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Vastu Construction Tips, Vastu Remedies For Home Interiors

Vastu Tips During Construction and Remedies For Home Interiors

Constructing a new house is not an easy job. Right from purchasing the plot to finalizing the layout to constructing it and doing the interiors, there is so much time, effort and money that goes into it. And because it is a home that you have always dreamt of, you want to make it the best in everything. That’s why it is important to know Vastu tips for home construction to have a home that is perfect in every way. For that you can hire a Vastu consultant or a Vastu expert online, who can guide you through house design according to Vastu Shastra or tell Vastu remedies for home interiors.

This post shares lots of Vastu expert tips to follow while constructing your house. Keep reading to build a home that ensures happiness and success for you.

Vastu Tips for Construction of House

Here are some tips as per Vastu for starting house construction and Vastu for construction of new house that are important to keep in mind and follow:

  • The plot should be a square or rectangle.
  • Always enter the plot from the direction where you plan to have your main gate.
  • Ensure that the slope of the plot is towards North or East direction.
  • Make sure that all the four directions of the plot are at 90 degrees as unequal corners are not considered good.
  • Just after the bhoomi-poojan of the plot, move ahead with the construction of water tank in North or North-East direction. This is important for wealth and prosperity.
  • The building of foundation should start from North-East and then proceed towards South-West.
  • Construction of pillars and walls should start in West or South as these directions are suppose to be higher than the remaining area of construction.
  • During the process of construction, make sure that sand, bricks and other material related to construction is not kept in North-East direction as it leads to problems in construction.
  • Avoid keep construction tools in North-West direction as this also leads to delays in construction.
  • Construction of ceiling or RCC must first happen in South or West direction and last in North-West direction.
  • POP work should start from South-West direction.
  • Always construct a store facing South-West to have harmony and peace in relationships. Keeping things related with construction during construction in this corner also help you save money.
  • Construct main door on East, North East or North corner.
  • Avoid having a very big main door as it brings along health troubles.
  • Have kitchen in South East or North West direction.
  • Staircase should be in South, West or South West direction.
  • Balconies should in North, East or North East.
  • Parking should be created in North East cellar.
  • Leave open area in North and South and use it for creating lawn.

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Best Time to Start House Construction Vastu

According to Vastu for construction of new house, four months as per Hindu calendar are considered auspicious:

  • Chaitra Maas (March-April)
  • Vaishakh Maas (April-May)
  • Kartik Maas (October- November)
  • Maagh Maas (January- February)

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Easy Vastu Remedies for Home Interiors

Whether you have or you don’t have a house design according to Vastu Shastra, here are some remedies to set your home interiors right. Follow these remedies for better spaces:

  • While you cook or eat, never face South as it will lead to health problems.
  • While sleeping, never have your legs facing South as it again leads to multiple problems. Sleeping with head pointing in South is certainly a good choice.
  • Avoid sleeping on beds made of metals.
  • Your bed should never face mirror.
  • Make sure that you don’t have any storage or clutter under bed.
  • Place Tulsi plant in North-East corner of your house for better health.
  • Never perform any activity under the beam as it has adverse effects on health.
  • Make sure that the doors of the house open inside out.
  • Always have rectangle doors in the house.
  • East of the house should always be kept well ventilated.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra

If you follow Vastu for home construction or for any other property then it comes with its own benefits. Here are some:

  • Better flow of energy
  • Peace and happiness
  • Wiser use of space
  • Better placement of things
  • Avoidance of common mistakes
  • Positivity around
  • Prosperity and success
  • Cordial relationships and better understanding

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Vastu Shastra Tips for Success in Office - Best Vastu Office remedies

Vastu Shastra Tips for Success in Office

Vastu Shastra is an important Indian science which revolves around the architecture and construction of buildings. Therefore, while constructing your office, you need to consider Vastu for office construction. It is significant to know the Vastu for office boss cabin, Vastu for office seating and best direction for office desk in order to have a space which helps you work harder and prosper better.

