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Baby Mundan / Tonsuring Ceremony as per Hindu Astrology - Mundan Sanskar procedure

When to do Baby Mundan Ceremony – Mundan Sanskar / Head Tonsuring Ceremony

As per Hindu Astrology, there are in total samskaras in the life of a human right from birth till his death and in this sequence of samskaras, baby mundan ceremony is an important ritual. In simple words, it is the baby’s first hair removal ceremony which has its own significance. Not only it is a religious activity but there are scientific reasons behind mundan.

In this post, we have complied everything you need to know about the importance of this Hindu ritual of baby first haircut. Know about the right age of mundan along with best mahurat, mundan ceremony procedure and its significance in a person’s life.

Significance of Mundan Sanskar in the Life of a Person

Mundan Sanskar is one of the most important of the 16 sanskars and therefore, it has strong influence on the life of a person. Here are some significant points related with it:

  • It is the ritual which teaches a child to maintain cleanliness.
  • Strengthens the nerves of the brain.
  • Helps in better hair growth.
  • Keeps the head of the child cool in summers.
  • Helps in easing the pain due to teething.
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Mundan Ceremony Muhurats

Astrologers suggest that mundan ceremonies must be performed in the odd years i.e. 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th years of child’s birth. As per Hindu Astrology, even years are considered inauspicious for performing mundan sanskar.

Mundan Mahurat

  • The best time to perform mundan for elder daughter or sun is when Sun is on Taurus sign
  • Do not perform mundan for a child below 5 years of age if the mother is pregnancy for more than five months.
  • 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th or 13th lunar days of the month are very auspicious.
  • Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday are considered inauspicious for performing mundan. Rest all others are good days to perform this samskara.
  • Do not select the day of birth of child for mundan. If your child was born on Wednesday then you must avoid Wednesday.

These are some of the points which must strictly be kept in mind while planning mundan ceremony for your child. Keeping these points in mind will ensure that the sankar happens at the right time and your child enjoys a happy, prosperous and blessed life. So, make sure that you seek help from a priest to have the best mahurat for mundan for your child.

Importance of Mundan as per Hindu Astrology

Mundan is a very important ceremony as per Hindu Astrology. Given below are some of the points that highlight its importance:

  • Shaving of head triggers intelligence in a child and because his intelligence develops most during the infant years, mundan is performed in initial years of a child.
  • It is believed that a soul gets a body of a human after experiencing 84 lakh different yonis. Shaving of head helps in purifying the soul from the effect of the previous yonis a soul has been through.
  • Protects the child from the evil eyes.
  • It bestows the baby with a long and happy life by killing all the negativity surrounding him.
Career Problems and Solutions by Indian Astrology

Career, Job Problems and Solutions As Per Indian Astrology

Career is an important part of one’s life and in this competitive world, in order to have a decent living, we all look forward for a good job and a prospering career. At some point in time, we all witness complications in our career. There are a few common career problems that hamper our growth. Astrology offers various solutions for these career problems along with effective job astro solutions. Astrological remedies for career growth and guidelines for career management by experienced astrologers help resolve complications on professional front.

This post brings in focus astrology solutions for job and career problems faced commonly.

Common Career Problems

Some of these career problems faced by most of the people in their professional life include the following:

  • Finding the right job
  • Getting financial hikes or Job promotion
  • Satisfaction and stability in present job
  • Finding job in MNCs
  • Finding job in foreign
  • Growth in career

These are a few career problems which can be solved with astrological solutions. With astrology online chat, you can find wonderful astrological remedies for getting job and enjoying growth in your career.

Find out ways in which you can have Career & Success in Acting by Astrology.

Astrology Tips and Remedy To Get Success In Job, Interview

Here are some effective guidelines to enjoy success in your interview and job, as suggested by astrology:

  1. Every Saturday, offer boiled rice to crows as they represent Saturn which rules your professional life.
  2. Offer water in copper vessel to Sun every morning. Also add a piece of jiggery to it but make sure that you do this within one hour of sunrise.
  3. Chant Gayatri Mantra and Mahamrityunjay Mantra every day for at least 31 times.
  4. Reciting “Om Gam Ganpataye Namah” every day is also very effective in dealing with career related issues as Lord Ganesha is the one who destroys all the obstacles in your path.
  5. Every morning when you wake up, look at both of your palm with a belief that they give you wealth. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi resides in palms and we must start our day looking at the palms.

