Vastu Consultancy Services for House, Office, Factory

Vastu Consultancy Services for House, Office, Factory

Authentic & Genuine Vaastu Consultancy Services for your Home Office, Factory

Vastu Shastra is an amazing science because it studies the effect of vastu on our lives. There is Vastu Shastra Consultancy Services for home/house, Office, Restaurants, Plots, Hotels, Bungalows and Villas, Factory, Buildings and Apartments, Flats, Malls, Shops and Showrooms, Hospital, Cafes, Resorts, Educational Institutions and every space that you can imagine. And there are specific rules to be kept in mind in consideration of each space.

Find the best of Vastu Shastra tips and Vastu advice from the most promising Vastu Shastra consultancy services in Jaipur. Seek assistance from the most promising Vastu Shastra expert consultant to design your spaces better by multiplying the positives and nullifying the negatives.

Vastu Shastra Advice For Perfect Homes and Offices

Vastu Shastra Advice For Homes and Offices - Vastu House
Vastu Shastra Tips For Home and Office

With the right Vastu Shastra consultant, you can definitely find the most effective solutions. Solve your Vastu problems with authentic Astro Vastu consultancy services that promise you a better and happier life.

House/ Bungalow Vastu Consultant in Jaipur

House Vastu Consultant in Jaipur - Bungalow Vastu
House Vastu Consultant in Jaipur

The space where you and your family live is certainly very important. Keeping it free from negativities is your duty. Hire services of finest Vastu Shastra expert consultant in Jaipur to design perfect house or bungalow that brings prosperity and joy into your life.

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Improve your Kitchen’s Energy by Vastu

Vastu For kitchen- Positive Energy
Improve your Kitchen Energy by Vastu

Vastu Shastra defines principles for designing a kitchen as well which are essential for better energies and healthier bodies and minds. Have experienced Vastu Shastra tell you the symbolic items to use in kitchen which is the important source of energy of the house as per Vastu.

Office Vastu – Vastu Shastra for Office

Office Vastu – Vastu Shastra for Office
Vastu Shastra for Office

Office is the space from where you make money, earn fame and prosperity and with the right Vastu, you can channelize your efforts and energy of the space in the right direction to bring out great benefits for you. Follow Vastu Shastra tips to create an office which brings you success. Click here to read article Vastu for Office Construction

Vastu Shastra for Wellness – Vaastu for Good Health

Vastu Shastra for Wellness - Vaastu for Good Health
Vastu Shastra for Wellness and Health

Sometimes you don’t feel good from inside despite all reports say everything is fine. The health of your body and mind is influences by the energies you are surrounded with. Therefore, understanding and following Vastu Shastra for wellness and sound health can help you stay healthy.

Improve Children’s/ Kid’s Bedroom by Vastu

Vastu for Children Bedroom - Kids Bedroom
Vastu Shastra Tips For Children Bedroom

As parents we want best of everything for our children. Therefore, have our Vastu consultants assist you with accurate and effective proficient Vastu services to improve the energies in your children’s rom. This will help them have better growth, stay energetic and move ahead in life with positivity.

Vastu for Pooja Room

Vastu for Pooja Room
Vastu for Pooja Room

Have the best Vastu Shastra expert consultant have a pooja room where your mind can find peace. With the professional Astro Vastu consultancy services, we help you have pious and perfect pooja room where your Gods can reside and you can pray with a balanced mind.

Vastu Shastra for Bedroom for Married Couple

Vastu Shastra for Bedroom for Married Couple

For the harmony and compatibility in marriage, it is extremely important that married couples follow the Vastu advice for their room. This defines the direction of bed, construction of bed, colour of walls etc. that promise a happily married life for the married couples.

Vastu Tips for Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Clinics

Vastu for Hospitals - Nursing Homes - Vastu Clinics
Vastu for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinic

Hospitals, nursing homes and clinics that are designed keeping in mind Vastu Shastra principles will always have positivity in the air. Because of this, patients will have quicker recovery and staff will work with greater dedication and focus.

Vastu for Flat, Apartments, Hotels

Vastu for Flat - Vastu Apartments - Hotel Vastu Shastra
Vastu for Flat, Apartments, Hotels

Seek assistance from professional Vastu Shastra consultancy services in Jaipur to build flats, apartments and hotels that bring happiness and prosperity to everyone staying in these spaces. With the flow of right energy, there is joy and goodness everywhere.

