Astrological Yog for Becoming a Successful Doctor – Medical Profession

Career is of extreme importance to all of us and we start thinking about it much before opting subjects. With so many choices and with so many new choices of career coming up, it is actually not simple for children to know what career would be good for them. In this process, advice from parents and teachers plays a significant role. They understand their strengths and weaknesses and therefore, they can suggest what career choices would be more suitable for them.

Doctor as a profession has always been a very alluring choice of career for children. It is considered to be one of most reputed professions. But it also demands lots of hard work and focused studies to become a successful doctor. Once the basic education gets completed, students undergo confusion whether they should opt for medical or not. This is because they have so many uncertainties hovering them that they are unable to decide whether it will be a good choice of career for them or not. They have doubts whether they will be able to clear the entrance and if they do, whether they will be able to get admission in their desired college.

Yogs for Successful Doctor

To bring clarity on all these points, we have come up with the astrological yog which is helpful in becoming a successful doctor. Let us have a quick look at these equations that suggest success in medical field:

  1. For all those who desire success in medical field, for them the most important planets are Rahu and Shani.
  2. If Rahu is in a good position then the person has bright chances of becoming a surgeon.
  3. If Mars or Ketu join 10th house of 10th lord then the person becomes a specialized surgeon.
  4. A person can become a doctor if his horoscope is based on Atmkark planet and the parent triangle is present in conjunction with Panchmesh.
  5. If Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio or Aries are in relation with 10th house of the horoscope then success in medical field is guaranteed.
  6. If Guru is seeing from 5th house then person will be very dedicated and honest in his profession.
  7. Relation of 5th and 6th house signifies that person will have strong diagnosis.
  8. Presence of relation of Jupiter or Ketu with 10th house or 10th lord suggests chances of opting homeopathy are brighter.
  9. If Sun and Saturn end up joining in 10th house then chances of becoming a dentist are bright.
  10. If you wish to become a gynecologist then Sun, Venus and Jupiter should be placed in the 10th

So if you are looking for yog for becoming a successful doctor, the above mentioned combinations suggest that you can be a doctor. So before pursuing a career in medical field, if you can check for these combinations then you would know whether it would be a good profession for you or not.

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  1. Namaste Sir
    My daughter is trying to become a doctor it’s been 3years but she is not getting enough marks to get into a good government college. Her name is Harshita Srivastava.
    DOB – 09-07-1997
    Time – 6:55 AM
    Place – Deoria, Uttar Pradesh.
    Does she will become a doctor. Give us some advice please.


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