With these astrological guidelines, you are expected to enjoy great success in your interviews and your jobs for sure.

If you have a question in mind “mera future kaisa hoga” Mr Gupta speaks hindi and he will give you the solution in Hindi lanauage.

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Government Job in Kundali

Everyone wants to have a Government job because of its stability and various other benefits. People frequently ask questions related with government job in Kundli to astrologers.

Sun is the most important planet when we talk about government jobs. If Jupiter is influencing Sun then chances are brighter. If Mars in the horoscope is also strong then chances for a higher position are there. Sun in 8th house suggests government job in Research and Development kind of fields. And when Sun is in 10th house then getting a government job is very much probable.

Selecting a Career / Profession through Astrology

You can also pick career or your profession based on astrology.

Here is a charting of careers as per signs which are very easy to select based on your sign.

Aries: Police, army, industrialist, surgeon, athlete

Taurus: Careers related with luxury goods, cosmetics, jewelry; property, acting, music

Gemini: Accountant, writer, media and journalism

Cancer: Marine or naval, interior designing, historian, fishing related career

Leo:  Diplomats, government jobs, politician, investor

Virgo: Astrologer, doctor, accountant

Libra:  Fashion industry, Interior designing, artist, judges

Scorpio: Police, doctors, nurse, career in chemicals, drugs

Sagittarius:  Entrepreneurs, Career in law, religion, banking and finance

Capricorn: Mining, raw material extraction and processing

Aquarius: Consultants, advisors, philosophers, astrologers

Pisces: Career in hospital, chemicals, oils, doctors

Planetary combinations to become a police officer / IAS officer

If you wish to become an IAS officer or a police officer then planetary combinations that can help you achieve you dream have been discussed below.

Sun plays an important role in becoming an IAS officer. You need to have strong Sun along with Jupiter and Mars. But these signs should not be placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house of your horoscope. These planets should be free of malefic aspect.

For police officer jobs, you require courage and strength and for this, the associated planet is Mars. Along with Mars, position of Saturn is very important as it is related with discipline. Therefore, positions of both these planets are important in police offer jobs.

Read these Vastu tips for job promotion that ensure a rising career and a smooth professional life

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Donate As per Astrology - Donation Remedies in kundli

What to Donate, Which is Important to Donate As per Astrology

Donation means Daan and as per astrology, it has an important place in life. We all must donate as per astrology because it is helpful in getting rid of many health and other problems. That’s the reason, in Hindu culture we have many days in Lunar calendar which promote all of us to donate as per astrology. Occasions like Makar Sankranti are celebrated by making daan for good health, happiness and success in life. Moreover, there are various Charity/donation remedies in astrology.

What to Donate?

If you intend to donate then you must know that what you must donate. Here are some of things which fall in the list which we must donate as per astrology:


  • You can always improve your financial conditions by donating clothes
  • The clothes that you donate should not be old or torn. They should be of the same quality clothes that you wear.
  • For getting money from your father’s side, donate big clothes.
  • To avoid wasting your money on medical, donate shiny clothes.
  • To avoid financial lows and highs, donate pretty and durable clothes.


  • Donating food or pulses prevents shortage of food.
  • Donating uncooked food is to be donated as per astrology.
  • There are different food items that you must donate as per the positioning of planets in your horoscope.
  • Always make these donations to people who are below your level.


  • Donating metals is suggested in special conditions and to special people.
  • What metal to donate will depend upon the horoscope of the native.

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Which is Important to Donate as per Astrology?

