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Nadi Dosha Remedies - Nadi Dosha in Marriage

Nadi Dosha And Remedies For Nadi Dosha in Marriage

We all have come across the term “Nadi Dosha” in astrology but most of us are not aware of what it is. Be it a love marriage or arrange marriage, in order to calculate the compatibility between the partners, Ashtas are studied and Nadi is one of these eight Ashtas with the maximum value of 8, making it extremely important to match. Nadi Dosha in marriage surfaces when there is conflict between the nadi of the two people. And most of the astrologers consider it as a big negative.

If questions like can Nadi Dosha be ignored or what are the solutions for Nadi Dosha in kundli are troubling you then this post talks everything about Nadi Dosha cancellation with the help of useful remedies for Nadi Dosha.

What Is Nadi Dosha?

In astrology, kundli milan is considered very important for proceeding with a decision of marriage. Kundali milan is horoscope matching which takes into account eight different aspects or Kootas which sum total to 36 points or Gunas just to know the physical, emotional, mental, financial capabilities of two individuals.

Nadi Dosha is an inauspicious combination in the horoscope of two people considering their marriage because it has the potential of causing some serious problems in their marital life. Nadi Dosha in horoscope matching takes place when the proposed partners have the same nadi in their kundli.

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Eight Ashta to Calculate Compatibility

As mentioned above, it is significant to know the compatibility of proposed partners to know how compatible they will be with each other in their marriage. Here are eight Ashtas along with their maximum score which form the basis of calculating compatibility in arrange and love marriages in India:

  1. Varna: Maximum point is 1; work compatibility
  2. Vashya: Maximum points are 2; dominance compatibility
  3. Tara : Maximum points are 3; destiny compatibility
  4. Yoni : Maximum points are 4; mentality compatibility
  5. Graha Maitri: Maximum points are 5; general compatibility
  6. Gana: Maximum points are 6; guna-level compatibility
  7. Bhakoota: Maximum points are 7; love compatibility
  8. Nadi: Maximum points are 8; health compatibility

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Remedies For Nadi Dosha

Given below are some effective Nadi Dosha remedies which can help you cancel the effects of this dosha. These solutions for Nadi Dosha in kundli are extremely helpful:

  • If the girl has Nadi Dosha then having her married to Vishnu before her actual marriage is an effective remedy.
  • Chanting Mahamrityunjaya Mantra every day helps.
  • Offer Swarna Nadi along with grains, cloth and cow to a Brahmin.
  • Donate the grain equal to your weight on your birthday.
  • Organize a Nadi Dosha Nivaran Pooja at a big scale.
  • Maintain peace, coordination and understanding in marriage with maturity and patience.

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Cancellation of Nadi Dosha

Whether it is Madhya Nadi Dosha in marriage or Adi Nadi Dosha, cancellation of Nadi Dosha can happen in the following situations:

  • If proposed partners have different signs but same Janma nakshatra.
  • Nadi Dosha cancels when the same sign but different Janma nakshatra.
  • If proposed partners have same Janma Nakshatra but different Charan.
  • The presence of Rohini, Mrigshira, Ardra, Jyeshtha, Kritika, Pushya, Shravan, Rewati and Uttarabhadrapad nakshatras also cancels the Nadi Dosha.

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Effect of Nadi Dosha in Marriage

Given below are some of the effects of Nadi Dosha in marriage:

  • Chances of infertility.
  • Chances of miscarriage or unhealthy child.
  • Birth of child with health problems or mental or physical difficulties.
  • Chances of having difficult marriage full of discord and problems.
  • Lack of attraction between husband and wife.
  • Lack of compatibility between couple.

Nadi Dosha in Horoscope Matching

Let us understand Nadi Doshas in horoscope based on three different types of Nadis as each type reflects the nature of the individual:

  • Adi: This nadi is for Kaph prakriti of a person. In Adi Nadi, the relationships lack dedication.
  • Madhya: This nadi is for Vaat prakriti of a person. Madhya Nadi, there are many fights between the couple.
  • Antya: This nadi is for Pita prakriti of a person. Antya Nadi promises calm marriage but lack of coordination and harmony in marriage.

Scientifically, as well as astrologically, two people with same nadis when they get married, they result into weak progeny. This is because they have same nature which becomes the reason for the conflict. There are less chances of conception in this case and even if conception takes place, chances of miscarriage are very high. People marrying with different nadis will be able to balance each other and will have healthier children.

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How to Get Rid of Kaal Sarp Dosha in Horoscope, kundli

How to Get Rid of Kaal Sarp Dosh in Horoscope/kundli?

