Effective Remedies for Weak Jupiter in Horoscope

It is very important for Jupiter to be balanced because it is the planet for loyalty and wisdom. No matter how strong are other planets in your horoscope but it depends on the position of Jupiter which decides how long you will enjoy the success. If Jupiter in your horoscope is weak then no matter how much success or fame you have achieved, everything will come down to zero within no time. When we talk about this planet in palmistry, index finger and the mount below it is the place of Jupiter.

This post talks about the indications and the remedies for wear Jupiter in horoscope. So if you have been told that your Jupiter is weak then have a look at the signs which will ensure you that whether you have such a condition or not. And if this condition reflects in your life then given below are some of the remedies which will help you deal with the malefic planet.

Signs of Weak Jupiter

Read to know what signs ensure that Jupiter is not at the right place or position in your birth chart.

  • Regular problem of hair fall or hair loss
  • Will be blamed for all those mistakes that you have never done
  • You will experience a break in your studies
  • You will end up losing your money or gold. As a result you will have to wear jewelry of low value
  • You will have a later marriage
  • You might even have children after many year of your marriage
  • You will not believe in religion because of which you will be considered as a rebel by people around you
  • You will suffer from problems related with liver malfunction
  • Diabetes and obesity are a few health problems you will witness
  • You will never be respected or loved by teachers
  • Your skin will have a dry texture

These are some of the indications which suggest that your Jupiter is in weak condition and you must do something about it.

Remedies for Weak Jupiter

Impart strength to your Jupiter with the help of the remedies which are highly effective in helping you fight with problems caused by this planet.

  • Everyday apply sandalwood or turmeric paste on your forehead.
  • Always wear gold jewelry as it complements the planet.
  • If possible then wear yellow colored cap or cover it with a yellow dupatta.
  • Do not swim in water bodies like rivers or oceans. Never bath in open air.
  • Do not eat non-vegetarian food. Do not drink alcohol.
  • Always keep your nose clean. And make sure you clean if before doing any new work.
  • Always seek your parents’ blessings before beginning with any new work.
  • Donate sweets or bananas to orphans and aged people.
  • Always help your brothers and sisters as much as you can.
  • Donate turmeric to a temple for 8 days on regular bases before starting anything new.
  • Meditation is also very effective in weak Jupiter.
  • Take care of your gurus
  • Visit temple as and when possible.
  • Selfless service for society and the needy is also recommended.
  • Consume jiggery, bananas, sugarcane.

All of these remedies are suggested in astrology to take care of weak Jupiter in your horoscope. Try and perform whatever you can out of the above listed remedies as they are very effective in taking care of the harmful effects of the planet’s position.

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