Tips and Remedies to Win Court Cases by Astrology

No one in his life desires to have any court case because they not only take away your peace of mind but also the happiness in your life and your resources. That’s why a common man always wishes to stay away from court cases. But sometimes destiny has some other plan and despite being doing the right things in life, we unnecessarily find ourselves stuck in some legal complications.

If you are also fighting with a similar situation in life then legal astrology is the solution. Astrology for court cases suggests solutions that are very much effective in helping you win a court case or have it winded up in your favour without delays. In this post, we have discussed about astrology used in court cases along with very effective astrological remedies to get rid of court cases so that you can focus on your life.

Planets Positions in Kundli responsible for court cases

Court cases or legal complications in life arise due to certain planetary equations in the horoscope. Let us find out what all planetary positions in kundli cause court cases in one’s life:

  • When 6th house is in influence of malefic planets
  • When 2nd house is badly impacted by malefic planets
  • Presence of Graha Yoga in some of the horoscopes also leads to engagement in court cases
  • Powerless planets forming weak planetary equations also act as catalysts in court cases

These are some of the positions which reflect chances of court cases in one’s life.

Astrological Remedies for Court Cases

We have come up with a few astro remedies to win court cases:

  • Offer prayers to Lord Hanuman on daily basis. Don’t forget to light diya in front of him on the day of hearing.
  • Wearing Rudraksh also helps in keeping negative energies away
  • Offer 11 haqiq stones in any of the temples and offer prayers to the idol
  • Sprinkle small amount of rice in corners of the courtroom without anyone’s knowledge

Vastu Remedies for Court Cases

If you are involved in some litigation matter with court then easy Vastu tips can help you win the court case:

  • Never let any spider web develop in your house as it leads to negative energy.
  • Whenever you enter your house, make sure that you wash your feet. This will help you keep all the negative energies from the outside world stay out.
  • Having a water fountain right outside the entrance of your house is considered to be very auspicious as it brings positive energies in your house.
  • To keep negative energies away, make sure that you ring the bell while performing the pooja
  • Do not have animal posters inside your house as they are considered to be negative.
  • Wear dark colours when you go to court for the hearings
  • Keeping Gomti chakra in your pocket when you go for hearing also ensures positive inflow of energy

Hanuman Mantra to win Court Cases

Given below is the highly effective Hanuman mantra using which you can surely win your court case with ease:

“Aum Aeem Bhreem Hanumate Shree Ram Dootaaya Namaha”

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