You must have come across the term “Kaal Sarp” in astrology. This is a combination found in horoscopes which is considered to be an inauspicious yoga because of various adverse Kaal Sarp dosh effects on marriage, Kaal Sarp dosh on childbirth and overall life of a person. There are different types of Kaal Sarp Yogas and comes with its own effects.

This post talks about Kaal Sarp effects in kundli along with Kaal Sarp Dosha remedies.

What is Kaal Sarp Dosh in Kundli

Kaal Sarp Dosh in Horoscope/kundli surfaces when all the planets in the horoscope fall between Rahu and Ketu. As per astrology, these two planets are imaginary planets, with former being the head and latter being the tail of the snake. There are 12 different types of Kaal Sarp yog, each differing in its effects and intensity of effects and out of these Anant Kaal Sarp dosha has the strongest influence on the life of the native. Depending upon the numbers of planet falling between Rahu and Ketu, the Kaal Sarp yog effect on life changes.

How Bad is Kaal Sarp Dosh

We all considered Kaal Sarp Dosh as bad but in reality it is not that bad as well. On the contrary, many successful people have Kaal Sarp yoga in their horoscope. This means that in some cases, Kaal Sarp yoga brings impressive success to people. The aspects of life which witness negative effect of this combination are mostly personal relationships, marriage, childbirth, threat to the life of loved ones etc. Because of the bad effect on these aspects of life, this combination is considered harmful by everyone, whereas, on the other side, it does help people enjoy success in their lives.

How Do You Know If You Have Kaal Sarp Dosh

You can know that you are suffering from Kaal Sarp yog in kundli if you have experienced any of the below mentioned symptoms:

  • You feel lonely in life and there is just struggle in your life
  • You dream of water bodies
  • You dream of snakes
  • You dream of your own house
  • You often see images of dead people in dreams
  • You constantly life in some kind of fear
  • You are scared of snakes and snake bites
  • They suffer from fear of high places or lonely places

Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran at Home

We have come up with some small Kaal Sarp Dosh nivaran remedies which you can perform easily at home without any special assistance of a pandit:

  • Perform general Lord Shiv pooja on daily basis. Offering water on Shivling and lighting a diya in front on regular basis can help you remarkably.
  • Make donations to poor once in a month. Donating on day of birth nakshatra every month is extremely helpful.
  • Have meals in the kitchen only as this also has a positive impact on the native suffering from this yog.
  • Try and visit one of these Shiv temples once in the lifetime: Trambakeshwar in Nashik or Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain or Srikalahasti temple.

Mantra to Remove Kaal Sarp Dosh

Given below are few months which are very effective in reducing the bad effect of Kaal Sarp Dosh:

  • Chant Panchakshari Manta i.e. Om Namah Shivaya every day for 108 times
  • Chant Maha Mritunjay Mantra for 108 times every day
  • Chant Kaal Sarp Gayatri Mantra
  • Chant Beej Mantra of Rahu 108 times while keeping a string of Agate in hand
Indian Astrology in Share Market Business, Profit/Loss horoscope Share Market

Indian Astrology & Profit/Loss in Share Market Business

We come across many people who have invested in stocks or regularly do trading and have made lots of money. There are also some who have experienced losses in share market. This is because share market is very volatile but also a good source to make money. That’s the reason you will come across many stock market astrology predictions 2018 because people want to know what stock market holds for them in future.

Astrology stock market study and analysis is extremely helpful in ensuring that you earn more profits and less losses. Vedic astrology in stock market studies position of planets based on horoscope for stock market. So, read on and find out about making profit in share market business as per astrology.

Effects of Different Planets and Houses in Share Market

Different planets affect share trading in different ways, here are effects of some of the planets:

  • Rahu and Moon are the deciding planets for profit and loss in astrology
  • Jupiter and Mercury planets and stock market share a good equation as they bring huge success in trading
  • If 5th house is strong then success in share market is guaranteed
  • If Rahu is strong in your horoscope then you are expected to make good money through trading
  • If Mercury is strong then you possess good knowledge on market and you might as well become a consultant in share market and also make good money in share market
  • Strength of Jupiter determines strength in commodity market

Position and movement of planets have the power to influence your success and failure in share market.

