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Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018, Best Political Astrologer in India, political career in horoscope

Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018 Best Political Astrologer in India

Astrology is an amazing science and a science which has lot of attraction. No matter what profession you are in, you are always tempted to know something about the future. If you aspire to be a politician then astrological predictions for political career based on your horoscope are of extreme importance. They forecast the possibility of having a successful political career in horoscope and also suggest astrological combinations for riches.

With Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018 around the corner, political astrology predictions are getting more focus. This is because every politician wants to know what are his chances of success in politics in these particular elections. But in order to make right and promising predictions, you need an experienced and learned political astrologer who can deeply study the horoscope, analyze the positions of stars and then make correct predictions about the same.

Astrological Combinations for Political Success

Given below are some very strong astrological combinations that guarantee political success. So if you wish to know that whether you will have a bright career in politics or not then these astrological combinations can be of big help to you:

  • 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th houses are the important houses that are considered for politics. And out of these four, 10th house is of extreme importance.
  • If any planet of 10th house or lord of 10th house is exalted then in that situation the native has brighter chances of coming in politics.
  • If ascending Lunar Node and Sun are significators of minister and the native has inclination towards politics then this equation promises name and fame in politics for the native.
  • If ascending Lunar Mode i.e. Rahu is the significator of minister then in this case, the native is more capable of adapting to situations, being a good orator and also and good planner and executor which are important traits of being a good politician.
  • If Sun is the significator of the minister then native is expected to enjoy a higher position in political field.
  • If there is a strong association between 7th house and lord of 10th house then person becomes a successful minister.
  • 6th house is the house of occupation. 6th house in relation with 10th house or lord of 10th house makes the native a popular minister who dedicates his life to the public.
  • If Sun and Mercury conjunction in 2nd, 6th or 12th houses and the benefic planet is Jupiter then this astrological combination predicts successful political career.
  • Placement of Sun in 9th or 10th house and Rahu is connected with 6th, 10th or 11th house then successful political career is predicted along with name, fame and respect.
  • Position of Jupiter must be in Kendra or Trine for a good political career.
  • Rahu must be connected with 10th house

Political Astrology Services in Rajasthan by Astrologer K C Gupta

Enjoy the impeccable and promising political astrology services in Rajasthan by the reputed and trust-worthy astrologer Shri. K.C. Gupta. His knowledge about astrology and experience in this field make him one of the most popular names in the country for astrological predictions in various fields.

If you also wish to know about your chances of having a successful political career or simply wish to know political astrology predictions based on your horoscope, you can get in touch with him. He will deeply study and analyze your horoscope before providing you with any forecast.

Navratri Upvas, Navratri Fasting Rules, Benefits Navratri Fast

Navratri Upvas, Navratri Fasting Rules 2018, Benefits Navratri Fast

Navratri is one of the most important Hindu festivals. This is a nine-night festive celebration which is observed twice in a year, one in the month of Chaitra and another in the month of Ashwin. There is a significant importance of Navratri fast because of which many people observe fasting. It is believed that it helps in purifying the body, mind and soul. There are various Navratri fasting benefits because of which the feast and celebrations go hand in hand with upvas for nine days.

In this post, we will discuss in full detail about Navratri fasting. Read on find out the Navratri fasting dates along with do’s and don’ts in Navratri vrat, when to break Navratri fast and various benefits associated with it.

Dates of Navratri Upvas 2018

As we know that Navratri comes twice in a year. Here are the Navratri dates for both of these for hassle Navratri Upvas 2018:

Chaitra Navratri 2018: March 18th, 2018 to March 25th, 2018

Sharad Navratri 2018: October 10th, 2018 to October 18th, 2018

Some people fast on all the nine days while some fast on the first and last day. Navratri fast dates or days are very much subjective to an individual and castes.

When to Break Navratri Fast?

The fast must be broken after the sunset and that is when the devotee must have his only meal of the day. Make sure that this meal is simple and satvik in nature and you have done pooja before having the meal.

