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Astrological Remedies for Heart Diseases, Heart Attacks astrology

Astrological Remedies for Heart Diseases/Attacks | Heart Astrology

Feel safe by putting your palm on your heart. These days there are more cases of heart diseases and people suffering from this disease. The ailment of heart disease is common in all age groups because of the irregular lifestyle, eating habits, odd time sleep, lack of physical exercise, eating too much of junk food and many more reasons. High blood pressure, cholesterol issues, hole in the heart, heart attacks etc all of them relate to heart diseases.

We have listed the following medical astrology remedies for saving yourself from this dreadful heart problems:

  • Every day during 5-6 in the morning give water to Sun God. Sun God will give strength to you and support you in health. You will be saved from heart diseases.
  • Give highest regards to your father grandfather and anyone equal to them in your life. Their blessings will give you a good and healthy heart.
  • Meditating for heart chakra is very good. It brings inflow of love and understanding in relationship in your life.
  • Drink lot of water and meditate daily. Planet moon is in good position to maintain your heart healthy and your blood pressure normal.
  • Jupiter planet is not very kind on you and may have bad influence by increasing body fat that may lead to heart attack, do some good deeds like spreading knowledge by donating and distributing books.
  • Worship your 5th house planet. If 5th house is in 6th house or 8th house then heart issues arises. Worship 5th house planet for good heart
  • If you wear 1 face or 5 face Rudraksh daily it will protect your
  • Those who are suffering from high blood pressure, should wear White Coral. This can regulate your blood pressure.
  • Pray for planet Saturn and do remedies for any issues of Saturn planet. Planet Saturn helps to control Cholesterol issues. Offer mustard oil to peepal tree. Tie peepal tree root in a black cloth to your right hand.
  • Daily recitation of Aditya Hrudayam stotram will protect every human being from heart diseases.

General Remedies as per Astrology

  • All the remedies suggested above are preventive, you should consult a doctor in case you see any heart disease symptoms. All the above mentioned can be in addition to the medical care.
  • To speed up the cure, follow these suggestive remedies on three days viz. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
  • Every Sunday recite Gayatri Mantra at sun rise time by sitting in a comfortable position. In every sitting recite 108 times.

 “Om Bhur Bhuvah Svaha

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat”

  • Every Monday recite Moon Mantra at night by sitting in a comfortable position. Atleast 108 times you should recite in one sitting.

“Om som soumaya namah”

  • Every Tuesday recite Mars Mantra at dusk by sitting in a comfortable position. Atleast 108 times you should recite.

“Om Angarakaya Namah”

Astrological Combination for Heart Disease

Due to some combination of planets in some houses can cause heart diseases. It is important to know your zodiac sign and understand which planet is in favor of you and which planets are against you. The 4th house for cancer sign can cause heart pain.4th and 5th houses of Leo and cancer can cause heart diseases. The 4th lord of sub lord in 8th house will be in conjunction with Sun and will be ready to explode anytime. It’s dangerous for those who have a weak heart.

Which Planet is Responsible for Heart Disease

There are some planets who are responsible for heart related diseases in people. Sun in Aquarians can cause a heart ache. A Rahu in 4th house for Pisces can cause heart attacks. Rahu in 4th house of cancer zodiac sign is very dangerous to the extent of death. If Saturn is in Leo zodiac sign, this can cause heart aches. If Sun resides in Aquarius zodiac sign, there is high chances of death due to heart aches.

Heart Attack Yoga in Astrology

A doctor also cannot predict Heart sometimes. It is better to consult an astrologer in such cases. It is advised to consult an astrologer to gain knowledge about the disease in our human body every organ is associated with some planet. Each nakshatra is associated with one or more disease. Heart is located in the left side of the chest. Fourth house is associated with the chest. Leo present in the 5th house is used to analyze the heart. Sun is ruling planet of Leo. When Mars is in relation to ketu, when sun and Saturn are in relation with each other, when three malefic planets are present in single house.


Astrology as a branch of powerful science can very well help a person to diagnose any health problem and issue which may be bothering a person. It would also suggest good remedies and astrology remedies for good health which would help a person to get the rid of any disease. However, it is strongly advisable that any person still consults a doctor and gets a thorough checkup done once the disease erupts.

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Pregnancy Problems and Astrology Solutions
The progeny problem in couples is a major problem. Multiple cases can be seen where despite having good physical power as well all capabilities of childbearing, couples fail to have kids which is much necessary to form a complete family. 
Pregnancy Problems and Astrology Solutions, Childbirth Astrology

Pregnancy Problems and Astrology Solutions | Childbirth Astrology

The progeny problem in couples is a major problem. Multiple cases can be seen where despite having good physical power as well all capabilities of childbearing, couples fail to have kids which is much necessary to form a complete family. Couples also go to the extent of spending crores of money into treatments for bearing a child but in vain. The lack of child in the family also causes different feelings in the mind of the couple. Women often tend to go into depression as they are looked by the society as incapable or incomplete. In such cases, the couples need to go for occult sciences and practices like astrology, vastu, tantra for finding out the problems of childbearing and getting good solutions for it. The powerful science of Astrology, Tantra and Vastu has good ways of giving solutions to progeny and childbirth problems of a couple. This is done by doing a good analysis of both the horoscopes of the husband and the wife.

