Have a Happy Married Life With Vastu Tips

Marriage is an important association, something that is made in heaven and is blessed by God. It is the most beautiful bond of love which has many shades in it. Every person wants to have a happy and smooth married life with his or her loved one because it is the most important relationship in one’s life. Parents want their children to get married at the right age. Couples want to have everything go fine with their spouse. Not only this, couples make all possible efforts to make things work when something goes wrong in their bond of love. Likewise, parents also do everything to make sure that their children are married to the most suitable match at the right age.

This article talks about some of the useful Vastu tips for having a perfect married life and for ensuring that you get married at the right age with the most perfect match for you.

Effects of Vastu Shastra on Marriage

Well the home where are residing has lots of influence on your relationships. If there are certain defects in home then they can cause delay in marriage and even cause discord in their association leading to separation or may be divorce. This way this Indian science is very much essential in affecting our love life.

Delay in Marriage

When a child doesn’t get married at the right age then parents are the most tensed. Once their children reach the marriageable age, they want to see them happily settled. Some of the Vastu defects that lead to this delay along with some remedies have been mentioned below.

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Vastu Defects Causing Delay in Marriage

  • If the slope of the plot is from North East to South West.
  • If there is a water tank in South West zone of the house.
  • If the girl sleeps in the bedroom located in North East or South West direction of the house.
  • If the boy sleeps in the bedroom located in South East.
  • The center of the house must be kept light and clean.

Vastu Remedies for Delay in Marriage

  • Make a girl sleep in North West bedroom, especially after her menstruation cycle has started. In case that is not possible then make her sleep in a room that is located in West with her head either in West or in South direction.
  • Use bed sheets of light soothing shades in her room.
  • For a boy of marriageable age, it is important that he sleeps in a bedroom which is located either in South West or North East direction. In case there is no such choice available in the house then South direction is the most preferred choice.

Discord in Marriage

Sometimes the happy married life transforms into the most difficult relationship between the partners. Due to certain Vastu problems, they end up arguing, fighting and misbehaving over trivial things. This destroys the peace and happiness in their association. Some Vastu defects and their solutions have been mentioned below.

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Vastu Defects Causing Problems in Marriage

  • Bedroom in South East and North East direction is not advisable.
  • Kitchen in North East is also not recommended.
  • Don’t go for dark color on the walls.
  • Never use bonsai and cactus plants in your house.
  • Avoid metal beds. Do not go for beds with storage.
  • Do not have mirror in the bedroom, especially in front of the bed.
  • Do not have any extension in your house in the South East direction as it can again affect your marriage.
  • Do not use artificial or dry flowers.

Vastu Remedies for Problems in Marriage

  • Have your bedroom in the South or South West direction. Sleep with your head in South.
  • Always go for soft and light colors in your room.
  • Use bed sheets in light color.
  • Go for beds made with wood. Go for bed either in square shape or in rectangle shape.
  • Use single mattress on bed and use single quilt instead of separate one.
  • Use fresh flowers in your room and change them often.
  • Decorate the most beautiful corner of your room.
  • Brighten the dull corners of the house.
  • Make sure that the North East zone of your house is clean and light.

All these points are extremely helpful in timely marriage and also ensure a happy married life. If you are facing any of these problems in your life then use these wonderful remedies to correct the Vastu in your house and enjoy a wonderful marriage with your partner.

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