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Astrological Remedies for Heart Diseases, Heart Attacks astrology

Astrological Remedies for Heart Diseases/Attacks | Heart Astrology

Feel safe by putting your palm on your heart. These days there are more cases of heart diseases and people suffering from this disease. The ailment of heart disease is common in all age groups because of the irregular lifestyle, eating habits, odd time sleep, lack of physical exercise, eating too much of junk food and many more reasons. High blood pressure, cholesterol issues, hole in the heart, heart attacks etc all of them relate to heart diseases.

We have listed the following medical astrology remedies for saving yourself from this dreadful heart problems:

  • Every day during 5-6 in the morning give water to Sun God. Sun God will give strength to you and support you in health. You will be saved from heart diseases.
  • Give highest regards to your father grandfather and anyone equal to them in your life. Their blessings will give you a good and healthy heart.
  • Meditating for heart chakra is very good. It brings inflow of love and understanding in relationship in your life.
  • Drink lot of water and meditate daily. Planet moon is in good position to maintain your heart healthy and your blood pressure normal.
  • Jupiter planet is not very kind on you and may have bad influence by increasing body fat that may lead to heart attack, do some good deeds like spreading knowledge by donating and distributing books.
  • Worship your 5th house planet. If 5th house is in 6th house or 8th house then heart issues arises. Worship 5th house planet for good heart
  • If you wear 1 face or 5 face Rudraksh daily it will protect your
  • Those who are suffering from high blood pressure, should wear White Coral. This can regulate your blood pressure.
  • Pray for planet Saturn and do remedies for any issues of Saturn planet. Planet Saturn helps to control Cholesterol issues. Offer mustard oil to peepal tree. Tie peepal tree root in a black cloth to your right hand.
  • Daily recitation of Aditya Hrudayam stotram will protect every human being from heart diseases.

General Remedies as per Astrology

  • All the remedies suggested above are preventive, you should consult a doctor in case you see any heart disease symptoms. All the above mentioned can be in addition to the medical care.
  • To speed up the cure, follow these suggestive remedies on three days viz. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
  • Every Sunday recite Gayatri Mantra at sun rise time by sitting in a comfortable position. In every sitting recite 108 times.

 “Om Bhur Bhuvah Svaha

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat”

  • Every Monday recite Moon Mantra at night by sitting in a comfortable position. Atleast 108 times you should recite in one sitting.

“Om som soumaya namah”

  • Every Tuesday recite Mars Mantra at dusk by sitting in a comfortable position. Atleast 108 times you should recite.

“Om Angarakaya Namah”

Astrological Combination for Heart Disease

Due to some combination of planets in some houses can cause heart diseases. It is important to know your zodiac sign and understand which planet is in favor of you and which planets are against you. The 4th house for cancer sign can cause heart pain.4th and 5th houses of Leo and cancer can cause heart diseases. The 4th lord of sub lord in 8th house will be in conjunction with Sun and will be ready to explode anytime. It’s dangerous for those who have a weak heart.

Which Planet is Responsible for Heart Disease

There are some planets who are responsible for heart related diseases in people. Sun in Aquarians can cause a heart ache. A Rahu in 4th house for Pisces can cause heart attacks. Rahu in 4th house of cancer zodiac sign is very dangerous to the extent of death. If Saturn is in Leo zodiac sign, this can cause heart aches. If Sun resides in Aquarius zodiac sign, there is high chances of death due to heart aches.

Heart Attack Yoga in Astrology

A doctor also cannot predict Heart sometimes. It is better to consult an astrologer in such cases. It is advised to consult an astrologer to gain knowledge about the disease in our human body every organ is associated with some planet. Each nakshatra is associated with one or more disease. Heart is located in the left side of the chest. Fourth house is associated with the chest. Leo present in the 5th house is used to analyze the heart. Sun is ruling planet of Leo. When Mars is in relation to ketu, when sun and Saturn are in relation with each other, when three malefic planets are present in single house.


Astrology as a branch of powerful science can very well help a person to diagnose any health problem and issue which may be bothering a person. It would also suggest good remedies and astrology remedies for good health which would help a person to get the rid of any disease. However, it is strongly advisable that any person still consults a doctor and gets a thorough checkup done once the disease erupts.