Navratri Fasting Rules to Keep in Mind

We have come up with some very important Navratri fasting rules which have been designed in synch with Navratri fast reasons. Here are some rules to keep in mind:

  • Old and infirm, very young, pregnant women and nursing mother should not go for 9 days of fasting
  • You can choose on the number of days when you can comfortably fast. There is no restriction on fasting for 9 days
  • Consume one meal a day and that too after the sun has set. It can be a simple diet or simply fruits and milk
  • Charity must be performed during fasting
  • Use saindha namak over common salt
  • Eat less and eat light. Avoid heavy to digest food and fried food
  • Stay vegetarian during fasting.

Benefits/Advantages of Navratri Fasting

There is very high importance of Navratri fast. We have come up with some of the Navratri fasting benefits which will definitely motivate you to observe the Navratri upvas with more happiness:

  • Navratri is the transition time for season. Change in season results in change in mental, physical and spiritual well being. Fasting helps in detoxing and purifying the system and connect with Maa Durga with a clean mind, body and soul.
  • Fasting appeases Maa Durga and when she is happy, she blesses her devotees with prosperity and success.
  • It is believed that fasting rules of Navratri were explained by Maa Durga to one of her devotees and when one follows these rules, Maa Durga always blesses the person.

Dos and Don’ts to Follow in Navratri Vrat

We have come up with a list of Dos and Don’ts for Navratri Vrat that must be followed seriously:

Do’s of Navratri Fasting:

  • Take bath every day before 9 a.m. Wear clean clothes.
  • Perform pooja every morning and evening and light a lamp.
  • Offer bhog to deities every day, it can be just fruits and milk.
  • Follow the Satvik Diet which includes dairy products, fruits, selected flours and spices, nuts etc.
  • Wear happy colours like pink, orange, yellow, red and green. Avoid black, white, blue.
  • Have light food when you end your fast to feel light and have it digested with ease

Don’ts of Navratri Fasting:

  • Avoid consuming meat, egg, fish, onion, garlic etc.
  • Alcohol and smoking are also not allowed.
  • Cutting hair, shaving, cutting nails is not allowed.

This is comprehensive detail about Navratri fasting to make sure that you follow everything right and don’t do things that you are not suppose to be doing. Keep these points in mind and enjoy Navratri fasting benefits along with Navratri fast food that is allowed in this time!!!

Best Astrologer in Bani Park, Famous Astrologer Jaipur

Renowned & Best Astrologer in Bani Park, Jaipur

Genuine and Renowned Astrologer in Bani Park

Sometimes you feel that even the best of your efforts are not bringing any results. Sometimes you feel that there are negative energies surrounding you. Sometimes you are facing rejections in every phase of your life. Find answers and solutions to all these problems with the Famous Astrologer in Bani Park Jaipur. Avail online astrology consultation for career, health, marriage, relationships with him.

Find the most promising astrological guidance with astrologer K.C. Gupta. Years of experience and wide knowledge of astrology and Vastu make him the most reliable astrologer online. He is a renowned astrology service provider in Pink City offering a wide range of Astrology Services for Love problems, Marriage, Family, Career health, Relationship, and Business Problem Solution.

How can choose the Best Astrologer in Bani Park?

The search for best astrologer in Bani Park can be difficult if you don’t know what points to look into while finding a good astrologer in Jaipur. You can select the best astrology consultant in Bani Park or anywhere else in Jaipur based on what all services he offers, his experience, his knowledge and his patience to listen to the client and offer pocket-friendly solutions to the problems.

Know your fate – Consult Famous Astrologer in Bani Park, Jaipur

You can actually find solutions to your present problems and also know about your future with online astrology consultation in Jaipur. Consult the best astrology consultant in Bani Park, Mr. K.C. Gupta who is capable of offering result-centric solutions to your problems by studying each and every aspect associated with it. He also excels in predicting future to help you have better clarity on your tomorrow.

Different Vedic Astrology Services in Bani Park, Jaipur

If you wish to go for online astrology consultation in Jaipur then you must ensure that the astrologer offers a good range of vedic astrology services as it reflects his knowledge and also his potential. Astrologer K.C. Gupta offers a wide range of astrology consultation on phone which includes the following:

  • Love Marriage Specialist in Bani Park
  • Divorce Problems Solution by Best Astrologer in Bani Park
  • Matchmaking Astrology in Bani Park
  • Business Problem Solution Astrology in Bani Park
  • Career Astrology – Job Problems Solutions Consultant
  • Child Yoga in Astrology/ kundli
  • Shubh Muhurat Astrology Service in Bani Park
  • Health Problem Solutions in Bani Park, Jaipur

How to get on Call Consultation with Best Astrologer in Bani Park?