In this post, we bring the guidelines based on Vastu Shastra for office and work place. Read through these mahavastu tips for office to create a successful place of work.

Easy Vastu Shastra Tips for Success in Office

Here are best Vastu tips for office that make it a prosperous place of working:


  • The best choice of plot for commercial purpose is Shermukhi which means that the plot is broader on the front and is narrow on the rear side.
  • Also consider the proximity of plot to the roads. The closer the proximity, the better it is.


  • Have the office building facing North, North West, North East.
  • These directions are important for bringing in positive energy.

Main Entrance

  • The main door should be facing North or East.
  • There should be no obstructions in front of the main entrance of your office.
  • Have the entrance door well painted.
  • Do not have any kind of mirrors or mirror-like objects on the main entrance.


  • The right direction is East or North East to have a reception.
  • Always have your company’s logo on it.
  • Do not have it created on a height.

Boss Cabin

  • The cabin of the owner should be in South West.
  • The boss should face North while seating.
  • There should be a concrete wall right behind the seating. Avoid glass structures.
  • The desk should be in a rectangle shape.

Marketing Department

  • The best direction is North West.
  • It will motivate the staff to generate more sales.

Accounts Department

  • North or East directions are considered to be the best.
  • The staff involved in financial transactions should sit facing North or East.
  • Never ever have a toilet or staircase in this direction for financial growth.

Managerial Staff

  • Have the senior staff sit in South or West directions.
  • They must face North or East while seating.

Conference Room

  • Build a conference room in North West direction.

Electric Equipment

  • Use South East corner for keeping electric equipment.


  • Use bright and pleasant colours on the wall.
  • The colours of the wall should create a positive and happy atmosphere.
  • Do not paint the pantry in colours like red, pink.
  • Never have blue colour in South East corner.

General Tips:

  • Keep the north side of the building light compared to the south side.
  • Always keep the central portion of your office building vacant.
  • Always have the staff seated North or East.
  • Construct workstations or work desks in rectangular or square shape. Avoid L-shape or any other irregular shape.
  • For manufacturing business, the process should begin from South and then proceed towards North and West and finally end in East.
  • Water resources must be placed in North-East.

If you want success at work then make sure that you have a proper office Vastu plan created keeping in mind the best Vastu tips to follow. Make sure you include these tips based on Vastu for office cabin, Vastu for entrance, Vastu for different departments to make the most of the energies. You can even find out office Vastu remedies to clear the negativities around you.

Vastu for Office Construction - Office Vastu Remedies -Office Vastu Tips

Vastu for Office Construction – Office Vastu Remedies and Tips

Vastu has defined some important principles which must be followed while constructing any kind of a building. It also offers guidelines on Vastu for office construction which is extremely important for the economic progress of a business. It is highly recommended to have an office Vastu plan from an experienced Vastu consultant which can help you get rid of office problems through Vaastu by following Vastu for office construction.

This post brings to you best Vastu Shastra tips for success in office. Following these Vastu tips and guidelines for office construction, you can have the most progressive space for your work.

Vaastu For Office and Commercial Building

Learn about Vastu for office by following these office Vastu remedies and tips for construction:

Office Direction

  • North is the direction where the Lord of Wealth, Kuber, resides.
  • North, North-West and North-East facing directions are considered auspicious. They bring positivity and prosperity.
  • The next best direction is East, especially in businesses related with services.

Office Entrance

  • As per Vastu for office and commercial building, the entrance door should be facing North or East.
  • There should be no obstruction in the entrance.

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  • It should be in the North-East or East direction.
  • The receptionist must face North or East while sitting as per Vastu tips for office construction
  • It should leave a positive impact on visitors.
  • Sitting facing west direction in office is not considered auspicious.

Vastu for Office Cabin

  • The cabins of senior management and executives should be in the West, South or South-West direction.
  • South-East or North-East directions are perfect for administrative and HR department.

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Vastu for Boss Cabin

  • The owner should always be seated facing North or East direction.
  • It is very inauspicious for the boss to sit facing South.
  • The wall behind the seat of the boss should be firm as it reflects the determination as per Vastu for office boss cabin

Vastu for Seating Arrangements in the Office

  • The employees should always be seated facing East or North while they are working.
  • This is important for better performance and productivity.
  • Never have the seating arrangement under beam.

