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How to Get Rid of Kaal Sarp Dosha in Horoscope, kundli

How to Get Rid of Kaal Sarp Dosh in Horoscope/kundli?

You must have come across the term “Kaal Sarp” in astrology. This is a combination found in horoscopes which is considered to be an inauspicious yoga because of various adverse Kaal Sarp dosh effects on marriage, Kaal Sarp dosh on childbirth and overall life of a person. There are different types of Kaal Sarp Yogas and comes with its own effects.

This post talks about Kaal Sarp effects in kundli along with Kaal Sarp Dosha remedies.

What is Kaal Sarp Dosh in Kundli

Kaal Sarp Dosh in Horoscope/kundli surfaces when all the planets in the horoscope fall between Rahu and Ketu. As per astrology, these two planets are imaginary planets, with former being the head and latter being the tail of the snake. There are 12 different types of Kaal Sarp yog, each differing in its effects and intensity of effects and out of these Anant Kaal Sarp dosha has the strongest influence on the life of the native. Depending upon the numbers of planet falling between Rahu and Ketu, the Kaal Sarp yog effect on life changes.

How Bad is Kaal Sarp Dosh

We all considered Kaal Sarp Dosh as bad but in reality it is not that bad as well. On the contrary, many successful people have Kaal Sarp yoga in their horoscope. This means that in some cases, Kaal Sarp yoga brings impressive success to people. The aspects of life which witness negative effect of this combination are mostly personal relationships, marriage, childbirth, threat to the life of loved ones etc. Because of the bad effect on these aspects of life, this combination is considered harmful by everyone, whereas, on the other side, it does help people enjoy success in their lives.

How Do You Know If You Have Kaal Sarp Dosh

You can know that you are suffering from Kaal Sarp yog in kundli if you have experienced any of the below mentioned symptoms:

  • You feel lonely in life and there is just struggle in your life
  • You dream of water bodies
  • You dream of snakes
  • You dream of your own house
  • You often see images of dead people in dreams
  • You constantly life in some kind of fear
  • You are scared of snakes and snake bites
  • They suffer from fear of high places or lonely places

Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran at Home

We have come up with some small Kaal Sarp Dosh nivaran remedies which you can perform easily at home without any special assistance of a pandit:

  • Perform general Lord Shiv pooja on daily basis. Offering water on Shivling and lighting a diya in front on regular basis can help you remarkably.
  • Make donations to poor once in a month. Donating on day of birth nakshatra every month is extremely helpful.
  • Have meals in the kitchen only as this also has a positive impact on the native suffering from this yog.
  • Try and visit one of these Shiv temples once in the lifetime: Trambakeshwar in Nashik or Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain or Srikalahasti temple.

Mantra to Remove Kaal Sarp Dosh

Given below are few months which are very effective in reducing the bad effect of Kaal Sarp Dosh:

  • Chant Panchakshari Manta i.e. Om Namah Shivaya every day for 108 times
  • Chant Maha Mritunjay Mantra for 108 times every day
  • Chant Kaal Sarp Gayatri Mantra
  • Chant Beej Mantra of Rahu 108 times while keeping a string of Agate in hand
Astrological Remedies to Get Rid of Enemies, Powerful Mantra

Astrological Remedies to Get Rid of Enemies | Powerful Mantra

Sometimes we end up having enemies without any reason. There can be various reasons people done like you but once you know that you don’t feel comfortable and you get affected with it. In such a scenario, we all want that we distance from our enemies or get rid of them in whichever way possible.

That’s the reason we have astro remedies to get rid of enemies. Put an end to the enmity others have for you with enemy problem and astrology solutions offered by this amazing science. Follow these effective and simple destroy enemies astrological remedies that promise wonderful results and bring peace in life.

Given below are some of these astrological remedies that help you keep your enemies keep a distance away.