When to Avoid Share Market

Here are a few combinations which suggest you to stay away from share market as you might incur losses:

  • Combination of Sun and Rahu, Rahu and Moon, Rahu and Jupiter in horoscope makes share markets an area of loss for natives
  • Placement of Rahu in 2nd place is considered inauspicious for shares
  • Placement of Rahu promises great success in share market but it will come with losses making the native poor

Mantra for Profit in Share market

If you wish to make good money in trading then here is the mantra:

  • Rahu Mantra: Om Bhram Bhrim Bhraum Sah Rahve Namah
  • Om Shree Ganeshay Namah
  • Om Shrim Hrim Klim Mahalakshmay Namah

Lucky Stone for Share Trading

If you wish to know “my luck in share market” then here are some of the stones as per your birth chart that make share trading a business of profit:

  • People with weak Sun must wear ruby in gold
  • People with weak Moon must wear pearl in silver metal
  • For weak Mar, Red coral is the most effective stone
  • Mercury and stock market go hand in hand with Emerald stone in gold
  • Weak Jupiter can be manager by wearing Yellow Sapphire in gold
  • For weak Venus, Diamond is the best stone
  • Weak Saturn requires you to wear Blue Sapphire
  • For weak Rahu, Gomed is the right stone in gold or silver
  • Weak Ketu can be managed by Cats eye in gold
Pitra dosha in Vedic Astrology, Kundali, Pitra Dosha Effects, Nivaran, Remedies

Pitra Dosha in Vedic Astrology | Pitra Dosha in Horoscope

As per Vedic astrology, Pitra dosha is a bad combination. It is not a curse of the ancestors but it is a debt of the ancestors which is a result of bad deeds done by them and is required to be paid by the present generation. This debt can be paid either by facing all the punishments and suffering or by doing good deeds which can help in softening the effect of punishments. Also when a person has committed bad deeds in the previous life will suffer from Pitra Dosha. Therefore, we can say that Pitra Dosha is the result of bad karmas and has its effect on coming generations. It is considered bad because it brings along lot of sufferings and disturbances in life.

Identifying Formation of Pitra Dosha in Kundali

People often get very scared when they get to know that their horoscope has Pitra Dosha in it. But it is extremely important to first identify that whether your kundli has this dosha or not. Here are some of the points which must be considered in reaching on to a conclusion:

  • Placement of bad Sun in 5th or 9th house with Rahu and Ketu
  • When Rahu and Sun are present in the same house and Rahu is stronger
  • Sun is closely conjunct with Rahu and Ketu in the same house and within five degrees
  • Sun is conjunct with Rahu and Ketu without afflicted by Jupiter then Pitra Dosha becomes more intense.

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Pitra Dosha in Our Purans

As given in the Brahma Puran, the Lord of Death, Yamraj gave all the souls the permission to eat the food that is prepared by their children on Krishna Paksh of Ashwin month which is popularly known as Shraad. This is considered as a very important time as children perform Pirta pooja for the departed souls. And those who fail to perform Shraad suffer from “Pitra Dosha” because the Pitras are not pleased with them as they failed to offer them food during Shraad.

Facts Related with Pitra Dosha

Pitra Dosha in Vedic Astrology is considered as a bad yoga. Pitra stands for father or forefather. Sun is considered as father in astrology. Therefore, whenever Sun is afflicted by a malefic planet, in that case there is Pitra Dosha in the horoscope. The intensity, results and type of Pitra Dosha is subjective to the afflicting planet.

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Effects of Pitra Dosh

You can very well know whether someone has Pitra Dosha in his or her horoscope or not by studying different effects of this yoga:

  • Delay in marriage of your child
  • Problem in your own married life or that of your children
  • Repeated miscarriages or problems in conception
  • Any kind of mental abnormality in the child
  • Sudden death in the family
  • Hurdles in education
  • Delay in career growth
  • Financial problems in life of your child or yourself
  • Inherited diseases or long term illness
  • Birth of unwanted or unhealth child
  • Disputes in the family
  • Any kind of addiction
  • Always under debt

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Ke Upay

Here are some of the nirvaranas to ease Pitra Dosha. Following these remedies can reduce the intense effects of this combination:

  1. Mantras to Recite: Recite these two mantras:

Om namoh bahgwatey wasudevaye (ओम् नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय)

Ohm Shree Sarva Pitra Dosh Nivarnaay Kaleshm Han Han Sukh Shantim Dehi Fat Svahaa:

  1. Take responsibility of marrying a girl, preferably from a poor family
  2. Regularly offer prayers and worship Lord Vishnu
  3. Pitras accept offerings like donations, water and food. Offering these things to forefathers when the Sun is placed in Kanya Sankranti.
  4. Make offerings during the 15 days period of Shraad which come once in a year and are considered to be the best time to make offerings to pitras every year. It is very important to make offerings to the Brahmins with dedication.

