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Wealth, Money & Property Yoga in Astrology, Laxmi Yog in Horoscope, kundli

Wealth, Money & Property Yoga in Astrology | Laxmi Yog in Horoscope, kundli

Every person dreams to buy an own house by saving money. Some of them work very hard and keep trying all throughout their life, but unfortunately cannot buy. Some of them hardly try or work hard, but inherit a lot of property from their ancestors. There will be some who buy more than one home from their hard earned money. It all depends on your yoga and kundli. Let us understand what are the yogas in the kundli that impact the chances of buying houses and properties.

  • If you want to acquire land in your name, the fourth house of your kundli or horoscope should be strong.
  • The position of Mars in your horoscope should be very strong. The fourth house and Mars are considered to be very important factors in acquiring land or property in a person’s life. Both the positions should be strong and auspicious in a person’s horoscope.
  • You can be sure to buy a land or acquire a property when Mars and fourth house are in a strong relation.
  • If Mars is not strongly positioned in the fourth house of kundli, then a person acquires land but will get into legal issues.
  • Mars planet has to be strong and is considered to be the ruling factor in acquiring land. Saturn has to be strong and the ruling factor in construction on a land. When both Saturn and Mars are strong and come together and reside in the fourth house, during Dasha or Antardasha, it is considered as a good period for a person to acquire land.
  • When both these auspicious planets give good results and reside in the fourth house, they will give happiness.
  • When inauspicious planets show their bad effect on the fourth house, then it is difficult for an individual to buy a property.
  • A person can acquire more than one property if the fourth house and first house form a strong relationship with each other. The ruler of the first house when he resides in the fourth, then there are bright chances that a person acquires more than one piece of land.
  • When the ruler of the fourth house, resides in the first house then, a person makes his livelihood on the land acquired.
  • There are chances of an individual to face difficulties in acquiring a property when the fourth house is gets in a relationship with the 8th house.
  • A person can obtain his ancestral property when the eighth house and Jupiter are forming a relation.
  • There is a possibility the friends of an individual help him in acquiring a property, when fourth and eleventh house form a relationship.
  • A person can buy a property in distant lands away from his home land when the fourth house forms a relation with twelfth house.
  • Both the yogas in the kundali or horoscope and in the Nvansh kundali should be in strong position.
  • Chaturyansh Kundali should also have strong yogas related to land.
  • The ruler of first house in Chaturyansh Kundali should be congenial with the ruler of fourth house and Mars in the birth kundali. A person can acquire property in his lifetime only when all the houses and planets are strong.
  • The birth kundali, Navansh Kundali and Chaturyansh Kundali should have all the yogas for acquiring the land. All the yogas should be strong in all kundalis. If any yoga or all yoga saree not strong in all the kundalis then a person will have to face difficulties in acquiring or buying land.
  • A person may be deprived of happiness if inauspicious Saturn shows its effect on the fourth house of a kundali. In such a situation, when a person acquires a house also, he cannot live in it. He may have to live in many houses during his lifetime.
  • In a person’s kundali, when fourth house and sixth house are forming a relation then a person may get involved in a court case litigations related to property, or he could take a loan to buy the land.
  • A person can inherit property from his parents when fourth house forms a relation with second house.
  • A person can acquire land from his father when the fourth house is in a relation with the ninth house.

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When will I buy my own House Astrology

Own house is a dream in any one’s life. It is a sense of security and asset possession. People save hard earned money to acquire property. It is important to consult an astrologer for property prediction by date of birth. An astrologer can predict property horoscope and land horoscope and tell you if you have a good period for buying a land, plot or a land. Some of you may acquire ancestral property also. He will check all your kundalis and yogas and tell you the right time to buy a property. The ruler of your property house should be strong. All these predictions can be given by a Vedic astrologer.

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Astrology business of Movie Making - Career & Success In Film Industry

Role of Astrology in the Business of Movie Making | Career in Film Industry

A successful movie is a mix of interesting plot, impressive star cast, entertaining music and good marketing strategy. But if you think that only these are the things good enough to make a movie a Blockbuster Hit then you are wrong. Well, along with these essential ingredients, we also need to take in consideration Film Astrology.