Donate as per astrology based on the problems and planetary positions:

  • Sun: Donate on Sunday red flowers, red clothes, wheat, jaggery, bel fruit, Copper etc.
  • Moon: Donate on Monday milk, mishri, white clothes, pearl, silver, rice etc.
  • Mars: Donate on Tuesdays sesame seeds, red clothes, red flowers, red sandalwood, copper, jaggery, whole masoor dal etc.
  • Mercury: Donate on Wednesdays green clothes, plants, trees, green vegetables, paneer, sugar, edible oil etc.
  • Jupiter: Donate on Thursdays turmeric, jaggery, gold, books, yellow laddos, yellow sapphire, cow, chana daal etc.
  • Venus: Donate on Fridays sweets in white colour and made of milk, white clothes, pearl, silver, sugar, ghee etc.
  • Saturn: Donate on Saturday oil, iron, money, blanket, horse, perfume, whole urad dal, chappatis etc.
  • Rahu: Donate on Saturdays blue and black clothes, curry, mustard, sandalwood, perfume etc.
  • Ketu: Donate on Saturday night or early Sunday morning sesame seeds, silver, chappatis without ghee etc.

Donate According to Your Kundli and Earn Wealth, Fame

Donate According to Your Kundli and Earn Wealth, Fame
Donate According to Your Kundli

Donations must always be made as per the planetary positions in your kundli. It will be very much subjective to the native’s horoscope that what he should be donating to tone down the adverse effects of planets.

If you want to earn wealth and fame in life then you must donate CLOTHES. By donating clothes, you can strengthen your financial conditions. Donating beautiful and good quality clothes ensures that you maintain a good financial status in life.

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Donation Remedies in Astrology

There are various donation remedies in astrology but they are very much specific to whom you donate and what you donate in order to earn the best of the benefits of daan.

Blood Donation as per Astrology

Blood Donation as per Astrology
Blood Donation as per Astrology

Blood donation is important as per astrology. For instance, Mars is known to be an aggressive planet and causes reasons in which a person might lose blood. For a person who has Mangal dosh, donating blood is a very good option. This can save the native from injuries and accidents.

Why Donating Clothes is Good?

Why Donating Clothes is Good - Astrology
Donation Clothes as per Astrology

Donating clothes is considered very good because it is beneficial for healthier finances and wealth of the native.

What to Donate on Birthday Astrology?

Based on your horoscope, you must know the weak planets and donate things which empower strength to those specific planets.

Things to Donate on Amavasya

Donating silver, sesame seeds, salt, cotton, cow etc. on Amavasya are considered to be very beneficial.

What to Donate on Ekadashi

Donating food on the occasion of Ekadashi is considered to be very auspicious. Donate food to the needy.

What to Donate on Purnima

Donate kheer made with rice and milk on Purnima is very beneficial.

Daan for Good Health

For good health, donating wheat on Sunday is recommended.

What to Donate on Monday

As per astrology, donate every Monday rice, white clothes, white flowers etc. for benefits.

What to Donate on Tuesday

On Tuesday, donate red flowers, red sandalwood, red clothes, copper vessel are considered very good.

What to Donate on Thursday

Donate turmeric, whole chana daal, yellow sapphire stone, yellow clothes etc. are very beneficial.

What to Donate on Friday

On Fridays, donate white coloured clothes or flowers, pearl, silver, sweets made of milk and white in colour.

What to Donate on Saturday

Donating sesame seeds, iron, whole urad daal, black clothes etc. on Saturday is auspicious as per astrology.

This is a generalized prediction on donations but if you wish to know what is the best to donate as per astrology then having it consulted with an astrologer will get you best remedies based on your horoscope. (*charges applicable)

Gand Mool Nakshatra Dosha Remedies - Gandmool Nakshatra effects, Myths in Indian Astrology

Gand Mool Nakshatra and Remedies – Their Effect and Myths in Astrology

When at the time of the birth, the placement of moon is in any one of the six nakshatras then the person is called to be born in Gand Mool Nakshatra and he has Gand Mool Dosha in horoscope. The nature and intensity of the dosha is very much specific to the nakshatra. In astrology, any kind of Gand Mool nakshatra is considered inauspicious for the native. Therefore, Gandmool dosha nivaran pooja is highly recommended in or to soothe the Gand Mool effects in the kundli.

In this post, we shall be discussing the effects of Gand Mool dosha along with its remedies and Gand Mool shanti pooja which is considered effective in nullifying the bad effects of this astrological condition.