Astrology Remedy For Destroy Enemies

Given below are some very helpful asto remedies to get rid of enemies with ease. Follow these remedies so that you don’t have to worry about your enemies any longer.

Wearing Shammi Tree Beads

  • Wear beads around your neck made using the roots of Shammi tree, either in red or black coloured thread
  • Wear it on Monday or Saturday

Wearing Yellow Clothes

  • Sit on a yellow mat wearing yellow clothes
  • Chant “Auma Hraeema” continuously for 108 times
  • Your enemies will vanish from your life on doing this on regular basis

Writing the name on Bhoj Patra

  • Take a parchment paper and write your enemy’s name on it using red sandalwood
  • Keep it dipped in a container in honey
  • Efforts of your enemy will get diluted

Offer prayer to Lord Hanuman

  • Everyday recite Hanuman Chalisa
  • Offer jaggery to Lord Hanuman
  • He will protect you from your enemy

Take mix of pulses

  • 38 grains of uncooked Urad Dal, 40 grains of uncooked rice are to be mixed together
  • Bury them in the ground and squeeze lemon over it while chanting the name of your enemy
  • This will help the enemy pacify

How to Get Rid of Enemies at Work

Most of us have enemies at work which are constantly bothering us. Given below are some astro remedies that help in getting rid of enemies at work so that you can focus on your work:

  • On the Saturday or Tuesday of Krishna Paksha, offer “chola” to Lord Hanuman at an auspicious time. Also chant Hanuman Chalisa 108 times without getting up from your place and simultaneously pray for protection from enemy.
  • Every day burn two cloves in front of Lord Hanuman as you recite Hanuman Chailsa and then put a tilak of cloves’ ashes which work as a protection from enemy on daily basis.
  • Install Siddha Baglamukhi Yantra as it is considered to be very effective in protecting your home, office and other places from evil eye.
  • Siddha Mahakali Yantra is also another very effective yantra which offers protection from enemy and negative energies.

Mantra to Remove Enemy from your Life

Indian culture and astrology have effective mantras for all problems in life. Here, we have shared a few powerful mantras to destroy enemies. With these mantras to overcome enemies, you can live a stress free life. Find out these mantras to protect family from enemies and use these mantras to stop enemy and enjoy a peaceful and positive life.

Stamban Mantra

It is a powerful mantra to destroy the enemy. Recite this mantra with complete devotion 108 times by taking the name of your enemy. 

“Om kreem hoom kreem sarv shatru stambhinee ghor kaalikaayai phat”

Durga Mantra

Light a ghee diya in front of Durga Maa and offer flowers. Start from an auspicious day. On the first day, chant this mantra for 11 malas followed by 1 mala each day to completely destroy your enemy.

“Om Dam Damnay Shatru Nashaay Phat” 

Surya Mantra

Chant this mantra everyday for 108 times to get rid off your enemies. Not only this, it also helps you bring back your reputation.

“Shatru Nashay Om Hreem Suryaya Namah” 

Vastu Tips to Defeat Enemies

Vastu Shastra also plays a significant role in helping you defeat your enemy. Just by making few changes in your home or office, you can keep enemies away. Here are some Vastu tips to defeat enemy:

  • Place “Om”, “Swastik” or “Trishul” on both sides of the entrance of your home. This will kill all the negative energy entering your house.
  • Take one fist full Black Sarso, Yellow Sarso and whole Black Pepper in a cloth and make a potli. Hang this potli on a Saturday in South West corner of your house. After 8 days, remove it and put it under the soil at a far away distance.
  • If there is a water tank in South West corner then keep it covered with a red coloured lid.
  • If there is kitchen in the South West corner then keep the level raised and paint it in yellow colour.
  • If there is toilet in South West corner then always keep the door of the toilet closed and place an Energy Pyramid in that corner.
  • Place Siddha Baglamukhi Yantra in South West corner of the house. Every Saturday and Tuesday, light incense in front of this yantra.