What exactly are reasons of Pregnancy problem or kids’ problem as per Astrology?

There are many reasons as per astrological analysis why couples fail to have children. Some of the problems include:

  • If in horoscope terms, the progeny place I badly affected, then there is every possibility that the couple would face childbearing problems in future.
  • If the child place in horoscope is affected by many malefic planets in both the horoscope, kundli or birth chart of the husband and wife, then there would be problems of childbirth and it would be very difficult for the couple to have a child.
  • In certain times, graham dosha also creates problems in childbearing and couple faces problem in bearing a good child.
  • Sometimes due to different planetary problems, a handicapped child takes birth which leads to lifelong suffering of the parents.
  • If the progeny place in horoscope is viewed by malefic planets, then there is every possibility that the couple would face problems of childbearing.
  • Several times due to the destructive minded person who devises mantra by tantra to tie the womb of the female, it is seen that even a healthy female fails to give birth.
  • At times, due to a weak planetary power of the female, she fails to conceive properly.
  • Evil eye effects also create huge problems in child bearing and impacts the person’s life.
  • In certain times, it is possible that even though the progeny place is working well and fine, but due to the present planetary movements, the progeny place is badly affected.
  • At times, heavy pitra dosha scenario creates obstacles in couples to have a good child.
  • Special type of kaal sarp dosh period in couples also creates problems in progeny place.
  • Negative energies of the vastu also create problems in bearing child of the couple.

As seen, there are several reasons for progeny problems. However, the main thing is that, the reasons for each couple is different and can be finalized only after a proper analysis of when will I conceive astrology.

Effects on Couples of Not Having Child in Proper Time

Every couple wishes to have a child in their life. A child fills up the home and brings in tons of happiness in the life of the couple. In such a state, the lack of a child of the couple creates huge problems and affects them badly. Many couples go into depression, especially the females and may also consider harming themselves. Also, the couple also has to face many humiliation and taunts by the society which makes them further depressed and sad. The couple can look for Santan Prapti horoscope analysis to find out the problems of childbearing and find proper solutions for it.

Reasons of Pregnancy problems, baby or kids problems

Pregnancy problems refer to difficulties and problems in childbearing and childbirth in couples. There are many progeny problems as per pregnancy astrology by date of birth which affects a couple and makes them depressed over time. The 9th house in the horoscope is responsible for childbirth of the couple. As such, certain problems listed below in the horoscope leads to progeny, baby or kids problems:

  • If the progeny area of the couple is badly affected, then the couple would find difficulties in having a child
  • If the child place of the horoscope of both the husband and wife is badly affected by certain malefic planets, then there would be problems of childbirth of the couple.
  • Grahan dosha scene progeny prediction vedic astrology creates difficulties in childbearing and the couple would face many problems.
  • If the progeny problem in horoscope is viewed by malefic planets, then there would be progeny, baby and kids problems.

Pregnancy Issues in the Horoscope

Many couples have questions like when will I get pregnant according to my birth date or when will I have a baby according to astrology due to their inability to bear a child. The 9th house, which is responsible for childbirth is seen as affected. In such a case, the couples can look for astrological progeny remedies and solutions to get the pregnancy issues away and have a healthy child. The couple can consult an astrologer for children problems solutions and enjoy a happy pregnancy together. 

Solve Your Child Birth Related Problems

Horoscope as a powerful science has many good solutions for childbirth and child rearing. Any couple who is facing problems of childbirth and having questions like according to my kundli when will i get pregnant or when will i have my first baby astrology can look for astrological remedies by consulting a good astrologer. The progeny prospects astrology expert would conduct a thorough analysis and get good solutions for the couple. There is also female progeny astrology and progeny forecast where the astrologer would go through the horoscope or kundli of the couple and give a good reading analysis.

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Learn about how you can build confidence in your child and also find build your childrens confidence with Indian astrology.

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The Best Ages To Get Pregnant Based On Mom’s Zodiac
It’s always nice to know when you should have a baby. What is the good time or a bad time in your horoscope to have a baby and according to astrology when will i get pregnant.

Wealth, Money & Property Yoga in Astrology, Laxmi Yog in Horoscope, kundli

Wealth, Money & Property Yoga in Astrology | Laxmi Yog in Horoscope, kundli

Every person dreams to buy an own house by saving money. Some of them work very hard and keep trying all throughout their life, but unfortunately cannot buy. Some of them hardly try or work hard, but inherit a lot of property from their ancestors. There will be some who buy more than one home from their hard earned money. It all depends on your yoga and kundli. Let us understand what are the yogas in the kundli that impact the chances of buying houses and properties.

