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Play with your lucky Colors on this Holi as Per your Zodiac Sign Astrology, Horoscope

Play with your lucky Colors on this Holi as Per your Zodiac Sign Predictions

Holi is the festival of colors. This festival is celebrated by all age groups and by male and female. This festival is celebrated wishing everyone a bright and colorful life. Every color has its own significance in human life. Every color has its own impact on us. This festival denotes that our life will have many shades and we must enjoy each and every shade and color, appreciating its importance and significance. On this festival of colors, let us understand which color is lucky for which zodiac sign and what colors should be avoided.


This zodiac sign is very energetic and enthusiastic to celebrate this festival of Holi. They love to interact with people. The colors which are considered lucky for them are red, copper, yellow green. These colors will bring peace and harmony in your life. It is advised to use these colors very often.

Avoid color: Black


This zodiac sign will celebrate this festival with zeal. They are the lovers of all beautiful things. To have more energy and to keep things uncomplicated, they must play with colors like pink, blue, white and green.

Avoid Color: Red


This zodiac sign will love playing with colors on Holi. They are very social and will interact with many friends and relatives. To keep up this spirit of joy and happiness they must play with yellow, blue, pink, green, and Purple.

Avoid Color: Red and Black


This zodiac sign likes to celebrate Holi with like-minded people. They feel very comfortable in small groups and like-minded groups. To keep away negative energy and to have harmony and peace, they must play with white, red, yellow and green.

Avoid Color: Blue


Holi is a perfect occasion for this zodiac sign to have a lot of fun. They will enjoy all the attention and will be in limelight. They are very bright and bold. To match their personality, they should play with purple, burnt orange, all shades of gold or blood red.

Avoid Color: Black


This zodiac sign will spend little time playing with colors and the rest of the time socializing with family and friends. They love to spend time feasting with their near and dear ones. They have their own natural way to welcome. Colors to play for this Holi are brown, navy, peach and yellow.

Avoid Color: Red and black


This zodiac sign always like celebrations and they like to celebrate Holi is a special and unique way. They plan well in advance and celebrate this festival in a grand way. To spread his festive mood, you should play with lavender, violet, and baby blue colors.

Avoid Color: Green and Yellow


This zodiac sign always like to be in known closed groups and they like harmony and peace. To preserve this peace and harmony, they must play with blood red, black, maroon and burgundy. These colors will spread happiness in your life.

Avoid Color: Blue and white


This zodiac sign is the most high spirited and full of energy. They are very cheerful and trustworthy. They want the best of everything. To match their unmatched energy levels, they must go for Purple, Indigo, Vermillion, plum and dark blue. These are the perfect colors for them.

Avoid Color: Red and Black


This zodiac sign like to indulge very little in colors. They play for some time and prefer to interact with people around them. They are very down to the earth. The best color to go is charcoal grey.

Avoid Color: Cream and Yellow


This zodiac sign just loves to play with water and colors. They will have lot of fun playing with the colors. The best colors to play for Aquarians is shades of blue. This shade will bring lo of happiness to you.

Avoid Color: Orange and Red


This water loving zodiac sign will enjoy this festival of Holi with all their near and dear ones. They will love getting dipped and splashing water. The Pisces should play with sea blue, sea green shades, and all mild shades.

Avoid Color: Dark shades

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Best Age To Have A Baby Based On Your Zodiac Sign, get Pregnant, get married

Best Age To Have A Baby Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It’s always nice to know when you should have a baby. What is the good time or a bad time in your horoscope to have a baby and according to astrology when will i get pregnant. Astrology is a science which can predict when to have a baby. You should know your zodiac sign thoroughly. It may be difficult to believe but astrology and zodiac pregnancy predictor has proved successful in determining the age to get pregnant. Let us understand when is the best and worst age to get pregnant for the twelve zodiac signs. These predictions will help you to plan your life and set your goals for pregnancy planning to have a family. You may think that this is the right age is plan to postpone the decision to have a baby. But reality is that the constellation should shower its blessings on you. This constellation has its own impact on each zodiac sign based on your date of birth.

