Importance of Baby Name as Per Astrology

A name of a person is an important identity. It is important for everyone- a good name brings in good luck and also makes the life of the person successful whereas a bad name ruins the entire life of a person. As such, in Vedic astrology, there are few rules and directions for giving a name to any baby.

There are special rituals which are conducted while finalizing a name of any baby and special Vedic calculations are done so that the name makes the life of the baby successful and fruitful.

Across the world, there are many people who have achieved optimum success in their lives after changing their names with guidance from expert astrologers and numerologists. This is done to attract more success in life. It is a crucial thing and always good to keep a suitable and good name after birth of a baby to make the life successful.

There are some people who keep any name they get for their baby or decide baby name. This is not at all good as name is an important identity factor and it impacts a lot on the person. This is why one should always keep the proper name as per the horoscope analysis.

It is important to take the help of astrology as well as numerology to decide the name of the baby so as to make the life of the baby wonderful and decide a good future ahead.

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How Astrology And Numerology Help To Choose Name?

  • The first step is to create a good horoscope of the baby and the zodiac and nakshatra is found out.
  • There are many crucial characters which are interlinked and associated with different nakshatras in a horoscope.
  • The related character in the nakshatra is used effectively to make a proper name which would enhance luck in life.
  • In this case, the use of numerology would help and with its use it is possible to look out how many characters are found out good and whether there any name is suitable for it or not.

The name of a baby gives it the best identity and as such, it should be good as well as meaningful.

One should surely consult an astrologer to find out the exact alphabet of name of any baby. This is important to finally kept nam on rashi and nakshatra.

It is important to ask the astrologer to match the name which one finalizes for the baby as per astrology and numerology to guarantee a successful life. One can also finalize baby names as per Janam Nakshatra.

Proper rituals like the namkaran sanskaar ceremony should be done while keeping the name.

If a parent doesn’t wish to conduct any rituals, then a prayer of their kul devi and kul devta should be chanted and then the name should be kept.

It is crucial that the baby shouldn’t be called different names so as to avoid any confusion in life ahead.

Baby names are very sweet and important, don’t finalize one in haste and hurry while keeping the names of the son or the daughter.

First Letter of Name by date of birth

Astrology is helpful in choosing the names of a baby. With the help of astrology and numerology, one can find out the first letter of name by date of birth or the name starting letter to decide on the name of the baby. This is important to guarantee a good name and a fruitful future for the baby.

Decide Lucky Name

Every parent wishes to keep a good lucky name which would earn lots of success and happiness for their baby. In this, astrology would help the person a lot to decide a lucky name for the baby which would suit his/her personality as well as bring in success in life. a mix of astrology and numerology is crucial for a lucky name of the baby.

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