Vastu Tips For Successful Working of Your Shop or Showroom

Whenever you set up a new shop or showroom, you put your heart and soul into it, to make it a success. You take care of the smallest of the thing to make sure nothing goes wrong. From investing your money the right way to dealing with customers, displaying the products, working on quality of your products….. you do everything. Each of these things is important but Vastu tips for shop are also very important. By following the Vastu for shops, you can work on boosting the chances for your success by letting the positive energy surround you.

In this post, we will be discussing about some very helpful tips in relation with Vastu for shops, boutiques and warehouse that can prove to be extremely effective in making your venture a great success. You may be interested to read: Grow Your Restaurant Today by Indian Astrology

Effective Vastu Tips for Boutiques and Showrooms

The concept and layout of a boutique or showroom focuses more on display of products. The customer is free to move around and browse the collection in a comfortable manner. So if you are looking for Vastu tips for boutique then these points can be of great significance:

Product Placement

As per Vastu Shastra, the placement of products plays an important role in the energy dynamics which affect your business. Here are the Vastu principles which must be followed in placing your products inside the boutique or the store:

South West: For all heavy products

North East: For all light products

North West and South East: Medium weight products

This kind of placement will create a perfect balance in your shop.

Position of Manager’s Seat or Cash Box

The owner or the manager should always sit facing the East or North direction while working. Likewise, the cash box should also be placed in North or East direction. Given below are the best choices for shops facing in different directions:

North Facing:  North West corner is the best choice.

South Facing:  South West corner is the most preferred location.

East Facing:  North East corner in the front is the right corner.

West Facing:  North West corner is the best choice.

Vastu Advices for Shops, Showrooms and Boutiques for Greater Success

We have discussed about two important points in detail in the above section. Now we will be discussing 15 advices or Vastu tips for shops and showrooms that promise prosperity and success.

1. Shape of the Shop: It is always good to have a shop either in square or in rectangular shape. Showrooms with irregular shapes are not considered auspicious and therefore, must be avoided as they are expected to cause loss.

2. Angular and Not Curved: Make sure that your shop has corners and is not curved.

3. Slope of the Shop: Never have the slope of your shop towards the main entrance of your shop as this would drain all your profits outside.

4. Placement of Pooja: The most suitable corner to have small pooja in your shop or to place idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi is in north east corner of the showroom.

5. Doors and Windows: As per Vastu, the doors and windows of your shop should always open inside and on the right side. They should always be very smooth to open and close and in case they are making noise, grease them to on regular basis. This would bring positive energy in your shop.

7. Placement of TV or Computer: If you have a television or computer in your shop then the right corner for these gadgets is south east.

8. Approach of the Shop: Outside the shop, it is considered auspicious to have some small shrubs or plants planted in the east or north direction.

9. Clean and Clear Entrance: It is important to make sure that there is no obstruction in the entrance of the showroom. Any tree, pole or any other obstruction would create problems in business.

10. No Open Drainage: If there is any open drainage in the front of the shop, then it is not a good sign, as this would take away all your profits. So make sure that you have it covered.

12. North-East Corner Should Be Clutter Free: Make sure that this corner of your boutique is clean and has no clutter. You can have a water source or install a fountain in this corner.

13. Auspicious Symbols: For prosperity, always have Swastik, Ridhi Sidhi symbols drawn on the inside walls of your shop as they attract positivity and wealth.

14. Storage in South West: If you have any extra stock in your shop then create a space for it in the South West direction of your showroom.

15. Regular Morning Prayers: Before starting your work, you must offer prayers to God every morning. Light a lamp and burn incense sticks to bring positivity.

you can also see these vastu for office suggests right direction of seating, furniture arrangement, placement and direction of boss cabin that influence growth of a business.

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