In order to avail the convenience of astrology consultation on phone from the best astrologer in Bani Park, all you need to do is call the Famous Astrologer in Bani Park Jaipur at +91-9828072791 and connect with him to find solutions to whatever problems you have.

Astrology Service Locations in Jaipur

We are Serviced Nearest to Your Places Mansarovar, Vaishali Nagar, Malviya Nagar, C-Scheme, Jagatpura, Raja Park, Durgapura, Tonk Road, Ajmer Road, Civil Lines, Chitrakoot, Amer, Sodala, Gopalpura, Hasanpura, Jhotwara, Kalwar Road, Lal Kothi, Bani Park, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Shastri nagar, etc.

Marriage Age Prediction Vedic Astrology, timing of marriage vedic astrology

Know Your Marriage Timing With Astrology

Marriage is one of the most important events in one’s life and for marriage to happen, support of different energies is required. We all are curious to know out time and age of getting married. That’s the reason we always find answers to questions like “What is the exact time of my marriage”, “At what age will I get married” in Vedic astrology.

The basis for answering these questions is astrology marriage time calculation which takes into account various points. Marriage time prediction in Vedic astrology is very much possible. In fact, marriage age prediction in Vedic astrology can also be made taking into account different planetary positions and equations.

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In this post, we help you find out the exact time and age of your marriage.

Marriage Age Prediction Vedic Astrology

Here are some points which are significant in predicting age for marriage in Vedic astrology:

  • Rahu and Venus hold special place in marriage astrology.
  • Venus, being the natural significator of relationship and marriage, assures marriage if its period is running.
  • Period of Rahu planet is running in perfect marriageable age then it promises marriage to take place either in its Dasha or Antardasha.

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Marriage Time Astrology by date of birth

We have come up with a few important points in relation with marriage astrology based on date of birth of the native:

Houses to be studied for predicting marriage:

  • 7th house represents marriage and also serious partnership or relationship
  • To predict marriage time by using date of birth, 7th house and 7th lord play a significant role
  • 8th house also plays an important role in marriage as it represents stability in marriage and physical relationship
  • 2nd house represents relatives and family and when a person gets married association with family also plays a strong role
  • 11th house is important in predicting marriage because it indicates social and friend circle, fulfilment of desires

Yogas to be studied for predicting marriage by date of birth

  • Lord of 7th house i.e. Venus and planets that are forming connection with 7th house are to be studied
  • Chances for marriage to happen are brighter during planetary periods of connecting planets if there is no obstruction from malefic in birth chart
  • Consider the planets present in 2nd and 11th Their support is important for marriage to happen.

Reason for Delay in Marriage

We all get worried with delay in marriage. Sometimes even if everything is in place, marriage doesn’t happen. The main reason why a native faces delay in marriage is because of presence of Saturn in conjunction with Venus or Lord of 7th house.

Problems in Marriage

Due to the planetary positions, many marriages face problem. There are sometimes inter cast love marriage problems, compatibility problems between couples, infidelity issues, issues related with understanding etc. which sometimes even lead to separation.

You will be happy to know astrology can save your marriage. There are various prayers or mantras to save a marriage from divorce and restore marital cord. Not only that, there are various simple astrological remedies that can help you save your marriage:

  • Chanting mantra for Venus on regular basis
  • Don’t wear blue colour
  • Worshiping Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for happy marriage
  • Wear rudraksh in silver metal
  • Put a silver square piece in your wallet or purse

Second Marriage Horoscope Matching

Sometimes marriages fail but there are still chances for natives to have a second marriage. Here are some of the factors that are responsible for second marriage to take place:

  • Planet Venus – the significator of wife
  • Planet Jupiter – the significator of husband
  • 2nd Lord or House– to find out the longevity of spouse
  • 7th Lord or House – to know the law suits of the wife or husband
  • 9th Lord or House– important for second marriage
  • Ascendant – to know the nature and aptitude of the person

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Lead successful Married Life As Per Astrology, happy Marriage life in kundli and Horoscope

How to Lead Successful Married Life As Per Astrology

Your heart and mind are full of beautiful dreams when you get married. Each one of us dreams of a happy and successful marriage but it is not a blissful married life for everyone. That is where the role of planets and stars comes in picture.