Vastu Shastra Consultant Clients

We have had the privilege of providing our Vastu Shastra consultancy services to our clients from India and overseas. We have clients in India, China, Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, United States of America, Europe, Australia etc. In this journey, we have had clients from different professional backgrounds like lawyers, builders, industrialists, politicians, actors, directors, traders, hoteliers and many more.

Since, 1991, Astrologer Gupta has been actively offering authentic and promising Vastu consultancy services to clients from all walks of life. One the best Vastu consultant in Jaipur, he offers onsite services along with services on email, call, WhatsApp consultation etc. as per convenience of the client.

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Family problem and solution by Astrology

How to Deal with Family Problems by Astrology

At some point in time, we all witness family problems which ruin the harmony in the family and also adversely affect the relationship between the family members. Family problems have the power to break you inside out and make life all the more challenging for you because it is the closest to your heart and you always want to come back to people you love at the end of the day. Not only this, family is the source of inspiration, happiness and energy. If you have good understanding between your family members then your life is sorted to a large extent.

Reasons for Family Problems

Here are some of the reasons because of which discord between members of the family occurs:

  • Discord in Prosperity and Peace

Sometimes dues to financial issues, various family problems pop up. Limited resources, unlimited demands adversely affect the understanding.

  • Extra-Marital Affair

Being involved with someone else outside your marriage can also lead to problems in family.

  • Increasing Differences

If difference between husband and wife, parent and children keep on increasing, problems are expected to increase as well.

  • Constant Feuds with Relatives, Neighbors

Having arguments or quarrels with neighbors and relatives can destroy the peace within your family.

  • Reducing Love Between Couples

If there is no love, care, affection between the couples then it will get reflected in the harmony in the house.

  • Lack of Understanding Between Husband and Wife

For a peaceful family life, it is very important that husband and wife share mutual understanding so that they know what the other expects out of them.

All of these problems are the result of increasing impatience and decreasing tolerance. No one wants to compromise and everyone has a long list of desires.  A family can survive only when there is coordination and understanding between different members of the family.

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Astrological Solutions for Family Problems

There can be issues with children and parents, between siblings, between husband and wife which interfere with the harmony of the house. If you are also witnessing any such issues, here are some family problem astrological solutions that can help you restore the association of love.

  • Grah Shanti Pooja

If there are disputes in the family then Grah Shanti Pooja is highly recommended because it aims to please the planets that are causing the discord and also believes to soothe your atmosphere with the pure fragrance of havan. As per Vedas, havan brings positive energy in your house.

  • Yantra

You can keep any of the Yantras at home for peaceful ambiance. This will also work as a shield against negative energy for all the family members.

  • Celebrate Festivals

The head of the family must conduct pooja at home on all auspicious festivals like Diwali, Nava Ratri etc, as this will bring peace in your home.

  • Shanti Pooja for Planet

If there is some specific planet interfering with cordial family relationships then conduct pooja for that particular planet.

  • Dosha in House

Find out if there is some dosha in your house and if there is one then it must be solved at the earliest.

Other Solutions to Family Problems

Other than astrological solutions, there are various behavioral solutions which are of equal importance. Here are some of these solutions that can help you have a stronger and happier family.

  • Trustworthiness: It is important for family members to trust each other and it takes lots of efforts and years to build up.
  • Tolerance: Tolerance and patience are essential virtues without which no family can survive.
  • Think About Others: You must always consider the interest and liking of other family members before yours.
  • Communication: Despite the best of the facilities to communicate, we fail to share our feelings with the ones we love and this creates lots of problems. Always talk to your family.
  • Spend Time: We are all busy running around and we miss to spend time with each other which again leads to disconnection and discord. So spend time with your family.

With all these solutions you can make a big change in your life by taking care of problems on the family front.

Pregnancy Problems and Astrology Solutions
The progeny problem in couples is a major problem. Multiple cases can be seen where despite having good physical power as well all capabilities of childbearing, couples fail to have kids which is much necessary to form a complete family.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Apartments, Flats Vastu Remedies, Apartments Vastu

Important Vastu Shastra Tips for Apartments and Flats

Over the years, with more and more people migrating towards big cities, the culture of flats and apartments has flourished due to space constraints. Just like Vastu for homes, there is Vastu for flats and apartments as well. Considering the Vastu guide for flats is very important as it helps in correcting the energy flow in your house. Though builders also follow apartment Vastu but as a resident following flat Vastu is of equal importance.