Pisces – 28 is the Perfect Age

Pisceans are great imaginative people. They dream of their offspring coming into this world. You will have many romantic thoughts of having your baby with your handsome husband. You will have a lot of plans about your future as a would-be-mother. You will have to wait till your late twenties for your dream to come true. You can keep focusing on your career and other goals of your life till then.

Capricorn – Lucky Number 21

A Capricorn is a home bird and respects tradition and customs. You love your family and matured enough to handle a family with all the responsibilities. You will get married and plan your baby in early twenties. This does not over whelm you as you have superb qualities of a mother and you are highly disciplined. You can take complete control of your life and career. You will balance well. You will be comfortable having a baby at a young age and manage well.

Virgo –Twinkle at 30

A Virgo woman is a very practical person. She keeps postponing her child birth not because she does not lie to have children, but because she is more focused on her career. She is a very practical person does not want to give a back seat to he career.  However, she will see a twinkle of stars at 30. It will happen accidentally without any plan. You will see a bundle of joy coming in your life at that age.

Sagittarius – Turning 26?

Sagittarians are by nature very adventurous. They like to travel a lot. The idea of having a baby may scare them as they have to be tied to their family. You would probably plan to have a baby at the age of 26. It will obvious be a planned pregnancy. Gradually you will tone down your adventurous nature and you will start taking care of your family. You will defining your boundaries and confine to your family.

Leo – Lucky Number 33

You are very aggressive and ambitious. You want to pursue your goals first. You will stay focused on your professional goals and live like a lion. You will enjoy your life to the fullest and in your thirties, you will plan to have a baby. Your multi-tasking quality will come to use. You will take care of your baby, your family and your career. You will stand by your decision of motherhood and stand by it.

Cancer – 20 Years Young

Cancer is the sign of motherhood. You will be very caring and taking good care of your friends, class-mates and everyone around you. Since you have the quality, you are prepared to be a mother from the age of 23. Once you find an ideal life partner, you can plan your family and when to have a baby. You can have babies till your thirties, depending on how many you plan to have.

Scorpio – 27 Should Be Your First

This zodiac sign would love their children probably more than other zodiac signs. You will lead a very happy and romantic life till 27 and then decide to a baby. You will be very excited to have a baby. You have all the traits of a great mother. You will love your children a lot and deal with them with a lot of patience. You will teach them good values. You will never compromise as far as your children as concerned. You will give them the best of everything.

Aquarius – The Stars Say 34

This zodiac sign is a kid at heart. You are very flirtish by nature. You will never be prepared mentally to have a family. You like to be a happy go lucky person. You are very moody also. Don’t be in a hurry to start your family. You will be emotionally stable and more matured by 34. It’s the right age to plan for a baby. You will develop more patience. You will learn to deal with children.

Taurus – 22 Will Be the First of Many

This Zodiac sign will first look for a loving and caring partner who will take care of you and of your children. You are a very calm and balanced person. You will start your family at a very early age. You can plan to have children to the age of 31.You will read lo of information on parenting and gain knowledge. You will impart good values to your children. You have very strong family values, which you will teach your children.

Libra – Destined At 29

Librans are very balanced and they know how to balance between relationships. You will be a great parent. In your twenties, you will be busy because of the leadership positions you hold.  Having a first child may be scary, but once you have a baby then you will lose your fear and enjoy your motherhood. You will know to balance between your children when they quarrel and have sibling fights.

Gemini – Lucky Number 33

Gemini will have two souls. You will enjoy your life with your spouse and then will decide to have a new born at the age of 33.You will experience lot of happiness and joy by taking this decision. You will start preparing to have a baby from the time you conceived. You will make many plans for your baby’s arrival. You will be a great mom to your new born.

