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Indian Vastu Shastra is an interesting science that takes into account the right style of designing the architecture to have buildings that are a beautiful balance of the five elements, which are, Earth, Water, Sun, Air and Space. As per Vastu, there has to be a balance between these elements in order to have positive and healthy vibes in the house which ensure complete well being of a person.

If you are looking for advice from professionals for Vastu for homes then Shri Gupta ji is one of the most famous and experts astrologer & vastu consultant in Jaipur. He offers home Vastu tips for your house to make sure that you have the most positive aura in the space you live. He offers wonderful home Vastu directions that are authentic and helpful in bringing the much desired equilibrium in your house. He uses his knowledge on Vastu astrology to come up with finest plans which have been designed keeping in mind the principles of Grah Vastu. He makes sure that all these directions are included in the architecture of your home with greatest ease so that the people living in the building enjoy the best of the mental, emotional and physical health. He is famous for designing wonderful north facing house Vastu plans which can bring prosperity and happiness to you and your family.

Shri Gupta ji possesses rich knowledge and experience in Vastu astrology and uses it with greatest effectiveness to come up with suggestions and solutions that take into account the influence of directions, poles and the five elements of nature to make sure that your family enjoys healthiest surroundings which ensures balance between body, mind and soul.

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Simple Home Vastu Tips

Here are some very useful tips that every person must keep in mind while constructing his house.

Bhoomi Poojan
It is very important that before starting with the construction of the house you must worship the earth. It is essential so that the construction of your house gets completed without any hassles.

Entrance of the House
East is considered to be the best direction for entrance as sun rises in east. So you will have positive energy and light in your house. Other choice of entrance can be North East.

Location of Kitchen
It is important to cook your food in the right direction. South East corner is considered the best place for having the kitchen and make sure that you face East while cooking the food.

Location of Toilet
For the well being of your family, it is important that you place your toilet in the right direction. Go for North West corner of the house and if that is not possible then South East direction is another preferable choice. Also make sure that it is not adjacent to the kitchen or pooja room.

There are more such tips which can help you have a well designed Vastu friendly home. For such amazing inputs you can avail services offered by Shri Gupta ji.

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