In this post, we have compiled the Vastu tips for apartments as well as Vastu guidelines for buying property. Learn about these Vastu tips for flats which might save you from approaching Vastu consultancy services.

Vastu Remedies for Flat / Apartments

Here are some important Vastu remedies for apartments which you can follow in order to reduce the bad effects:

  • If there is an extended corner in your apartment then place aromatic plants in the window in North West direction.
  • If the distance between stove and sink is less then you can put Vastu strips on the wall.
  • If toilet pot faces West or East then placing three Vastu strips on the wall is recommended.
  • Keep Vastu salt in four corners of the house for better energy.

Vastu for Apartments Facing South

The apartments that face South are of great importance as per Vastu Shastra. Though, flats or homes that face South are considered inauspicious but they can be made auspicious by following the follow Vastu Shastra tips for apartments facing south:

  • Placement of the main door or entrance should be in the centre of the south direction.
  • Make sure that the entrance door is the largest in the house.
  • Always have the master bedroom in the South-West direction.
  • Other bedrooms should be in the North-West direction.
  • Avoid having a kitchen in South-West direction.
  • Face East or West while cooking in the kitchen.

Vastu Tips for Buying New Flat

Before buying a flat, it is very important to keep in mind the following Vastu tips for apartment to avoid making a wrong choice:

  • Avoid flats constructed in North-East or South-West direction
  • Always ensure that the drainage system is in the West, North or North-West direction
  • If there is a balcony then its slope should always be towards East or North direction
  • Avoid buying flats that have balconies in the South direction, go for flats that have balconies in North or East direction
  • If you are buying a penthouse with a room on the terrace then it should be on the South-West corner
  • Rectangle or square shaped flats are considered the best
  • Avoid buying flats that have kitchen or toilet in the North-East corner
  • Vastu tips for pooja room in flats suggest having pooja room in North or East direction
  • Go with flats that have windows in North or East direction

Vastu for Flat Number

Numerology along with Vastu plays an important role in influencing our lives. We must always calculate the number for our name which can be worked out by adding the respective numbers of all the alphabets in our name. And in the same way, the total of the all the digits in a flat number can be used in order to derive the total. The closer the flat number and name is, the better it is considered.

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Best Vastu Tips for Apartment Entrance

Entrance forms an important part of any house because it is responsible for bringing positive energy into your house. We have listed few Vastu tips for flat entrance that should always be kept in mind:

  • It is always a good idea to have an entrance in the North direction as it brings success and happiness to the people staying in the house.
  • If your flat has a South facing entrance then you must make sure that the main entrance is the biggest in size and is placed in the centre of the South direction.

Placement of Master Bedroom in a Flat

The master bedroom is an important room as the head of the family sleeps in that room. Here are some important Vastu guidelines for placement of master bedroom:

  • South-West corner is the perfect direction for a master bedroom
  • North-East is the most inauspicious direction for a master bedroom
  • Sleep with head positioned in South or East direction

Right Location to Have Kitchen in a Flat

Shared below are some important points in relation with the right location for kitchen in a flat:

  • South-East is the best direction to have the kitchen
  • The next best preference to have kitchen is North-West
  • You must preferably face East while cooking
  • Never have the kitchen facing the entrance of the flat

Vastu Tips for Balcony in a Flat

Balconies are significant in a house as they are the place from where maximum energies enter in your home. Here are some points worth considering:

  • East or North are considered to be the best directions to have balconies
  • Fresh air and natural light from North, East direction keep the energies positive
  • Always avoid flats which have balconies in South or West direction

Vastu Guidelines for Toilet in Flat

Follow the tips for Vastu for flat toilet to ensure that the placement of toilet is right:

  • The best direction to have toilet is North-West
  • Direction of toilet seat should be North-West or South-East
  • Toilet windows should open in East or North

With these Vastu Shastra tips for apartment, you can have positive energy in your flat.

Kaal Sarp yog Effects on Career

Kaal Sarp Yog Effects on Career

When all the planets come in between the Rahu and Ketu axis then that combination is called Kaal Sarp Dosh in Indian astrology. There are various bad and good effects of Kaal Sarp yog because of which it is considered to be one serious equation in the horoscope. If anyone has Kaal Sarp Yog in kundli then the person is always on the look out for how to get rid of Kaal Sarp Dosh.

