel interiors and various other things tend to have an impact on the performance of business and also on the mind and body of the guests who are visiting the place.

It is always considered wise to seek advice from Vastu expert before constructing a hotel. These professionals provide hotel Vastu tips which can benefit your business beautifully. Vastu Shastra consultancy offered by Shri Gupta ji concentrate on all the important principles of restaurant and hotel Vastu. He is known to offer best and expert Vastu astrology services which focus on developing surroundings that are balanced in energies and offer an ambiance with positive aura. He deals with Vastu for entrance to hotel, Vastu for hotel’s kitchen, hotel interiors and placement of different things in and around the property.

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Best Vastu Tips for Restaurant or Hotel
Vaastu Shastra Advice for Restaurant

Significant Hotel Vastu Tips

Have a look at some of the basic tips which must be kept in mind before and during constructing a hotel to avoid problems later.

Before starting with the construction, it is important to check the site, its location, quality of soil, geography and directions. Vastu experts help you with all these points and once the property is found to be fine, go for bhoomi poojan before starting with construction process.

Shape of Plot
Go for plots which are either in rectangular shape or square shape. Avoid shapes like triangle or oval as they will interfere in making profits.

There should be at least two or more roads either in North or East side as this will give your property a good location.

Pantry or kitchen should be located in South East corner, preferably on ground floor. Balconies should be either in North or East side. Bathrooms must be placed either in Eastern or Northern sides.

Likewise there are many such points which can help you help a beautifully designed hotel with comfortable ambiance if you follow hotel Vastu with precision. Seek consultancy on the same from Shri Gupta ji who can provide you with all the suggestions for making your property compatible with Vastu so that you can enjoy a prospering business.

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