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Astrological Remedies for Happy Married Life of Your Daughter

Astrological Remedies for Happy Married Life of Your Daughter

For every parent, having their daughter get married to a wonderful person is the biggest dream of their life. And once they have got their daughter married, they are always worried about her happiness in the new family she has gone to. As and when any problem surfaces in her life, they get worried and do every possible thing to restore happiness in her married life.

In this post, we have made an attempt to come up with a few astrological remedies that are extremely helpful in ensuring a happy married life for your daughter. These are a few things which can bring about a big change in her marital life.

Always Go for Horoscope Matching

Astrology suggests that horoscopes should be matched before getting married. And therefore, it is the duty of the parents to make sure that this task is accomplished. Horoscope matches gives a clear picture whether or not the girl and the boy are fit to tie the knot with each other or not. And it also predicts some problems that can affect their lives later along with solutions that can be worked out. So don’t forget about kundli matching if you wish to get your daughter happily married.

Follow All Marriage Rituals Suggested by Priest

Each and every ritual that we have in our culture has a strong reason behind it. But sometimes we end up forgetting or not following these rituals because of our own comfort or any other reason and it results in problems later in the married life of our daughter. So make sure that you follow everything that the priest tells you to do. This is very important for parents to see that nothing is been is missed on.

A Confidential Remedy for All Marital Problems

Here is one very effective astrological remedy which parents can do to safeguard the married life of their daughters. In this remedy when your married daughter leaves for her in-laws’ house for the very first time then at that particular time take a clay pot filled with water and add some raw turmeric and ginger to  it. Rotate in an anti-clock direction for seven times around her head and then throw it outside the house. It is believed that she will never face any problems in her new house and will be respected. But make sure that this remedy is performed in a confidential manner.

Shiva Parvati Poojs

Always ask your daughter to regularly offer prayers to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati as they bring happiness into a marriage. As parents you must guide her to regularly offer water to Lord Shiva as this can have a positive impact on her married life.

These are some of the remedies as per astrology that promise a happy married life for your daughter. Other than these remedies, you must also train your daughter to be patient and mature in dealing with everyday problems in marriage to keep life sorted and smooth.

astu For Happy Married Life

Have a Happy Married Life With Vastu Tips

Marriage is an important association, something that is made in heaven and is blessed by God. It is the most beautiful bond of love which has many shades in it. Every person wants to have a happy and smooth married life with his or her loved one because it is the most important relationship in one’s life. Parents want their children to get married at the right age. Couples want to have everything go fine with their spouse. Not only this, couples make all possible efforts to make things work when something goes wrong in their bond of love. Likewise, parents also do everything to make sure that their children are married to the most suitable match at the right age.

This article talks about some of the useful Vastu tips for having a perfect married life and for ensuring that you get married at the right age with the most perfect match for you.

Effects of Vastu Shastra on Marriage

Well the home where are residing has lots of influence on your relationships. If there are certain defects in home then they can cause delay in marriage and even cause discord in their association leading to separation or may be divorce. This way this Indian science is very much essential in affecting our love life.

Delay in Marriage

When a child doesn’t get married at the right age then parents are the most tensed. Once their children reach the marriageable age, they want to see them happily settled. Some of the Vastu defects that lead to this delay along with some remedies have been mentioned below.

Vastu Defects Causing Delay in Marriage

  • If the slope of the plot is from North East to South West.
  • If there is a water tank in South West zone of the house.
  • If the girl sleeps in the bedroom located in North East or South West direction of the house.
  • If the boy sleeps in the bedroom located in South East.
  • The center of the house must be kept light and clean.

Vastu Remedies for Delay in Marriage

  • Make a girl sleep in North West bedroom, especially after her menstruation cycle has started. In case that is not possible then make her sleep in a room that is located in West with her head either in West or in South direction.
  • Use bed sheets of light soothing shades in her room.
  • For a boy of marriageable age, it is important that he sleeps in a bedroom which is located either in South West or North East direction. In case there is no such choice available in the house then South direction is the most preferred choice.