General Characteristics of Gand Mool Nakshatra Natives

If a female has this dosha in her horoscope then she will be of a helpful nature. She will be gorgeous. She will make an impressive homemaker and cook. She will love travelling.

If a male has this dosha in his kundli then the native becomes emotional, kind and feminine in nature. They easily find themselves involved into problems of other people and offer their help. They enjoy travelling.

Gand Mool Nakshatra Dosha Remedies

We have come up with a few effective Gand Mool Nakshatra dosha remedies. Find solutions to this combination with these remedial actions:

  • A shanti pooja must be organized after 27 days of birth
  • Offering food to Brahmins is suggested
  • The father of the newborn baby must not see the baby’s face. He should also carry in his pocket a small piece of alum.
  • Chanting Maha Mritunjaya Jaap on regular basis promise good results
  • All those who are born under Ashwini or Magha or Mool Nakshatras must always worship Ganpati. Donating green coloured items on any one Wednesday every month.
  • Natives who are born under Ashlesha or Revati or Jyestha Nakshatras should worship Mercury
  • From the day of birth till the 27th day, keep 27 leaves of radish and then have them put in flowing water the next day. Donating glass items and green coloured vegetables on Wednesdays is also an effective remedy.

Effects of Gandmool Nakshatra

Let us study how Gand Mool nakshatra affects our lives. It is a known fact that this yoga can have serious problems for both the genders as it is an inauspicious combination. Let us find out the Moola nakshatra effects on marriage, Moola nakshatra effects on father etc. to understand it effectively.

  • The native has attitude issues with his own self.
  • The native also finds problem with his family.
  • Because of weak point placements, planets end up causing serious problems to them.

Six Nakshatras and Their Effects on Native

  1. Ashwini: The native lives a life like a king. He enjoys prosperity and high position. He will have problems with this father.
  2. Ashlesha: The native faces issues with parents and does not enjoy healthy relations with brother. He ends up wasting his money on useless things in life.
  3. Magha: It brings prosperity to native. He will earn lots of money but will stay disturbed because of parents.
  4. Jyeshtha: His mother will never be happy with him. He will have difficult and conflicting relationship with elder brother. The native is unhappy with his own self.
  5. Moola: The native will have his expenses because of which he will lose his property and will also hurt his parents.
  6. Revati: He will waste his money. He will enjoy support of government. He will always feel happy and satisfied with his actions.

Benefits of Gand Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja

Gand Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja is to be performed every year in the month of birth of the native and also on the 27th day from the birth of the native. Given below are some benefits associated with this pooja:

  • It helps in soothing the bad effects of this yoga on the native, his family and relatives.
  • It also helps in reducing the problems faced by the native during his childhood.
  • It promises stability in health, marriage and career of the native.
  • It also helps in making monetary situation of the parents of the natives.
Best Age To Have A Baby Based On Your Zodiac Sign, get Pregnant, get married

Best Age To Have A Baby Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It’s always nice to know when you should have a baby. What is the good time or a bad time in your horoscope to have a baby and according to astrology when will i get pregnant. Astrology is a science which can predict when to have a baby. You should know your zodiac sign thoroughly. It may be difficult to believe but astrology and zodiac pregnancy predictor has proved successful in determining the age to get pregnant. Let us understand when is the best and worst age to get pregnant for the twelve zodiac signs. These predictions will help you to plan your life and set your goals for pregnancy planning to have a family. You may think that this is the right age is plan to postpone the decision to have a baby. But reality is that the constellation should shower its blessings on you. This constellation has its own impact on each zodiac sign based on your date of birth.

Pisces – 28 is the Perfect Age

Pisceans are great imaginative people. They dream of their offspring coming into this world. You will have many romantic thoughts of having your baby with your handsome husband. You will have a lot of plans about your future as a would-be-mother. You will have to wait till your late twenties for your dream to come true. You can keep focusing on your career and other goals of your life till then.

Capricorn – Lucky Number 21

A Capricorn is a home bird and respects tradition and customs. You love your family and matured enough to handle a family with all the responsibilities. You will get married and plan your baby in early twenties. This does not over whelm you as you have superb qualities of a mother and you are highly disciplined. You can take complete control of your life and career. You will balance well. You will be comfortable having a baby at a young age and manage well.