If you wish to make your career in film industry then you cannot do without understanding astrological combinations for fame. The reason behind conducting a pooja before starting with shooting or before the Friday release is Film horoscope predictions. Another thing to note here is that movies are released specifically on Friday. This again is based on Film Astrology reading because Friday is the day of Venus or Shukra which is responsible for fame and prosperity.

There is no substitute to hard work but despite that we all have strong inclination towards astrology. In fact, directors and actors opt for horoscope matching before signing a contract for more success. All these people depend a lot on Film horoscope predictions and Film astrology reading to make sure they grow together.

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Yogas for Becoming an Actor

Many stars go for exploring acting yogas in astrology in their horoscope to know how successful will they be as actors. There are yogas for becoming an actor as defined by astrology. This is the reason why so many people who are great at acting are not able to give even one single hit. Despite their acting and hard work, they are unable to get the fame they long for. Here are some astrological combinations for career in acting:

  • Good position of Jupiter suggests a healthy career in film industry as an actor. It brings luck and prosperity.
  • Strong 5th house also suggests bright career in cinema. It shows success through affairs related with entertainment or dramae.
  • Healthy position of Venus predicts good career in drama and other art related forms.
  • Favorable position of Sun predicts fame and prosperity.
  • Strong position of Moon is of equal importance as it is responsible for creativity. It is important to be strong internally in order to enjoy success in cinema.
  • When Moon and Venus form an equation in relation with 5th house and also with the lord of the 5th house then it is the perfect yoga for becoming an actor.

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Astrology in Connection with Film Industry

As stated earlier, film industry strongly believes in astrology because it tends to have a significant influence on the movie industry. Here are some strong connections that have been highlighted. We have come up with a one to one influence of each planet on each aspect of film making.

Director: Represented by Sun

Money and Finance: Represented by Jupiter

Actor: Represented by Moon

Music and Marketing: Represented by Venus

Editing: Represented by Mars

Distribution: Represented by Mercury

Stunts: Represented by Ketu

Foreign Shoots: Represented by Rahu

Support Staff: Represented by Saturn or Shani

This is a complete charting of what planets represent and influence the different aspects of film making. This, therefore, makes film astrology predictions and film astrology reading so important for film makers and actors. This is the reason film star horoscopes are discussed widely across media when they reach new heights or when they experience a sudden downfall.

In fact, there is hardly any director or actor who doesn’t follow film astrology for a successful career.

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Yogas in Astrology for Massive Fame, Astrological Yogas

Yogas in Astrology for Massive Fame BECOME FAMOUS

Who doesn’t want to be rich, famous and successful? Well, we all want to be but only a few people are blessed with it. This is because of the yogas in astrology for massive fame in horoscope which are present in very few kundlis. People often think that just by having Dhan or Raj yogas in astrology they have the best astrological combinations for riches but it is not true.

In this post, we have come up with the yogas in astrology for massive fame. Learn about the best yoga in horoscope as per fame astrology.

Most Powerful Yogas in Vedic Astrology to Become Famous

Let us find out the astrological combinations for massive wealth in astrology. And if your horoscope has them, fame in astrology is guaranteed.

Moon and Its Position

Fame is indicated by Moon and therefore, it is important to consider the position of Moon in the horoscope.

  • Condition of Natal Moon defines the amount of fame it gets.
  • If Moon in natal chart is placed in a significant position in horoscope then it brings fame.
  • If Moon is well placed and also aspected by Jupiter or Venus then this works out to be a good yoga in astrology for massive fame.

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Houses in Horoscope

Whether a person will be blessed with fame or not, it will depend upon the houses:

  • Fame in astrology depends upon 5th, 9th and 10th houses of horoscope.
  • Afflicted 4th or 12th house make one shy away from popularity.
  • 10th house is known to be the house of fame as per astrology.  A planet that is well placed brings abundance fame.
  • 7th house is the house of desires and also the house of masses.

Lagna in Kundli

Lagna in the horoscope has to be very strong because that will determine the status of fame for the native:

  • For success in astrology, Lagna has to be strong and also its lord.
  • Along with Lord, Ascendant, the foundation of the strong has to be strong and only then the native can be blessed with massive fame.
  • Arudha Lagna with benefic aspect plays a significant role.
  • Stronger Kendra houses are essential to assist Arudha Lagna which is important for fame.