  • If you want to acquire land in your name, the fourth house of your kundli or horoscope should be strong.
  • The position of Mars in your horoscope should be very strong. The fourth house and Mars are considered to be very important factors in acquiring land or property in a person’s life. Both the positions should be strong and auspicious in a person’s horoscope.
  • You can be sure to buy a land or acquire a property when Mars and fourth house are in a strong relation.
  • If Mars is not strongly positioned in the fourth house of kundli, then a person acquires land but will get into legal issues.
  • Mars planet has to be strong and is considered to be the ruling factor in acquiring land. Saturn has to be strong and the ruling factor in construction on a land. When both Saturn and Mars are strong and come together and reside in the fourth house, during Dasha or Antardasha, it is considered as a good period for a person to acquire land.
  • When both these auspicious planets give good results and reside in the fourth house, they will give happiness.
  • When inauspicious planets show their bad effect on the fourth house, then it is difficult for an individual to buy a property.
  • A person can acquire more than one property if the fourth house and first house form a strong relationship with each other. The ruler of the first house when he resides in the fourth, then there are bright chances that a person acquires more than one piece of land.
  • When the ruler of the fourth house, resides in the first house then, a person makes his livelihood on the land acquired.
  • There are chances of an individual to face difficulties in acquiring a property when the fourth house is gets in a relationship with the 8th house.
  • A person can obtain his ancestral property when the eighth house and Jupiter are forming a relation.
  • There is a possibility the friends of an individual help him in acquiring a property, when fourth and eleventh house form a relationship.
  • A person can buy a property in distant lands away from his home land when the fourth house forms a relation with twelfth house.
  • Both the yogas in the kundali or horoscope and in the Nvansh kundali should be in strong position.
  • Chaturyansh Kundali should also have strong yogas related to land.
  • The ruler of first house in Chaturyansh Kundali should be congenial with the ruler of fourth house and Mars in the birth kundali. A person can acquire property in his lifetime only when all the houses and planets are strong.
  • The birth kundali, Navansh Kundali and Chaturyansh Kundali should have all the yogas for acquiring the land. All the yogas should be strong in all kundalis. If any yoga or all yoga saree not strong in all the kundalis then a person will have to face difficulties in acquiring or buying land.
  • A person may be deprived of happiness if inauspicious Saturn shows its effect on the fourth house of a kundali. In such a situation, when a person acquires a house also, he cannot live in it. He may have to live in many houses during his lifetime.
  • In a person’s kundali, when fourth house and sixth house are forming a relation then a person may get involved in a court case litigations related to property, or he could take a loan to buy the land.
  • A person can inherit property from his parents when fourth house forms a relation with second house.
  • A person can acquire land from his father when the fourth house is in a relation with the ninth house.

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When will I buy my own House Astrology

Own house is a dream in any one’s life. It is a sense of security and asset possession. People save hard earned money to acquire property. It is important to consult an astrologer for property prediction by date of birth. An astrologer can predict property horoscope and land horoscope and tell you if you have a good period for buying a land, plot or a land. Some of you may acquire ancestral property also. He will check all your kundalis and yogas and tell you the right time to buy a property. The ruler of your property house should be strong. All these predictions can be given by a Vedic astrologer.

Understanding Gaja Kesari yoga as described in Vedic Astrology and its advantages.
Grow Your Restaurant by Indian Astrology - Restaurant Vastu Consultant

Grow Your Restaurant Today by Indian Astrology – Restaurant Vastu Consultant

Vastu Shastra contributes a lot to our lives by defining rules for constructing buildings and creating spaces that help us grow and make us happier. Not only for personal spaces but there is Vastu for commercial spaces as well.

If you have a restaurant then there is Vastu for restaurant which unfolds important guidelines in relation with construction and interiors of the restaurant so that you can enjoy a prosperous and successful business. Just like we cannot negate the importance of hard work, we cannot also rule out influence of Vastu in our lives.

In this post, we have come up with some of the important Vastu for restaurant guidelines and principles which must be incorporated while constructing or designing the restaurant. By following these Vastu tips for restaurants, you can increase the chances of your success.

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Useful Vastu Tips for Restaurant

Here are some very beneficial tips for restaurants as per Vastu.

Location and Entrance

  • The main entrance should always be from North or East
  • Always go with good and well recognized locations because locations that are not correct as per Vastu can cause various problems in your business
  • Regular shape is considered to the best shape for restaurant. So make sure that you don’t with a plot which has defective shape
  • It is good to avoid any kind of pillars or beams or arches in the restaurant as they often result in losses


  • Reception should always be in the northern side of the restaurant
  • The person sitting at the reception should always face either North or East while receiving the payment


  • The best seating arrangement is the one which is one on the first floor
  • Paint the walls of the restaurant in light colours. Do not use too bright or dark colours
  • The restaurant shouldn’t be dark. There should be enough light and ventilation to create a positive space
  • Having a water fountain in North-East direction is considered auspicious


  • The best place to have kitchen in a restaurant is South-East corner
  • Always keep the kitchen clean and tidy as it is the main working area
  • Don’t let any waste accumulate inside it


  • The right place to have a storage room in a restaurant is in South-West direction. All the grains and groceries must be stored in this corner only
  • Ensure that storage is also regularly cleaned and all the stale things are discarded from time to time


  • Placement of generators, geysers and various other electrical equipment should be done in the South-East corner which is next to the kitchen
  • Toilets can be placed in the west or North-West direction
  • North-East direction of the restaurant should always be kept clean. You can have a water source in that corner.