Other Easy Astrology Remedies for Health

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Medical Health Problems and Remedies, My Health Astrology

Medical Health Problems and Remedies | My Health Astrology

Astrology is a powerful science- more so as it not only predicts and helps in analyzing the horoscope of a person but also because astrology helps in providing a multitude of remedies for different Health Problems Solutions Astrologer India. Health of a person is a crucial aspect- a proper health is necessary to keep the body up and running all day long without any problems. With astrology and the Indian best Astrologer in London, UK, a person can have an idea about the health and well-being through forecasts and get solutions to them. A person can have an idea of upcoming medical issues which are soon going to hamper the health of a person. As such, with the Health Problems Solution by Indian Astrology, one can lead a better life without any health issue in future.

Get Way to Your Health Issues via Gupta Ji

Everyone wants to lead a healthy life. Medical issues and health problems are something every person avoids and gets regular check up. In such a time, one can for a evaluation consultation with Gupta Ji a renowned astrologer who can help you will all the medical issues and problems. Gupta ji, a top Indian Astrologer UK would give a thorough evaluation of the horoscope and forecast the Health Issues Problem and also suggest remedies to avoid them in future. With a proper analysis, the Indian Astrology Service in London and Gupta Ji would tell about the medical issues and the person can be prepared from earlier about the unforeseen situations to come.

Illness forecast in the Birth Chart

Get the help of medical astrology to know about the illness and health issues that are highlighted in the birth chart. With a panel of experienced astrologers, we would ensure your illnesses and medical issues are tackled beforehand. The birth chart is an open book of the future of the person. It highlights any occurrence or medical illnesses which might come the way. As such, consulting a medical astrologer or famous Astrologer UK and having a thorough analysis is of utmost importance.

Planetary Positions, Health and Disease indicator – the Connection

Planetary positions in the birth chart have different types of impact in our lives. The position of the stars impacts hugely in the well-being and prosperity of a person. Each planet as well as star sign influences different certain parts of the human body. As such, a thorough analysis of the birth chart by an expert astrologer is necessary to forecast any medical issue or problem and also practice the remedies and solutions as per Indian astrology in advance. Get a thorough evaluation of the planetary positions and their effects by top Astrology Services UK and also solutions for their disappearance.

How to Effectively Solve any Health Problems by Indian Astrology?

Astrology has a huge impact on the lives of a person. Through astrology, one can achieve great good things in life due to a good forecast of what would happen in future. A birth chart has different houses for the planets ruling the horoscope of a person. The positions of the planet work in tandem with each other, bringing in both good and bad situations in life. The following houses in the birth chart rule various health disorders like:

  • Like the 1st house of the birth chart regulates the general well-being, body and personality of a person.
  • The 5th House suggests ways to overcome health complications and the 6th House indicated the diseases and their nature in the person.
  • The 8th House of the birth chart reveals obstacles as well as dramatic physical issues of a person.
  • The 11th House suggests solutions to any physical disorder of a person.
  • The 12th House determines factors that are responsible for hospitalization and assists with a good analysis any of possible physical defects. It also predicts common health problems and offer solutions for them.


Astrology as a branch of powerful science can very well help a person to diagnose any health problem and issue which may be bothering a person. It would also suggest good remedies and astrology remedies for good health which would help a person to get the rid of any disease. However, it is strongly advisable that any person still consults a doctor and gets a thorough checkup done once the disease erupts.

Can Astrology actually help You to lose Weight ? Read my post on How astrology can help you to lose weight.

I highly recommend you to read this Astrological Remedies for Heart Diseases or Attacks for the prevention.

Astrological Career in Acting, career in film industry

Astrological Combinations for Successful Career in Acting

Fame, glamour, fans define a celebrity. An actor may seem like a normal person but the unmatched enigma and attraction he has sets him apart from the crowd. Film industry, actors, models strongly believe in Vedic astrology and horoscope. There is a significant Role of Astrology in Movie Making Business which reflects in box-office collections every Friday. Astrology defines Best Career Choice for Zodiac Sign based on planetary positions and equations.

