Indian Astrology & Profit/Loss in Share Market Business

We come across many people who have invested in stocks or regularly do trading and have made lots of money. There are also some who have experienced losses in share market. This is because share market is very volatile but also a good source to make money. That’s the reason you will come across many stock market astrology predictions 2018 because people want to know what stock market holds for them in future.

Astrology stock market study and analysis is extremely helpful in ensuring that you earn more profits and less losses. Vedic astrology in stock market studies position of planets based on horoscope for stock market. So, read on and find out about making profit in share market business as per astrology.

Effects of Different Planets and Houses in Share Market

Different planets affect share trading in different ways, here are effects of some of the planets:

  • Rahu and Moon are the deciding planets for profit and loss in astrology
  • Jupiter and Mercury planets and stock market share a good equation as they bring huge success in trading
  • If 5th house is strong then success in share market is guaranteed
  • If Rahu is strong in your horoscope then you are expected to make good money through trading
  • If Mercury is strong then you possess good knowledge on market and you might as well become a consultant in share market and also make good money in share market
  • Strength of Jupiter determines strength in commodity market

Position and movement of planets have the power to influence your success and failure in share market.

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When to Avoid Share Market

Here are a few combinations which suggest you to stay away from share market as you might incur losses:

  • Combination of Sun and Rahu, Rahu and Moon, Rahu and Jupiter in horoscope makes share markets an area of loss for natives
  • Placement of Rahu in 2nd place is considered inauspicious for shares
  • Placement of Rahu promises great success in share market but it will come with losses making the native poor

Mantra for Profit in Share market

If you wish to make good money in trading then here is the mantra:

  • Rahu Mantra: Om Bhram Bhrim Bhraum Sah Rahve Namah
  • Om Shree Ganeshay Namah
  • Om Shrim Hrim Klim Mahalakshmay Namah

Lucky Stone for Share Trading

If you wish to know “my luck in share market” then here are some of the stones as per your birth chart that make share trading a business of profit:

  • People with weak Sun must wear ruby in gold
  • People with weak Moon must wear pearl in silver metal
  • For weak Mar, Red coral is the most effective stone
  • Mercury and stock market go hand in hand with Emerald stone in gold
  • Weak Jupiter can be manager by wearing Yellow Sapphire in gold
  • For weak Venus, Diamond is the best stone
  • Weak Saturn requires you to wear Blue Sapphire
  • For weak Rahu, Gomed is the right stone in gold or silver
  • Weak Ketu can be managed by Cats eye in gold

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  1. I am suffering from huge debt sir… Any work i do i face failure… I am disturbed since last 3 years. Things not going well in life… Thinking to give up my life.

    • Don’t think like that, think positive, surely it wil bring new opportunities to pay back, do not lose hope. Aap ka moulvi je saath baath kare and try to repay small amount on Tuesday n make sure that u pay all the debts on Tuesday only.


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