Aries – 19 Years Young

Aries denotes warrior sign. You are brutally frank and honest according to your horoscope. You don’t like laziness. You are very hardworking and well planned about your future. May be, this is the reason for you to start your family life at a very early age. You will get married by 19 and plan to have a baby by 21. Your first pregnancy may not be planned, but your bold and brave nature will never make you feel scary. This is because you are very confident and more matured for your age.

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The Best Career Choice for My Zodiac Sign

If you are not enjoying your present or you are too confused with what career to opt for then solving this mystery by exploring best career choices for your zodiac sign can be of great help. Finding out zodiac signs career path by knowing the best careers for each sign can clear all the confusion for you.

In this post, we have come up with career choices for all the 12 zodiac signs. So if you wish to know best careers for Capricorn woman or you want to know what careers do Capricorns enjoy then this post can be of great help to you. Read on and find out what career choices are best for your sun sign.

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Aries (March 21 – April 19)

You are innovative. You don’t mind taking chances and have the potential to make your wonderful ideas take a real shape. You are adventurous and enjoy taking risks in life.

Best Career Choices for Aries:

  • Soldier
  • Personal Trainers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Rescue Worker
  • Career in Sports

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus are stable and calm. They aim for a balanced life without losing on their stability while still keeping it new and challenging.

Best Career Choices for Taurus:

  • Chef
  • Designer
  • Lawyer
  • Educator
  • Accountant etc.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Gemini zodiac sign is blessed with amazing skills to communicate. They can effortlessly bring all kinds of people together and work as a connection between them.

Best Career Choices for Gemini:

  • Translator
  • Journalist
  • Stockbroker
  • Stylist
  • Makeup artist etc.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer are creative souls. They have immense knowledge and experience. They are very trustworthy, even when they don’t seem so.

Best Career Choices for Cancer:

  • Teacher
  • Soldier
  • Human resource
  • Gardener
  • Social Worker etc.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leos are very passionate about their work and whatever they do, they do it with utmost dedication. For them, work and play are of equal importance.

Best Career Choices for Leo:

  • Real estate agent
  • Performer
  • Fashion designer
  • Inspirational speaker
  • Politician etc.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos are very practical and they always aim for perfection. They can work on details and come with an amazing observation power which others fail to miss on.

Best Career Choices for Virgo:

  • Detective
  • Writer or editor
  • Landscaper
  • Critic
  • Statistician etc.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Librans know how to strike the balance. They do well when they have to work on finding the equilibrium in work relationships. They are constantly working hard to improve themselves.

Best Career Choices for Libra:

  • Cultural critic
  • Negotiator
  • Diplomat
  • Salesperson
  • Supervisor etc.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

The sixth sense of Scorpions makes them take powerful decisions. Their intuition never ditches them. They don’t mind taking chances and taking stands.

Best Career Choices for Scorpio:

  • Successful doctor and surgeon
  • Detective
  • Social worker
  • Scientist
  • Lawyer etc.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius are always interested in adventurous things. They cannot work on details and they want a bigger canvas. They believe more in action than in planning.

Best Career Choices for Sagittarius:

  • Pilot and air hostess
  • Public relation
  • Teacher
  • Coach
  • Travel guide etc.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorns create their own path. They are confident and love to take challenges. They usually opt for choices which others find the most difficult. They are born with leadership skills.

Best Career Choices for Capricorn:

  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • Banker
  • Editor etc.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius is always looking for something new. You take inspiration from anything different. You don’t like to follow the rules and you have your own choice of doing things which might not be the regular ones.

Best Career Choices for Aquarius:

  • Designer
  • Inventor
  • Scientist
  • Astronaut
  • Technological innovator etc.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces love to work with the freedom to express their feelings and thoughts. They are born with an artistic mind and for them judgment has no place.

Best Career Choices for Pisces:

  • Philanthropist
  • Psychologist
  • Artist
  • Veterinarian etc.

After reading the career for Cancer woman, Capricorn careers and hobbies, Taurus professional choices, you can now easily make a choice for your career using these best fitted career options for all the zodiacs.