Easy Home Remedies for Pitra Dosh

Given below are some home remedies that are very effective in relaxing the intense effects of Pitra Dosha:

  • On every Amavasya, offer food, clothing and wealth to the Brahmins
  • Feed the poor on some specific days
  • Feed the crows
  • Give water to Banayan tree

These are some facts, remedies and effects of Pitra Dosha. Always remember that good deeds never go waste and therefore, we can always make our lives better by doing all the good we can.

Astrology of Divorce or Separation in Horoscope

Astrology of Divorce or Separation in Horoscope

Seeing increasing numbers of separations or divorces in the married life, we all end up thinking how and why does such a thing happen. A couple who was deeply in love plans to separate ways…. But what ruins all the love and beautiful times they shared. Well, there are reasons. There is a complete astrology of divorce and breakups which defines reasons why such bad things happen. There are quite evident signs in horoscope which indicate divorce or separation in marriage.

Probable Reasons for Divorce

We have listed a couple of reasons which lead to separation in marriage:

  • Unable to conceive
  • Continuing premarital love relationships
  • Having extra marital affairs
  • Absence of sexual intimacy between the partners
  • Yog of more than one spouse in horoscope
  • Physical or verbal abuse by partner
  • Poverty post marriage
  • Long term physical sickness post marriage

Indication of Divorce in Horoscope

Divorce astrology signs in horoscope are quite easy to understand if you have the knowledge of the subject. As per the rules of astrology, Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu are known to be the separative planets. The 6th, 12th and 8th house lord and lords of sign that are occupied by separative planets also behave like separative planets.  These separative planets whenever have an influence on 7th house of the horoscope then it is an indication that the person will witness any form of separation in hir or her marriage.

We have come up with a few planetary combinations which are again an indication of separation or divorce in the married life. Therefore, divorce prediction by date of birth are very much possible as per astrology. If questions like is there divorce in my kundali bother you, read these equations to unfold the mystery  yourself.

  • Presence of Sun-Saturn combination in 7th house is not good for a happy married life.
  • Mars aspected by Saturn or vice-versa can highlights separation between the couple and regular fights.
  • 2nd house is known as the family house. Therefore, it has great importance in marriage. In case 2nd house and its lord are under the influence of malefic planet then it can cause some problem in your marriage.
  • Presence of 7th lord on 6th, 8th or 12th houses in concurrence to malefic.
  • In case the 7th house, 7th lord and significator of 7th house, all three of them are burdened, combined or related by malefic then the couple will have discord in their married life.
  • Rahu-Ketu along with Mars, Sun, Saturn are present in the horoscope or are aspected by these planets then they can lead to separation in marriage.
  • Venus is an extremely important planet in context of marriage and therefore if it is known to be afflicted by malefic planets then it is not a good sign for marriage. Moreover, if retrograde Venus is present in 7th, 8th or 4th house then chances of divorce are higher.
  • 6th house is for legal disputes. Therefore, if there is a nexus between 7th house, lord or significator and 6th lord then you might face legal separation with your partner.

Looking at these planetary combinations and understanding their consequences, it is extremely important that before getting married, couples go for kundli matching as it can surface such serious problems and can save you from ruining your life. Remember, gun Milan score is important but the decision of marriage should not be based just on this score. You must make sure that both the horoscopes match i.e. the planetary equations of the horoscope should be complementing.

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Types of Kaal Sarp Yog in kundli - Kaal Sarpa Dosh - Kaal Sarp Dosh Remedy

Types of Kaal Sarp Yog in kundli | Kaal Sarp Dosh Remedy

When all seven planets come between Rahu and Ketu, this equation results in Kaal Sarp yog in Kundli. There are 12 different kinds of kaal sarp yoga and doshas in horoscope which have different kinds of effect on the life of the native. Each kind of yoga has a different kind of influence and therefore it is very important to know the kind of dosha to know the effect of kaal sarp yog in kundli.

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Read on to find out these 12 kal sarp doshas and kaal sarp yog remedies to have better clarity about your life.

Different Types of Kaal Sarpa Yog and Dosh in Horoscope / kundli

Anant Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu is placed in 1st house and Ketu in 7th house. Native becomes the target of conspiracies and is always a victim of betrayal. It results in late marriage or no marriage at all. There are no Anant Kaal Sarp yog positive effects.

