Do you know Astrology can save your Marriage

Astrology influences each and every aspect of our life. And it does have a strong effect on marital relationships. Marriage being a very important part of our life is a strong as well as a very sensitive association. Be it a love marriage or an arrange marriage, compatible issues and various other situational factors have an influence on marriage. And to deal with these problems, astrology can play a significant role.

Every couple faces some kind of problems in marriage but it doesn’t mean that it has to end up in divorce or separation. Sometimes despite all efforts, your relationship fails because planetary positions in your horoscope are unfavorable. With the help of astrology, various solutions can be worked out to have harmonious marital life. This post highlights how astrology affects a marriage.

What Affects Marriage as Per Astrology?

Here are some of the planets or positions in horoscope which have a direct influence on marriage.

7th House

This house of your horoscope represents the husband or wife. It reflects their marital status and how will their bond of love will be.

Problems in marriage arise when 7th house is engaged by malefic Ketu or Rahu. If this house of your horoscope is occupied by Sun and is inspected by Mars then again it makes your 7th house weak. This means you will discord in your married life.


We all know that Venus is an important planet when we are discussing marriage. This is the planet which rules marriage, sexual relationship, romance and emotions in your association. Therefore, it has a direct influence on your marital relationship.

Venus is known to rule the 3rd house and 8th house. And if it is present in 10th house with Jupiter, its enemy planet then it enjoys strength. Presence of Venus in the nakshatra of Sun, the lord of 6th house suggests that it will create problems between you and your spouse as it is the house of the enemy.

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Lord of 7th House

Mercury is the lord of the 7th house and its position again has a strong influence on the relationship between you and your spouse. It can cause enmity if inspected by malefic Rahu and is present with malefic Sun. This is surely not a very health association.

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Astrological Remedies for Happy Marriage

We have come up with some very effective astrological remedies that promise a happy and harmonious married life. These remedies can surely help you restore the lost harmony and romance in your married life.

  • Keep in your purse or wallet a square silver piece.
  • Regularly chant mantra of planet Venus for happier married life.
  • Performing Navgrah Shanti Pooja helps in bringing peace in your relationship.
  • Wear gemstones as suggested by astrologer based on your horoscope.
  • Avoid dressing up in blue color.
  • Worshipping God Parvati and Lord Shiva helps in strengthening your bond of love.
  • Fasting on 16 Mondays continuously is also very effective.
  • Wear Rudraksh in silver metal.
  • Do not eat salt on Fridays for at least a span of one year.
  • Regularly light an earthen lamp every evening in your temple.

These remedies are quite helpful in having much happier marital relationship with your spouse. Consult your astrologer and follow these simple remedies to experience the big change in your married life.

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