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Donate As per Astrology - Donation Remedies in kundli

What to Donate, Which is Important to Donate As per Astrology

Donation means Daan and as per astrology, it has an important place in life. We all must donate as per astrology because it is helpful in getting rid of many health and other problems. That’s the reason, in Hindu culture we have many days in Lunar calendar which promote all of us to donate as per astrology. Occasions like Makar Sankranti are celebrated by making daan for good health, happiness and success in life. Moreover, there are various Charity/donation remedies in astrology.

What to Donate?

If you intend to donate then you must know that what you must donate. Here are some of things which fall in the list which we must donate as per astrology:


  • You can always improve your financial conditions by donating clothes
  • The clothes that you donate should not be old or torn. They should be of the same quality clothes that you wear.
  • For getting money from your father’s side, donate big clothes.
  • To avoid wasting your money on medical, donate shiny clothes.
  • To avoid financial lows and highs, donate pretty and durable clothes.


  • Donating food or pulses prevents shortage of food.
  • Donating uncooked food is to be donated as per astrology.
  • There are different food items that you must donate as per the positioning of planets in your horoscope.
  • Always make these donations to people who are below your level.


  • Donating metals is suggested in special conditions and to special people.
  • What metal to donate will depend upon the horoscope of the native.

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Which is Important to Donate as per Astrology?

Donate as per astrology based on the problems and planetary positions:

  • Sun: Donate on Sunday red flowers, red clothes, wheat, jaggery, bel fruit, Copper etc.
  • Moon: Donate on Monday milk, mishri, white clothes, pearl, silver, rice etc.
  • Mars: Donate on Tuesdays sesame seeds, red clothes, red flowers, red sandalwood, copper, jaggery, whole masoor dal etc.
  • Mercury: Donate on Wednesdays green clothes, plants, trees, green vegetables, paneer, sugar, edible oil etc.
  • Jupiter: Donate on Thursdays turmeric, jaggery, gold, books, yellow laddos, yellow sapphire, cow, chana daal etc.
  • Venus: Donate on Fridays sweets in white colour and made of milk, white clothes, pearl, silver, sugar, ghee etc.
  • Saturn: Donate on Saturday oil, iron, money, blanket, horse, perfume, whole urad dal, chappatis etc.
  • Rahu: Donate on Saturdays blue and black clothes, curry, mustard, sandalwood, perfume etc.
  • Ketu: Donate on Saturday night or early Sunday morning sesame seeds, silver, chappatis without ghee etc.

Donate According to Your Kundli and Earn Wealth, Fame

Donate According to Your Kundli and Earn Wealth, Fame
Donate According to Your Kundli

Donations must always be made as per the planetary positions in your kundli. It will be very much subjective to the native’s horoscope that what he should be donating to tone down the adverse effects of planets.

If you want to earn wealth and fame in life then you must donate CLOTHES. By donating clothes, you can strengthen your financial conditions. Donating beautiful and good quality clothes ensures that you maintain a good financial status in life.

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Donation Remedies in Astrology

There are various donation remedies in astrology but they are very much specific to whom you donate and what you donate in order to earn the best of the benefits of daan.

Blood Donation as per Astrology

Blood Donation as per Astrology
Blood Donation as per Astrology

Blood donation is important as per astrology. For instance, Mars is known to be an aggressive planet and causes reasons in which a person might lose blood. For a person who has Mangal dosh, donating blood is a very good option. This can save the native from injuries and accidents.

Why Donating Clothes is Good?

Why Donating Clothes is Good - Astrology
Donation Clothes as per Astrology

Donating clothes is considered very good because it is beneficial for healthier finances and wealth of the native.

What to Donate on Birthday Astrology?

Based on your horoscope, you must know the weak planets and donate things which empower strength to those specific planets.

Things to Donate on Amavasya

Donating silver, sesame seeds, salt, cotton, cow etc. on Amavasya are considered to be very beneficial.

What to Donate on Ekadashi

Donating food on the occasion of Ekadashi is considered to be very auspicious. Donate food to the needy.