Keep these useful Vastu guidelines in constructing a restaurant which can bring your profits and prosperity.

Astrology business of Movie Making - Career & Success In Film Industry

Role of Astrology in the Business of Movie Making | Career in Film Industry

A successful movie is a mix of interesting plot, impressive star cast, entertaining music and good marketing strategy. But if you think that only these are the things good enough to make a movie a Blockbuster Hit then you are wrong. Well, along with these essential ingredients, we also need to take in consideration Film Astrology.

If you wish to make your career in film industry then you cannot do without understanding astrological combinations for fame. The reason behind conducting a pooja before starting with shooting or before the Friday release is Film horoscope predictions. Another thing to note here is that movies are released specifically on Friday. This again is based on Film Astrology reading because Friday is the day of Venus or Shukra which is responsible for fame and prosperity.

There is no substitute to hard work but despite that we all have strong inclination towards astrology. In fact, directors and actors opt for horoscope matching before signing a contract for more success. All these people depend a lot on Film horoscope predictions and Film astrology reading to make sure they grow together.

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Yogas for Becoming an Actor

Many stars go for exploring acting yogas in astrology in their horoscope to know how successful will they be as actors. There are yogas for becoming an actor as defined by astrology. This is the reason why so many people who are great at acting are not able to give even one single hit. Despite their acting and hard work, they are unable to get the fame they long for. Here are some astrological combinations for career in acting:

  • Good position of Jupiter suggests a healthy career in film industry as an actor. It brings luck and prosperity.
  • Strong 5th house also suggests bright career in cinema. It shows success through affairs related with entertainment or dramae.
  • Healthy position of Venus predicts good career in drama and other art related forms.
  • Favorable position of Sun predicts fame and prosperity.
  • Strong position of Moon is of equal importance as it is responsible for creativity. It is important to be strong internally in order to enjoy success in cinema.
  • When Moon and Venus form an equation in relation with 5th house and also with the lord of the 5th house then it is the perfect yoga for becoming an actor.

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Astrology in Connection with Film Industry

As stated earlier, film industry strongly believes in astrology because it tends to have a significant influence on the movie industry. Here are some strong connections that have been highlighted. We have come up with a one to one influence of each planet on each aspect of film making.

Director: Represented by Sun

Money and Finance: Represented by Jupiter

Actor: Represented by Moon

Music and Marketing: Represented by Venus

Editing: Represented by Mars

Distribution: Represented by Mercury

Stunts: Represented by Ketu

Foreign Shoots: Represented by Rahu

Support Staff: Represented by Saturn or Shani

This is a complete charting of what planets represent and influence the different aspects of film making. This, therefore, makes film astrology predictions and film astrology reading so important for film makers and actors. This is the reason film star horoscopes are discussed widely across media when they reach new heights or when they experience a sudden downfall.

In fact, there is hardly any director or actor who doesn’t follow film astrology for a successful career.

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Children Confidence with Indian Astrology, Baby Confidence Vedic astrology

Build Your Baby & Childrens Confidence with Indian Astrology

Take the help of Indian Astrology to know about the future of the child. With the Indian astrologers, know about the education, career and health aspects of the future of the child to ensure well being throughout his/her life. Every parent is concerned about the child and how the future would unfold for the children. As such, Indian astrology would help in knowing about how aspects like health of the child, the career and profession would be in the future. The astrologers would also help to guide remedies for any unforeseen difficulties that may be highlighted in the forecast.

Vedic Astrology Relationship with Father

Like a mother who gives birth to a child, the father is also very important in the life of the child as it is him who nourishes the child and supports in bringing up the child. As such, the relationship between the child and the father should be full of love and care to the core. Use Vedic astrology and relationship with father astrology to know about the relationship of the child with the father. If you wish to know how strong and affectionate the relationship of the baby and the father would be, then contacting Vedic astrologers is a must for the answer.

Names and Astrology: How to choose name for a child?

The name of a person is an important aspect of one’s life. It is not only the identity to the person but also a highlight of the personality of the person. Choosing the right name of the person is a crucial task. As such, taking the help of astrology in choosing the right name for the right person is advisable. The astrologers do a evaluated reading of the person’s horoscope and suggest names according to the personality and aesthetics of the person. Use the process of astrology to choose the ideal name for the person.