Therefore, it is good to know which planet is responsible for happy married life. Unhappy married life astrology and happy married life predictions based on planetary positions in horoscope are possible by seeking services of a good astrologer.

In this post we have discussed marital happiness in astrology. We have talked about happy marriage indicators in astrology to help you have a blissful married life. So read on to find out everything about successful marriage in astrology.

Planetary Combinations for Happy Married Life

For blissful married life in astrology, given below are the best planetary combinations which one must look out for:

  • Second house is the house of marriage in the horoscope. Therefore, it has to be under the impact of benefic planets and only then the native will enjoy marital happiness.
  • Seventh house is also associated with marriage. Both, the 7th house and the lord of 7th house should be powerful and have a good placement in order to enjoy cordial association with your spouse.
  • Eight house is the associated with the family of the spouse. For a happy married life, it is important that this house is also influenced by benefic planets.
  • Auspicious planets are aspecting the lord of ascendant, 2nd, 7th and 8th house of the horoscope then there will be happiness in married life.

Unhappy Married Life in Kundali

Some people have an unhappy married life and that is because of some inauspicious combination in the kundli. Find out the yogas leading to unhappy married life in kundli as per astrology:

  • Presence of lord of 7th house in 6th house leads to lots of marital issues
  • 7th house is afflicted because of the present of malefic planet in ascendant
  • Aspecting of ascendant, 2nd, 7th and 8th house in Navashna Kundli
  • Presence of malefic planets in second house lead to conflicts amongst family members leading to a disturbed and stressful married life
  • 4th or 8th house aspected by malefic planet also leads to discord in marriage
  • There is no compatibility between the couple if the 12th house is aspected by malefic planet

Know Astrology can save your Marriage by consulting an astrologer who can help you with some remedies and tips to follow.

Happy Married Life Yog in Kundli and Horoscope

There are certain astrological combinations in horoscope which promise a happy married life. Given below are few such happy married life yog in kundli which assure happiness in marriage:

  • The 7th house in the horoscope must be strong and should not be close to any influence of malefic planets.
  • Placement of 7th house in center and influence of benefic aspects of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter promise a happy and blissful married life.
  • Mercury plays a significant role in marriage happiness. Placement of Mercury in auspicious house imparts the couple with a lot of patience and maturity during difficult times in life thereby imparting strength to their marital bond.
  • 2nd house is the house of marriage in a horoscope. When 2nd house is under the influence of auspicious planets then it again ensures happiness in marriage.

Married Life Astrology by Date of Birth

If you wish to know about the success in marriage then astrology gives you all the convenience to find that out. Married life astrology uses date of birth or your horoscope in making predictions about the future of marriage. Experienced astrologers undertake various kinds of calculations and combinations in order to conclude how will your marriage be. They are able to clearly state whether you will have a happy married life or an unhappy one because of the planetary equations, nakshatras present in your horoscope.

You can hire professional astrologer to do these horoscope readings for you to help you know everything about your married life.

Astrological Tips for Happy Married Life

Astrology helps in restoring the lost happiness in marriage. Given below are a few astrological remedies that will help you have a blissful and happy married life:

  • Offer water to Sun every day. While doing that stand on a wooden, rubber or blanket.
  • Plant tulsi in your house and worship it daily
  • Put two or more empty sugar bags in your terrace area or balcony

These also work as wonderful Astrological Remedies for Happy Married Life of Your Daughter.

Vedic Mantra for Happy Married Life Astrology

Here are some effective Vedic mantras that promise a happy married life in astrology:

Laxmi Narayan mantra for happy married life: “Om Shree Laxmi Narayanay Namah”

Parvati mantra for happy married life: “Om Hreem Yoginim Yogini Yogeswari Yoga Bhayankari Sakala Sthavara, Jangamasya Mukha Hridayam Mama Vasam akarsha Akarshaya Namaha ”

Mantra for stronger marital bond: “Om Mahayakshini Pati Mem Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha”

Vastu Remedies for Happy Married Life

You can enjoy happy married life with vastu. If you are thinking about vastu tips to have happy married life then here are some useful remedies:

  • Sleep in the room which is in North-West or South-West direction
  • Sleep with your head in south direction
  • Always use a wooden bed to sleep. Metal beds are a strict no
  • Use a single piece double mattress instead of two pieces of mattress
  • Always place the electronic gadgets at a reasonably good distance from your bed. The best thing is to not to have them at all.