Role of Saturn

Just like Moon, Saturn also plays a significant role in defining the status of fame and success in horoscope:

  • Massive fame is possible with strong position of Saturn in horoscope.
  • When strong Saturn is placed with Rahu or Venus, it forms one of the strongest yogas in astrology for massive fame.

Position of Venus

Position of Venus is also weighed while considering fame in astrology:

  • Venus should be placed in 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th house.
  • Venus should not have any malefic influence.
  • Placement of Venus or Rahu in Magha star is considered important.

Position of Sun

Sun is an important planet and therefore, its position is also significant:

  • Sun is known to be the basic karaka for popularity.
  • Sun has to be in strong in its position.

Other Astrological Yogas for Fame

Here are some more astrological yogas for fame that are also very important:

  • Gaja-Kesari yoga
  • Panch Mahapurush yoga
  • Adhi yoga

So if you want to enjoy massive fame in life then all the points mentioned above have to be considered in a horoscope.

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Political Astrology, Yogas for Successful Career, Politician

Political Astrology: Yogas for Successful Career

Whenever we are up for making a career choice, we all have to undergo a tough thinking process. Studying Best Career Choice for Zodiac Sign is a great way to sort the whole process. Politics has become quite a popular career choice in the last couple of years. Of course, in order to have a successful political career, you need to possess certain qualities which contribute in your performance but other than that you also need astrology yogas to become a politician. This means that without yogas to become politician, you cannot really enjoy the much desired success because there are main planets for political success which must not be missed on.

In this post, we shall be discussing political astrology predictions based on astrology yogas. We would enfold astrological combinations for power which help you become a successful politician.

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Significant Houses for Politics

The houses which are important for career in politics are:

  • 1st House: It represents self.
  • 2nd House: It is the house for strong communication skills, being able to deliver thoughts in an impressive manner.
  • 3rd House: It is the house of courage which imparts strength to take strong decisions.
  • 5th House: It is the house of kingship and ensures king like comforts and luxuries in life.
  • 9th House: It is important for good luck.
  • 10th House: It is significant to earn power, fame and reputation as a leader. It is also called the house of politics.

Of all the houses, the most important house for politics is 10th house and therefore, presence of a strong planet in this house is of extreme importance. Rahu in politics is considered significant and has connection with this house.

Significant Planets for Politics

Just like houses, there are certain planets which play a very strong role in helping you become a successful politician:

  • Sun: It is the planet for kingship and imparts influence and authority, leadership qualities, magnificent personality with power in hands, popularity, administrative qualities etc.
  • Saturn: Imparts the much needed calmness and cunningness which is important for politicians to survive.
  • Rahu and Ketu: They are known to be the strongest planets for political career. Their presence in the horoscope indicates great success.
  • Jupiter: It gives you wisdom and brings success to you.
  • Mercury: You can enjoy impressive communication skills because of this planet because a great leader must always be a wonderful orator. He knows how to make his speech the most effective and Mercury helps in that.
  • Mars: It imparts strong leadership qualities and ensures a successful career. It brings along the fighting spirit which is much needed in this field.

Significant Astrological Yogas for Politics

We have come up with certain astrology yogas for career in politics which promise a bright future for the leaders. If you have these yogas in your horoscope then you are definitely going to make it big!!!

  • Raja Yoga
  • Akhanda Samrajaya Yoga
  • Mahabhagya Yoga
  • Sreenatha Yoga
  • Parivartana Yoga
  • Mahapurush Yoga

With these yogas, your chances of becoming a politician are brighter.

Just like astrological yogas discussed for politicians, there are similar combinations as per this amazing science for other different streams.

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Foreign Travel and Settlement in Vedic Astrology, Foreign Settlements horoscope

Foreign Travel and Abroad Settlement as Per Vedic Astrology

We all have a dream to travel abroad and some of us even wish to settle in a foreign country. There were times when it was not so common but in present times, we find every other person travelling abroad. People travel abroad for different reasons. Some travel for education, medical reasons, holiday, job, conferences etc. Thanks to Vedic astrology, forecasts for foreign travel in horoscope is possible. You can have predicted foreign settlement in horoscope. With professional astrologers, you can have abroad settlement predictions based on horoscope.