Temple in Office

  • The right direction to have the temple in office is North-East.
  • It should be a clean and neat area.

Vastu for office table

  • The office table should always be in rectangular shape as per Vastu for office table
  • The office table should be made of good quality wood.
  • Avoid using tables of glass or metal as they lead to confusion and chaos.

Vastu for Office Pantry

  • South-East is the right direction to have office pantry.
  • Have green plants around the pantry for positive energy.
  • Do not paint pantry in shades of pink or red.

Toilets, Tanks and Staircases

  • South or South-West direction is considered apt for having staircase in office.
  • Avoid having staircases in the center as that will lead to financial loss.
  • Based on Vastu tips for small office, always construct toilets in West or North-West directions.

Vastu Remedies and Tips for Office Construction

Here are some of the Vastu remedies to keep in mind for office construction:

  • Place heavy things in South West direction.
  • Keep the center free and North East direction light.
  • Always paint the office in light colours. Do not paint the walls in dark colours to avoid negativity.
  • Always go for positive paintings in your office.
  • Never ever accumulate finished goods in your office.
  • Keep your office free of clutter.
Vastu Advice For Home Construction, House Vastu Tips

Vastu Advice For Home Construction – House Vastu Tips

Home is the only place in this world which is closest to our hearts and therefore, we want it to not just look perfect but also have the right energies. It is extremely important to know Vastu before construction and also to know house design according to Vastu Shastra. With Vastu Expert Tips for Construction Home, you can know how you can have a positive and progressive home for you and your loved ones.

Read on this post to know about Vastu for home construction whether it is a new home you are buying or constructing one from crash. Follow Vastu Advice for Home Construction for a better place.

Vastu Advice For Home Construction

Here are the tips based on Vastu for house which must be kept in mind. Read on these Vastu tips for house construction to construct a beautiful home.

  • Shape of plot: The shape of the plot should not be irregular because it brings bad influence. The right shape for the plot is either rectangle or square.
  • About open space: The north and east directions should have more of open space and the open space in North-West and South-East should be equal.
  • Doors and windows: Never have the doors constructed in one straight line. Have the front door larger in size than all other doors, especially the exit door. East and North are the right directions to have windows and doors to allow fresh air to come into your house.
  • Slope: The west of the plot should be elevated than the east and south should be elevated than north.
  • Foundation: North-East is the right direction to first dig and have the foundation laid. The digging should progress from East to North and then to South and West.

Best Time to Start House Construction Vastu

If you are wondering what is the best time to construct the house then out of the 12 Hindu months, there are five auspicious months based on Vastu Guidelines for Buying Property or Home:

  • Chaitra Maas: Falls between March-April.
  • Vaishakh Maas: Falls between April-May.
  • Kartik Maas: Falls between October-November.
  • Magh Maas: Falls between January-February.
  • Phalgun Maas: Falls between March-April.

These are considered to be good months if you are planning a construction.

Things To Keep In Mind When Constructing A House

Shared below are few things to keep in mind Vastu for construction of new house. Know these things on Vastu for starting house construction.

  • Always construct the first room constructed in the South West direction.
  • The first brick of the foundation has to be laid in the East or North side of the house.
  • The biggest plots are considered to be more auspicious.
  • Go with square or rectangular plots. If you have a rectangular plot then the proportion of sides must be less than two ratio one.
  • The plot must not contain any cracks or cleavages.
  • Never go with a plot that is sandwiched between biggest plots as it is considered to be inauspicious and brings along lots of problems.

Keep in mind these guidelines on vastu before construction. Also learn Vastu Tips During Construction and Remedies for Home Interiors along with Vastu Advice for Home to have a happy and healthy space to live in.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Apartments, Flats Vastu Remedies, Apartments Vastu

Important Vastu Shastra Tips for Apartments and Flats

Over the years, with more and more people migrating towards big cities, the culture of flats and apartments has flourished due to space constraints. Just like Vastu for homes, there is Vastu for flats and apartments as well. Considering the Vastu guide for flats is very important as it helps in correcting the energy flow in your house. Though builders also follow apartment Vastu but as a resident following flat Vastu is of equal importance.

