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Feel safe by putting your palm on your heart. These days there are more cases of heart diseases and people suffering from this disease. The ailment of heart disease is common in all age groups because of the irregular lifestyle, eating habits, odd time sleep, lack of physical exercise, eating too much of junk food and many more reasons. High blood pressure, cholesterol issues, hole in the heart, heart attacks etc all of them relate to heart diseases.

We have listed the following medical astrology remedies for saving yourself from this dreadful heart problems:

  • Every day during 5-6 in the morning give water to Sun God. Sun God will give strength to you and support you in health. You will be saved from heart diseases.
  • Give highest regards to your father grandfather and anyone equal to them in your life. Their blessings will give you a good and healthy heart.
  • Meditating for heart chakra is very good. It brings inflow of love and understanding in relationship in your life.
  • Drink lot of water and meditate daily. Planet moon is in good position to maintain your heart healthy and your blood pressure normal.
  • Jupiter planet is not very kind on you and may have bad influence by increasing body fat that may lead to heart attack, do some good deeds like spreading knowledge by donating and distributing books.
  • Worship your 5th house planet. If 5th house is in 6th house or 8th house then heart issues arises. Worship 5th house planet for good heart
  • If you wear 1 face or 5 face Rudraksh daily it will protect your
  • Those who are suffering from high blood pressure, should wear White Coral. This can regulate your blood pressure.
  • Pray for planet Saturn and do remedies for any issues of Saturn planet. Planet Saturn helps to control Cholesterol issues. Offer mustard oil to peepal tree. Tie peepal tree root in a black cloth to your right hand.
  • Daily recitation of Aditya Hrudayam stotram will protect every human being from heart diseases.

General Remedies as per Astrology

  • All the remedies suggested above are preventive, you should consult a doctor in case you see any heart disease symptoms. All the above mentioned can be in addition to the medical care.
  • To speed up the cure, follow these suggestive remedies on three days viz. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
  • Every Sunday recite Gayatri Mantra at sun rise time by sitting in a comfortable position. In every sitting recite 108 times.

 “Om Bhur Bhuvah Svaha

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat”

  • Every Monday recite Moon Mantra at night by sitting in a comfortable position. Atleast 108 times you should recite in one sitting.

“Om som soumaya namah”

  • Every Tuesday recite Mars Mantra at dusk by sitting in a comfortable position. Atleast 108 times you should recite.

“Om Angarakaya Namah”

Astrological Combination for Heart Disease

Due to some combination of planets in some houses can cause heart diseases. It is important to know your zodiac sign and understand which planet is in favor of you and which planets are against you. The 4th house for cancer sign can cause heart pain.4th and 5th houses of Leo and cancer can cause heart diseases. The 4th lord of sub lord in 8th house will be in conjunction with Sun and will be ready to explode anytime. It’s dangerous for those who have a weak heart.

Which Planet is Responsible for Heart Disease

There are some planets who are responsible for heart related diseases in people. Sun in Aquarians can cause a heart ache. A Rahu in 4th house for Pisces can cause heart attacks. Rahu in 4th house of cancer zodiac sign is very dangerous to the extent of death. If Saturn is in Leo zodiac sign, this can cause heart aches. If Sun resides in Aquarius zodiac sign, there is high chances of death due to heart aches.

Heart Attack Yoga in Astrology

A doctor also cannot predict Heart sometimes. It is better to consult an astrologer in such cases. It is advised to consult an astrologer to gain knowledge about the disease in our human body every organ is associated with some planet. Each nakshatra is associated with one or more disease. Heart is located in the left side of the chest. Fourth house is associated with the chest. Leo present in the 5th house is used to analyze the heart. Sun is ruling planet of Leo. When Mars is in relation to ketu, when sun and Saturn are in relation with each other, when three malefic planets are present in single house.


Astrology as a branch of powerful science can very well help a person to diagnose any health problem and issue which may be bothering a person. It would also suggest good remedies and astrology remedies for good health which would help a person to get the rid of any disease. However, it is strongly advisable that any person still consults a doctor and gets a thorough checkup done once the disease erupts.

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