Signs and Remedies of Weak Sun in Horoscope

Our lives are strongly influenced by planetary powers. If our horoscope has good planetary powers then we are expected to have a smooth and successful life.  But if the planets are weak in the birth chart then the can adversely affect the life. Because of lack of planetary powers, people end up suffering a lot despite making all the efforts.

This post focuses on the weakness caused by Planet Sun, the planet which is responsible for giving energy to other planets. It is responsible for fame, name, success, wisdom, wealth and honor. As per Vedic Astrology, weak Sun in horoscope results in being over ambitious, egoistic, unpredictable temperament and jealousy. It is one of the most important planets and astrologers recommend remedies to deal with the ill effects of its weak position to ensure that we live a comfortable life.

Indications of Weak Sun

If you are not sure that whether your Sun is weak or not, then here are some of the signs which indicate that the Sun is malefic or weak in your horoscope. Read these indications which will help you decide…..

  • Possibility of some kind of physical disorder
  • Frequent numbness in hands or legs
  • Weak eyesight and problem of colorblindness
  • Inferiority complex which will result into low confidence and less social interaction and activity
  • Insecurity about respect and position in the society
  • Poor condition of life
  • Pessimistic approach
  • Weakness in bones
  • Irregular blood circulation
  • Heart diseases etc.

Remedies for Weak Sun

If you have experienced the above mentioned indications then you have a weak Sun and in such a condition, you must make efforts to impart strength to it because Sun is the most important planet and we must make efforts to empower it. Here are some remedies which can help you deal with weak Sun in your horoscope:

  • Always step out of your house or start anything new with a glass of water with sugar mixed in it.
  • Feed cow with wheat and jiggery.
  • Respect and serve your father as this is the best way to nullify the bad effects of weak Sun in your horoscope.
  • Do not eat non-vegetarian food. Avoid eating jiggery as well.
  • Donate ruby or dark red colored clothes. Make donations on Sunday. You can even donate jiggery, wheat, copper etc.
  • Observe fast on every Sunday.
  • Perform Surya Namaskar every morning to stay healthy and protected from ill effects of Sun.
  • Offer water to sun at the time of sunrise. Sunrays at this time are positive and very helpful.
  • In order to save yourself from health problems due to malefic position of Sun, wear root of Bel tree in white thread around your neck.
  • Stand facing the Sun at the time of sunrise for a couple of minutes with a smile and eyes closed. Open your eyes and then repeat it again for almost 10-15 minutes every day.

Use these remedies in order to soothe the effects of weak Sun. With these remedial actions, you can make your life a lot better and live it with more comfort.

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