Useful Tips for Knowing the Most Suitable Astrological Love Match

We all know that there are 12 different zodiac signs and to understand the compatibility amongst different zodiacs can be a tough and also a very confusing task as each sign is associated with a particular element and has distinctive characteristics which change in connection with the opposite sign. In order to have a clear picture of an astrological love match, the best thing is of course to have a detailed compatibility report which takes into account each and every aspect. But in case you want to know of some quick and easy ways to work out the most suitable love match for your sign then this post is the perfect answer for you.

For casual playful relationships

As we are aware that different houses in the birth chart are associated with different kinds of love situations. So if you want to know about that which sign you will be attracted to for a non-serious romantic relationship or for a flirtatious relationship then you need to consider the sign which falls in the 5th solar house. To help you understand, Leo is the 5th house for Aries, Virgo is the 5th house for Taurus and so on and so forth.  It is the 5th house which is responsible for casual romantic flings in your life. It is this house which gives you the strength to take risks in your love life. But you must not confuse this house for a long term love relationship or a healthy and happy love association.

For serious long term relationships

If you wish to know about a long term love association then for this, you will need to consider the 7th house which can be calculated as the six along your zodiac sign. For example, the 7th house for Aries will be Libra. Usually the sign falling in the 7th house of your horoscope is considered to your soul mate, your ideal partner for marriage. Be ready to embrace the differences as that sign will be quite opposite to your characteristics and nature. For instance, Cancer and Capricorn are pole apart but the warmth and love a Capricorn lacks is compensated by Cancer thereby imparting strength to their relationship. High ambitions of a Capricorn and stay at home nature of Cancer go perfectly well when they learn to accept their differences and then they connect very deep!!!

For physical compatibility

If you want to know about the sexual compatibility then you need to study the sign which falls in the 8th solar house in line with your sign. To calculate the sign, you will need to count 7 from your sign. For example, Scorpio will fall in the 8th house for Aries and so on. You naturally get physically attracted to the personality and characteristics of the sign in the 8th house and therefore, the stage is set effortlessly to take the next step. Be ready to witness the differences and take people by surprise because it is quite an unexpected chemistry!! For instance, if Aries and Scorpio are able to strike the chords right, they can enjoy the best of the sexual compatibility. Scorpio enjoys game of seduction and Aries like to keep it simple but if they connect, they have the magic to merge their soul into one.

For spiritual compatibility

Another important aspect of a love match is connecting on the spiritual levels. And to find that, you need to consider the 12th solar house. This means you have to count 11 which means you have to consider the sign just before your sign. For example, Pisces for Aries. They make wonderful spiritual partners as they have a lot to share and a lot to learn from each other. The one partner who is undergoing all the change might find this association a big challenge because of which the relationship might not stay for long.

These are the four fronts which need to be studied for working out the best relationship from different perspectives.

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