What to Donate on Purnima

Donate kheer made with rice and milk on Purnima is very beneficial.

Daan for Good Health

For good health, donating wheat on Sunday is recommended.

What to Donate on Monday

As per astrology, donate every Monday rice, white clothes, white flowers etc. for benefits.

What to Donate on Tuesday

On Tuesday, donate red flowers, red sandalwood, red clothes, copper vessel are considered very good.

What to Donate on Thursday

Donate turmeric, whole chana daal, yellow sapphire stone, yellow clothes etc. are very beneficial.

What to Donate on Friday

On Fridays, donate white coloured clothes or flowers, pearl, silver, sweets made of milk and white in colour.

What to Donate on Saturday

Donating sesame seeds, iron, whole urad daal, black clothes etc. on Saturday is auspicious as per astrology.

This is a generalized prediction on donations but if you wish to know what is the best to donate as per astrology then having it consulted with an astrologer will get you best remedies based on your horoscope. (*charges applicable)

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Ketu Mahadasha Astrological Benefits, Ketu nivaran, Ketu effects and Ketu remedies

Ketu Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology | Ketu Dasha Effects

Usually people consider Rahu and Ketu along with Shani as bad planets. Most of us get scared and worried when we find out that we have mahadasha of any of these planets going on in our lives. Technically, there is no good or bad planet in astrology. It depends on lots of factors which determine the effect of planet and their mahadashas. Therefore, if you have Ketu Mahadasha in your horoscope then it can both have positive or negative effects.

Ketu is a planet which represents detachment, meditation, spirituality, enlightenment, salvation, self realization etc. Because it is the lower portion of body, it means it doesn’t have any eyes and that’s the reason people feel dissatisfied even when they have everything. Ketu Mahadasha has a duration of 7 years. During this span, the person experiences detachment from the materialistic world. He loses interest in wealth and family. All those people who have Jupiter or Sun strong in their birth chart are expected to have good effects of this astrological position. But this may not be true all the times because there are various other factors on which the calculations are made in astrology. On a broader level, all those people who are born in Aquarius, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn ascendant will get benefited with this mahadasha.

Ketu Mahadasha: Good Effects

  • It gives growth in spirituality
  • Interest in philosophy, yoga, meditation, religion develops
  • Person attains growth and lots of wealth
  • Helps an individual attain land and house
  • Extreme growth in life in case of Mahadasha of exalted Ketu

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Ketu Mahadasha: Bad Effects

  • A life full of struggle
  • Health issues and physical hardships may surround a person
  • Accident while on a vehicle is predicted
  • Hurdles in acquiring wealth and education
  • Failure in life, loss of your loved ones…. Spouse or children
  • Loss of wealth and happiness
  • Break in career or unplanned change in career
  • Sudden development of fear for vehicles
  • Death or threat for death

Ketu Mahadasha Remedies

  • Wearing Ketu Mahadasha stone is expected to bring good effect of the planet
  • Every day spend time in service of your grandfather
  • Offer service to handicapped people
  • Worship Lord Ganesha to kill the bad effects of the dasha
  • Offer sweets to homeless children
  • Donate plaid pattern blankets in monochrome tone to homeless people
  • While wearing clothing and jewelry, do not pick colours like coral, red and grey
  • Yellow and white are considered to be good colours
  • Offering food or shelter to street dogs
  • Donate mustard oil is also an effective remedy

My Experience of Ketu Mahadasha

Usually people think that Ketu is a bad planet and Ketu Mahadasha means a bad time in life. This is just a myth. It is the placement of the planet and influence of planets surrounding it that define how good or bad will be the effect of Ketu Mahadasha. My experience of Ketu Mahadasha can be very good compared to some other person.