In this post, we have come up with the important points that reflect foreign travel and abroad settlement in horoscope.

Planets Responsible for Foreign Travel

The planets that help you have a foreign travel are:

Rahu: Presence of Rahu in 9th or 12th or 3rd house indicates foreign travel because this planet represents foreign countries. Moreover, if Rahu is aspecting the above houses then this is also an indication that the person will spend his or her life amongst foreigners.

Jupiter: Originally, Jupiter is the lord of the 9th and the 12th house. Therefore, if it is the lord of 9th or 12th or 3rd house or it is the planet occupying or influencing the 9th or 12th or 3rd house, then in that case it predicts foreign travel in horoscope.

Moon: Originally the 4th lord and it is an important planet if you are planning for foreign settlement, especially if Moon is present in the 12th house. And when it is conjunct with Rahu it leads to frequent foreign travels.

Sun: It is a planet which is a representation of royalty. All those who have their Sun placed in 5th house from Ascendant then they have brighter chances to develop connections with foreign dignities.

What is the Timing of Foreign Travel?

If you wish to know when you will be travelling to abroad then it will be during certain specific timings if you have the above state combination in your horoscope. You are expected to travel in Mahadasha or Bukti of the following:

  1. Jupiter or Rahu planet
  2. 3rd/ 9th/ 12th lord or plants in connection with respective lord or house

Dasha of Rahu is very good for foreign travels as per astrology.

How to Predict Foreign Travel From Horoscope?

Here are a few points which make it easier to make foreign travel predictions using horoscope:

  • 4th House or Lord has to be afflicted from Lagna
  • When 4th house is inflicted and 4th Lord is positioned in 6th, 8th or 12th houses then there are chances for settling down in abroad.
  • 4th house or lord should also be connected via conjunction with Rahu or Ketu
  • Presence of 9th or 12th house on watery signs in horoscope or placement of 9th or 12th lords in movable signs then chances of foreign travel are stronger.
  • Presence of 4th lord in 12th house indicates more prosperity for the native in a foreign country than his homeland.
  • Connection of 5th, 9th and 12th lords in Dasamsha suggest foreign trips because of career. You are expected to have a job in which you have to settle abroad or travel frequently overseas.

Foreign Settlement Astrology by Date of Birth

Date of birth forms the basis for creating a horoscope of a person. And once you have the horoscope drafted, you can definitely have predictions on foreign settlement based on astrological calculations.

  • 8th and 12th houses of horoscope are considered very important if the native plans to settle abroad.
  • Placement of Rahu and Mercury in 8th or 12th house indicate chances of earning money in foreign country which is must for a living.
  • Mercury and Rahu must be in a strong position.
  • 4th house and 12th house are of extreme importance for foreign settlement
  • Weak 4th house and strong 12th house is the ideal combination
  • 12th house also signifies a house on a foreign land

Foreign Settlement After Marriage Astrology

We all have some kind of fascination with foreign. Many of us want to settle down in foreign. Some people wish to settle in a foreign country but that can happen only after marriage. Here are a few points which indicate foreign settlement after marriage as forecasted by astrology:

  • 7th house and lord should associate with 9th and 12th house along with their respective lords
  • 4th house should also be afflicted
  • Rahu and Venus also play a strong role in settling down in foreign after marriage
  • 8th house also plays an important role
  • In case of love marriage, consider 5th house as well
  • Association of Venus with 12th house or Rahu with 7th house in Rashi and Navamsa chart

Foreign Travel Yog in Vedic Astrology

Here are a few points which indicate foreign travel yog as per Vedic astrology:

  • Placement of 11th house lord in 5th house indicates great fortune in going abroad and working there.
  • Constant foreign travels if Lagna Lord is in 7th house for professional reasons
  • Native goes abroad for higher education if there is a strong association between house and lords of 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 12th houses

This is everything you wish to know about foreign travel and settlement in abroad based on the astrological science.

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