Discord in Marriage

Sometimes the happy married life transforms into the most difficult relationship between the partners. Due to certain Vastu problems, they end up arguing, fighting and misbehaving over trivial things. This destroys the peace and happiness in their association. Some Vastu defects and their solutions have been mentioned below.

Vastu Defects Causing Problems in Marriage

  • Bedroom in South East and North East direction is not advisable.
  • Kitchen in North East is also not recommended.
  • Don’t go for dark color on the walls.
  • Never use bonsai and cactus plants in your house.
  • Avoid metal beds. Do not go for beds with storage.
  • Do not have mirror in the bedroom, especially in front of the bed.
  • Do not have any extension in your house in the South East direction as it can again affect your marriage.
  • Do not use artificial or dry flowers.

Vastu Remedies for Problems in Marriage

  • Have your bedroom in the South or South West direction. Sleep with your head in South.
  • Always go for soft and light colors in your room.
  • Use bed sheets in light color.
  • Go for beds made with wood. Go for bed either in square shape or in rectangle shape.
  • Use single mattress on bed and use single quilt instead of separate one.
  • Use fresh flowers in your room and change them often.
  • Decorate the most beautiful corner of your room.
  • Brighten the dull corners of the house.
  • Make sure that the North East zone of your house is clean and light.

All these points are extremely helpful in timely marriage and also ensure a happy married life. If you are facing any of these problems in your life then use these wonderful remedies to correct the Vastu in your house and enjoy a wonderful marriage with your partner.

Best Age To Have A Baby Based On Your Zodiac Sign, get Pregnant, get married

Best Age To Have A Baby Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It’s always nice to know when you should have a baby. What is the good time or a bad time in your horoscope to have a baby and according to astrology when will i get pregnant. Astrology is a science which can predict when to have a baby. You should know your zodiac sign thoroughly. It may be difficult to believe but astrology and zodiac pregnancy predictor has proved successful in determining the age to get pregnant. Let us understand when is the best and worst age to get pregnant for the twelve zodiac signs. These predictions will help you to plan your life and set your goals for pregnancy planning to have a family. You may think that this is the right age is plan to postpone the decision to have a baby. But reality is that the constellation should shower its blessings on you. This constellation has its own impact on each zodiac sign based on your date of birth.

Pisces – 28 is the Perfect Age

Pisceans are great imaginative people. They dream of their offspring coming into this world. You will have many romantic thoughts of having your baby with your handsome husband. You will have a lot of plans about your future as a would-be-mother. You will have to wait till your late twenties for your dream to come true. You can keep focusing on your career and other goals of your life till then.

Capricorn – Lucky Number 21

A Capricorn is a home bird and respects tradition and customs. You love your family and matured enough to handle a family with all the responsibilities. You will get married and plan your baby in early twenties. This does not over whelm you as you have superb qualities of a mother and you are highly disciplined. You can take complete control of your life and career. You will balance well. You will be comfortable having a baby at a young age and manage well.

Virgo –Twinkle at 30

A Virgo woman is a very practical person. She keeps postponing her child birth not because she does not lie to have children, but because she is more focused on her career. She is a very practical person does not want to give a back seat to he career.  However, she will see a twinkle of stars at 30. It will happen accidentally without any plan. You will see a bundle of joy coming in your life at that age.

Sagittarius – Turning 26?

Sagittarians are by nature very adventurous. They like to travel a lot. The idea of having a baby may scare them as they have to be tied to their family. You would probably plan to have a baby at the age of 26. It will obvious be a planned pregnancy. Gradually you will tone down your adventurous nature and you will start taking care of your family. You will defining your boundaries and confine to your family.

Leo – Lucky Number 33

You are very aggressive and ambitious. You want to pursue your goals first. You will stay focused on your professional goals and live like a lion. You will enjoy your life to the fullest and in your thirties, you will plan to have a baby. Your multi-tasking quality will come to use. You will take care of your baby, your family and your career. You will stand by your decision of motherhood and stand by it.