Life Changing Astrological Remedies for Children that Every Indian Parent Should Follow

Astrology is a powerful science which not only reads the forecast or horoscope of the person, but also changes the life of the person in different ways. Astrology has many tools which help to balance the life of a person and also transform the life in a better way. These tools are in the form of remedies or habits which can be utilized every day by anyone and everyone. Parents should teach their children the following remedies to strengthen the life cycle of the child and also change it for the better in future.

Chant Gayatri Mantra for a Stronger Sun

Gayatri Mantra is a powerful tool of astrology which helps to purify the mind and the soul and make the body balanced with the mind. Not only has that, chanting Gayatri Mantra regularly strengthened the Sun planet which directly affects the horoscope and future of a person. Parents should regularly teach their children to chant the Gayatri Mantra regularly each day in the morning, either during prayer or after a bath. This would purify the mind and the body and would freshen up the person for a brighter day. In addition, it would also strengthen the planet sun to have a bright future ahead.

It all takes a Silver bangle and copper coin for Moon to be happy

Giving a silver bangle to the child to wear regularly and placing copper coins in the temple strengthens the Moon. When a kid start telling lies, it becomes much difficult for the parents to control him/her. In such a time, placing copper coins in the temple could calm the child and turn tides and the child would soon stop telling lies. Likewise, if a child becomes too mischievous, giving a silver bangle to wear is best to control and discipline the child. These remedies neutralize the impact of the moon simultaneously.

Do Outdoor Activities for a Powerful Mars

Mars is a strong planet and gives energy and force to a person in the horoscope. It gives the person the power of self defense and ability to handle any tough situation in life.  however, this power doesn’t easily comes to people who are dull and spend time at home without any outdoor activity. Like the situation of kids nowadays who get more confined to video games and television rather than having outdoor activity. As such, parents should encourage the children to go out and play outdoor games like cricket and football which would bring out the energy in them and also bring positivity to the Mars planet to give them more energy.

Green Vegetables in Diet and Mercury in High

Green vegetables are a source of energy and essential nutrients to the body. Often when we visit the doctor during illness, the doctor prescribes healthy green vegetables to give the essential nourishment to the body. In addition to that, green vegetables also are helpful to make the Mercury planet powerful. Due to the effectiveness of the Mercury planet, the child would become more active and develop a good grasping capability. As such, parents should include green veggies in their diet regularly.

Treat Elderly People well for Jupiter

Spending quality time with elderly people helps in developing the Jupiter planet. Elderly people need more care and affection. They are in regular search of love and affection from their children and grandchildren when they come of age. in such a time, the parents should teach the children to pay respects and treat the elderly with love. This would strengthen the Jupiter planet and any negative influence would neutralize.

Be Clean to keep Venus Happy

Clean and proper clothing regularly strengthens the Venus planet. Venus is the good of love, luxury and good apparel. As such, wearing clean and good clothes regularly would help in boosting the Venus planet and the child would develop creativity and imagination power more. The child would also excel in creative activities and have a good retaining capacity. Parents should make sure the children wear proper and clean clothes to their school and outside regularly.

Helping Others Makes Saturn Happier

The Saturn planet is the ruler of justice and ensures one and all gets due justice always. Saturn is completely incapable of tolerating injustice and brings in harm to anyone who is unjust or bad. To pacify and neutralize the Saturn planet, one should always help others in need. Parents should always teach their children to be helpful to others in any way possible. This would keep the Saturn planet happy and joyous and there wouldn’t be any imbalance in life of the person.


These parenting astrological remedies and parent child astrology compatibility measures would help the kids to develop a good life full of love and care without any imbalance. The small astrology of children measures can make the child healthy, wealthy, strong, intelligent, wise, courageous and positive and a good human being.

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Play with your lucky Colors on this Holi as Per your Zodiac Sign Astrology, Horoscope

Play with your lucky Colors on this Holi as Per your Zodiac Sign Predictions

Holi is the festival of colors. This festival is celebrated by all age groups and by male and female. This festival is celebrated wishing everyone a bright and colorful life. Every color has its own significance in human life. Every color has its own impact on us. This festival denotes that our life will have many shades and we must enjoy each and every shade and color, appreciating its importance and significance. On this festival of colors, let us understand which color is lucky for which zodiac sign and what colors should be avoided.


This zodiac sign is very energetic and enthusiastic to celebrate this festival of Holi. They love to interact with people. The colors which are considered lucky for them are red, copper, yellow green. These colors will bring peace and harmony in your life. It is advised to use these colors very often.

Avoid color: Black


This zodiac sign will celebrate this festival with zeal. They are the lovers of all beautiful things. To have more energy and to keep things uncomplicated, they must play with colors like pink, blue, white and green.

Avoid Color: Red


This zodiac sign will love playing with colors on Holi. They are very social and will interact with many friends and relatives. To keep up this spirit of joy and happiness they must play with yellow, blue, pink, green, and Purple.