Your future in acting career is locked in your horoscope and in case of any trouble then Career Problems Solutions by Astrology help you solve it with ease. There are various acting yogas in astrology that define success in film industry for an actor. There are also Political Yogas for Successful Career. These astrological combinations for fame suggest how effective will be your career in acting as per Vedic astrology.

If you are looking for yogas for becoming an actor or you are seeking modeling career astrological predictions then read through this post which shows how just by studying actor’s kundli, his future can be forecasted.

Significant Planets for Successful Acting Career

If you wish to have a successful career in acting then these are the few planets which play a significant role as per astrology:

Venus: This planet is known to give native charismatic looks and attractive personality. Strong Venus not only promises a successful career as an actor but also helps you sustain it. People from media, television and film industry have a strong Venus.

Mercury: Native with a strong mercury in the horoscope is found to be gifted with amazing skills to act. He can give wonderful expressions, react impeccably to situations and is a performer. He is extremely dynamic. People with strong mercury are often seen in theaters where they have to be spontaneous and truly creative in order to achieve success.

Moon: You can become an actor with Venus and Mercury but to become a superstar you need to have a strong Moon in your horoscope. This planet promises great popularity. Native with strong moon have the power to influence and win the hearts of millions with their looks, performance and charisma.

Sun: Sun also plays an important role in this glamorous industry as it is helpful in achieving the fame. But when it is placed closely to Venus then it results in unhappy marital relationships and that’s the reason many celebrities have unsuccessful marriages.

Important Houses to Become an Actor

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 10th houses are the most important houses to consider while studying the horoscope for acting career.
  • 1st house represents the head or the body
  • 2nd house is the representation of face
  • 3rd house helps in representation of face and arms along with effectiveness of speech
  • 5th house is for innovativeness which is must for an artist. The person may not be an actor but can be in any other creative field in the glamorous industry.
  • 10th house is the house for name, fame and popularity for an actor
  • Successful acting career is determined by connection of 10th and 5th houses with each other.

Make your dream for job promotion come true with the best of astrological solutions.

Acting Yoga in Astrology

There are some astrological yogas that are a must in the horoscope in order for great acting skills and impressive career in acting:

  • Jaimini Rajyoga: For success and fame, popularity and money. Those who have a suitable mahadasha along with this yoga are gifted with a long term stable career in acting.
  • Moon in 3rd, 5th and 12th house makes one a superstar
  • Creative ability is represented when Ascendant lord is conjunct with 3rd or 5th house
  • Presence of Mars in 1st, 3rd, 5th, 8th or 10th house
  • Presence of Sun in 3rd, 5tj, 7th and 10th house
  • Presence of Venus and Mercury in 3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th house

With all these combinations, a native can expect a successful career in acting or in film industry. These are some of the astrological combinations which are good enough for a great career.

Modeling Career Problems Solution by Astrology

Models and actors have to face difficulties in reaching on the heights they desire. There is no denial that they have to witness the tough struggling period before they achieve all the success and earn all the fame they get.

For a successful career in modelling or acting, planets responsible are Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Sun etc. and if these planets are placed in an unfavorable position in the horoscope then consulting a professional astrologer for solutions that can impart strength to these planets will work in your favour. Likewise, position of planets in 2nd, 5th, 6th, 10th and 11th houses has to be also improved in order to have a well paid and stable career in modelling or acting.

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Child Yog in My Kundli, Child as per Astrology, Santan yog

Child Yog in My Kundli | When Will i Get Child as per Astrology

A baby is a blessing in the life of a couple. Every couple wishes for a healthy baby who would be a good heir to their legacy and would be a symbol of the love they shared. However, there are some couples who fail to have children due to complications and various issues in their lives. At such a time, they should go for a good Kundli evaluation to see about child yog in it. A good consultation with an astrologer would mean knowing about the child yog in the kundli or awareness about the problems and issues which are heaving high on the birth of the child. The astrologer can also suggest good solutions following which the couple would have a good healthy baby in their lives. Removing the hurdles and knowing about the child yog to have a healthy good child in the couple’s life.