Virgo –Twinkle at 30

A Virgo woman is a very practical person. She keeps postponing her child birth not because she does not lie to have children, but because she is more focused on her career. She is a very practical person does not want to give a back seat to he career.  However, she will see a twinkle of stars at 30. It will happen accidentally without any plan. You will see a bundle of joy coming in your life at that age.

Sagittarius – Turning 26?

Sagittarians are by nature very adventurous. They like to travel a lot. The idea of having a baby may scare them as they have to be tied to their family. You would probably plan to have a baby at the age of 26. It will obvious be a planned pregnancy. Gradually you will tone down your adventurous nature and you will start taking care of your family. You will defining your boundaries and confine to your family.

Leo – Lucky Number 33

You are very aggressive and ambitious. You want to pursue your goals first. You will stay focused on your professional goals and live like a lion. You will enjoy your life to the fullest and in your thirties, you will plan to have a baby. Your multi-tasking quality will come to use. You will take care of your baby, your family and your career. You will stand by your decision of motherhood and stand by it.

Cancer – 20 Years Young

Cancer is the sign of motherhood. You will be very caring and taking good care of your friends, class-mates and everyone around you. Since you have the quality, you are prepared to be a mother from the age of 23. Once you find an ideal life partner, you can plan your family and when to have a baby. You can have babies till your thirties, depending on how many you plan to have.

Scorpio – 27 Should Be Your First

This zodiac sign would love their children probably more than other zodiac signs. You will lead a very happy and romantic life till 27 and then decide to a baby. You will be very excited to have a baby. You have all the traits of a great mother. You will love your children a lot and deal with them with a lot of patience. You will teach them good values. You will never compromise as far as your children as concerned. You will give them the best of everything.

Aquarius – The Stars Say 34

This zodiac sign is a kid at heart. You are very flirtish by nature. You will never be prepared mentally to have a family. You like to be a happy go lucky person. You are very moody also. Don’t be in a hurry to start your family. You will be emotionally stable and more matured by 34. It’s the right age to plan for a baby. You will develop more patience. You will learn to deal with children.

Taurus – 22 Will Be the First of Many

This Zodiac sign will first look for a loving and caring partner who will take care of you and of your children. You are a very calm and balanced person. You will start your family at a very early age. You can plan to have children to the age of 31.You will read lo of information on parenting and gain knowledge. You will impart good values to your children. You have very strong family values, which you will teach your children.

Libra – Destined At 29

Librans are very balanced and they know how to balance between relationships. You will be a great parent. In your twenties, you will be busy because of the leadership positions you hold.  Having a first child may be scary, but once you have a baby then you will lose your fear and enjoy your motherhood. You will know to balance between your children when they quarrel and have sibling fights.

Gemini – Lucky Number 33

Gemini will have two souls. You will enjoy your life with your spouse and then will decide to have a new born at the age of 33.You will experience lot of happiness and joy by taking this decision. You will start preparing to have a baby from the time you conceived. You will make many plans for your baby’s arrival. You will be a great mom to your new born.

Aries – 19 Years Young

Aries denotes warrior sign. You are brutally frank and honest according to your horoscope. You don’t like laziness. You are very hardworking and well planned about your future. May be, this is the reason for you to start your family life at a very early age. You will get married by 19 and plan to have a baby by 21. Your first pregnancy may not be planned, but your bold and brave nature will never make you feel scary. This is because you are very confident and more matured for your age.

Astrology yog of becoming successful Doctor, Medical Profession

Astrological Yog for Becoming a Successful Doctor – Medical Profession

Career is of extreme importance to all of us and we start thinking about it much before opting subjects. With so many choices and with so many new choices of career coming up, it is actually not simple for children to know what career would be good for them. In this process, advice from parents and teachers plays a significant role. They understand their strengths and weaknesses and therefore, they can suggest what career choices would be more suitable for them.