Cancer – 20 Years Young

Cancer is the sign of motherhood. You will be very caring and taking good care of your friends, class-mates and everyone around you. Since you have the quality, you are prepared to be a mother from the age of 23. Once you find an ideal life partner, you can plan your family and when to have a baby. You can have babies till your thirties, depending on how many you plan to have.

Scorpio – 27 Should Be Your First

This zodiac sign would love their children probably more than other zodiac signs. You will lead a very happy and romantic life till 27 and then decide to a baby. You will be very excited to have a baby. You have all the traits of a great mother. You will love your children a lot and deal with them with a lot of patience. You will teach them good values. You will never compromise as far as your children as concerned. You will give them the best of everything.

Aquarius – The Stars Say 34

This zodiac sign is a kid at heart. You are very flirtish by nature. You will never be prepared mentally to have a family. You like to be a happy go lucky person. You are very moody also. Don’t be in a hurry to start your family. You will be emotionally stable and more matured by 34. It’s the right age to plan for a baby. You will develop more patience. You will learn to deal with children.

Taurus – 22 Will Be the First of Many

This Zodiac sign will first look for a loving and caring partner who will take care of you and of your children. You are a very calm and balanced person. You will start your family at a very early age. You can plan to have children to the age of 31.You will read lo of information on parenting and gain knowledge. You will impart good values to your children. You have very strong family values, which you will teach your children.

Libra – Destined At 29

Librans are very balanced and they know how to balance between relationships. You will be a great parent. In your twenties, you will be busy because of the leadership positions you hold.  Having a first child may be scary, but once you have a baby then you will lose your fear and enjoy your motherhood. You will know to balance between your children when they quarrel and have sibling fights.

Gemini – Lucky Number 33

Gemini will have two souls. You will enjoy your life with your spouse and then will decide to have a new born at the age of 33.You will experience lot of happiness and joy by taking this decision. You will start preparing to have a baby from the time you conceived. You will make many plans for your baby’s arrival. You will be a great mom to your new born.

Aries – 19 Years Young

Aries denotes warrior sign. You are brutally frank and honest according to your horoscope. You don’t like laziness. You are very hardworking and well planned about your future. May be, this is the reason for you to start your family life at a very early age. You will get married by 19 and plan to have a baby by 21. Your first pregnancy may not be planned, but your bold and brave nature will never make you feel scary. This is because you are very confident and more matured for your age.

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Bedroom Vastu Tips for Married Couple and Happy Married Life

Vastu Tips for Bedroom for Newly Married Couple

For happy married life, it is very important that the energies and ambiance of the space in which newly married couples stay is positive. And for that, it is very important to know the Vastu tips for bedroom for married couples because that is one space which influences their body, mind and mood significantly. Vastu for bedroom for newly married couples unveils everything about setting the room right for cordial married life and compatibility between the couple.

There are various Vastu consultancy services in India and worldwide which offer helpful Vastu Shastra tips for bedroom. In this post, we have made an attempt to share these Vastu tips for bedroom for newly married couples to help them have a blissful married life without having to go to a consultant.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom for Married Couple and Happy Married Life

Here are some Vastu tips for bedroom for married couple to follow for a positive energy in the room:

  • Always sleep on beds made of wood as they emit warm energy.
  • Avoid having any kind of dark, dull or scary images or paintings inside couple’s bedroom.
  • There should be no kind of mirror in couple’s bedroom, especially right in front of the bed or adjacent to the bed.
  • There should be pleasant fragrance in the room for which fresh flowers can be placed to have positive energy.
  • No beam of light should be crossing over the bed.
  • It is not a very good idea to have television or computers inside the bedroom.
  • In case there is a television or computer then it must be kept covered when not in use.
  • Do not keep your office or work related things in your bedroom as they bring along stress.
  • Lamps emitting green and blue light are considered very helpful in creating happy moods between couples.

