Best Age To Have A Baby Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It’s always nice to know when you should have a baby. What is the good time or a bad time in your horoscope to have a baby and according to astrology when will i get pregnant. Astrology is a science which can predict when to have a baby. You should know your zodiac sign thoroughly. It may be difficult to believe but astrology and zodiac pregnancy predictor has proved successful in determining the age to get pregnant. Let us understand when is the best and worst age to get pregnant for the twelve zodiac signs. These predictions will help you to plan your life and set your goals for pregnancy planning to have a family. You may think that this is the right age is plan to postpone the decision to have a baby. But reality is that the constellation should shower its blessings on you. This constellation has its own impact on each zodiac sign based on your date of birth.

Pisces – 28 is the Perfect Age

Pisceans are great imaginative people. They dream of their offspring coming into this world. You will have many romantic thoughts of having your baby with your handsome husband. You will have a lot of plans about your future as a would-be-mother. You will have to wait till your late twenties for your dream to come true. You can keep focusing on your career and other goals of your life till then.

Capricorn – Lucky Number 21

A Capricorn is a home bird and respects tradition and customs. You love your family and matured enough to handle a family with all the responsibilities. You will get married and plan your baby in early twenties. This does not over whelm you as you have superb qualities of a mother and you are highly disciplined. You can take complete control of your life and career. You will balance well. You will be comfortable having a baby at a young age and manage well.

Virgo –Twinkle at 30

A Virgo woman is a very practical person. She keeps postponing her child birth not because she does not lie to have children, but because she is more focused on her career. She is a very practical person does not want to give a back seat to he career.  However, she will see a twinkle of stars at 30. It will happen accidentally without any plan. You will see a bundle of joy coming in your life at that age.

Sagittarius – Turning 26?

Sagittarians are by nature very adventurous. They like to travel a lot. The idea of having a baby may scare them as they have to be tied to their family. You would probably plan to have a baby at the age of 26. It will obvious be a planned pregnancy. Gradually you will tone down your adventurous nature and you will start taking care of your family. You will defining your boundaries and confine to your family.

Leo – Lucky Number 33

You are very aggressive and ambitious. You want to pursue your goals first. You will stay focused on your professional goals and live like a lion. You will enjoy your life to the fullest and in your thirties, you will plan to have a baby. Your multi-tasking quality will come to use. You will take care of your baby, your family and your career. You will stand by your decision of motherhood and stand by it.

Cancer – 20 Years Young

Cancer is the sign of motherhood. You will be very caring and taking good care of your friends, class-mates and everyone around you. Since you have the quality, you are prepared to be a mother from the age of 23. Once you find an ideal life partner, you can plan your family and when to have a baby. You can have babies till your thirties, depending on how many you plan to have.

Scorpio – 27 Should Be Your First

This zodiac sign would love their children probably more than other zodiac signs. You will lead a very happy and romantic life till 27 and then decide to a baby. You will be very excited to have a baby. You have all the traits of a great mother. You will love your children a lot and deal with them with a lot of patience. You will teach them good values. You will never compromise as far as your children as concerned. You will give them the best of everything.

Aquarius – The Stars Say 34

This zodiac sign is a kid at heart. You are very flirtish by nature. You will never be prepared mentally to have a family. You like to be a happy go lucky person. You are very moody also. Don’t be in a hurry to start your family. You will be emotionally stable and more matured by 34. It’s the right age to plan for a baby. You will develop more patience. You will learn to deal with children.

Taurus – 22 Will Be the First of Many

This Zodiac sign will first look for a loving and caring partner who will take care of you and of your children. You are a very calm and balanced person. You will start your family at a very early age. You can plan to have children to the age of 31.You will read lo of information on parenting and gain knowledge. You will impart good values to your children. You have very strong family values, which you will teach your children.

Libra – Destined At 29

Librans are very balanced and they know how to balance between relationships. You will be a great parent. In your twenties, you will be busy because of the leadership positions you hold.  Having a first child may be scary, but once you have a baby then you will lose your fear and enjoy your motherhood. You will know to balance between your children when they quarrel and have sibling fights.

Gemini – Lucky Number 33

Gemini will have two souls. You will enjoy your life with your spouse and then will decide to have a new born at the age of 33.You will experience lot of happiness and joy by taking this decision. You will start preparing to have a baby from the time you conceived. You will make many plans for your baby’s arrival. You will be a great mom to your new born.

Aries – 19 Years Young

Aries denotes warrior sign. You are brutally frank and honest according to your horoscope. You don’t like laziness. You are very hardworking and well planned about your future. May be, this is the reason for you to start your family life at a very early age. You will get married by 19 and plan to have a baby by 21. Your first pregnancy may not be planned, but your bold and brave nature will never make you feel scary. This is because you are very confident and more matured for your age.

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  1. my name is sharyah and I am a Scorpio I was born November 8 2006 and my mother is a libra and my brother is also a libra and my half baby brother is a leo and my dad is a Taurus and I want to know which zodiac sign I can do out with


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