Best Vastu Tips for the Success of your Business

For a businessman, his business is the most important thing. It is not only essential for him but also for hundreds of people who are associated with it for their earnings. Hence, it is not just a desire but also a responsibility of the owner to make sure that his business prospers and grows.

We often see that sometimes some businesses are doing simply amazing without putting in much of efforts and sometimes we find ourselves struggling but are unable to meet our targets. We are not making any compromises with our efforts. In such a scenario, we must check the Vastu of our office or factory from where we perform our business to make sure that we are not working against the principles of this amazing Indian science because of which we are not able to have desirable outcomes of our efforts.  It so happens that people often venture into some business without seeking consultations from professionals regarding plot and directions. We need to understand that every space has its energies which influence the persons living in those spaces. Hence, it is very important to make sure that the space in which you are working are supportive.

Here are some very useful and effective vastu tips which have been mentioned below which are very helpful in providing an environment of success and glory to the businesses to make sure that they grow.

Face and Shape of the Plot

If possible then go for a plot which is east facing as it is considered to be the best direction. Make sure that there are no electric poles or large trees right in front of the entrance as they affect the view. Do not go for the land which is irregular in its shape. Square and rectangle are considered to be the best shapes for plots for offices. Having a plot which is broad from front and narrows down at the rear is considered a good choice as it is very much helpful in bringing more customers and clients. Make sure you check your surroundings before setting up your office. Do go with plots which are close to graveyards or temples.

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Placement of Staff

When you are designing the seating arrangement of your staff then you must look into the best directions. The owner must face north while sitting in his office. He must also be seating facing north while striking an important deal or having some meeting with the clients. His cabin needs to be the largest and must be placed farthest from the entrance. For other staff, the north or the east side is considered good. For people holding the managerial position, south or west is considered to be the right direction for sitting. It is important that you follow the right seating arrangement for having greatest control over your staff which is your strength.

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Placement of Facilities

It is important that you design the placement of facilities in accordance with Indian Vastu Shastra to avoid making mistakes which can hamper the performance and growth of your business.

  • Make sure that the toilets in your office are placed in the west or north west side of the building.
  • You must have the water resources or any such element in the north east side of the plot. Do not stuff this corner with anything else. You must keep it light and airy.
  • The ideal corner to have the pantry is south east

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Other Important Placements

  • The wisest corner for having staircase is either south or west or south west. Make sure you don’t have staircase in the centre of your office.
  • If you are planning to have temple in your office then have it placed in the north east side.
  • The perfect place to have your reception is in north east, adjacent to your temple. The receptionist must sit facing the entrance.
  • You can have the waiting area of your office in north east, close to reception
  • Keep the paint on the walls soothing and pleasant.
  • Do not place any depressive or evil painting.
  • Make sure that none of your employees are seating under the beam.
  • Make sure that there is no clutter in your space so that there is no negative energy affecting your place of work.

All these small but very effective vastu tips are essential in making your office space positive and harmonious. This way you are able to give a positive environment to your staff to work with the best of their abilities and take your business to new heights.

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