Doctor as a profession has always been a very alluring choice of career for children. It is considered to be one of most reputed professions. But it also demands lots of hard work and focused studies to become a successful doctor. Once the basic education gets completed, students undergo confusion whether they should opt for medical or not. This is because they have so many uncertainties hovering them that they are unable to decide whether it will be a good choice of career for them or not. They have doubts whether they will be able to clear the entrance and if they do, whether they will be able to get admission in their desired college.

Yogs for Successful Doctor

To bring clarity on all these points, we have come up with the astrological yog which is helpful in becoming a successful doctor. Let us have a quick look at these equations that suggest success in medical field:

  1. For all those who desire success in medical field, for them the most important planets are Rahu and Shani.
  2. If Rahu is in a good position then the person has bright chances of becoming a surgeon.
  3. If Mars or Ketu join 10th house of 10th lord then the person becomes a specialized surgeon.
  4. A person can become a doctor if his horoscope is based on Atmkark planet and the parent triangle is present in conjunction with Panchmesh.
  5. If Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio or Aries are in relation with 10th house of the horoscope then success in medical field is guaranteed.
  6. If Guru is seeing from 5th house then person will be very dedicated and honest in his profession.
  7. Relation of 5th and 6th house signifies that person will have strong diagnosis.
  8. Presence of relation of Jupiter or Ketu with 10th house or 10th lord suggests chances of opting homeopathy are brighter.
  9. If Sun and Saturn end up joining in 10th house then chances of becoming a dentist are bright.
  10. If you wish to become a gynecologist then Sun, Venus and Jupiter should be placed in the 10th

So if you are looking for yog for becoming a successful doctor, the above mentioned combinations suggest that you can be a doctor. So before pursuing a career in medical field, if you can check for these combinations then you would know whether it would be a good profession for you or not.

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Indian Astrology in Share Market Business, Profit/Loss horoscope Share Market

Indian Astrology & Profit/Loss in Share Market Business

We come across many people who have invested in stocks or regularly do trading and have made lots of money. There are also some who have experienced losses in share market. This is because share market is very volatile but also a good source to make money. That’s the reason you will come across many stock market astrology predictions 2018 because people want to know what stock market holds for them in future.

Astrology stock market study and analysis is extremely helpful in ensuring that you earn more profits and less losses. Vedic astrology in stock market studies position of planets based on horoscope for stock market. So, read on and find out about making profit in share market business as per astrology.

Effects of Different Planets and Houses in Share Market

Different planets affect share trading in different ways, here are effects of some of the planets:

  • Rahu and Moon are the deciding planets for profit and loss in astrology
  • Jupiter and Mercury planets and stock market share a good equation as they bring huge success in trading
  • If 5th house is strong then success in share market is guaranteed
  • If Rahu is strong in your horoscope then you are expected to make good money through trading
  • If Mercury is strong then you possess good knowledge on market and you might as well become a consultant in share market and also make good money in share market
  • Strength of Jupiter determines strength in commodity market

Position and movement of planets have the power to influence your success and failure in share market.

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When to Avoid Share Market

Here are a few combinations which suggest you to stay away from share market as you might incur losses:

  • Combination of Sun and Rahu, Rahu and Moon, Rahu and Jupiter in horoscope makes share markets an area of loss for natives
  • Placement of Rahu in 2nd place is considered inauspicious for shares
  • Placement of Rahu promises great success in share market but it will come with losses making the native poor

Mantra for Profit in Share market

If you wish to make good money in trading then here is the mantra:

  • Rahu Mantra: Om Bhram Bhrim Bhraum Sah Rahve Namah
  • Om Shree Ganeshay Namah
  • Om Shrim Hrim Klim Mahalakshmay Namah

Lucky Stone for Share Trading

If you wish to know “my luck in share market” then here are some of the stones as per your birth chart that make share trading a business of profit:

  • People with weak Sun must wear ruby in gold
  • People with weak Moon must wear pearl in silver metal
  • For weak Mar, Red coral is the most effective stone
  • Mercury and stock market go hand in hand with Emerald stone in gold
  • Weak Jupiter can be manager by wearing Yellow Sapphire in gold
  • For weak Venus, Diamond is the best stone
  • Weak Saturn requires you to wear Blue Sapphire
  • For weak Rahu, Gomed is the right stone in gold or silver
  • Weak Ketu can be managed by Cats eye in gold
Yogas in Astrology for Massive Fame, Astrological Yogas

Yogas in Astrology for Massive Fame BECOME FAMOUS

Who doesn’t want to be rich, famous and successful? Well, we all want to be but only a few people are blessed with it. This is because of the yogas in astrology for massive fame in horoscope which are present in very few kundlis. People often think that just by having Dhan or Raj yogas in astrology they have the best astrological combinations for riches but it is not true.

