Astrology of Divorce or Separation in Horoscope

Seeing increasing numbers of separations or divorces in the married life, we all end up thinking how and why does such a thing happen. A couple who was deeply in love plans to separate ways…. But what ruins all the love and beautiful times they shared. Well, there are reasons. There is a complete astrology of divorce and breakups which defines reasons why such bad things happen. There are quite evident signs in horoscope which indicate divorce or separation in marriage.

Probable Reasons for Divorce

We have listed a couple of reasons which lead to separation in marriage:

  • Unable to conceive
  • Continuing premarital love relationships
  • Having extra marital affairs
  • Absence of sexual intimacy between the partners
  • Yog of more than one spouse in horoscope
  • Physical or verbal abuse by partner
  • Poverty post marriage
  • Long term physical sickness post marriage

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Indication of Divorce in Horoscope

Divorce astrology signs in horoscope are quite easy to understand if you have the knowledge of the subject. As per the rules of astrology, Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu are known to be the separative planets. The 6th, 12th and 8th house lord and lords of sign that are occupied by separative planets also behave like separative planets.  These separative planets whenever have an influence on 7th house of the horoscope then it is an indication that the person will witness any form of separation in hir or her marriage.

We have come up with a few planetary combinations which are again an indication of separation or divorce in the married life. Therefore, divorce prediction by date of birth are very much possible as per astrology. If questions like is there divorce in my kundali bother you, read these equations to unfold the mystery  yourself.

  • Presence of Sun-Saturn combination in 7th house is not good for a happy married life.
  • Mars aspected by Saturn or vice-versa can highlights separation between the couple and regular fights.
  • 2nd house is known as the family house. Therefore, it has great importance in marriage. In case 2nd house and its lord are under the influence of malefic planet then it can cause some problem in your marriage.
  • Presence of 7th lord on 6th, 8th or 12th houses in concurrence to malefic.
  • In case the 7th house, 7th lord and significator of 7th house, all three of them are burdened, combined or related by malefic then the couple will have discord in their married life.
  • Rahu-Ketu along with Mars, Sun, Saturn are present in the horoscope or are aspected by these planets then they can lead to separation in marriage.
  • Venus is an extremely important planet in context of marriage and therefore if it is known to be afflicted by malefic planets then it is not a good sign for marriage. Moreover, if retrograde Venus is present in 7th, 8th or 4th house then chances of divorce are higher.
  • 6th house is for legal disputes. Therefore, if there is a nexus between 7th house, lord or significator and 6th lord then you might face legal separation with your partner.

Looking at these planetary combinations and understanding their consequences, it is extremely important that before getting married, couples go for kundli matching as it can surface such serious problems and can save you from ruining your life. Remember, gun Milan score is important but the decision of marriage should not be based just on this score. You must make sure that both the horoscopes match i.e. the planetary equations of the horoscope should be complementing.

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