Find out the most effective Gand Mool dosha remedies that are extremely helpful in having a comfortable life

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Ketu Mahadasha Astrological Benefits, Ketu nivaran, Ketu effects and Ketu remedies

Ketu Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology | Ketu Dasha Effects

Usually people consider Rahu and Ketu along with Shani as bad planets. Most of us get scared and worried when we find out that we have mahadasha of any of these planets going on in our lives. Technically, there is no good or bad planet in astrology. It depends on lots of factors which determine the effect of planet and their mahadashas. Therefore, if you have Ketu Mahadasha in your horoscope then it can both have positive or negative effects.

Ketu is a planet which represents detachment, meditation, spirituality, enlightenment, salvation, self realization etc. Because it is the lower portion of body, it means it doesn’t have any eyes and that’s the reason people feel dissatisfied even when they have everything. Ketu Mahadasha has a duration of 7 years. During this span, the person experiences detachment from the materialistic world. He loses interest in wealth and family. All those people who have Jupiter or Sun strong in their birth chart are expected to have good effects of this astrological position. But this may not be true all the times because there are various other factors on which the calculations are made in astrology. On a broader level, all those people who are born in Aquarius, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn ascendant will get benefited with this mahadasha.

Ketu Mahadasha: Good Effects

  • It gives growth in spirituality
  • Interest in philosophy, yoga, meditation, religion develops
  • Person attains growth and lots of wealth
  • Helps an individual attain land and house
  • Extreme growth in life in case of Mahadasha of exalted Ketu

Follow these Gand Mool Nakshatra remedies given in astrology that help you move ahead in life

Ketu Mahadasha: Bad Effects

  • A life full of struggle
  • Health issues and physical hardships may surround a person
  • Accident while on a vehicle is predicted
  • Hurdles in acquiring wealth and education
  • Failure in life, loss of your loved ones…. Spouse or children
  • Loss of wealth and happiness
  • Break in career or unplanned change in career
  • Sudden development of fear for vehicles
  • Death or threat for death

Ketu Mahadasha Remedies

  • Wearing Ketu Mahadasha stone is expected to bring good effect of the planet
  • Every day spend time in service of your grandfather
  • Offer service to handicapped people
  • Worship Lord Ganesha to kill the bad effects of the dasha
  • Offer sweets to homeless children
  • Donate plaid pattern blankets in monochrome tone to homeless people
  • While wearing clothing and jewelry, do not pick colours like coral, red and grey
  • Yellow and white are considered to be good colours
  • Offering food or shelter to street dogs
  • Donate mustard oil is also an effective remedy

My Experience of Ketu Mahadasha

Usually people think that Ketu is a bad planet and Ketu Mahadasha means a bad time in life. This is just a myth. It is the placement of the planet and influence of planets surrounding it that define how good or bad will be the effect of Ketu Mahadasha. My experience of Ketu Mahadasha can be very good compared to some other person.

When a person has Ketu mahadasha antardasha then it gives a person the strength to find out the reason for his existence. He starts to explore his inner self in search of real peace and happiness. He aims for attaining moksha. During Ketu Mahadasha, a person detaches from the outside materialistic world and experiences a paradigm shift in his beliefs and nature. He longs for knowledge. The person gradually gets inclined towards spirituality, philosophy and involves in doing good deeds. He wants to know more on subjects like astrology, spirituality and religion. It is usually a period of struggle but in the end the person gets rewarded with something good.

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Ketu Mahadasha Career

Struggle in career is predicted during Ketu Mahadasha as you will need to put in lots of hard work in order to get desired results and results will not come quick and you will need to wait longer to have what you have been working hard for. If Ketu is present in the 10th house, then there are chances for sudden break on career as native may become unemployed for couple of months or may be more. He might as well experience a sudden change in his profession which is again to the mahadasha. There may also be conflicts at work because of which you might experience distancing with your colleagues. This might result into discord in your professional relationships causing more mental and emotional stress.

