Political Astrology: Yogas for Successful Career

Whenever we are up for making a career choice, we all have to undergo a tough thinking process. Studying Best Career Choice for Zodiac Sign is a great way to sort the whole process. Politics has become quite a popular career choice in the last couple of years. Of course, in order to have a successful political career, you need to possess certain qualities which contribute in your performance but other than that you also need astrology yogas to become a politician. This means that without yogas to become politician, you cannot really enjoy the much desired success because there are main planets for political success which must not be missed on.

In this post, we shall be discussing political astrology predictions based on astrology yogas. We would enfold astrological combinations for power which help you become a successful politician.

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Significant Houses for Politics

The houses which are important for career in politics are:

  • 1st House: It represents self.
  • 2nd House: It is the house for strong communication skills, being able to deliver thoughts in an impressive manner.
  • 3rd House: It is the house of courage which imparts strength to take strong decisions.
  • 5th House: It is the house of kingship and ensures king like comforts and luxuries in life.
  • 9th House: It is important for good luck.
  • 10th House: It is significant to earn power, fame and reputation as a leader. It is also called the house of politics.

Of all the houses, the most important house for politics is 10th house and therefore, presence of a strong planet in this house is of extreme importance. Rahu in politics is considered significant and has connection with this house.

Significant Planets for Politics

Just like houses, there are certain planets which play a very strong role in helping you become a successful politician:

  • Sun: It is the planet for kingship and imparts influence and authority, leadership qualities, magnificent personality with power in hands, popularity, administrative qualities etc.
  • Saturn: Imparts the much needed calmness and cunningness which is important for politicians to survive.
  • Rahu and Ketu: They are known to be the strongest planets for political career. Their presence in the horoscope indicates great success.
  • Jupiter: It gives you wisdom and brings success to you.
  • Mercury: You can enjoy impressive communication skills because of this planet because a great leader must always be a wonderful orator. He knows how to make his speech the most effective and Mercury helps in that.
  • Mars: It imparts strong leadership qualities and ensures a successful career. It brings along the fighting spirit which is much needed in this field.

Significant Astrological Yogas for Politics

We have come up with certain astrology yogas for career in politics which promise a bright future for the leaders. If you have these yogas in your horoscope then you are definitely going to make it big!!!

  • Raja Yoga
  • Akhanda Samrajaya Yoga
  • Mahabhagya Yoga
  • Sreenatha Yoga
  • Parivartana Yoga
  • Mahapurush Yoga

With these yogas, your chances of becoming a politician are brighter.

Just like astrological yogas discussed for politicians, there are similar combinations as per this amazing science for other different streams.

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