Importance of Santan in life

A child is very necessary in a married life – as it binds the love between the couple more and also adds more to the happiness at home. An absence of a child in the family signifies an incomplete life. According to Indian scriptures, having a child is a way to overcome any Debt of Ancestors (Pitra Rin). A good and healthy child is seen as a blessing and the greatest gift to the family and the society. As children are the future of the nation, they are seen as a prospective asset for building up and developing a nation to its best.

When Can I Expect Child as per Astrology

Astrology is a powerful science which assists in balancing the horoscope and life of a person. it also helps in aspects like childbirth and pregnancy by predicting about the problems which may arise and also offering solutions for a better childbirth. Some of the things to consider while studying for progeny in horoscope and kundili include:

  • According to vedic astrology, the 5th house of the horoscope is responsible for intelligence, good education and progeny. As such, a study and evaluation of this house in coordination with other planetary positions by an astrologer as per child yoga kundli is necessary for a good childbirth.
  • The astrologer would be able to predict the childbirth expectancy and evaluate any problems which linger in it. He would foresee which planets are seeing the 5th
  • The impact of the other planets is also looked into to evaluate any problems. By following good solutions, the couple can have a healthy child soon.
  • The power and position of the master of Santan bhaav is checked and simultaneously Venus is also studied.

Astrology Yoga for a Healthy Child

Astrology Yoga refers to the planetary positions which functions the life of a person. different planetary positions have different roles and significance’s in the horoscope of a person. Like for childbirth there are different yogas for child.

  • When the mahadasha of Panchamesh begins and if during that time the antardasha of planet is present in 5th house through child yoga astrology, then a good probability of childbearing increases.
  • Likewise, when the dasha of any planet of the 5th house in chandra kundli emerges, the chances of progeny rises to high.
  • A dasha of a most powerful planet on the 5th house as child yoga also increases the chances of baby.
  • The occurrence of these astrology yogas and putra yog predictions is crucial to have a healthy and good baby in the lives of the couple.

Reasons of Childbearing Problems as per Astrology

Astrology study provides solutions and dimensions to various aspects of the life of a person. be it health or career, astrology have reasons for both their good and bad occurrence. Likewise, astrology too has reasons for childbearing problems of a couple.

  • If any malefic planet rules the 5th house, then there is a delay in progeny.
  • If the 5th house is overviewed by a strong malefic planet, childbearing problems are bound to happen.
  • The presence of Mars and Sun in 5th house and any type of graham in the form of a Santan bhav creates problems in putra putri yog.
  • A bad Venus in the horoscope is also a problem for couples when it comes to childbearing.

Solutions for a Baby as per Astrology

Astrology as a powerful science has solutions for anything- be it career, education, profession, health or even childbearing. When it comes to a fruitful childbearing, there are certain solutions by santan yog vedic astrology which the couples should follow religiously and devotedly to have a healthy and good child in their lives.

  • An astrologer can recommend good and qualitative gems stone which would bring in luck and help the couple to have an efficient child as per child yoga in kundli in their life.
  • The astrologer can also recommend a devoted puja for removing any forecasted obstacles in the life of the couple.
  • A right daan can be done for a healthy childbirth.
  • A yantra can be installed in the house followed by regular worship as per the kundli predictions for child is also a good way to overcome the childbearing difficulties.
  • In addition to that, there are varied mantras/spells present wherefrom the right mantra for the progeny problem can be taken and chanted regularly.

Astrological Remedies for a Healthy Child

A healthy child is a requirement for all. Everyone wants their child to be healthy, good and an intelligent one. In such a time, astrology and horoscope for childbirth prediction can help the couples in a good way to bear a healthy child.

  • The regular worship of the family of shiva is utmost necessary for bearing a healthy and a talented child.
  • For the couples who are facing childbearing problems, a good consultation and evaluation with an astrologer to know about the efficient totka, best puja and the best worship method for overcoming the child problem is necessary.
  • One can contact Astrologer Astroshree for any astrological analysis for childbearing problems and also other problems in life.

Importance of Baby Name as Per Astrology
A name of a person is an important identity. It is important for everyone- a good name brings in good luck and also makes the life of the person successful whereas a bad name ruins the entire life of a person.

Build Your Baby & Childrens Confidence with Indian Astrology
Take the help of Indian Astrology to know about the future of the child. With the Indian astrologers, know about the education, career and health aspects of the future

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