Marriage in ketu mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha

Marriage is an important decision of life and therefore, it is advisable to be taken at the most appropriate time. The success of a marriage depends a lot on the positions and effects of planet. Although, we have stated that Ketu is neither a good nor a bad planet but its influence on marriage is not considered very good in astrology. This is because it is considered as the planet of detachment or separation. Therefore, it is good to avoid getting married in Ketu Mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha. Once the dasha of Venus starts, you can plan to get married. If Ketu is present in the 7th house then it shows that there could be lack of interest in marriage or divorce or separation.

End of ketu mahadasha

Mercury is the final planet in Ketu Mahadasha. This is the time finally when things start falling in place as people get their sanity back. The confusion caused by Ketu is finally wiped off by Mercury. The native is back in the position to work with a stable mind. His intelligence is back in full capacity and things start to work the way they anticipate or plan. This is the time when people start looking at life again with a positive mind. They find themselves more clear in mind and actions.

Ketu Dosha Nivaran Upay

Ketu dosha refers to the malefic effects of Ketu in the natal chart of the native. These adversely effect the potency of the conjugate planet thereby causing surgeries, accidents, loss in property, unnecessary depression and worries to the native. Here are some remedies to ease Ketu Dosha:

  • Native is advised to take bath using products related to Ketu each and every Tuesday
  • Perform regular yagnas for the planet
  • Wear cat’s eye stone

Ketu Dosha Nivaran Mantra

Here is the mantra which people should chant on regular basis to write off the bad effects of Ketu Dosha:

“Om Ketum Karnavann Ketave Peshomayyam Apeshase, Samushdwirajaythah”

 “Om sraam sreem sraum sah ketave namah”

“Palasa-puspa-sankasam taraka-graha-mastakam
raudram raudratmakam ghoram tam ketum pranamamy aham”

Ketu Nine Antardashas or Bhukti

Ketu Mahadasha comprises of 9 Antardashas or Bhukti. Here are all these bhuktis given with their duration making it a complete mahadasha of 7 years:

Ketu Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about 5 months that is 149 days. This is the worse phase as the effects are highly intense.

Venus (Sukra) Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about one year and two months that is 426 days. This is also a period with negativity but intensity of negative things goes a little down compared to the former phase.

Sun (Surya) Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about 4 months and 4 days that is 127 days. Both these planets are considered to be enemies. This makes it a period of adverse reactions and difficulties.

Moon (Chandra) Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about 7 months that is 213 days. Though the negative effects will still remain high but there will be positive effects which will make it a little pleasant phase after a tough one.

Mars (Mangal) Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about 5 months that is 149 days. This is again a mix of good and bad events.

Rahu Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about one year and 13 days that is 386 days. It is a deadly combination and therefore, negative effects get more intense.

Jupiter (Guru) Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about 11 months and 5 days that is 341 days. The malefic effects of Ketu will be dominant in this phase.

Saturn (Sani) Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about one year one month and 12 days that is 404 days. Be prepared for more hurdles and delays. If Saturn is placed in a good position in your horoscope then you can expect some relief.

Mercury (Budha) Antardasha or Bhukti: The timespan is about 11 months and 28 days that is 362 days. This phase will balance out the negatives and positives.

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Spouse Prediction Astrology, Wife and Husband, Vedic Astrology Spouse Relationship astrology

Know about Your Would be Spouse by Astrologer KC GUPTA

Every man desires a pretty wife and every woman expects a handsome husband. Well, it depends on your destiny that what kind of a spouse you will get. All of us interested in knowing about our would be spouse and Vedic astrology plays a significant role in predicting the age, profession, appearance and family of the spouse. By studying the specific planetary combinations, spouse profession from Kundli can be predicted. You can even find out the distance of spouse or husband’s appearance based on Vedic astrology. Astrology is very effective in answering various questions like Best Age To Have A Baby Based On Your Zodiac Sign, when to get married etc.

In this post, an attempt has been made to use Vedic astrology as the basis for predicting the personality and other characteristics of the would be spouse. Astrologer K.C. Gupta can predict the age, profession and career of the spouse along with various other details to help you know your future.

