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The progeny problem in couples is a major problem. Multiple cases can be seen where despite having good physical power as well all capabilities of childbearing, couples fail to have kids which is much necessary to form a complete family. Couples also go to the extent of spending crores of money into treatments for bearing a child but in vain. The lack of child in the family also causes different feelings in the mind of the couple. Women often tend to go into depression as they are looked by the society as incapable or incomplete. In such cases, the couples need to go for occult sciences and practices like astrology, vastu, tantra for finding out the problems of childbearing and getting good solutions for it. The powerful science of Astrology, Tantra and Vastu has good ways of giving solutions to progeny and childbirth problems of a couple. This is done by doing a good analysis of both the horoscopes of the husband and the wife.

What exactly are reasons of Pregnancy problem or kids’ problem as per Astrology?

There are many reasons as per astrological analysis why couples fail to have children. Some of the problems include:

  • If in horoscope terms, the progeny place I badly affected, then there is every possibility that the couple would face childbearing problems in future.
  • If the child place in horoscope is affected by many malefic planets in both the horoscope, kundli or birth chart of the husband and wife, then there would be problems of childbirth and it would be very difficult for the couple to have a child.
  • In certain times, graham dosha also creates problems in childbearing and couple faces problem in bearing a good child.
  • Sometimes due to different planetary problems, a handicapped child takes birth which leads to lifelong suffering of the parents.
  • If the progeny place in horoscope is viewed by malefic planets, then there is every possibility that the couple would face problems of childbearing.
  • Several times due to the destructive minded person who devises mantra by tantra to tie the womb of the female, it is seen that even a healthy female fails to give birth.
  • At times, due to a weak planetary power of the female, she fails to conceive properly.
  • Evil eye effects also create huge problems in child bearing and impacts the person’s life.
  • In certain times, it is possible that even though the progeny place is working well and fine, but due to the present planetary movements, the progeny place is badly affected.
  • At times, heavy pitra dosha scenario creates obstacles in couples to have a good child.
  • Special type of kaal sarp dosh period in couples also creates problems in progeny place.
  • Negative energies of the vastu also create problems in bearing child of the couple.

As seen, there are several reasons for progeny problems. However, the main thing is that, the reasons for each couple is different and can be finalized only after a proper analysis of when will I conceive astrology.

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Effects on Couples of Not Having Child in Proper Time

Every couple wishes to have a child in their life. A child fills up the home and brings in tons of happiness in the life of the couple. In such a state, the lack of a child of the couple creates huge problems and affects them badly. Many couples go into depression, especially the females and may also consider harming themselves. Also, the couple also has to face many humiliation and taunts by the society which makes them further depressed and sad. The couple can look for Santan Prapti horoscope analysis to find out the problems of childbearing and find proper solutions for it.

Reasons of Pregnancy problems, baby or kids problems

Pregnancy problems refer to difficulties and problems in childbearing and childbirth in couples. There are many progeny problems as per pregnancy astrology by date of birth which affects a couple and makes them depressed over time. The 9th house in the horoscope is responsible for childbirth of the couple. As such, certain problems listed below in the horoscope leads to progeny, baby or kids problems:

  • If the progeny area of the couple is badly affected, then the couple would find difficulties in having a child
  • If the child place of the horoscope of both the husband and wife is badly affected by certain malefic planets, then there would be problems of childbirth of the couple.
  • Grahan dosha scene progeny prediction vedic astrology creates difficulties in childbearing and the couple would face many problems.
  • If the progeny problem in horoscope is viewed by malefic planets, then there would be progeny, baby and kids problems.

Pregnancy Issues in the Horoscope

Many couples have questions like when will I get pregnant according to my birth date or when will I have a baby according to astrology due to their inability to bear a child. The 9th house, which is responsible for childbirth is seen as affected. In such a case, the couples can look for astrological progeny remedies and solutions to get the pregnancy issues away and have a healthy child. The couple can consult an astrologer for children problems solutions and enjoy a happy pregnancy together. 

Solve Your Child Birth Related Problems

Horoscope as a powerful science has many good solutions for childbirth and child rearing. Any couple who is facing problems of childbirth and having questions like according to my kundli when will i get pregnant or when will i have my first baby astrology can look for astrological remedies by consulting a good astrologer. The progeny prospects astrology expert would conduct a thorough analysis and get good solutions for the couple. There is also female progeny astrology and progeny forecast where the astrologer would go through the horoscope or kundli of the couple and give a good reading analysis.

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