Gand Mool Nakshatra and Remedies – Their Effect and Myths in Astrology

When at the time of the birth, the placement of moon is in any one of the six nakshatras then the person is called to be born in Gand Mool Nakshatra and he has Gand Mool Dosha in horoscope. The nature and intensity of the dosha is very much specific to the nakshatra. In astrology, any kind of Gand Mool nakshatra is considered inauspicious for the native. Therefore, Gandmool dosha nivaran pooja is highly recommended in or to soothe the Gand Mool effects in the kundli.

In this post, we shall be discussing the effects of Gand Mool dosha along with its remedies and Gand Mool shanti pooja which is considered effective in nullifying the bad effects of this astrological condition.

General Characteristics of Gand Mool Nakshatra Natives

If a female has this dosha in her horoscope then she will be of a helpful nature. She will be gorgeous. She will make an impressive homemaker and cook. She will love travelling.

If a male has this dosha in his kundli then the native becomes emotional, kind and feminine in nature. They easily find themselves involved into problems of other people and offer their help. They enjoy travelling.

Gand Mool Nakshatra Dosha Remedies

We have come up with a few effective Gand Mool Nakshatra dosha remedies. Find solutions to this combination with these remedial actions:

  • A shanti pooja must be organized after 27 days of birth
  • Offering food to Brahmins is suggested
  • The father of the newborn baby must not see the baby’s face. He should also carry in his pocket a small piece of alum.
  • Chanting Maha Mritunjaya Jaap on regular basis promise good results
  • All those who are born under Ashwini or Magha or Mool Nakshatras must always worship Ganpati. Donating green coloured items on any one Wednesday every month.
  • Natives who are born under Ashlesha or Revati or Jyestha Nakshatras should worship Mercury
  • From the day of birth till the 27th day, keep 27 leaves of radish and then have them put in flowing water the next day. Donating glass items and green coloured vegetables on Wednesdays is also an effective remedy.

Effects of Gandmool Nakshatra

Let us study how Gand Mool nakshatra affects our lives. It is a known fact that this yoga can have serious problems for both the genders as it is an inauspicious combination. Let us find out the Moola nakshatra effects on marriage, Moola nakshatra effects on father etc. to understand it effectively.

  • The native has attitude issues with his own self.
  • The native also finds problem with his family.
  • Because of weak point placements, planets end up causing serious problems to them.

Six Nakshatras and Their Effects on Native

  1. Ashwini: The native lives a life like a king. He enjoys prosperity and high position. He will have problems with this father.
  2. Ashlesha: The native faces issues with parents and does not enjoy healthy relations with brother. He ends up wasting his money on useless things in life.
  3. Magha: It brings prosperity to native. He will earn lots of money but will stay disturbed because of parents.
  4. Jyeshtha: His mother will never be happy with him. He will have difficult and conflicting relationship with elder brother. The native is unhappy with his own self.
  5. Moola: The native will have his expenses because of which he will lose his property and will also hurt his parents.
  6. Revati: He will waste his money. He will enjoy support of government. He will always feel happy and satisfied with his actions.

Benefits of Gand Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja

Gand Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja is to be performed every year in the month of birth of the native and also on the 27th day from the birth of the native. Given below are some benefits associated with this pooja:

  • It helps in soothing the bad effects of this yoga on the native, his family and relatives.
  • It also helps in reducing the problems faced by the native during his childhood.
  • It promises stability in health, marriage and career of the native.
  • It also helps in making monetary situation of the parents of the natives.

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