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A Remarriage refers to a marriage which takes place after a previous marital or nuptial union has ended successfully- either through divorce or widowhood. There are some individuals who are more likely to get married again than others; the likelihood of a remarriage can differ from person to person based on the previous relationship status (i.e. divorced vs. widowed), the level of interest of the person in establishing a new romantic relationship again, the gender, race and age of the person among many other factors.

The concept of a 2nd Marriage or remarriage is becoming more and more relevant and popular nowadays. It would also be more relevant in the coming days ahead. The number of Divorces and separations is increasing rapidly in our society. As such, we need to analyze how to predict Second Marriage of a person in astrology.

The factors which are purely responsible for a remarriage or a second marriage in Vedic astrology are:

Ascendant – the nature and aptitude of the person, the mind and taste as well as his/her self identity

2nd house/lord– the longevity of spouse or the family life

7th house/lord – the love and matrimony as well as law suits of the wife or husband

9th house/lord– a signi-ficator of the concept of second marriage

Venus – the significator of wife

Jupiter – the Significator of husband

Why 9th House is considered the epitome for second Shaadi?

It has been mentioned several times that before venturing into any astrology yoga or second marriage prediction astrology given in our classics, one must crucially know about the culture thoroughly.

According to Hindu sastra, there is no OPTION for DIVORCE of a person. The promise which couples make in ‘7 phere’ is binding till the death relationship. In such a time attaining a divorce from a court does not hold value or end one’s promise; it only acts as a brute betrayal of promise by both the partners.

3H is referred as younger ones, the younger means ‘Born after’; therefore the 9H is 3H to 7H is the second shaadi.

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Indication of Second Marriage in Astrology

Astrology predicts the second marriage for a person. to know about if there is scope of second marriage or not, the person needs to get a good astrological analysis done and the 9th House needs to be closely evaluated to find out the possibility of a second marriage. The mix of second marriage prediction vedic astrology as well as numerology is important in this case.

Reasons of Failure of the Second Marriage:

  • The foremost reason is the Unmatched horoscope. Due to unmatched horoscope of the second time partners, often second marriage breaks off soon. An unmatched second marriage prediction by date birth taken by an inexperienced astrologer gives bad results.
  • A decision taken in haste is always a bad decision. The decision which is taken in excitement by couples for a second marriage also becomes a main reason of problems in the marriage.
  • Untruthfulness is a crucial factor of a broken second marriage. Hiding the truth from the other partner- like some people hides information about the financial position, about their children, the nature of their parents or any health issues. This creates problems after the second marriage.
  • Violence in a marriage is bad- be it a first marriage or a second marriage. Violence with the partner which may be due to any drug intake or other cause also creates problem.
  • Sexual impotency among the couples or in one partner creates huge problems in the 2nd marriage.
  • In some cases, children from a previous relationship or a previous marriage also become a hindrance.

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How To have a Successful Second Marriage?

  • As astronomical planets regularly and are continuously affects our lives, so we must use the good astrology ways to make our lives successful and better. Following are some of the ways which can be adopted well to make the 2nd marriage life successful.
  • If due to any malefic effects of a planet, a person is unable to lead a satisfactory second married life, then it is good for the couple to go for a grah shanti process. This is a good second marriage prediction.
  • If any kaalsarp dosha, pitra dosha or grahan dosha creates any problem for the couple, then it is necessary to go for a pooja to minimize the impacts of negativity and hurdles in married life. A good second marriage prediction in astrology, the astrologer would give good remedies for it.
  • Ghat vivah and kumbh vivah are also good processes to remove any hurdles in married life.
  • The couple wearing powerful gems stones is also helpful and a good way.
  • Performing a special anusthan to increase the power of positive planets in the married life can also be done.

However, it is necessary to go for a consultation before proceeding for any remedies since it as a crucial part of the entire life of a person. So it is better that the couple discusses their kundlis or share their date of birth online for queries and analysis related to second marriage with a good and expert astrologer.

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Get Solutions of Questions like Is There Second Marriage in my life?

To find out the probability of a second marriage in life, it is crucial a person consults an expert astrologer. The astrologer would do a careful analysis of the 9th House in the person’s horoscope and after an evaluation find the probability of the second marriage in his/her life. Also, if the astrologer finds any problems, then Second Marriage Problem Solutions would also be offered for a successful second married life.

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How to Find Second Marriage in Kundli?

A Kundli or a horoscope is necessary to find about the second marriage astrology of a person. an astrologer can read the Kundli and find out the probability of a second marriage by the 9th House. A Kundli is a open book of the future of a person and holds the truth about the future of a person.

With the help of Vastu also, a person can have a Happy Married Life with Vastu.

In addition to that, one can also look for astrological love divorce problems in husband and Wife. For the parents who are seeking good match and a happy married life for their daughter, they can go for astrological Happy Married Life of Your Daughter readings to do an analysis of the daughter’s horoscope.

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