Enemy Problem Solution by Indian Astrologer

You can find focused astrological solutions for enemy problem by Indian astrologer. You can consult the astrologer to find best astro remedies to get rid of enemies in best way possible and have a peaceful and progressive life.

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Lead successful Married Life As Per Astrology, happy Marriage life in kundli and Horoscope

How to Lead Successful Married Life As Per Astrology

Your heart and mind are full of beautiful dreams when you get married. Each one of us dreams of a happy and successful marriage but it is not a blissful married life for everyone. That is where the role of planets and stars comes in picture.

Therefore, it is good to know which planet is responsible for happy married life. Unhappy married life astrology and happy married life predictions based on planetary positions in horoscope are possible by seeking services of a good astrologer.

In this post we have discussed marital happiness in astrology. We have talked about happy marriage indicators in astrology to help you have a blissful married life. So read on to find out everything about successful marriage in astrology.

Planetary Combinations for Happy Married Life

For blissful married life in astrology, given below are the best planetary combinations which one must look out for:

  • Second house is the house of marriage in the horoscope. Therefore, it has to be under the impact of benefic planets and only then the native will enjoy marital happiness.
  • Seventh house is also associated with marriage. Both, the 7th house and the lord of 7th house should be powerful and have a good placement in order to enjoy cordial association with your spouse.
  • Eight house is the associated with the family of the spouse. For a happy married life, it is important that this house is also influenced by benefic planets.
  • Auspicious planets are aspecting the lord of ascendant, 2nd, 7th and 8th house of the horoscope then there will be happiness in married life.

Unhappy Married Life in Kundali

Some people have an unhappy married life and that is because of some inauspicious combination in the kundli. Find out the yogas leading to unhappy married life in kundli as per astrology:

  • Presence of lord of 7th house in 6th house leads to lots of marital issues
  • 7th house is afflicted because of the present of malefic planet in ascendant
  • Aspecting of ascendant, 2nd, 7th and 8th house in Navashna Kundli
  • Presence of malefic planets in second house lead to conflicts amongst family members leading to a disturbed and stressful married life
  • 4th or 8th house aspected by malefic planet also leads to discord in marriage
  • There is no compatibility between the couple if the 12th house is aspected by malefic planet

Know Astrology can save your Marriage by consulting an astrologer who can help you with some remedies and tips to follow.

Happy Married Life Yog in Kundli and Horoscope

There are certain astrological combinations in horoscope which promise a happy married life. Given below are few such happy married life yog in kundli which assure happiness in marriage:

  • The 7th house in the horoscope must be strong and should not be close to any influence of malefic planets.
  • Placement of 7th house in center and influence of benefic aspects of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter promise a happy and blissful married life.
  • Mercury plays a significant role in marriage happiness. Placement of Mercury in auspicious house imparts the couple with a lot of patience and maturity during difficult times in life thereby imparting strength to their marital bond.
  • 2nd house is the house of marriage in a horoscope. When 2nd house is under the influence of auspicious planets then it again ensures happiness in marriage.

Married Life Astrology by Date of Birth

If you wish to know about the success in marriage then astrology gives you all the convenience to find that out. Married life astrology uses date of birth or your horoscope in making predictions about the future of marriage. Experienced astrologers undertake various kinds of calculations and combinations in order to conclude how will your marriage be. They are able to clearly state whether you will have a happy married life or an unhappy one because of the planetary equations, nakshatras present in your horoscope.

You can hire professional astrologer to do these horoscope readings for you to help you know everything about your married life.

Astrological Tips for Happy Married Life

Astrology helps in restoring the lost happiness in marriage. Given below are a few astrological remedies that will help you have a blissful and happy married life:

  • Offer water to Sun every day. While doing that stand on a wooden, rubber or blanket.
  • Plant tulsi in your house and worship it daily
  • Put two or more empty sugar bags in your terrace area or balcony

These also work as wonderful Astrological Remedies for Happy Married Life of Your Daughter.