Learn about the 12 different Types of kaal sarp yog in kundli that impact a person.

In this post we are throwing some light on Kaal Sarp yog effects on career of the native. Along with the Kaal Sarp dosh effect on career, we have also included some Kaal Sarp dosh remedies to help you with.

Kaal Sarp Yog Effects on Career

Here are some of the Kaal Sarp Dosh effects on career of a person:

  • Problems in career

The native faces constant issues in career which tend to make it a big challenge for him to have a smooth professional life. This is one of the serious Kaal Sarp yog effect on career because as soon as one problem gets solved, other one surfaces.

  • Slow growth in career

This is yet another Kaal Sarp yog effect on career. The pace of growth or development in career is always restricted. The native will have to work really hard to have a progressive career. Promotions and hike in salary will not come easy.

  • Instable career

If the native is in a job then he is expected to face frequent job changes. If the native is in business then he will not be able to focus on work. With this kaal sarp dosh effect on career, the performance levels of the native drop drastically.

  • Damage to career

Sometimes the native also faces serious damage to career which demands a lot of hard work and focus. The person might work hard to reach to a stage but then there is sudden fall in his career which nullifies all his efforts and hard work.

These are some of the Kaal Sarp dosh yog effects in horoscope which have a negative impact on career.

Remedies for Kaal Sarp Yog Effects on Career

  • Chanting of Mantras like Maha Mritunjay Mantra, Sarp Mantra, Shree Sarp Sukt etc.
  • Take a dip in holy waters of Rameshwaram temple.

Also find out the good and bad Kaal Sarp Dosh Effect on Marriage for a better marital life.

Find out the different kaal Sarp Dosh Effects on Health which are inevitable.

Kaal Sarp Dosh Effects on Health - kaal Sarp Yog in kundli, Health horoscope

Kaal Sarp Dosh Effects on Health | Kaal Sarp Yog

Kaal Sarp Dosha in kundli happens when all the planets are positioned between Rahu and Ketu. As per Hindu astrology, it is not a good combination for the native because it causes various problems in life related with career and success, health and wellness, marriage and wealth etc. As a result, the native has various Kaal Sarp yog effects on life. And that’s the various Kaal Sarp Dosh remedies are suggested to balance the bad Kaal Sarp Dosh effects. Kaal Sarp Dosh nivaran at home is the most common of these remedies. But this doesn’t mean that there are no good effects of Kaal Sarp yog.

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In this post, we will primarily be discussing about the Kaal Sarp Dosh effects on health of the native. Learn about different mental health problems and remedies caused by this combination.

Find out the adverse Kaal Sarp Dosh Effect on Marriage that kill the peace and happiness in marriage.

Kaal Sarp Yog Effects on Health

  • Unstable Mental Condition

It is due to the influence of this combination that the native experiences an unstable mental condition. He is unable to focus on one thing and his mind constantly wanders here and there.

  • Nightmares

The person will always live in fear because of his nightmares which will bother him constantly. He will find it difficult to keep up with his mental peace.

  • Loss of Memory and Confidence

The native lacks confidence because his mind is unstable. His weak memory also adds as a catalyst in bringing his levels of confidence down.

  • Unnecessary Mental Strain and Stress

The native becomes negative in approach and therefor he will always start imagining negative things with people or situation which will add on the stress levels and mental tensions.

  • Constant Health Issues

A person wilth Kaal Sarp Dosha constantly suffers from some or the other health issue which keeps on surfacing in life. Sometimes if the native doesn’t face these health problems then someone dear to him will always stay ill.

  • Prolonged Health Troubles

Chances are that if the native catches some disease then it will take very long to get treated. Medicines will take time to show results because of this astrological combination in the horoscope.

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These are some of the health issues which are faced by people born with Kaal Sarp Dosha effects on life.

Follow these effective and important Vastu Advice for Health to stay happy and healthy.

Kaal Sarp Dosh Effect on Marriage

Kaal Sarp Dosh Effect on Marriage | Kaal Sarp Yog Remedies

Kaal Sarp Dosh is considered to have serious adverse effects on life. If you have Kaal sarp Dosh in kundli then you are expected to have the significant aspects of your life get affected. It tends to influence not just your health but also your financial status and your married life. There is Kaal Sarp dosh effect on Marriage life, Kaal Sarp yog on childbirth because of which it is considered a bad equation in astrology.