In this post, we have compiled the Vastu tips for apartments as well as Vastu guidelines for buying property. Learn about these Vastu tips for flats which might save you from approaching Vastu consultancy services.

Vastu Remedies for Flat / Apartments

Here are some important Vastu remedies for apartments which you can follow in order to reduce the bad effects:

  • If there is an extended corner in your apartment then place aromatic plants in the window in North West direction.
  • If the distance between stove and sink is less then you can put Vastu strips on the wall.
  • If toilet pot faces West or East then placing three Vastu strips on the wall is recommended.
  • Keep Vastu salt in four corners of the house for better energy.

Vastu for Apartments Facing South

The apartments that face South are of great importance as per Vastu Shastra. Though, flats or homes that face South are considered inauspicious but they can be made auspicious by following the follow Vastu Shastra tips for apartments facing south:

  • Placement of the main door or entrance should be in the centre of the south direction.
  • Make sure that the entrance door is the largest in the house.
  • Always have the master bedroom in the South-West direction.
  • Other bedrooms should be in the North-West direction.
  • Avoid having a kitchen in South-West direction.
  • Face East or West while cooking in the kitchen.

Vastu Tips for Buying New Flat

Before buying a flat, it is very important to keep in mind the following Vastu tips for apartment to avoid making a wrong choice:

  • Avoid flats constructed in North-East or South-West direction
  • Always ensure that the drainage system is in the West, North or North-West direction
  • If there is a balcony then its slope should always be towards East or North direction
  • Avoid buying flats that have balconies in the South direction, go for flats that have balconies in North or East direction
  • If you are buying a penthouse with a room on the terrace then it should be on the South-West corner
  • Rectangle or square shaped flats are considered the best
  • Avoid buying flats that have kitchen or toilet in the North-East corner
  • Vastu tips for pooja room in flats suggest having pooja room in North or East direction
  • Go with flats that have windows in North or East direction

Vastu for Flat Number

Numerology along with Vastu plays an important role in influencing our lives. We must always calculate the number for our name which can be worked out by adding the respective numbers of all the alphabets in our name. And in the same way, the total of the all the digits in a flat number can be used in order to derive the total. The closer the flat number and name is, the better it is considered.

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Best Vastu Tips for Apartment Entrance

Entrance forms an important part of any house because it is responsible for bringing positive energy into your house. We have listed few Vastu tips for flat entrance that should always be kept in mind:

  • It is always a good idea to have an entrance in the North direction as it brings success and happiness to the people staying in the house.
  • If your flat has a South facing entrance then you must make sure that the main entrance is the biggest in size and is placed in the centre of the South direction.

Placement of Master Bedroom in a Flat

The master bedroom is an important room as the head of the family sleeps in that room. Here are some important Vastu guidelines for placement of master bedroom:

  • South-West corner is the perfect direction for a master bedroom
  • North-East is the most inauspicious direction for a master bedroom
  • Sleep with head positioned in South or East direction

Right Location to Have Kitchen in a Flat

Shared below are some important points in relation with the right location for kitchen in a flat:

  • South-East is the best direction to have the kitchen
  • The next best preference to have kitchen is North-West
  • You must preferably face East while cooking
  • Never have the kitchen facing the entrance of the flat

Vastu Tips for Balcony in a Flat

Balconies are significant in a house as they are the place from where maximum energies enter in your home. Here are some points worth considering:

  • East or North are considered to be the best directions to have balconies
  • Fresh air and natural light from North, East direction keep the energies positive
  • Always avoid flats which have balconies in South or West direction

Vastu Guidelines for Toilet in Flat

Follow the tips for Vastu for flat toilet to ensure that the placement of toilet is right:

  • The best direction to have toilet is North-West
  • Direction of toilet seat should be North-West or South-East
  • Toilet windows should open in East or North

With these Vastu Shastra tips for apartment, you can have positive energy in your flat.