Vedic Mantra for Happy Married Life Astrology

Here are some effective Vedic mantras that promise a happy married life in astrology:

Laxmi Narayan mantra for happy married life: “Om Shree Laxmi Narayanay Namah”

Parvati mantra for happy married life: “Om Hreem Yoginim Yogini Yogeswari Yoga Bhayankari Sakala Sthavara, Jangamasya Mukha Hridayam Mama Vasam akarsha Akarshaya Namaha ”

Mantra for stronger marital bond: “Om Mahayakshini Pati Mem Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha”

Vastu Remedies for Happy Married Life

You can enjoy happy married life with vastu. If you are thinking about vastu tips to have happy married life then here are some useful remedies:

  • Sleep in the room which is in North-West or South-West direction
  • Sleep with your head in south direction
  • Always use a wooden bed to sleep. Metal beds are a strict no
  • Use a single piece double mattress instead of two pieces of mattress
  • Always place the electronic gadgets at a reasonably good distance from your bed. The best thing is to not to have them at all.

Find out the most effective Gand Mool dosha remedies that are extremely helpful in having a comfortable life

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Remedies astrology weight loss - Weight Gain Mantra

Astrological Remedies for Weight Loss | Weight Gain Mantra

There is a strong connection between weight gain and the placement of the grihas (planets). It is through a good evaluation and study of the birth chart that the factors responsible for the weight gain can be found out and solutions can be advised accordingly. As per Indian Astrology, Jupiter planet is a big influence in the weight matters. Jupiter holds the tendency of the body to retain fat, obesity, eating habit and a bulging abdomen. If the Jupiter planet is in a favorable position, then obesity like issues doesn’t occur.

How Vedic Astrology can help you Lose Weight

Vedic astrology and weight has a deep rooted connection as the planetary movements influence the weight loss and gain factors of a person. The planet Jupiter is responsible for the weight matters. If the Jupiter remains in a favorable place in native 6th house, there would be favorable weight loss of the person. The bad placement of the planet Jupiter would lead to obesity issues and weight issues in a person. As such, a good analysis of the birth chart is required to rule out the factors that are responsible.

Connection between Planets & Weight Loss

The movement of planets leads to the weight loss or gain of a person. A good analysis of the birth chart of a person would show the placement of the planets and their connection in weight loss or weight gain. After that, astrology would give proper solutions and remedies for effective weight loss.

Vedic Astrology Techniques for Weight Loss

According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter planet is responsible for the weight loss or weight gain of the person. If Jupiter is in the proper place, the person would have weight loss and a favorable weight count. Astrological remedies are always available for the students to regulate the weight of a person looking forward to weight loss.

Vedic Mantras for Loss Weight

Durga Mantra for Weight Loss

Chant five rosaries of this mantra by jyotish remedies for weight loss to get slim regularly facing east regularly. ‘Om Rati Rati Maharati Kaamdev Ki Duhai Sansar Ki Sundari Bhuvan Mohini Anangpriya Mere Sharir Me Aave Ang Ang Sudhare Jo Na Sudhare To Kaamdev Par Vajra Pade’.

Agni Gayatri Mantra Weight Loss

This Vedic mantra weight control should be chanted regularly for losing excess weight from the body. ‘Vaishvanaraya Vidhmahe Lalelaya Dhimahi Tano Agni Prachodayat Tano Agni Prachodayat’ needs to be chanted religiously to have its desired effects.

Shabar Mantra for Weight Loss

Chant this beautiful mantra by weight loss horoscope regularly five times to become slim faster. Face towards the east direction and chant this mantra. ‘Om Rati Rati Maharati Kaamdev Ki Duhai Sansar Ki Sundari Bhuvan Mohini Anangpriya Mere Sharir Me Aave Ang Ang Sudhare Jo Na Sudhare To Kaamdev Par Vajra Pade’.