Avoid Color: Red and Black


This zodiac sign likes to celebrate Holi with like-minded people. They feel very comfortable in small groups and like-minded groups. To keep away negative energy and to have harmony and peace, they must play with white, red, yellow and green.

Avoid Color: Blue


Holi is a perfect occasion for this zodiac sign to have a lot of fun. They will enjoy all the attention and will be in limelight. They are very bright and bold. To match their personality, they should play with purple, burnt orange, all shades of gold or blood red.

Avoid Color: Black


This zodiac sign will spend little time playing with colors and the rest of the time socializing with family and friends. They love to spend time feasting with their near and dear ones. They have their own natural way to welcome. Colors to play for this Holi are brown, navy, peach and yellow.

Avoid Color: Red and black


This zodiac sign always like celebrations and they like to celebrate Holi is a special and unique way. They plan well in advance and celebrate this festival in a grand way. To spread his festive mood, you should play with lavender, violet, and baby blue colors.

Avoid Color: Green and Yellow


This zodiac sign always like to be in known closed groups and they like harmony and peace. To preserve this peace and harmony, they must play with blood red, black, maroon and burgundy. These colors will spread happiness in your life.

Avoid Color: Blue and white


This zodiac sign is the most high spirited and full of energy. They are very cheerful and trustworthy. They want the best of everything. To match their unmatched energy levels, they must go for Purple, Indigo, Vermillion, plum and dark blue. These are the perfect colors for them.

Avoid Color: Red and Black


This zodiac sign like to indulge very little in colors. They play for some time and prefer to interact with people around them. They are very down to the earth. The best color to go is charcoal grey.

Avoid Color: Cream and Yellow


This zodiac sign just loves to play with water and colors. They will have lot of fun playing with the colors. The best colors to play for Aquarians is shades of blue. This shade will bring lo of happiness to you.

Avoid Color: Orange and Red


This water loving zodiac sign will enjoy this festival of Holi with all their near and dear ones. They will love getting dipped and splashing water. The Pisces should play with sea blue, sea green shades, and all mild shades.

Avoid Color: Dark shades

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Job Promotion by Astrology, get promotion as per astrology, promotion prediction astrology

Job Promotion by Astrology – How to Get Promotion in Job by Astrology

Astrology is an attractive science because it helps us find answers to various important questions we have in our life. Other than marriage, money, success, all of us also have questions like “How to get promotion as per Indian astrology” or “When will I get promotion as per astrology” or “Will I get into government service”. Answers to Career, Job Problems and Solutions As Per Indian Astrology effectively calm the inquisitive mind. It also explains best careers for Zodiac Sign that help you get success by providing answer to “How to Choose a Profession According to Indian Astrology”. If you want to be a politician or an actor, you can know it with this Vedic science.

But for now we are going to be focusing on job promotions. Because our life revolves around our professional life, therefore, we want to know the astrological combinations for promotion or sarkari Naukri yog in kundali based on Government job astrology because promotions, job transfers in vedic astrology are explained with reasons and logics. Not only that there are vastu tips for job promotion as well that help you set things right. All of us want to know about job change astrology predictions which tell us about future prospects in relation with our career.

In this post, we have come up with promotion prediction based on astrology along with remedies to get promotion in job to help you have a bright career.

Astrological Remedies for Job Promotion

Given below are some very effective remedies to get promotion in job. Follow the below mentioned astrological solutions that promise quick results in getting job promotion. If you are thinking “will I get promotion this year”, these astrology remedies can be great help:

  1. On every Saturday, offer boiled rice to cow as it will pacify Saturn which rules the professional life of the native.
  2. If Saturn is the obstruction in your promotion then take sesame oil and after seeing your face it in, give it to the poor.
  3. If Moon is affecting your job then add gangajal to raw milk and offer it on the Shivlinga.
  4. In case Sun is affecting your promotion then you should feed cows, prefer cows which are black or yellow.
  5. In case Ketu is affecting your promotion then you should feed bread with application of oil on it to black coloured dog.
  6. If Mars is interfering with your promotion then you must wear a silver bracelet and also respect elderly women in your family.
  7. For those who are not getting promoted because of Mercury must donate silver jewelry.
  8. Those who are facing hindrance from Jupiter in their promotion must feed cow with jaggery and gram.
  9. If Venus is not letting your promotion happen then you must offer respect to others. Don’t forget to touch the feet of your mother when you leave the house for work.
  10. All those whose promotion is hindered by Rahu must offer flour to ants. You can even feed fish with balls made using flour.

You can know Astrological Combinations for Successful Career in Acting.

Powerful Mantra for Promotion in Job

If your job promotion has been pending since long then we have come up with these very powerful mantras. Chanting these mantras can get you quick results.