Vastu Shastra Bedroom Direction

The direction in which your room is placed also plays an important role in your marriage:

  • Never ever have couple’s bedroom in the North-East corner of the house as it causes problems in married life.
  • Having couple’s bedroom in South-East corner leads to frequent disputes and disagreements between the couple.
  • Best location to have bedroom for couple is either North-West or South-West corner of the house.
  • If the couple is elder then South-West direction is recommended.
  • If the couple is younger then North-West is the best corner to have bedroom.

Vastu for Couple Photos in Bedroom

Here are some tips based on Vastu for couple photos in bedroom which can bring more happiness in your marriage. Follow these Vastu tips for couple photos to restore love in your marital bond.

  • Hang beautiful pictures of your marriage or holidays on the eastern wall of the room.
  • Photos on eastern wall are believed to bring positivity in life.

Bed Position as Per Vastu for Bedroom

Learn about the Vastu sleeping position bedroom, placement of bed which also influence the harmony in marriage:

  • Placement of bed should be either in South-West or North-West direction of the bedroom.
  • Couple should sleep with their head facing South and feet facing North.

Vastu Colors for Bedroom

Colours influence the mood and therefore, it is very important to pick the right colours for couple’s bedroom:

  • The colours on the walls of couple’s bedroom have to be bright and light for soothing effect.
  • Brown, black, grey and cream should be avoided as they are very dull.

These are some of the Vastu tips for bedroom for newly married couple. Follow these guidelines based on Vastu to always have harmony and happiness in your married life.

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Vastu Astrology Tips To Have Happy Married Life
Vastu Tips for Happy Married Life

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Lead successful Married Life As Per Astrology, happy Marriage life in kundli and Horoscope

How to Lead Successful Married Life As Per Astrology

Your heart and mind are full of beautiful dreams when you get married. Each one of us dreams of a happy and successful marriage but it is not a blissful married life for everyone. That is where the role of planets and stars comes in picture.

Therefore, it is good to know which planet is responsible for happy married life. Unhappy married life astrology and happy married life predictions based on planetary positions in horoscope are possible by seeking services of a good astrologer.

In this post we have discussed marital happiness in astrology. We have talked about happy marriage indicators in astrology to help you have a blissful married life. So read on to find out everything about successful marriage in astrology.

Planetary Combinations for Happy Married Life

For blissful married life in astrology, given below are the best planetary combinations which one must look out for:

  • Second house is the house of marriage in the horoscope. Therefore, it has to be under the impact of benefic planets and only then the native will enjoy marital happiness.
  • Seventh house is also associated with marriage. Both, the 7th house and the lord of 7th house should be powerful and have a good placement in order to enjoy cordial association with your spouse.
  • Eight house is the associated with the family of the spouse. For a happy married life, it is important that this house is also influenced by benefic planets.
  • Auspicious planets are aspecting the lord of ascendant, 2nd, 7th and 8th house of the horoscope then there will be happiness in married life.

Unhappy Married Life in Kundali

Some people have an unhappy married life and that is because of some inauspicious combination in the kundli. Find out the yogas leading to unhappy married life in kundli as per astrology:

  • Presence of lord of 7th house in 6th house leads to lots of marital issues
  • 7th house is afflicted because of the present of malefic planet in ascendant
  • Aspecting of ascendant, 2nd, 7th and 8th house in Navashna Kundli
  • Presence of malefic planets in second house lead to conflicts amongst family members leading to a disturbed and stressful married life
  • 4th or 8th house aspected by malefic planet also leads to discord in marriage
  • There is no compatibility between the couple if the 12th house is aspected by malefic planet

Know Astrology can save your Marriage by consulting an astrologer who can help you with some remedies and tips to follow.