All those who have Kaal Sarp Dosh effects in horoscope always ask “how to get rid of Kaal Sarp Dosh in horoscope”, “for how long does Kaal Sarp yog lasts”, “what is Kaal Sarp Dosh nivaran pooja” etc.

Kaal Sarp Dosh Effect After Married Life

This combination has the power to completely destroy your happy married life. Here are some effects that impact the life after marriage and induce complications:

  • Leads to an atmosphere of mistrust, fights, doubts, suspicions and emotional trauma in marriage
  • Unnecessary complications in marriage
  • Issues in physical relationship with partner and with children

Remedy and Effects of Kaal Sarp Yog on Marriage:

We have come up with a few effective marriage remedies that are helpful in writing off the adverse effects of Kaal Sarp Dosha on Marriage in horoscope.

  • The best of Kaal sarp dosh remedies is to have Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Pooja at Trimbakeshwar Temple. This puja is performed for Lord Shiva in order to seek his blessings to reverse the bad effects of this dosha.
  • Performing puja of Lord Natraj
  • Visit to pilgrimage sites to seek blessings of God
  • Chanting Mahamritunjay Mantra or Gayatri Mantra
  • Never harm any reptiles or snakes in life

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Vastu Construction Tips, Vastu Remedies For Home Interiors

Vastu Tips During Construction and Remedies For Home Interiors

Constructing a new house is not an easy job. Right from purchasing the plot to finalizing the layout to constructing it and doing the interiors, there is so much time, effort and money that goes into it. And because it is a home that you have always dreamt of, you want to make it the best in everything. That’s why it is important to know Vastu tips for home construction to have a home that is perfect in every way. For that you can hire a Vastu consultant or a Vastu expert online, who can guide you through house design according to Vastu Shastra or tell Vastu remedies for home interiors.

This post shares lots of Vastu expert tips to follow while constructing your house. Keep reading to build a home that ensures happiness and success for you.

Vastu Tips for Construction of House

Here are some tips as per Vastu for starting house construction and Vastu for construction of new house that are important to keep in mind and follow:

  • The plot should be a square or rectangle.
  • Always enter the plot from the direction where you plan to have your main gate.
  • Ensure that the slope of the plot is towards North or East direction.
  • Make sure that all the four directions of the plot are at 90 degrees as unequal corners are not considered good.
  • Just after the bhoomi-poojan of the plot, move ahead with the construction of water tank in North or North-East direction. This is important for wealth and prosperity.
  • The building of foundation should start from North-East and then proceed towards South-West.
  • Construction of pillars and walls should start in West or South as these directions are suppose to be higher than the remaining area of construction.
  • During the process of construction, make sure that sand, bricks and other material related to construction is not kept in North-East direction as it leads to problems in construction.
  • Avoid keep construction tools in North-West direction as this also leads to delays in construction.
  • Construction of ceiling or RCC must first happen in South or West direction and last in North-West direction.
  • POP work should start from South-West direction.
  • Always construct a store facing South-West to have harmony and peace in relationships. Keeping things related with construction during construction in this corner also help you save money.
  • Construct main door on East, North East or North corner.
  • Avoid having a very big main door as it brings along health troubles.
  • Have kitchen in South East or North West direction.
  • Staircase should be in South, West or South West direction.
  • Balconies should in North, East or North East.
  • Parking should be created in North East cellar.
  • Leave open area in North and South and use it for creating lawn.

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Best Time to Start House Construction Vastu

According to Vastu for construction of new house, four months as per Hindu calendar are considered auspicious:

  • Chaitra Maas (March-April)
  • Vaishakh Maas (April-May)
  • Kartik Maas (October- November)
  • Maagh Maas (January- February)

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Easy Vastu Remedies for Home Interiors

Whether you have or you don’t have a house design according to Vastu Shastra, here are some remedies to set your home interiors right. Follow these remedies for better spaces:

  • While you cook or eat, never face South as it will lead to health problems.
  • While sleeping, never have your legs facing South as it again leads to multiple problems. Sleeping with head pointing in South is certainly a good choice.
  • Avoid sleeping on beds made of metals.
  • Your bed should never face mirror.
  • Make sure that you don’t have any storage or clutter under bed.
  • Place Tulsi plant in North-East corner of your house for better health.
  • Never perform any activity under the beam as it has adverse effects on health.
  • Make sure that the doors of the house open inside out.
  • Always have rectangle doors in the house.
  • East of the house should always be kept well ventilated.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra

If you follow Vastu for home construction or for any other property then it comes with its own benefits. Here are some:

  • Better flow of energy
  • Peace and happiness
  • Wiser use of space
  • Better placement of things
  • Avoidance of common mistakes
  • Positivity around
  • Prosperity and success
  • Cordial relationships and better understanding

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Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer in Jaipur

Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer in Jaipur | Solution To Your Every Problem

Marriage is a beautiful association and if given a choice more people will pick love marriage over arrange. These days, due to greater exposure, people have brighter chances of having a love marriage. This is because both girl and boy study or work together which gives them an opportunity to understand each other better and then take a call whether they want to get married or not. Gone are those days when a boy and girl would get married based on their one and only meeting and sometimes not even that.

Love astrology explains the chances of having a successful relationship and also suggest love marriage solutions. Not only this, Vastu Shastra for Successful Love Relationships also recommends small and effective solutions. All these sciences have the power to predict the future and also reduce the effect of adverse planetary positions.

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It looks strange that greater number of people are having love marriages and the rate of divorce have also gone up. Even when people have love marriage, problems in marriage are certain. Understanding Suitable Astrological Love Match helps knowing the most compatible signs which favour love marriage problem solutions. And for all these solutions, you need a reliable and experienced astrologer.

Famous Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer in Jaipur

Famous Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer in Jaipur

Find effective and promising love marriage problem solutions at Meet the best love marriage specialist astrologer in Jaipur, astrologer K.C. Gupta, to find out impeccable astrology solutions for successful love marriage, issues related with inter-caste marriage etc. for a Happy Married Life. You can seek his services to Know Your Marriage Timing With Astrology which brings more benefits to your relationship.

Here are some solutions provided by the Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer in Jaipur:

  • Issues related with finance and occupation affecting marriage
  • Issues concerning parents’ or relatives’ consent for marriage
  • Inter-caste issues
  • Helping find the right partner

Avail the finest services of K.C. Gupta which are very helpful in having a successful marriage. Also find solutions for love divorce problems in husband and wife to bring back the lost peace and happiness in your life. Eliminate most of the issues prevailing in having a love marriage or post marriage with the guidance of the most reliable and popular love marriage specialist astrologer in Jaipur.

Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018, Best Political Astrologer in India, political career in horoscope

Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018 Best Political Astrologer in India

Astrology is an amazing science and a science which has lot of attraction. No matter what profession you are in, you are always tempted to know something about the future. If you aspire to be a politician then astrological predictions for political career based on your horoscope are of extreme importance. They forecast the possibility of having a successful political career in horoscope and also suggest astrological combinations for riches.

With Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018 around the corner, political astrology predictions are getting more focus. This is because every politician wants to know what are his chances of success in politics in these particular elections. But in order to make right and promising predictions, you need an experienced and learned political astrologer who can deeply study the horoscope, analyze the positions of stars and then make correct predictions about the same.

Astrological Combinations for Political Success

Given below are some very strong astrological combinations that guarantee political success. So if you wish to know that whether you will have a bright career in politics or not then these astrological combinations can be of big help to you:

  • 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th houses are the important houses that are considered for politics. And out of these four, 10th house is of extreme importance.
  • If any planet of 10th house or lord of 10th house is exalted then in that situation the native has brighter chances of coming in politics.
  • If ascending Lunar Node and Sun are significators of minister and the native has inclination towards politics then this equation promises name and fame in politics for the native.
  • If ascending Lunar Mode i.e. Rahu is the significator of minister then in this case, the native is more capable of adapting to situations, being a good orator and also and good planner and executor which are important traits of being a good politician.
  • If Sun is the significator of the minister then native is expected to enjoy a higher position in political field.
  • If there is a strong association between 7th house and lord of 10th house then person becomes a successful minister.
  • 6th house is the house of occupation. 6th house in relation with 10th house or lord of 10th house makes the native a popular minister who dedicates his life to the public.
  • If Sun and Mercury conjunction in 2nd, 6th or 12th houses and the benefic planet is Jupiter then this astrological combination predicts successful political career.
  • Placement of Sun in 9th or 10th house and Rahu is connected with 6th, 10th or 11th house then successful political career is predicted along with name, fame and respect.
  • Position of Jupiter must be in Kendra or Trine for a good political career.
  • Rahu must be connected with 10th house

Political Astrology Services in Rajasthan by Astrologer K C Gupta

Enjoy the impeccable and promising political astrology services in Rajasthan by the reputed and trust-worthy astrologer Shri. K.C. Gupta. His knowledge about astrology and experience in this field make him one of the most popular names in the country for astrological predictions in various fields.