In this post, we have come up with the yogas in astrology for massive fame. Learn about the best yoga in horoscope as per fame astrology.

Most Powerful Yogas in Vedic Astrology to Become Famous

Let us find out the astrological combinations for massive wealth in astrology. And if your horoscope has them, fame in astrology is guaranteed.

Moon and Its Position

Fame is indicated by Moon and therefore, it is important to consider the position of Moon in the horoscope.

  • Condition of Natal Moon defines the amount of fame it gets.
  • If Moon in natal chart is placed in a significant position in horoscope then it brings fame.
  • If Moon is well placed and also aspected by Jupiter or Venus then this works out to be a good yoga in astrology for massive fame.

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Houses in Horoscope

Whether a person will be blessed with fame or not, it will depend upon the houses:

  • Fame in astrology depends upon 5th, 9th and 10th houses of horoscope.
  • Afflicted 4th or 12th house make one shy away from popularity.
  • 10th house is known to be the house of fame as per astrology.  A planet that is well placed brings abundance fame.
  • 7th house is the house of desires and also the house of masses.

Lagna in Kundli

Lagna in the horoscope has to be very strong because that will determine the status of fame for the native:

  • For success in astrology, Lagna has to be strong and also its lord.
  • Along with Lord, Ascendant, the foundation of the strong has to be strong and only then the native can be blessed with massive fame.
  • Arudha Lagna with benefic aspect plays a significant role.
  • Stronger Kendra houses are essential to assist Arudha Lagna which is important for fame.

Role of Saturn

Just like Moon, Saturn also plays a significant role in defining the status of fame and success in horoscope:

  • Massive fame is possible with strong position of Saturn in horoscope.
  • When strong Saturn is placed with Rahu or Venus, it forms one of the strongest yogas in astrology for massive fame.

Position of Venus

Position of Venus is also weighed while considering fame in astrology:

  • Venus should be placed in 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th house.
  • Venus should not have any malefic influence.
  • Placement of Venus or Rahu in Magha star is considered important.

Position of Sun

Sun is an important planet and therefore, its position is also significant:

  • Sun is known to be the basic karaka for popularity.
  • Sun has to be in strong in its position.

Other Astrological Yogas for Fame

Here are some more astrological yogas for fame that are also very important:

  • Gaja-Kesari yoga
  • Panch Mahapurush yoga
  • Adhi yoga

So if you want to enjoy massive fame in life then all the points mentioned above have to be considered in a horoscope.

Family problem and solution by Astrology

How to Deal with Family Problems by Astrology

At some point in time, we all witness family problems which ruin the harmony in the family and also adversely affect the relationship between the family members. Family problems have the power to break you inside out and make life all the more challenging for you because it is the closest to your heart and you always want to come back to people you love at the end of the day. Not only this, family is the source of inspiration, happiness and energy. If you have good understanding between your family members then your life is sorted to a large extent.

Reasons for Family Problems

Here are some of the reasons because of which discord between members of the family occurs:

  • Discord in Prosperity and Peace

Sometimes dues to financial issues, various family problems pop up. Limited resources, unlimited demands adversely affect the understanding.

  • Extra-Marital Affair

Being involved with someone else outside your marriage can also lead to problems in family.

  • Increasing Differences

If difference between husband and wife, parent and children keep on increasing, problems are expected to increase as well.

  • Constant Feuds with Relatives, Neighbors

Having arguments or quarrels with neighbors and relatives can destroy the peace within your family.

  • Reducing Love Between Couples

If there is no love, care, affection between the couples then it will get reflected in the harmony in the house.

  • Lack of Understanding Between Husband and Wife

For a peaceful family life, it is very important that husband and wife share mutual understanding so that they know what the other expects out of them.

