Astrological Remedies for Happy Married Life of Your Daughter

For every parent, having their daughter get married to a wonderful person is the biggest dream of their life. And once they have got their daughter married, they are always worried about her happiness in the new family she has gone to. As and when any problem surfaces in her life, they get worried and do every possible thing to restore happiness in her married life.

In this post, we have made an attempt to come up with a few astrological remedies that are extremely helpful in ensuring a happy married life for your daughter. These are a few things which can bring about a big change in her marital life.

Always Go for Horoscope Matching

Astrology suggests that horoscopes should be matched before getting married. And therefore, it is the duty of the parents to make sure that this task is accomplished. Horoscope matches gives a clear picture whether or not the girl and the boy are fit to tie the knot with each other or not. And it also predicts some problems that can affect their lives later along with solutions that can be worked out. So don’t forget about kundli matching if you wish to get your daughter happily married.

Follow All Marriage Rituals Suggested by Priest

Each and every ritual that we have in our culture has a strong reason behind it. But sometimes we end up forgetting or not following these rituals because of our own comfort or any other reason and it results in problems later in the married life of our daughter. So make sure that you follow everything that the priest tells you to do. This is very important for parents to see that nothing is been is missed on.

A Confidential Remedy for All Marital Problems

Here is one very effective astrological remedy which parents can do to safeguard the married life of their daughters. In this remedy when your married daughter leaves for her in-laws’ house for the very first time then at that particular time take a clay pot filled with water and add some raw turmeric and ginger to  it. Rotate in an anti-clock direction for seven times around her head and then throw it outside the house. It is believed that she will never face any problems in her new house and will be respected. But make sure that this remedy is performed in a confidential manner.

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Shiva Parvati Poojs

Always ask your daughter to regularly offer prayers to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati as they bring happiness into a marriage. As parents you must guide her to regularly offer water to Lord Shiva as this can have a positive impact on her married life.

These are some of the remedies as per astrology that promise a happy married life for your daughter. Other than these remedies, you must also train your daughter to be patient and mature in dealing with everyday problems in marriage to keep life sorted and smooth.

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