Wonderful Remedies for South West Vastu Doshas

Out of all the directions, West has an important role to play. When you are studying Vastu Shastra or applying it to your constructions then you must understand the importance and problems of this corner which influences your life. The ruling planet of this direction is Rahu which is the planet influencing health, finances and stability of a person. Hence, one must give importance to this side by ensuring that this side is balanced.

This article consists of information on Vastu Doshas in South West along with some of the wonderful remedies that can nullify the negative effects of those problems.

List of Vastu Doshas in South West

If you have any of these placements in your house then your house has South West Vastu doshas:

  • Kitchen in South West
  • Toilet in South West
  • Main door or entrance in South West
  • Underwater tank or bore well in South West
  • Cut or extension in West
  • Large Opening or Window in West

All these defects are responsible for running the stability and peace of your house. Hence, it is very important that you take into account all these defects and have them solved at the earliest to have positive aura in your home.

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Problems Caused by South West Vastu Doshas

Some of the problems caused by these doshas have been listed below:

  • Financial Issues
  • Problems in family like unhealthy marriage, children indulging in bad habits, infidelity in marriage. All these things damage the reputation of family.
  • Health problems especially kidney related issues which affect physical well being of a person.

Remedies for South West Vastu Defects

Here are some of the very useful remedies that will keep your house free from all the problems that are caused due to wrong placement of rooms in your house. Let us find out what these remedies are.

Solution for Toilet in South West

If you have your toilet in the wrong direction then it is important that you imbibe these changes at the earliest as the placement of toilet influences health in a major way.

  • Keep the door of the toilet always closed.
  • To nullify the effect, you can place a Vastu Pyramid outside the toilet on the South West wall.

Solution for Kitchen in South West

Follow these changes to keep your kitchen from the negative effects of having a kitchen in this direction. Remember, kitchen it the most important part of the house as is the source from where every member of the family gets nourishment and energy.

  • Place the gas stove in South East direction
  • You can have a secondary kitchen in the real direction of having kitchen which is the South East zone. Make sure that you prepare something small at that place every day.
  • You can have your kitchen painted in shade of yellow.
  • If possible then raise the area of kitchen compared to other rooms of the house.
  • Make sure that you have washing area outside the kitchen. Do not use much water in this area.

Solution for Main Door in South West

Follow these useful remedies to kill the effect of main door in not so supportive zone.

  • You can place a Panch Mukhi Hanuman Ji in standing position with gada in left hand right on top of the door to keep negative energies out of house.
  • You can even place a Trishul or Swastik or Om on both the sides of the door and also on the top of the door on the entrance.
  • You can even place a Vastu pyramid one left and right hand side and also on the top of the main door.

Solution for Underwater Tank in South West

Follow these points to nullify the effect of this placement

  • On the lid of the water tank, use red color to paint it. This is a temporary remedy.
  • Place a Rahu Yantra
  • You can place a Panch Mukhi Hanuman Ji in standing position with gada in left hand right facing that water tank.

Cut or Extension in South West

To reduce the effect, follow these points:

  • Place Vastu pyramids in all main directions of your house i.e. North, East, South and West.

Remedies for Large Windows in West or South

Here are some remedies to help you with this defect.

  • Use curtains in dark color to properly cover these windows.
  • Make sure that you keep these windows closed for maximum times possible.

These are different kinds of doshas and their solutions which can help you have a house that is free from South West Vastu Doshas.

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  1. Sir,
    Could you please explain how to use vastu pyramids for southwest cut, please tell me size of pyramids and how to place .

  2. Hello my house door is facing NE direction and our bedroom is in southwest direction attached with bathroom.bathroom is in southeast of the bedroom.since sw bathroom is a vastudosh what remedies I can do?its rental house

  3. Our well and kitchen is on southwest direction with cooking range facing west. Any homely suggestions other than pyramid please?

  4. Pranam sir, our plot is east facing.there is a community swimming pool southwest of our plot just 10ft away, nala on northside.plz suggest a remedy

  5. Dear Sir
    We live in a semi detached house in London. My house is SE facing and the empty lane runs on the SW side of the house. The septic tank is in this lane with the manhole in the centre of the lane. We are living here for last 6 years without any problem except unwanted expenses and we could not save money. About 5 months back we saw the water tank remedy in SW on many websites and wanted to try it. We painted the manhole cover red and placed a Panchmukhi hanumanji pic facing it on the side window. After a month only my husband fell very ill and has now facing problems with his kidney. I am totally helpless. I don’t know what to do. I am afraid to change the colour once again fearing anymore irreversible problems. Please guide me as I will go crazy thinking about it. I have no one to guide me in this country. Anxiously waiting for your guidance
    Thanks and regards

  6. Hi in my flat in south west side have toilet but it was put up in extended side of south. Pls let me know what are issue will be

    • South West side in some cases Toilet use is permissible,but in your case South is extended,therefore more negative vastu dosh is possible.In this case you can keep Sea Salt in bawl,and keep changing at every 30 days i.e. on amavas.
      Further keep the door closed,and affix ,small size copper pyramid strips on 4 side toilet door frame,for negative energy protection purpose.

  7. Sir, I have a toilet in the south west corner of my house. The door of the toilet is exactly facing the main door of the house.
    The Comode in the toilet is in the west portion of the toilet, which means that the person sitting is facing East.