Happy Married Life Yog in Kundli and Horoscope

There are certain astrological combinations in horoscope which promise a happy married life. Given below are few such happy married life yog in kundli which assure happiness in marriage:

  • The 7th house in the horoscope must be strong and should not be close to any influence of malefic planets.
  • Placement of 7th house in center and influence of benefic aspects of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter promise a happy and blissful married life.
  • Mercury plays a significant role in marriage happiness. Placement of Mercury in auspicious house imparts the couple with a lot of patience and maturity during difficult times in life thereby imparting strength to their marital bond.
  • 2nd house is the house of marriage in a horoscope. When 2nd house is under the influence of auspicious planets then it again ensures happiness in marriage.

Married Life Astrology by Date of Birth

If you wish to know about the success in marriage then astrology gives you all the convenience to find that out. Married life astrology uses date of birth or your horoscope in making predictions about the future of marriage. Experienced astrologers undertake various kinds of calculations and combinations in order to conclude how will your marriage be. They are able to clearly state whether you will have a happy married life or an unhappy one because of the planetary equations, nakshatras present in your horoscope.

You can hire professional astrologer to do these horoscope readings for you to help you know everything about your married life.

Astrological Tips for Happy Married Life

Astrology helps in restoring the lost happiness in marriage. Given below are a few astrological remedies that will help you have a blissful and happy married life:

  • Offer water to Sun every day. While doing that stand on a wooden, rubber or blanket.
  • Plant tulsi in your house and worship it daily
  • Put two or more empty sugar bags in your terrace area or balcony

These also work as wonderful Astrological Remedies for Happy Married Life of Your Daughter.

Vedic Mantra for Happy Married Life Astrology

Here are some effective Vedic mantras that promise a happy married life in astrology:

Laxmi Narayan mantra for happy married life: “Om Shree Laxmi Narayanay Namah”

Parvati mantra for happy married life: “Om Hreem Yoginim Yogini Yogeswari Yoga Bhayankari Sakala Sthavara, Jangamasya Mukha Hridayam Mama Vasam akarsha Akarshaya Namaha ”

Mantra for stronger marital bond: “Om Mahayakshini Pati Mem Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha”

Vastu Remedies for Happy Married Life

You can enjoy happy married life with vastu. If you are thinking about vastu tips to have happy married life then here are some useful remedies:

  • Sleep in the room which is in North-West or South-West direction
  • Sleep with your head in south direction
  • Always use a wooden bed to sleep. Metal beds are a strict no
  • Use a single piece double mattress instead of two pieces of mattress
  • Always place the electronic gadgets at a reasonably good distance from your bed. The best thing is to not to have them at all.

Find out the most effective Gand Mool dosha remedies that are extremely helpful in having a comfortable life

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Second Marriage Horoscope Matching, 2nd Spouse vedic Astrology Predictions, remarriage

Second Marriage Horoscope Matching | 2nd Spouse Astrology Predictions

A Remarriage refers to a marriage which takes place after a previous marital or nuptial union has ended successfully- either through divorce or widowhood. There are some individuals who are more likely to get married again than others; the likelihood of a remarriage can differ from person to person based on the previous relationship status (i.e. divorced vs. widowed), the level of interest of the person in establishing a new romantic relationship again, the gender, race and age of the person among many other factors.

The concept of a 2nd Marriage or remarriage is becoming more and more relevant and popular nowadays. It would also be more relevant in the coming days ahead. The number of Divorces and separations is increasing rapidly in our society. As such, we need to analyze how to predict Second Marriage of a person in astrology.

The factors which are purely responsible for a remarriage or a second marriage in Vedic astrology are:

Ascendant – the nature and aptitude of the person, the mind and taste as well as his/her self identity

2nd house/lord– the longevity of spouse or the family life

7th house/lord – the love and matrimony as well as law suits of the wife or husband

9th house/lord– a signi-ficator of the concept of second marriage

Venus – the significator of wife

Jupiter – the Significator of husband

Why 9th House is considered the epitome for second Shaadi?