  • Gayatri Mantra to recite daily for at least 31 times:

Om Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ, Tat-savitur Vareñyaṃ
Bhargo Devasya Dhīmahi, Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt

  • Mahamrityunjay Mantra to be recited every day for at least 31 times

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti-Vardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityormukshiya Mamritat॥

  • Chanting the beej mantra for Lord Ganesha every day:

Om Gam Ganpataye Namaha

  • Chant this mantra and look at your hands while doing that:

Karagre Vasate Lakshmi Kara Madhye Saraswati
Karamooletu Govinda Prabhate Kara Darshanam

  • Every morning chant this mantra for 11 times:

Om Ekadntaya vidmhe Vakratundhay dhimhi ! Tanno danti prachodayat!

Upay for Promotion in Job

If you are in search of effective upays for promotion in job then we have compiled a few of these upays as per promotion prediction astrology that can give a boost to your efforts:

  1. Pleasing Saturn is very much important in getting promotion. So make sure that along with working hard, you offer food to cows.
  2. Offer combination of seven cereals to birds everyday as this will remove obstruction in your job promotion.
  3. Feeding cow with bananas on every Thursday also promises brighter chances of getting promoted at work.
  4. On a Monday offer Lord Shiva 21 Abhimantrit Gomti Chakra along with water.
  5. Chanting Gayatri Matra for 108 times while offering water to sun before 8 am mixed with some jaggery and yellow flowers. Start this on Sunday and do it for 11 days on regular basis to see miraculous results.

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Family Disputes Astrology, Grah Kalesh Remedies, Grah Kalesh Problems Solutions

Does Astrology Works for FAMILY DISPUTES | Remedies for Grah Kalesh

We all wish for a happy and cheerful family but most of us are not aware of the fact that discord or problems in family often occur because of wrong placements of planets in our horoscopes. It is the adverse effect of the malice planets because of which we have feuds in family despite making all possible efforts to restore the happiness and peace in the family or put an end to Grah Kalesh.

Indian Vedic science provides various astrological remedies for family problems. By studying horoscope and suggesting remedies, astrologer can put an end to all the sufferings or reduce the intensity by offering effective Grah Kalesh problem solutions.  Grah Kalesh Nivaran Puja also aims at bringing positivity in life by bringing back the lost happiness.

In this post, we shall be discussing how effective astrology is in settling Grah Kalesh problems by resolving family dispute and differences.

Causes for Family Disputes

Well, there can be various causes for family disputes, ranging from small issues to big and complicated situations. We have highlighted some of them:

  • Ego issues
  • Disagreements
  • Jealousy or monetary differences
  • Financial or business problems
  • Enemy induced problems
  • Vastu dosha in your house or office
  • Planetary position in horoscope

There are various other reasons which lead to issues amongst family. With Astrologer for Financial and Business Problem Solutions and Enemy Problem Astrological Solutions, you can ensure that these external problems are taken care of with ease.

Astrological Remedies for Family Problems

There are some wonderful astrological remedies for family problems shared below which can bring peace and happiness in your family:

  • Offer prayer to Ganesh ji on daily basis
  • Sprinkle in your home holy water
  • Add a pinch of salt while you mop the floor
  • Place a tulsi plant in the North-East corner of your house. Take care of it by watering it on daily basis. Also add few drops of honey to it on regular basis.
  • Start on Thursday after Shukl Paksh, apply Kesar tilak and follow this ritual on every Thursday
  • Offer to the roots of Peepal true sugar and water solution on Saturdays
  • Sleep with your head in East direction
  • Keep rock crystals at home

Remedies for Grah Kalesh

We have come up with a few, easy to follow Grah Kalesh remedies that will cost you nothing but will ensure that you stay happily with your family members without any differences:

  • Always control the tone of your voice. Even if you disagree with something, you must put your thoughts forward with a calm mind.
  • Start with meditation on daily basis. Sit with your eyes closed and stabilize your mind for 15-20 minutes every morning.
  • Keep Sphatik Shivling or Medhak in your house
  • Respect your elders
  • Place gunja in copper made container in your house
  • Throw coins in running water
  • Offer food and blankets to the poor and the needy

Vastu Shastra for Balanced and Happy Family Relations suggests you the following things to follow:

  • Place a painting of waterfall in your house or a waterfall wallpaper in your home desktop to revitalize your relationships with family members.
  • Clean your house properly on Saturdays and Amavasya to make sure that there is no dust or wasteful things in your house. Make sure you don’t let any clutter surround you.

Mantra upay for Grah Kalesh Problems Solution

Vedic astrology also provides Mantra upay as Grah Kalesh solution. By chanting few of these mantras you can bring back the lost peace and positivity in your home and improve your relationships. Here are a few mantras for Grah Kalesh mukti:

“Dhaame Dheeme Dhoome Dhoore Jatene,

Patnai Baame Beema Boome Vaaga Dheeshwari,

Krama Kkreema Krooma Kalikaa Devi,

Shaame Sheema Shooma Mae Shubhama Kurua”

Chant this mantra every day after taking bath in the morning for 108 times

“Harana Kafhthana Kasala Kalusha Kaaleshu,

Mahamoha Sanasee Dalana Fadnesua

This is another Grah Kalesha Nivaran mantra to be chanted daily

“Om Namah Shivaya”

Simplest and the easiest mantra to be chanted daily. Chanting this mantra on Mondays in temple promises effective results.