Points to Consider While Predicting Would-Be-Spouse’s Characteristics

We all aim for a happy married life and for that we need to share good compatibility with our spouse. If you have the time and date of birth of a person, the predictions of future spouse can be made based on the following points:

  1. Study the 7th house and the lord of the 7th house
  2. Study planet Venus in case of men and Jupiter in case of women
  3. Study Upapada Lagna
  4. Study Darakaraka

Do you know Astrology can save your Marriage? If the nature of you and your spouse doesn’t match then Vastu Astrology Tips To Have Happy Married Life are of great help.

Study of 7th house and Lord of 7th House

  • 7th house is opposite to the Lagna
  • 7th house from Moon will predict the kind of partner we wish to have in our life.
  • Check for signs of 7th house along with planets posted in 7th house the position of the 7th Lord from Rashi and Lagna .
  • Placement of Sun in 7th house predicts an ambitious, generous spouse but can be very dominating.
  • Placement of Moon in 7th house predicts a sentimental and emotional spouse blessed with beauty. This is a very auspicious placement.
  • Placement of Mars in 7th house predicts spouse with high energies which makes them full of aggression and very active on physical love.
  • Placement of Jupiter in 7th house predicts a spouse with strong character, ethical, loyal, highly educated and religious. Again a very good placement.
  • Placement of Mercury in 7th house predicts amicable, intelligent and smart partner who is also very beautiful or handsome.
  • Placement of Venus in 7th house predicts a gorgeous wife. It also forecasts luxury, comforts and romance. Known to be the best placement for a happily married life.
  • Placement of Saturn in 7th house foretells a hard working and dedicated spouse. This often results in late marriage but then it promises a stable marital life. Expect a faithful partner who may not be very romantic.
  • Placement of Rahu in 7th house predicts spouse from a different country or an inter caste marriage. Partner doesn’t follow societal norms.
  • Presence of Ketu in 7th house forecasts a spouse with a religious bent of mind.

Study of Venus and Jupiter

Venus is a significant planet when we talk of marriage. For men, it also signifies his wife. For women, Jupiter signifies her husband. Here are different positions of Venus and Jupiter that foretell different qualities:

  • Presence in Aries means spouse is predicted to be confident, vibrant, commanding and respectful.
  • Presence in Taurus foretells a homely, loyal and stable spouse in future.
  • Presence in Gemini forecasts verbose, fun, smart and intelligent spouse with amazing skills to communicate.
  • Presence in Cancer predicts a sensible, sensitive spouse and is considered a healthy combination.
  • Presence in Leo forecasts a dominating, proud spouse who loves to win attention.

Study of Upapada Lagna

  • Upapada Lagna requires time and date of birth.
  • Arudha Lagna and Upapada Lagna are in 6-8 position then lack of understanding between the couple is predicted.
  • If both are conjunct then it predicts a happy and healthy marriage and sometimes love marriage.
  • Upapada Lagna conjunct with Venus, presence of Ketu in 7th house, result in various relationships.
  • Planets 7th to Upapada Lagna can behave as opposing force in a marital relationship.

Study of Darakaraka Planet

  • Darakaraka has been given the lowest degree in the horoscope.
  • It represents the spouse in the Kundali

These are different ways to know about your spouse. By knowing the characteristics of your spouse, Love Divorce Problems in Husband Wife can be controlled.

How to Predict Profession of Spouse in Astrology

Spouse profession prediction from Kundli is possible in Vedic astrology. Here are some points to consider:

  • House of Career is the 10th house
  • For knowing the profession of the future spouse, count the 10th house from the 7th house as it is the house of marriage. This concludes to tbe the 4th house from Ascendant.
  • 4th house, its Lord and influencing planets will affect the career of the future husband or spouse.
  • Jupiter and planets related with it are helpful in predicting future husband’s profession and likewise Venus in case of wife.
  • Lagna also plays a significant role in determining the profession and career.

Distance of Spouse Vedic Astrology

You can even know the distance and direction of spouse in Vedic Astrology. Each planet, zodiac sign is associated with a direction. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Direction of the planet that is placed in 7th house
  • Direction of the planet facing the 7th house
  • Direction of the lord of the 7th house
  • Direction of the lord of 7th house and planet Venus

With these points, you can know a lot about your spouse- personality and nature to have a happier married life.

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