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Vastu Remedies For South Facing Homes, Vastu Tips

Vastu Remedies For South Facing Homes – Vastu Tips

South is the direction which is owned by the God of Death, Lord Yama. Having a home facing South is always a matter of concern as there are many theories revolving around it which are apparently misleading. This is because as per Vastu no direction is a bad direction and every direction has its own positive and negatives.

If you have a south facing house then and south facing house Vastu is what is needed in this situation in order to make the most of the positives and neutralize the negatives. In this post, we have come up with effective Vastu remedies for south facing homes along with things to do and things to avoid based on Vastu Shastra for home.

Vastu Remedies For South Facing Homes – Vastu Tips, Rules and Guidelines

Shared below are some effective South facing house Vastu tips, rules and guidelines that are helpful in taking care of Vastu dosha due to direction. Follow these Vastu tips for having a positive home.

  • Make South the Highest Direction

Make sure that there are no depressions or holes in the south direction of the house. Except south west, it is suppose to higher than all other directions.

  • Focus on Shape

It is important to have the house in square or rectangle shape. If south direction is increased then cut it to make either of the shapes.

  • Seating Direction

While sitting in the house, you must always face the South. This is because you are facing the God of Death and receiving positive vibes from North.

  • Place Heavy Objects

All the heavy furniture should be placed in the south direction of the house.

  • Open Area in South

If there is an open area in South which is equal to or bigger than the building’s height then use it for planting trees.

  • Walls, doors and windows

The walls in the southern direction should be thicker and should have lesser openings. Therefore, lesser doors and windows should be on the southern wall.

  • Use of Red Color

On the outside of your house, use red colour in order to please Mars which rules the South direction.

  • Mangala Yantra

In the south direction, install Mangala Yantra as one of the effective south facing house vastu remedies.

  • Plants

Always plant heavy plants in pots in South direction in your house. Use big pots made of concrete. Indoor palms and rubber trees make good choices.

  • Open Spaces

Always have open spaces in North and East direction in house to invite positive energy into your home.

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What to Avoid As Per South Facing House Vastu

It is very important to know things to avoid to avoid south facing house Vastu problems:

  • Plot which slopes from north to south must be avoided.
  • Parking car in south should be avoided.
  • Entrance in pada from 5th to 9th should be avoided.
  • South-West corner must not have anything related to water.
  • More space in south over north should be avoided.
  • Any cut or extension in south must be avoided.
  • Kitchen in south west direction must be avoided.
  • Seating facing south should be avoided.

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Important Things to Do As Per South Facing House Vastu

Based on Vastu remedies for South facing homes, here are the ten most important things to do in such houses:

  • South is a good direction to keep heavy objects.
  • Having stairs in south is fine.
  • The main entrance of the house should be on 4th pada.
  • Select a plot which slopes from south to north.
  • While cooking food, always face east or west.
  • Have a kitchen either in South-East or North-West direction.
  • North-East is the right corner to have living room or pooja room.
  • For guest room, North- West is a good choice.
  • Master bedroom fits well in the South-West direction.
  • North or North-West is ideal direction to have bathrooms.

South East Facing House Vastu

Here are remedies for South East facing house which must be followed to create a happier and healthier home:

  • Place Gayatri Mantra on both sides of the main entrance.
  • In order to reduce the negative energies this direction brings along, use copper metal or use yellow sapphire or coral for positive effect.

South West facing House vastu

Here are some south west facing main door vastu remedies. Follow these South West vastu dosha remedies for a positive home:

  • On either side of the doorway, have two tiles fixed with Lord Hanuman holding a gada in his left hand. This is in order to kill all the negative energies this direction brings along.
  • Go for strategic placement of yellow sapphire based on south facing house vastu plan to reduce the negative impact of the direction.

Understanding south facing home vastu shastra to find and follow south facing house vastu solutions is extremely important to have happier homes for your loved ones.

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