Marital Disharmony: Unhappy Married Life Astrology

Some people are blessed with a happy marriage but some are not lucky. They have various marital disharmony problems that make their life difficult. Marital disharmony problems lead to discord between the couple which leads to stressful and tense life at home. Not just that it also gives children a difficult environment to grow and sometimes even results in divorce.

The marriage problems are very often are a result of certain combinations in horoscope. Certain planetary positions are sometimes the main causes of marital disharmony and that is what we aim to enlighten you with in this post.

Points to Consider While Analyzing Marriage

Here are three important points on which the future of any marriage largely depends:

  • 7th House: According to Vedic Astrology, the analysis of married life is done by studying the 7th house of the birth chart and Navamsha or D-9.  
  • 2nd House: This house stand for family.
  • 4th House: This house stands for the environment at home.

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Causes of Unhappy Married Life As Per Astrology

Here are some of the reasons that lead to disharmony in married life as per astrology:

  • Weak 7th house is responsible for weakening the bond between the couple. The spouse will not be understanding and supportive and this will lead to marriage problems.
  • Any kind of affliction to the second house and its lord then it will cause problems in family. It will result in discord between the spouse.
  • Any kind of affliction to fourth house and its lord is responsible for creating quarrels and damages to the domestic environment.
  • Bad placement of 4th lord as well an afflicted fourth house is not good for blissful married life in astrology.
  • If all three houses” 7th, 2nd and 4th are afflicted then in that case, the person will certainly witness sever disharmony in marriage along with frequent quarrels at home.
  • Placement of 7th house lord in 12th, 8th, 6th house: This combination will create marital issues.
  • Placement of 12th, 8th, 6th house lord in 7th house: The spouse will be causing problems in marriage.
  • Placement of Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn in the 7th house: These are natural malefic that create problems in whichever house they sit. These planets have different adverse effects in marriage.

Remedies for Unhappy Married Life in Astrology

In order to keep the discord and problems in married life at bay, here are some points that must be kept in mind:

  1. Wipe the floor using salt water on daily basis as it is an effective solution for unhappy married life in astrology.
  2. Couple must keep red vermillion and 11 Gomti Chakra in a vermillion box for ending the problems amongst the couple.
  3. Wife should wear golden or yellow colored bangles pair as they are supposed to bring happiness and peace in married life.
  4. Husband should consume milk with saffron in breakfast as it brings harmony and marriage.
  5. Always first offer to God any fruits or sweet items that have been brought to the house in order to seek the blessings of the Almighty. Offer these offering to the children of the house and after that the couple should consume it.

In order to treat disharmony in marriage, following these remedies can prove to be extremely helpful.

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