Kulika Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu is in 2nd House and Ketu in 8th. This kaal sarp dosh has effect on health as the native is always lazy and inactive. He has to work very hard to achieve his goals. Financial health will also suffer because expenses will always be higher than the earnings.

Vasuki Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu is in 3rd House and Ketu in 9th. With this kind of kaal sarp dosh in kundli, the native must be very cautious while signing any documents because he can land in troubles. Issues with family and friends are forecasted. Constant bad luck will make life full of troubles.

Shankphal Kaal Sarp Dosh
Rahu is in 4th House and Ketu is in 10th House. Native with this kind of dosha have a difficult childhood. He might get involved in bad activities in childhood or have bad company. They will face problems related with ancestral properties or immovable assets.

Padam Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu is in 5th House and Ketu in 11th. This kaal sarp yog has effects on marriage, career and love life. Problems in marriage are predicted along with kaal sarp dosh effect on childbirth. Native must stay away from speculations and lotteries as they can bring loss.

Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu is in 6th House and Ketu in 12th. With this dosha, native will have a very different and negative perception towards people, situation and life. This will lead to loneliness in life. They will face problems in all their relationships.

Takshak Kaal Sarp Dosh
Rahu is in 7th House and Ketu in 1st. Native must avoid business in partnership. Extra marital relationships will cause problems in marriage. Native will earn bad name for himself.

Karkotik Kaal Sarp Yoga
Rahu is in 8th house and Ketu in 2nd. This dosha cause lots of health issues. He has to struggle a lot in life. No benefits from any ancestral properties in the paternal side.

Shankhnaad Kaal Sarp Dosh
Rahu is in 9th house and Ketu in 3rd. Native will suffer from serious ego issues. He will have different religious beliefs. Issues with higher authority will also make things difficult.

Paatak Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu is in 10th house and Ketu in 4th. Native will face problems in his job. Chances are that he might get into a wrong business. He will feel dissatisfied with his profession and will keep changing his job.

Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu is in 11th house and Ketu in 5th. Native will face health issues and his children will also not be healthy. Problems with elder brother will always persist. He may have to stay away from home for work.

Shashnaag Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu is in 12th house and Ketu in 6th. Lack of confidence will keep the native away from success. Weird dreams will disturb him. He will witness fear from unknown. He will face legal issues without any reason. Surgery in eye is also expected to happen.

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Remedies for Weak Jupiter in Horoscope

Effective Remedies for Weak Jupiter in Horoscope

It is very important for Jupiter to be balanced because it is the planet for loyalty and wisdom. No matter how strong are other planets in your horoscope but it depends on the position of Jupiter which decides how long you will enjoy the success. If Jupiter in your horoscope is weak then no matter how much success or fame you have achieved, everything will come down to zero within no time. When we talk about this planet in palmistry, index finger and the mount below it is the place of Jupiter.

This post talks about the indications and the remedies for wear Jupiter in horoscope. So if you have been told that your Jupiter is weak then have a look at the signs which will ensure you that whether you have such a condition or not. And if this condition reflects in your life then given below are some of the remedies which will help you deal with the malefic planet.

Signs of Weak Jupiter

Read to know what signs ensure that Jupiter is not at the right place or position in your birth chart.

  • Regular problem of hair fall or hair loss
  • Will be blamed for all those mistakes that you have never done
  • You will experience a break in your studies
  • You will end up losing your money or gold. As a result you will have to wear jewelry of low value
  • You will have a later marriage
  • You might even have children after many year of your marriage
  • You will not believe in religion because of which you will be considered as a rebel by people around you
  • You will suffer from problems related with liver malfunction
  • Diabetes and obesity are a few health problems you will witness
  • You will never be respected or loved by teachers
  • Your skin will have a dry texture

These are some of the indications which suggest that your Jupiter is in weak condition and you must do something about it.

Remedies for Weak Jupiter

Impart strength to your Jupiter with the help of the remedies which are highly effective in helping you fight with problems caused by this planet.

  • Everyday apply sandalwood or turmeric paste on your forehead.
  • Always wear gold jewelry as it complements the planet.
  • If possible then wear yellow colored cap or cover it with a yellow dupatta.
  • Do not swim in water bodies like rivers or oceans. Never bath in open air.
  • Do not eat non-vegetarian food. Do not drink alcohol.
  • Always keep your nose clean. And make sure you clean if before doing any new work.
  • Always seek your parents’ blessings before beginning with any new work.
  • Donate sweets or bananas to orphans and aged people.
  • Always help your brothers and sisters as much as you can.
  • Donate turmeric to a temple for 8 days on regular bases before starting anything new.
  • Meditation is also very effective in weak Jupiter.
  • Take care of your gurus
  • Visit temple as and when possible.
  • Selfless service for society and the needy is also recommended.
  • Consume jiggery, bananas, sugarcane.