    Kindly show me some remedy to remove the problems I am facing.

  8. Hi,
    My flat is east facing corner flat and i have my puja room in south west corner. So please suggest some remedies for puja room.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Main Door: South West corner of the flat
    Kitchen: North West corner of the flat
    Toilet: North middle
    Master Bedroom: North East Corner
    2nd Bed room: East
    Living room: South and South East.

    Please suggest if this is OK to go ahead or should we avoid this flat(on rent basis).

  10. Kitchen in south west corner with sink in south west corner of the kitchen again. Can’t break kitchen and avoiding use of water in kitchen is not possible. Sir need some remedies which can reduce its effect.

  11. Hello,

    I hope you are doing well. My house entrance is in south-west direction. We live in United States. It’s a rented house so we can not change anything much. Are there any remedies that you can suggest to reduce the effects.

    Thank you.

  12. We have a flat & having attached bathroom in SW corner is height than bedroom & door facing is east. Please suggest me what can we do as one of the family member facing head related problems. We purchased that flat in 2006 & given to the rent.

  13. Hi sir,

    We have a flat & having attached bathroom in SW corner is height than bedroom & door facing is east. Please suggest me what can we do as one of the family member facing head related problems. We purchased that flat in 2006 & given to the rent.

    Thanks & Regards,

  14. Hi sir, my house is northeast entrance and living room attached kitchen ….kitchen in southwest of west facing kitchen , I can’t change the kitchen pls tell me the remedies and tell me where I can put Pooja in that room .

  15. Sir my house entrance is in South West direction, and a toilet in South East direction both are prooved to be bad for me, wat r the remedies u suggest if I have to stay in the same house. It’s our own apartment we don’t want to leave the house. Plz notify me through email

  16. Good evening Sir.I have a pent house with main entrance facing south . The main door is located at about 10ft. North from SW corner at ground floor.Top floor SW corner is fully closed as it is a part of bed room .All other things are normal. Please advise to over come bad effects,if any.
    With Best Regards

  17. Kitchen in south west corner with sink in south west corner of the kitchen again. Can’t break kitchen and avoiding use of water in kitchen is not possible. Sir need some remedies which can reduce its effect.

  18. I am living in rented house and it has 5corner the 5th corner is south west side , for this I am getting financial problems and so on… Please give me effective remedy for this issue


  19. Sir Main door of my house is from South West, I did not understand whether I keep hangman Jo’s photo outside the main door or inside.

  20. Sir we live in U.K. and I have 2 entrances -main iron gate is in southwest and northwest whereas the main enterance door to house is on northwest direction. We have living room with big windows in southwest and southeast directions. We can’t change the house or close the iron gate as it changes our address and is not possible for us to do that. We are having lot of financial issues since moving to this house. Please advise what remedies should be appropriate for us.
    Many thanks

  21. Sir,I have North facing flat having secondary door through bedroom at south side which connects to open terrace.
    I am facing financial ,health and luck issues majorly for all family members and I am only the earnings person.

    Requesting you to provide affordable solutions to overcome with this issues.

    • In your case open terrace is at south side,and Bed room is attached to terrace,and door of Bed room is facing to south,opening inside,towards North,
      therefore this is vastu dosh at South.First at all,do not keep terrace open
      at South side,try to cover it,and keep enclosed with dark glass windows.
      Further keep Panchamukhi Hanuman Pratima,at top of Bed room door,i.e.facing to South side.Flooring of terrace to be raised by 3″,then Bed room floor level.

  22. Hi,

    I just rented an apartment and moving on 27 of January 18.
    Main door is in SouthWest. People say which is not good.

    We enter to an open place (open varandah which is under the same roof) and then turn right to enter to the main door.
    Here is my question: Even though we enter in to the house through SouthWest, first we enter to the verandah which is NorthWest.

    Please let me know the apartment is SouthWest facing or NorthWest facing ?

  23. hi
    i live in a flat for d last 15 yrs having a south west entrance door ,since we cannot change d door nor m i able to buy a new flat as we havnt been able to save money inspite of my husband working in a gud company n with no bad habit.please suggest me some remidies as i m very much stressed

  24. Hello sir.. we have two south facing large windows in two bedrooms and bedroom doors are in north direction. The home is under construction and we will be shifting to new this house in few months. However, my father is frequently facing health issues. Should we close the south facing windows?
    Is there any reamedy for south facing windows. Please, need your suggestions.

  25. Hello sir,

    The south west corner of my flat is cut. So there is basically no south west corner. What can be done to remedy this?

  26. Hi sir,
    We are moved in to rented house, Our Main door is southwest, and bed room door also facing southwest, and bathroom and kitchen door facing to southeast.

    can you please advise the suggestion /remedy

  27. Sir v are living in rented house with kitchen in southwest direction and coming across health issues;financial problems ;joblessand many more .Kindly send me some remedies and overcome these problems

  28. i stay in my own apartment. south west corner is the kitchen. besides the drainage pipe line is running in the open place in the southwest corner which is low laying. should i replace and suggest me a remedy.

  29. Greetings! I am at a rented flat having the main door facing southern corner of South West. Could you please suggest few remedies. I wish to install 2 pieces of copper swastik outside the main door on both sides. Also a panch Mukhi Hanuman standing with a gada on left hand, but I’m not aware whether it should be placed inside the main door or outside


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