How to Choose a Profession According to Indian Astrology

When it comes to picking a career choice, we are not always very clear. It is easy to funnel down to a few choices but then making a final selection isn’t easy. We are more cautious because our life depends on our career. That’s why knowing the most suitable career is very important.

If you wish to know the best career options according to astrology then following career astrology is the best thing to do. You can go for professional astrology predictions based on your horoscope and birth details to know which profession will suit your zodiac sign the best as per Indian astrology.

In this we have made an effort to help you find a suitable career using career astrology.

How to Choose a Career According to Astrology

Astrology is all about studying the houses, nakshatras and planets and when finding a suitable career, these things are studied in the relation of job in different sectors. Here are some important points that help in picking a career based on astrology:

  • Study of 2nd, 6th and 10th house which respectively tell about income through profession, day to day service and the career of the native.
  • Position of planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury etc.
  • Presence of Sun in specific houses will have a strong impact on your career. It plays a significant role in helping a person have a bright career.
  • Saturn highlights the way you work, performance at work and hindrances in work
  • Jupiter highlights your caliber to earn wealth and how strongly can you benefit your present with your good karmas in the past.
  • Mercury helps in defining your commercial success

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Career Prediction by Date of Birth Indian Astrology

If you wish to know career astrology based on your date of birth then Indian astrology helps you have clarity on this. People born under different signs prefer different professions. Here are Best Careers According to Your Zodiac Sign:

  • Aries mostly find their interest in professions related with army, defense, police, medical profession etc.
  • Geminis enjoy professions like fashion designing, luxury goods traders etc.
  • Cancers are successful in careers related with marine
  • Leo suit best in managerial posts and politics
  • Virgos get into accountancy or media related jobs
  • Libras mostly enjoy law related professions
  • Scorpios do well in drug or medicine related jobs
  • Sagittarius make wonderful teachers, lecturers
  • Capricorns success in jobs related with mining
  • Aquarius make impressive educationalists and philosophers
  • Pisces suit best in jobs related with marine

If the 10th, 6th and 11th house of the native is strong then chances of getting into government job are very high. You can also find govt job predictions by date of birth from professional astrologers.

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Which Profession Suits me According to Astrology

We all dream for a successful and growing career. But this is possible only when we opt for the same career which is the best pick as per our horoscope. In order to conclude which profession suits you the best according to astrology, here are a few points which must be considered by the astrologer:

  • Which all planets influence the 10th house of your horoscope
  • Strength and dignity of Lord of 10th house
  • Role of transiting planets
  • Aspects of various other planets over Lord of 10th house
  • Role of planets in Navamsha Chart
  • Aatmakaraka and Amatyakaraka planet of horoscope

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Which Career is Best for me According to Astrology

For a successful and fulfilling career, it is extremely important that we pick our career as per what is best for us according to astrology. By doing so, we are imparting more strength to our career because of the planets that were already influencing us in some way and selecting the right kind of job or starting the right kind of business, we have taken a step forward in utilizing this influence in the optimum way.

You can seek help from professional career astrologers who work on equations of your horoscope in deep detail before suggesting you with a couple of career choices to move ahead with. Find suitable Career, Job Problems and Solutions As Per Indian Astrology from professionals. There are various kinds of jobs and some people are able to perform good at some specific jobs while fail at other jobs. This is because their planetary positions are not supportive.

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How to Predict Career in Vedic Astrology

Career predictions in Vedic astrology depend upon houses and planets.

Study of Houses

In relation with career, 10th house is studied. This is a significant house for career and therefore, the lord of the house and the influencing planets help in concluding the right career for the native.

Study of Planets

Different planets and their positions suggest few career choices for every person. Here is the list of planets along with the kind of job they suggest:

  • Sun: Leadership and administrative jobs
  • Moons: Jobs related with creativity, art, entertainment, hospitality etc.
  • Mars: Construction, security related jobs
  • Mercury: Calculation, communication and brokerage jobs
  • Jupiter: Do well in jobs related with teaching, counselling, writing
  • Venus: Art, luxury, culture, textile, beauty are their fields of interest
  • Saturn: Manufacturing, labour, land, stone related works
  • Rahu and Ketu: Do well in drugs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals. Import and export help them grow.

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