All of these remedies are suggested in astrology to take care of weak Jupiter in your horoscope. Try and perform whatever you can out of the above listed remedies as they are very effective in taking care of the harmful effects of the planet’s position.

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Yogas in Astrology for Massive Fame, Astrological Yogas

Yogas in Astrology for Massive Fame BECOME FAMOUS

Who doesn’t want to be rich, famous and successful? Well, we all want to be but only a few people are blessed with it. This is because of the yogas in astrology for massive fame in horoscope which are present in very few kundlis. People often think that just by having Dhan or Raj yogas in astrology they have the best astrological combinations for riches but it is not true.

In this post, we have come up with the yogas in astrology for massive fame. Learn about the best yoga in horoscope as per fame astrology.

Most Powerful Yogas in Vedic Astrology to Become Famous

Let us find out the astrological combinations for massive wealth in astrology. And if your horoscope has them, fame in astrology is guaranteed.

Moon and Its Position

Fame is indicated by Moon and therefore, it is important to consider the position of Moon in the horoscope.

  • Condition of Natal Moon defines the amount of fame it gets.
  • If Moon in natal chart is placed in a significant position in horoscope then it brings fame.
  • If Moon is well placed and also aspected by Jupiter or Venus then this works out to be a good yoga in astrology for massive fame.

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Houses in Horoscope

Whether a person will be blessed with fame or not, it will depend upon the houses:

  • Fame in astrology depends upon 5th, 9th and 10th houses of horoscope.
  • Afflicted 4th or 12th house make one shy away from popularity.
  • 10th house is known to be the house of fame as per astrology.  A planet that is well placed brings abundance fame.
  • 7th house is the house of desires and also the house of masses.

Lagna in Kundli

Lagna in the horoscope has to be very strong because that will determine the status of fame for the native:

  • For success in astrology, Lagna has to be strong and also its lord.
  • Along with Lord, Ascendant, the foundation of the strong has to be strong and only then the native can be blessed with massive fame.
  • Arudha Lagna with benefic aspect plays a significant role.
  • Stronger Kendra houses are essential to assist Arudha Lagna which is important for fame.

Role of Saturn

Just like Moon, Saturn also plays a significant role in defining the status of fame and success in horoscope:

  • Massive fame is possible with strong position of Saturn in horoscope.
  • When strong Saturn is placed with Rahu or Venus, it forms one of the strongest yogas in astrology for massive fame.

Position of Venus

Position of Venus is also weighed while considering fame in astrology:

  • Venus should be placed in 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th house.
  • Venus should not have any malefic influence.
  • Placement of Venus or Rahu in Magha star is considered important.

Position of Sun

Sun is an important planet and therefore, its position is also significant:

  • Sun is known to be the basic karaka for popularity.
  • Sun has to be in strong in its position.

Other Astrological Yogas for Fame

Here are some more astrological yogas for fame that are also very important:

  • Gaja-Kesari yoga
  • Panch Mahapurush yoga
  • Adhi yoga

So if you want to enjoy massive fame in life then all the points mentioned above have to be considered in a horoscope.

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Donate As per Astrology - Donation Remedies in kundli

What to Donate, Which is Important to Donate As per Astrology

Donation means Daan and as per astrology, it has an important place in life. We all must donate as per astrology because it is helpful in getting rid of many health and other problems. That’s the reason, in Hindu culture we have many days in Lunar calendar which promote all of us to donate as per astrology. Occasions like Makar Sankranti are celebrated by making daan for good health, happiness and success in life. Moreover, there are various Charity/donation remedies in astrology.

What to Donate?

If you intend to donate then you must know that what you must donate. Here are some of things which fall in the list which we must donate as per astrology:


  • You can always improve your financial conditions by donating clothes
  • The clothes that you donate should not be old or torn. They should be of the same quality clothes that you wear.
  • For getting money from your father’s side, donate big clothes.
  • To avoid wasting your money on medical, donate shiny clothes.
  • To avoid financial lows and highs, donate pretty and durable clothes.


  • Donating food or pulses prevents shortage of food.
  • Donating uncooked food is to be donated as per astrology.
  • There are different food items that you must donate as per the positioning of planets in your horoscope.
  • Always make these donations to people who are below your level.


  • Donating metals is suggested in special conditions and to special people.
  • What metal to donate will depend upon the horoscope of the native.

