Play with your lucky Colors on this Holi as Per your Zodiac Sign Predictions

Holi is the festival of colors. This festival is celebrated by all age groups and by male and female. This festival is celebrated wishing everyone a bright and colorful life. Every color has its own significance in human life. Every color has its own impact on us. This festival denotes that our life will have many shades and we must enjoy each and every shade and color, appreciating its importance and significance. On this festival of colors, let us understand which color is lucky for which zodiac sign and what colors should be avoided.


This zodiac sign is very energetic and enthusiastic to celebrate this festival of Holi. They love to interact with people. The colors which are considered lucky for them are red, copper, yellow green. These colors will bring peace and harmony in your life. It is advised to use these colors very often.

Avoid color: Black


This zodiac sign will celebrate this festival with zeal. They are the lovers of all beautiful things. To have more energy and to keep things uncomplicated, they must play with colors like pink, blue, white and green.

Avoid Color: Red


This zodiac sign will love playing with colors on Holi. They are very social and will interact with many friends and relatives. To keep up this spirit of joy and happiness they must play with yellow, blue, pink, green, and Purple.

Avoid Color: Red and Black


This zodiac sign likes to celebrate Holi with like-minded people. They feel very comfortable in small groups and like-minded groups. To keep away negative energy and to have harmony and peace, they must play with white, red, yellow and green.

Avoid Color: Blue


Holi is a perfect occasion for this zodiac sign to have a lot of fun. They will enjoy all the attention and will be in limelight. They are very bright and bold. To match their personality, they should play with purple, burnt orange, all shades of gold or blood red.

Avoid Color: Black


This zodiac sign will spend little time playing with colors and the rest of the time socializing with family and friends. They love to spend time feasting with their near and dear ones. They have their own natural way to welcome. Colors to play for this Holi are brown, navy, peach and yellow.

Avoid Color: Red and black


This zodiac sign always like celebrations and they like to celebrate Holi is a special and unique way. They plan well in advance and celebrate this festival in a grand way. To spread his festive mood, you should play with lavender, violet, and baby blue colors.

Avoid Color: Green and Yellow


This zodiac sign always like to be in known closed groups and they like harmony and peace. To preserve this peace and harmony, they must play with blood red, black, maroon and burgundy. These colors will spread happiness in your life.

Avoid Color: Blue and white


This zodiac sign is the most high spirited and full of energy. They are very cheerful and trustworthy. They want the best of everything. To match their unmatched energy levels, they must go for Purple, Indigo, Vermillion, plum and dark blue. These are the perfect colors for them.

Avoid Color: Red and Black


This zodiac sign like to indulge very little in colors. They play for some time and prefer to interact with people around them. They are very down to the earth. The best color to go is charcoal grey.

Avoid Color: Cream and Yellow


This zodiac sign just loves to play with water and colors. They will have lot of fun playing with the colors. The best colors to play for Aquarians is shades of blue. This shade will bring lo of happiness to you.

Avoid Color: Orange and Red


This water loving zodiac sign will enjoy this festival of Holi with all their near and dear ones. They will love getting dipped and splashing water. The Pisces should play with sea blue, sea green shades, and all mild shades.

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