How Vedic Astrology can help you for Weight Gain!

Vedic astrology gives solutions to people regarding astrology weight loss or weight gain. According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter is the planet responsible for weight loss Vedic astrology and weight gain Vedic astrology of a person. If the planet Jupiter is in the right position and house, then the weight of the person is balanced and proper. An unbalanced Jupiter in weight loss transit astrology would lead to obesity problems and being fat and astrology in a person. One can get good astrological remedies for obesity from an expert astrologer.

Vastu Advice for Physical Fitness and Health

Vaastu plays an important role in the physical fitness and health of a person. A health issue or a health related problem can be a sign of an imbalanced Vaastu or Vaastu defects. As such, the person should get a Vaastu expert to have a good look into it.

Astrological Yog for Becoming a Successful Doctor

In astrological world, the profession is determined from the 1st, 2nd, 10th and 11th houses. When the lords of these houses have direct connection with the Sun and planets Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter, the person can become a successful doctor.

Medical Health Problems and Remedies

To get to know about medical problems and remedies, a good consultation with an astrologer and an analysis of the birth chart is required. Different planets are associated with different parts of the human body. As such, a careful analysis would reveal the problems and remedies.

I highly recommend you to read this Astrological Remedies for Heart Diseases or Attacks for the prevention.

Pregnancy Problems and Astrology Solutions 

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Best Prayers Mantra to save a marriage from divorce

Prayers or Mantra to Save a Marriage from Divorce

Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships but it requires efforts from both the partners to make it work. The husband and the wife have to face good and bad times together to last it forever. We are aware that not all marriages end in romance, some end in pain and separation. It is the effect of planets and stars that sometimes leads to situations like divorce.

These days there has been a rise in divorce percentage. It is so because people have lost control over their ego and no one wants to compromise. Ending a marriage is not a solution but dealing with the situation with maturity is surely one. We must know that situations like divorce can be handled effectively with patience and understanding. It is a difficult process for both the partners and each of them equally suffers. If you are undergoing the similar situation then this post can be of extreme help to you as it focused on the best of astrological mantras and prayers that help save marriage.

Mantras That Help Avoid Divorce and Save Marriage

Here are a few mantras which if chanted regularly by the couple, help them restore the understanding that is lost in their marital bond. These mantras to stop divorce or separation are very powerful mantras for marriage.

Tulsi Gayatri Mantra

Husband and wife are recommended to chant this mantra separately to reap wonderful benefits of this mantra. This mantra aims at restoring the missing love in your marriage. If chanted regularly, the relationship blooms with happiness and prospers. Chant this powerful mantra to avoid divorce as it is known to be the best mantra for happy married life.

“Om Tripuray Vidmahe Tulsi Patray Dhimahi Tanno: Tulsi Prachodayat”

Vashikaran Mantra

Vashikaran mantra to stop divorce is another very powerful mantra which helps in controlling thoughts related with seeking divorce as usually in a marriage, there is one person who demands separation. By putting to an end to such thoughts, this mantra helps in bringing mutual reconciliation.

“Om Shreem Hreem Puran Grihsth Sukh Shidhye Hreem Shreem Om Namah”

Swayamvara Parvathi Moola Mantra

Another remedy to stop divorce is chanting Swayamvara Parvathi Moola mantra. By chanting this mantra, you can kill the negative energies present in your relationship and save your marriage from divorce or separation. It also brings happiness in your relationship. This is a very effective Shiv Parvati mantra for happy marriage. You may also chant this Lord Shiva Mantra for love marriage.

“Om Hreem Yogini Yogini Yogeswari Yoga Bhayankari Sakala Sthavara

Jangamasya Mukha Hrudayam Mama Vasam Akarsha Akarshaya Namaha:”

These are a few mantras which can surely help you save your marriage from separation.

you can know kaal Sarp Yog Effects on Marriage

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