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Which is Important to Donate as per Astrology?

Donate as per astrology based on the problems and planetary positions:

  • Sun: Donate on Sunday red flowers, red clothes, wheat, jaggery, bel fruit, Copper etc.
  • Moon: Donate on Monday milk, mishri, white clothes, pearl, silver, rice etc.
  • Mars: Donate on Tuesdays sesame seeds, red clothes, red flowers, red sandalwood, copper, jaggery, whole masoor dal etc.
  • Mercury: Donate on Wednesdays green clothes, plants, trees, green vegetables, paneer, sugar, edible oil etc.
  • Jupiter: Donate on Thursdays turmeric, jaggery, gold, books, yellow laddos, yellow sapphire, cow, chana daal etc.
  • Venus: Donate on Fridays sweets in white colour and made of milk, white clothes, pearl, silver, sugar, ghee etc.
  • Saturn: Donate on Saturday oil, iron, money, blanket, horse, perfume, whole urad dal, chappatis etc.
  • Rahu: Donate on Saturdays blue and black clothes, curry, mustard, sandalwood, perfume etc.
  • Ketu: Donate on Saturday night or early Sunday morning sesame seeds, silver, chappatis without ghee etc.

Donate According to Your Kundli and Earn Wealth, Fame

Donate According to Your Kundli and Earn Wealth, Fame
Donate According to Your Kundli

Donations must always be made as per the planetary positions in your kundli. It will be very much subjective to the native’s horoscope that what he should be donating to tone down the adverse effects of planets.

If you want to earn wealth and fame in life then you must donate CLOTHES. By donating clothes, you can strengthen your financial conditions. Donating beautiful and good quality clothes ensures that you maintain a good financial status in life.

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Donation Remedies in Astrology

There are various donation remedies in astrology but they are very much specific to whom you donate and what you donate in order to earn the best of the benefits of daan.

Blood Donation as per Astrology

Blood Donation as per Astrology
Blood Donation as per Astrology

Blood donation is important as per astrology. For instance, Mars is known to be an aggressive planet and causes reasons in which a person might lose blood. For a person who has Mangal dosh, donating blood is a very good option. This can save the native from injuries and accidents.

Why Donating Clothes is Good?

Why Donating Clothes is Good - Astrology
Donation Clothes as per Astrology

Donating clothes is considered very good because it is beneficial for healthier finances and wealth of the native.

What to Donate on Birthday Astrology?

Based on your horoscope, you must know the weak planets and donate things which empower strength to those specific planets.

Things to Donate on Amavasya

Donating silver, sesame seeds, salt, cotton, cow etc. on Amavasya are considered to be very beneficial.

What to Donate on Ekadashi

Donating food on the occasion of Ekadashi is considered to be very auspicious. Donate food to the needy.

What to Donate on Purnima

Donate kheer made with rice and milk on Purnima is very beneficial.

Daan for Good Health

For good health, donating wheat on Sunday is recommended.

What to Donate on Monday

As per astrology, donate every Monday rice, white clothes, white flowers etc. for benefits.

What to Donate on Tuesday

On Tuesday, donate red flowers, red sandalwood, red clothes, copper vessel are considered very good.

What to Donate on Thursday

Donate turmeric, whole chana daal, yellow sapphire stone, yellow clothes etc. are very beneficial.

What to Donate on Friday

On Fridays, donate white coloured clothes or flowers, pearl, silver, sweets made of milk and white in colour.

What to Donate on Saturday

Donating sesame seeds, iron, whole urad daal, black clothes etc. on Saturday is auspicious as per astrology.

This is a generalized prediction on donations but if you wish to know what is the best to donate as per astrology then having it consulted with an astrologer will get you best remedies based on your horoscope. (*charges applicable)

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Second Marriage Horoscope Matching, 2nd Spouse vedic Astrology Predictions, remarriage

Second Marriage Horoscope Matching | 2nd Spouse Astrology Predictions

A Remarriage refers to a marriage which takes place after a previous marital or nuptial union has ended successfully- either through divorce or widowhood. There are some individuals who are more likely to get married again than others; the likelihood of a remarriage can differ from person to person based on the previous relationship status (i.e. divorced vs. widowed), the level of interest of the person in establishing a new romantic relationship again, the gender, race and age of the person among many other factors.

The concept of a 2nd Marriage or remarriage is becoming more and more relevant and popular nowadays. It would also be more relevant in the coming days ahead. The number of Divorces and separations is increasing rapidly in our society. As such, we need to analyze how to predict Second Marriage of a person in astrology.