Follow these remedies for Grah Kalesh and put and end to all kinds of disputes in the family.

Profession Indian Astrology, Career Astrology, Job Horoscope Prediction

How to Choose a Profession According to Indian Astrology

When it comes to picking a career choice, we are not always very clear. It is easy to funnel down to a few choices but then making a final selection isn’t easy. We are more cautious because our life depends on our career. That’s why knowing the most suitable career is very important.

If you wish to know the best career options according to astrology then following career astrology is the best thing to do. You can go for professional astrology predictions based on your horoscope and birth details to know which profession will suit your zodiac sign the best as per Indian astrology.

In this we have made an effort to help you find a suitable career using career astrology.

How to Choose a Career According to Astrology

Astrology is all about studying the houses, nakshatras and planets and when finding a suitable career, these things are studied in the relation of job in different sectors. Here are some important points that help in picking a career based on astrology:

  • Study of 2nd, 6th and 10th house which respectively tell about income through profession, day to day service and the career of the native.
  • Position of planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury etc.
  • Presence of Sun in specific houses will have a strong impact on your career. It plays a significant role in helping a person have a bright career.
  • Saturn highlights the way you work, performance at work and hindrances in work
  • Jupiter highlights your caliber to earn wealth and how strongly can you benefit your present with your good karmas in the past.
  • Mercury helps in defining your commercial success

The Political Yogas for Successful Career help you find out combinations which are very supportive in giving a growing career.

Career Prediction by Date of Birth Indian Astrology

If you wish to know career astrology based on your date of birth then Indian astrology helps you have clarity on this. People born under different signs prefer different professions. Here are Best Careers According to Your Zodiac Sign:

  • Aries mostly find their interest in professions related with army, defense, police, medical profession etc.
  • Geminis enjoy professions like fashion designing, luxury goods traders etc.
  • Cancers are successful in careers related with marine
  • Leo suit best in managerial posts and politics
  • Virgos get into accountancy or media related jobs
  • Libras mostly enjoy law related professions
  • Scorpios do well in drug or medicine related jobs
  • Sagittarius make wonderful teachers, lecturers
  • Capricorns success in jobs related with mining
  • Aquarius make impressive educationalists and philosophers
  • Pisces suit best in jobs related with marine

If the 10th, 6th and 11th house of the native is strong then chances of getting into government job are very high. You can also find govt job predictions by date of birth from professional astrologers.

Which Profession Suits me According to Astrology

We all dream for a successful and growing career. But this is possible only when we opt for the same career which is the best pick as per our horoscope. In order to conclude which profession suits you the best according to astrology, here are a few points which must be considered by the astrologer:

  • Which all planets influence the 10th house of your horoscope
  • Strength and dignity of Lord of 10th house
  • Role of transiting planets
  • Aspects of various other planets over Lord of 10th house
  • Role of planets in Navamsha Chart
  • Aatmakaraka and Amatyakaraka planet of horoscope

Collection of effective Indian Astrology & Profit/Loss in Share Market Business tips that promise a brighter future

Which Career is Best for me According to Astrology

For a successful and fulfilling career, it is extremely important that we pick our career as per what is best for us according to astrology. By doing so, we are imparting more strength to our career because of the planets that were already influencing us in some way and selecting the right kind of job or starting the right kind of business, we have taken a step forward in utilizing this influence in the optimum way.

You can seek help from professional career astrologers who work on equations of your horoscope in deep detail before suggesting you with a couple of career choices to move ahead with. Find suitable Career, Job Problems and Solutions As Per Indian Astrology from professionals. There are various kinds of jobs and some people are able to perform good at some specific jobs while fail at other jobs. This is because their planetary positions are not supportive.

Effective astrology tips to take your restaurant to new heights and grow your business remarkably.

How to Predict Career in Vedic Astrology

Career predictions in Vedic astrology depend upon houses and planets.

Study of Houses

In relation with career, 10th house is studied. This is a significant house for career and therefore, the lord of the house and the influencing planets help in concluding the right career for the native.

Study of Planets

Different planets and their positions suggest few career choices for every person. Here is the list of planets along with the kind of job they suggest:

  • Sun: Leadership and administrative jobs
  • Moons: Jobs related with creativity, art, entertainment, hospitality etc.
  • Mars: Construction, security related jobs
  • Mercury: Calculation, communication and brokerage jobs
  • Jupiter: Do well in jobs related with teaching, counselling, writing
  • Venus: Art, luxury, culture, textile, beauty are their fields of interest
  • Saturn: Manufacturing, labour, land, stone related works
  • Rahu and Ketu: Do well in drugs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals. Import and export help them grow.

Enjoy job promotion at work with the help of these astrology based useful remedies.

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