Useful Vastu Points to Keep in Mind While Building a New House

The best place on the planet for each one of us is our home. We want it to be the most comfortable, cozy and relaxed place. Not only that we also want that our house is the luckiest place for us which can bring success, prosperity, happiness and joy in the lives of all those who reside in that construction. If you are planning to build a new house then it is essential that you keep in mind some of the important points related with Indian Vastu Shastra so that your new house is the most perfect place to reside. To make it the most comfortable and prosperous place for you and your family, this article brings some of the important points that you must take care of while constructing your dwelling.

Helpful Vastu tips for construction of a hotel that promise growth and prosperity.

Always Start with Bhoomi Pooja

Whenever you are the construction of your new house, make sure that you begin with Bhoomi Pooja in which you are seeking blessings of Earth so that you can have the finest and strongest construction of your home. Once you are done with this pooja, the rest of the work shall begin. This pooja holds lot of importance in Vastu.

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Entrance of the House

It is always good to have entrance of your house in the East direction as this the direction in which Sun rises every morning. Hence, it is considered very auspicious and healthy for the family as it is the source of fresh air and light.

Doors and Windows

It is good to have doors and windows either in north, eat or north east side of your house. Make sure all the windows and doors open inside as this is considered to bring all the happiness and prosperity to the house.

Placement of Master Bedroom and Other Bedrooms

The best zone to have the master bedroom is south west. Make sure that you reserve that direction of your house for the master bedroom without fail. It is important to have all the bedrooms either in south or west side of your plot. Also make sure that you place the bed in the room either facing west or facing north so that you can sleep either facing east or south. Also make sure that every room has bed with four legs. Do not place any mirror in front of the bed.

Placement of Toilets & Bathrooms

The ideal zone foe having toilet or bathroom is north west. If there is an attached bathroom or toilet then make sure that the door is always kept close. Never have the toilet seat placed in east west, the best place to have it is the north south direction.

Placement of Kitchen

Another important thing in a house is kitchen as this the place where food is cooked and hence it has the maximum influence on the people residing in the house. Make sure that whenever you are cooking in your kitchen, you are facing east. Always avoid facing south as it is not considered the right direction as per Vastu. Place your gas stove and sink at farthest distance possible to avoid feuds in your family members. Place all heavy kitchen appliances in south west.

Slope of Plot

Make sure that you have the slop of your plot towards north east as this is suppose to be the lowest point on your plot. Likewise keep the south west point of your plot the highest. This way all the rain water is going to flow towards north and east which is perfect as per Vastu Shastra.

Special Focus on North East

This corner of your plot should be kept lightest. Do not have construction in this zone and make sure that the no walls of your construction touch the boundary in this zone. It is an ideal place to have all your drainage pipes. Avoid any kinds of staircases in this direction. Don’t even plant a tree in this side.

Special Focus on South West

This is an important corner of the plot. You need to make sure that you place all the heavy things in this direction. You can have your water tank in this direction or staircases. This would make this side of your plot heavier which is perfect.

All of these points must be noted and kept in mind while constructing your new house. These points will make sure that your house is build according to the important principles of Vastu Shastra so that you are not committing any kind of blunder or mistake. With these points you will be able to have a space that is perfectly balanced in terms of energy.

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