The factors which are purely responsible for a remarriage or a second marriage in Vedic astrology are:

Ascendant – the nature and aptitude of the person, the mind and taste as well as his/her self identity

2nd house/lord– the longevity of spouse or the family life

7th house/lord – the love and matrimony as well as law suits of the wife or husband

9th house/lord– a signi-ficator of the concept of second marriage

Venus – the significator of wife

Jupiter – the Significator of husband

Why 9th House is considered the epitome for second Shaadi?

It has been mentioned several times that before venturing into any astrology yoga or second marriage prediction astrology given in our classics, one must crucially know about the culture thoroughly.

According to Hindu sastra, there is no OPTION for DIVORCE of a person. The promise which couples make in ‘7 phere’ is binding till the death relationship. In such a time attaining a divorce from a court does not hold value or end one’s promise; it only acts as a brute betrayal of promise by both the partners.

3H is referred as younger ones, the younger means ‘Born after’; therefore the 9H is 3H to 7H is the second shaadi.

Indication of Second Marriage in Astrology

Astrology predicts the second marriage for a person. to know about if there is scope of second marriage or not, the person needs to get a good astrological analysis done and the 9th House needs to be closely evaluated to find out the possibility of a second marriage. The mix of second marriage prediction vedic astrology as well as numerology is important in this case.

Reasons of Failure of the Second Marriage:

  • The foremost reason is the Unmatched horoscope. Due to unmatched horoscope of the second time partners, often second marriage breaks off soon. An unmatched second marriage prediction by date birth taken by an inexperienced astrologer gives bad results.
  • A decision taken in haste is always a bad decision. The decision which is taken in excitement by couples for a second marriage also becomes a main reason of problems in the marriage.
  • Untruthfulness is a crucial factor of a broken second marriage. Hiding the truth from the other partner- like some people hides information about the financial position, about their children, the nature of their parents or any health issues. This creates problems after the second marriage.
  • Violence in a marriage is bad- be it a first marriage or a second marriage. Violence with the partner which may be due to any drug intake or other cause also creates problem.
  • Sexual impotency among the couples or in one partner creates huge problems in the 2nd marriage.
  • In some cases, children from a previous relationship or a previous marriage also become a hindrance.

How To have a Successful Second Marriage?

  • As astronomical planets regularly and are continuously affects our lives, so we must use the good astrology ways to make our lives successful and better. Following are some of the ways which can be adopted well to make the 2nd marriage life successful.
  • If due to any malefic effects of a planet, a person is unable to lead a satisfactory second married life, then it is good for the couple to go for a grah shanti process. This is a good second marriage prediction.
  • If any kaalsarp dosha, pitra dosha or grahan dosha creates any problem for the couple, then it is necessary to go for a pooja to minimize the impacts of negativity and hurdles in married life. A good second marriage prediction in astrology, the astrologer would give good remedies for it.
  • Ghat vivah and kumbh vivah are also good processes to remove any hurdles in married life.
  • The couple wearing powerful gems stones is also helpful and a good way.
  • Performing a special anusthan to increase the power of positive planets in the married life can also be done.

However, it is necessary to go for a consultation before proceeding for any remedies since it as a crucial part of the entire life of a person. So it is better that the couple discusses their kundlis or share their date of birth online for queries and analysis related to second marriage with a good and expert astrologer.

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Get Solutions of Questions like Is There Second Marriage in my life?

To find out the probability of a second marriage in life, it is crucial a person consults an expert astrologer. The astrologer would do a careful analysis of the 9th House in the person’s horoscope and after an evaluation find the probability of the second marriage in his/her life. Also, if the astrologer finds any problems, then Second Marriage Problem Solutions would also be offered for a successful second married life.

Looking for a love marriage specialist astrologer in Jaipur to know future of your love marriage, kundali Milan, astrological problem solutions for inter cast marriage, love predictions.

How to Find Second Marriage in Kundli?

A Kundli or a horoscope is necessary to find about the second marriage astrology of a person. an astrologer can read the Kundli and find out the probability of a second marriage by the 9th House. A Kundli is a open book of the future of a person and holds the truth about the future of a person.

With the help of Vastu also, a person can have a Happy Married Life with Vastu.

In addition to that, one can also look for astrological love divorce problems in husband and Wife. For the parents who are seeking good match and a happy married life for their daughter, they can go for astrological Happy Married Life of Your Daughter readings to do an analysis of the daughter’s horoscope.

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