Stop Divorce Through Indian Astrology

The relationship between a husband and a wife is very sensitive. There are so many reasons because of which problems in marriage surface because of which the trust in each other gets affected and issues like divorce come up. Sometimes small issues like lack of communication, lack of time for each other, constant arguments and differences lead to divorce.  And in such a situation, it is important to consider astrology tips to avoid divorce.

In this post, we have come up with divorce problem solutions by astrology. You can take help from astrology to stop divorce and have your marriage work by using the different astrological remedies to save marriage.

Increasing Divorce Rates in Present Times

These days, the concept of love marriage has become very common and when a person is going for love marriage, they do not prefer getting their kundalis matched because of which the predictions about marriage cannot be made. It cannot be known what all problems can surface in a marriage and therefore, proactive actions cannot be taken to save the marriage. The incompatibility in marriage eventually results into divorce and that’s the reason we see a spike in more and more couples heading for divorce.

How to predict Divorce in Astrology?

According to astrology, here are some of the reasons for divorce in astrology:

  • The 7th house of the horoscope highlights details in relation with detachment, separation and divorce. This happens when the 7th house is under the effect of negative placements of the planets. In case, Rahu, Sun and Saturn are in the 7th house and they are not influenced by Venus or Jupiter then in that case, chances of divorce are quite high.
  • When the lord of 7th house is found in the 6th house then again there are chances of divorce.
  • When the lord of 7th house is weak then also there are chances of having separation.

Astrology Tips to avoid divorce, Remedies Stop divorce

Though your kundali reflects chances of divorce in your life but with the right astrological remedies to stop divorce, you can save your marriage. We have shared some of those remedies here:

Daily Pooja to avoid divorce:

  • If the marriage is not working great then the husband and the wife should together go to the temple for avoiding divorce at least once in a week.
  • Light a pure ghee diya while you offer prayers to God.
  • Make sure that you have a temple in your home where you can worship God every morning and evening together.
  • Every Thursday, offer prayer to Banana and Peepal tree by offering water and lighting ghee diyas for banana tree and mustard oil diya for Peepal tree.

Mantras or yantras to avoid divorce:

  • Swayamvarparvati yantra should be kept in your pooja.
  • Every day chant the powerful Tulsi Gayatri Mantra for 108 times: ‘Om Shree Tulsavidmahey, Vishnu Priyaye Dhimahi, Tannovrinda prachodiaat.’
  • Worship Lord Shiva every day along with chanting the mantra: Om Namah Shivay.
  • Every day read Shani Mahatmyam loud to appease Saturn.

General Remedies:

  • Always donate together things to needy people.
  • Make sure you offer water and food on festive occasions to pitras.
  • Do not sleep in the bedroom in the West direction of the house.
  • The head should be either in the East or South direction while sleeping.
  • Wife should sleep on the left hand side of the husband.
  • Try and use the same pillow.
  • Have your bedroom painted either in light green or light pink color.
  • Keep white colored flowers in your bedroom every Friday.
  • Offer white colored sweet to Goddess on Fridays and also consume the same.
  • Wife should wear golden bangles.

How to Stop problems in marriage by Hanuman mantra

In order to save your marriage, you must understand the power of Hanuman mantra to stop divorce. If you are facing problems in your marriage then chanting this divine mantra can help you win back the lost love your spouse. This mantra does no harm to anyone but by using any of the Hanuman Vashikaran mantras can help you put an end to all the troubles in your marriage.

You can get in touch with an experienced astrologer to know the effective Hanuman mantra to stop the problems in your marriage and avoid second marriage.

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  1. In the intricate dance of marriage, even minor missteps can sometimes lead to the precipice of divorce. From communication gaps to incessant quarrels, these fissures can corrode trust. However, Indian astrology offers invaluable insights and remedies to salvage these unions. By seeking astrological guidance and applying tailored solutions, couples can mend their bonds and navigate away from the brink of divorce, allowing love to flourish and marriages to endure.


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