It has been mentioned several times that before venturing into any astrology yoga or second marriage prediction astrology given in our classics, one must crucially know about the culture thoroughly.

According to Hindu sastra, there is no OPTION for DIVORCE of a person. The promise which couples make in ‘7 phere’ is binding till the death relationship. In such a time attaining a divorce from a court does not hold value or end one’s promise; it only acts as a brute betrayal of promise by both the partners.

3H is referred as younger ones, the younger means ‘Born after’; therefore the 9H is 3H to 7H is the second shaadi.

Indication of Second Marriage in Astrology

Astrology predicts the second marriage for a person. to know about if there is scope of second marriage or not, the person needs to get a good astrological analysis done and the 9th House needs to be closely evaluated to find out the possibility of a second marriage. The mix of second marriage prediction vedic astrology as well as numerology is important in this case.

Reasons of Failure of the Second Marriage:

  • The foremost reason is the Unmatched horoscope. Due to unmatched horoscope of the second time partners, often second marriage breaks off soon. An unmatched second marriage prediction by date birth taken by an inexperienced astrologer gives bad results.
  • A decision taken in haste is always a bad decision. The decision which is taken in excitement by couples for a second marriage also becomes a main reason of problems in the marriage.
  • Untruthfulness is a crucial factor of a broken second marriage. Hiding the truth from the other partner- like some people hides information about the financial position, about their children, the nature of their parents or any health issues. This creates problems after the second marriage.
  • Violence in a marriage is bad- be it a first marriage or a second marriage. Violence with the partner which may be due to any drug intake or other cause also creates problem.
  • Sexual impotency among the couples or in one partner creates huge problems in the 2nd marriage.
  • In some cases, children from a previous relationship or a previous marriage also become a hindrance.

How To have a Successful Second Marriage?

  • As astronomical planets regularly and are continuously affects our lives, so we must use the good astrology ways to make our lives successful and better. Following are some of the ways which can be adopted well to make the 2nd marriage life successful.
  • If due to any malefic effects of a planet, a person is unable to lead a satisfactory second married life, then it is good for the couple to go for a grah shanti process. This is a good second marriage prediction.
  • If any kaalsarp dosha, pitra dosha or grahan dosha creates any problem for the couple, then it is necessary to go for a pooja to minimize the impacts of negativity and hurdles in married life. A good second marriage prediction in astrology, the astrologer would give good remedies for it.
  • Ghat vivah and kumbh vivah are also good processes to remove any hurdles in married life.
  • The couple wearing powerful gems stones is also helpful and a good way.
  • Performing a special anusthan to increase the power of positive planets in the married life can also be done.

However, it is necessary to go for a consultation before proceeding for any remedies since it as a crucial part of the entire life of a person. So it is better that the couple discusses their kundlis or share their date of birth online for queries and analysis related to second marriage with a good and expert astrologer.

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Get Solutions of Questions like Is There Second Marriage in my life?

To find out the probability of a second marriage in life, it is crucial a person consults an expert astrologer. The astrologer would do a careful analysis of the 9th House in the person’s horoscope and after an evaluation find the probability of the second marriage in his/her life. Also, if the astrologer finds any problems, then Second Marriage Problem Solutions would also be offered for a successful second married life.

Looking for a love marriage specialist astrologer in Jaipur to know future of your love marriage, kundali Milan, astrological problem solutions for inter cast marriage, love predictions.

How to Find Second Marriage in Kundli?

A Kundli or a horoscope is necessary to find about the second marriage astrology of a person. an astrologer can read the Kundli and find out the probability of a second marriage by the 9th House. A Kundli is a open book of the future of a person and holds the truth about the future of a person.

With the help of Vastu also, a person can have a Happy Married Life with Vastu.

In addition to that, one can also look for astrological love divorce problems in husband and Wife. For the parents who are seeking good match and a happy married life for their daughter, they can go for astrological Happy Married Life of Your Daughter readings to do an analysis of the daughter’s horoscope.

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