Powerful Astrology Remedies for Business Growth

Each and every businessman wants his business to grow and touch new heights and for that to happen, just hard work is not enough. Believe it or not, the success of a business also depends upon the astrological factors as per Indian astrology.

If you think that you are not getting desired results despite putting your blood and sweat into your business then you must consider following astrological remedies for business growth. The remedies for good business can have a positive impact on the growth of your company and take it to new levels. In this post, we have compiled useful astrology tips for success in business.

Which planetary combinations are important for Business Growth?

Planetary combinations play a vital role when it comes to the success and growth of a business.

  • 10th house is the house of career and it important for growth and progress in career along with social status and fame.
  • 7th house is the main business house as per astrology as therefore, is of great significance.
  • 11th house is the house of financial gains and success. Blessings of 11th house are essential for a person to make money in business.
  • 3rd house is house of courage and initiatives as is important for imparting courage to fight challenges in business.
  • It is important for ascendant and ascendant lord to be strong in order to have the business running smoothly.

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Astrological Remedies for Successful Business

Shared below as some useful astrological remedies for business prosperity. Have a look at these business remedies that can help you have successful business:

  • Offer prayer to Maa Laxmi every Friday and light nine lamps of ghee in the temple at your home.
  • Have Vastu Aishwarya Lakshmi picture placed right at the front door on in the North-East corner.
  • Clean place of worship at the business establishment using Gangajal. Draw a swastika. Place chana dal and jaggery on it and light a ghee lamp on Thursdays.
  • On the entrance of business establishment, draw Swastika.
  • Keep sea salt at your shop in small bowls.
  • Keep your place of work free from spiders and lizards. Regularly clean the cobwebs.

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Get Success in Business by using Astrology Tips

Increase chances of prosperity in your business with Vedic remedies to increase business income. Here are some helpful astrology tips for success in business.

  • Place small hand mirror inside your locker and charge it once in a month by keeping it in the sunlight.
  • Place photographs of the forefathers at your business establishments to have their blessings.
  • Always worship your family deities to have their blessings showered on you.
  • Fix Siddha Vyapaar Vriddhi yantra at the place of your business on an auspicious day.
  • When you procure goods for your business also buy some toys and donate them to kids.

Common Astrological Remedies for Good Business

Though there are many business remedies but we have shortlisted the most effective ones for you:

  • Navagraha mantras
  • Saguna and Nakshatra mantras
  • Gemstones as per Anukul Graha
  • Yantras for planets and zodiacs
  • Nourishing plants, animals and birds
  • Austerities and fasting

Follow these astrological remedies to enjoy success and prosperity in your business or you can also get in touch with a good astrologer for financial and business problem solution.

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