When a person has Ketu mahadasha antardasha then it gives a person the strength to find out the reason for his existence. He starts to explore his inner self in search of real peace and happiness. He aims for attaining moksha. During Ketu Mahadasha, a person detaches from the outside materialistic world and experiences a paradigm shift in his beliefs and nature. He longs for knowledge. The person gradually gets inclined towards spirituality, philosophy and involves in doing good deeds. He wants to know more on subjects like astrology, spirituality and religion. It is usually a period of struggle but in the end the person gets rewarded with something good.

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Ketu Mahadasha Career

Struggle in career is predicted during Ketu Mahadasha as you will need to put in lots of hard work in order to get desired results and results will not come quick and you will need to wait longer to have what you have been working hard for. If Ketu is present in the 10th house, then there are chances for sudden break on career as native may become unemployed for couple of months or may be more. He might as well experience a sudden change in his profession which is again to the mahadasha. There may also be conflicts at work because of which you might experience distancing with your colleagues. This might result into discord in your professional relationships causing more mental and emotional stress.

Marriage in ketu mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha

Marriage is an important decision of life and therefore, it is advisable to be taken at the most appropriate time. The success of a marriage depends a lot on the positions and effects of planet. Although, we have stated that Ketu is neither a good nor a bad planet but its influence on marriage is not considered very good in astrology. This is because it is considered as the planet of detachment or separation. Therefore, it is good to avoid getting married in Ketu Mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha. Once the dasha of Venus starts, you can plan to get married. If Ketu is present in the 7th house then it shows that there could be lack of interest in marriage or divorce or separation.

End of ketu mahadasha

Mercury is the final planet in Ketu Mahadasha. This is the time finally when things start falling in place as people get their sanity back. The confusion caused by Ketu is finally wiped off by Mercury. The native is back in the position to work with a stable mind. His intelligence is back in full capacity and things start to work the way they anticipate or plan. This is the time when people start looking at life again with a positive mind. They find themselves more clear in mind and actions.

Ketu Dosha Nivaran Upay

Ketu dosha refers to the malefic effects of Ketu in the natal chart of the native. These adversely effect the potency of the conjugate planet thereby causing surgeries, accidents, loss in property, unnecessary depression and worries to the native. Here are some remedies to ease Ketu Dosha:

  • Native is advised to take bath using products related to Ketu each and every Tuesday
  • Perform regular yagnas for the planet
  • Wear cat’s eye stone

Ketu Dosha Nivaran Mantra

Here is the mantra which people should chant on regular basis to write off the bad effects of Ketu Dosha:

“Om Ketum Karnavann Ketave Peshomayyam Apeshase, Samushdwirajaythah”

 “Om sraam sreem sraum sah ketave namah”

“Palasa-puspa-sankasam taraka-graha-mastakam
raudram raudratmakam ghoram tam ketum pranamamy aham”

Ketu Nine Antardashas or Bhukti

Ketu Mahadasha comprises of 9 Antardashas or Bhukti. Here are all these bhuktis given with their duration making it a complete mahadasha of 7 years:

Ketu Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about 5 months that is 149 days. This is the worse phase as the effects are highly intense.

Venus (Sukra) Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about one year and two months that is 426 days. This is also a period with negativity but intensity of negative things goes a little down compared to the former phase.

Sun (Surya) Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about 4 months and 4 days that is 127 days. Both these planets are considered to be enemies. This makes it a period of adverse reactions and difficulties.

Moon (Chandra) Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about 7 months that is 213 days. Though the negative effects will still remain high but there will be positive effects which will make it a little pleasant phase after a tough one.

Mars (Mangal) Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about 5 months that is 149 days. This is again a mix of good and bad events.

Rahu Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about one year and 13 days that is 386 days. It is a deadly combination and therefore, negative effects get more intense.

Jupiter (Guru) Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about 11 months and 5 days that is 341 days. The malefic effects of Ketu will be dominant in this phase.

Saturn (Sani) Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about one year one month and 12 days that is 404 days. Be prepared for more hurdles and delays. If Saturn is placed in a good position in your horoscope then you can expect some relief.

Mercury (Budha) Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about 11 months and 28 days that is 362 days. This phase will balance out the negatives and positives.

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