If you also wish to know about your chances of having a successful political career or simply wish to know political astrology predictions based on your horoscope, you can get in touch with him. He will deeply study and analyze your horoscope before providing you with any forecast.

Pitra dosha in Vedic Astrology, Kundali, Pitra Dosha Effects, Nivaran, Remedies

Pitra Dosha in Vedic Astrology | Pitra Dosha in Horoscope

As per Vedic astrology, Pitra dosha is a bad combination. It is not a curse of the ancestors but it is a debt of the ancestors which is a result of bad deeds done by them and is required to be paid by the present generation. This debt can be paid either by facing all the punishments and suffering or by doing good deeds which can help in softening the effect of punishments. Also when a person has committed bad deeds in the previous life will suffer from Pitra Dosha. Therefore, we can say that Pitra Dosha is the result of bad karmas and has its effect on coming generations. It is considered bad because it brings along lot of sufferings and disturbances in life.

Identifying Formation of Pitra Dosha in Kundali

People often get very scared when they get to know that their horoscope has Pitra Dosha in it. But it is extremely important to first identify that whether your kundli has this dosha or not. Here are some of the points which must be considered in reaching on to a conclusion:

  • Placement of bad Sun in 5th or 9th house with Rahu and Ketu
  • When Rahu and Sun are present in the same house and Rahu is stronger
  • Sun is closely conjunct with Rahu and Ketu in the same house and within five degrees
  • Sun is conjunct with Rahu and Ketu without afflicted by Jupiter then Pitra Dosha becomes more intense.

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Pitra Dosha in Our Purans

As given in the Brahma Puran, the Lord of Death, Yamraj gave all the souls the permission to eat the food that is prepared by their children on Krishna Paksh of Ashwin month which is popularly known as Shraad. This is considered as a very important time as children perform Pirta pooja for the departed souls. And those who fail to perform Shraad suffer from “Pitra Dosha” because the Pitras are not pleased with them as they failed to offer them food during Shraad.

Facts Related with Pitra Dosha

Pitra Dosha in Vedic Astrology is considered as a bad yoga. Pitra stands for father or forefather. Sun is considered as father in astrology. Therefore, whenever Sun is afflicted by a malefic planet, in that case there is Pitra Dosha in the horoscope. The intensity, results and type of Pitra Dosha is subjective to the afflicting planet.

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Effects of Pitra Dosh

You can very well know whether someone has Pitra Dosha in his or her horoscope or not by studying different effects of this yoga:

  • Delay in marriage of your child
  • Problem in your own married life or that of your children
  • Repeated miscarriages or problems in conception
  • Any kind of mental abnormality in the child
  • Sudden death in the family
  • Hurdles in education
  • Delay in career growth
  • Financial problems in life of your child or yourself
  • Inherited diseases or long term illness
  • Birth of unwanted or unhealth child
  • Disputes in the family
  • Any kind of addiction
  • Always under debt

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Ke Upay

Here are some of the nirvaranas to ease Pitra Dosha. Following these remedies can reduce the intense effects of this combination:

  1. Mantras to Recite: Recite these two mantras:

Om namoh bahgwatey wasudevaye (ओम् नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय)

Ohm Shree Sarva Pitra Dosh Nivarnaay Kaleshm Han Han Sukh Shantim Dehi Fat Svahaa:

  1. Take responsibility of marrying a girl, preferably from a poor family
  2. Regularly offer prayers and worship Lord Vishnu
  3. Pitras accept offerings like donations, water and food. Offering these things to forefathers when the Sun is placed in Kanya Sankranti.
  4. Make offerings during the 15 days period of Shraad which come once in a year and are considered to be the best time to make offerings to pitras every year. It is very important to make offerings to the Brahmins with dedication.

Easy Home Remedies for Pitra Dosh

Given below are some home remedies that are very effective in relaxing the intense effects of Pitra Dosha:

  • On every Amavasya, offer food, clothing and wealth to the Brahmins
  • Feed the poor on some specific days
  • Feed the crows
  • Give water to Banayan tree

These are some facts, remedies and effects of Pitra Dosha. Always remember that good deeds never go waste and therefore, we can always make our lives better by doing all the good we can.