All of these problems are the result of increasing impatience and decreasing tolerance. No one wants to compromise and everyone has a long list of desires.  A family can survive only when there is coordination and understanding between different members of the family.

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Astrological Solutions for Family Problems

There can be issues with children and parents, between siblings, between husband and wife which interfere with the harmony of the house. If you are also witnessing any such issues, here are some family problem astrological solutions that can help you restore the association of love.

  • Grah Shanti Pooja

If there are disputes in the family then Grah Shanti Pooja is highly recommended because it aims to please the planets that are causing the discord and also believes to soothe your atmosphere with the pure fragrance of havan. As per Vedas, havan brings positive energy in your house.

  • Yantra

You can keep any of the Yantras at home for peaceful ambiance. This will also work as a shield against negative energy for all the family members.

  • Celebrate Festivals

The head of the family must conduct pooja at home on all auspicious festivals like Diwali, Nava Ratri etc, as this will bring peace in your home.

  • Shanti Pooja for Planet

If there is some specific planet interfering with cordial family relationships then conduct pooja for that particular planet.

  • Dosha in House

Find out if there is some dosha in your house and if there is one then it must be solved at the earliest.

Other Solutions to Family Problems

Other than astrological solutions, there are various behavioral solutions which are of equal importance. Here are some of these solutions that can help you have a stronger and happier family.

  • Trustworthiness: It is important for family members to trust each other and it takes lots of efforts and years to build up.
  • Tolerance: Tolerance and patience are essential virtues without which no family can survive.
  • Think About Others: You must always consider the interest and liking of other family members before yours.
  • Communication: Despite the best of the facilities to communicate, we fail to share our feelings with the ones we love and this creates lots of problems. Always talk to your family.
  • Spend Time: We are all busy running around and we miss to spend time with each other which again leads to disconnection and discord. So spend time with your family.

With all these solutions you can make a big change in your life by taking care of problems on the family front.

Pregnancy Problems and Astrology Solutions
The progeny problem in couples is a major problem. Multiple cases can be seen where despite having good physical power as well all capabilities of childbearing, couples fail to have kids which is much necessary to form a complete family.

Kaal Sarp yog Effects on Career

Kaal Sarp Yog Effects on Career

When all the planets come in between the Rahu and Ketu axis then that combination is called Kaal Sarp Dosh in Indian astrology. There are various bad and good effects of Kaal Sarp yog because of which it is considered to be one serious equation in the horoscope. If anyone has Kaal Sarp Yog in kundli then the person is always on the look out for how to get rid of Kaal Sarp Dosh.

Learn about the 12 different Types of kaal sarp yog in kundli that impact a person.

In this post we are throwing some light on Kaal Sarp yog effects on career of the native. Along with the Kaal Sarp dosh effect on career, we have also included some Kaal Sarp dosh remedies to help you with.

Kaal Sarp Yog Effects on Career

Here are some of the Kaal Sarp Dosh effects on career of a person:

  • Problems in career

The native faces constant issues in career which tend to make it a big challenge for him to have a smooth professional life. This is one of the serious Kaal Sarp yog effect on career because as soon as one problem gets solved, other one surfaces.

  • Slow growth in career

This is yet another Kaal Sarp yog effect on career. The pace of growth or development in career is always restricted. The native will have to work really hard to have a progressive career. Promotions and hike in salary will not come easy.

  • Instable career

If the native is in a job then he is expected to face frequent job changes. If the native is in business then he will not be able to focus on work. With this kaal sarp dosh effect on career, the performance levels of the native drop drastically.

  • Damage to career

Sometimes the native also faces serious damage to career which demands a lot of hard work and focus. The person might work hard to reach to a stage but then there is sudden fall in his career which nullifies all his efforts and hard work.

These are some of the Kaal Sarp dosh yog effects in horoscope which have a negative impact on career.

Remedies for Kaal Sarp Yog Effects on Career

  • Chanting of Mantras like Maha Mritunjay Mantra, Sarp Mantra, Shree Sarp Sukt etc.
  • Take a dip in holy waters of Rameshwaram temple.

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