Gaja Kesari Yog in Vedic Astrology

Gaja Kesari yog in astrology is known to be a very popular and auspicious yoga. Gaja stands for elephant and Kesari stands for lion. This means that yoga gives the power and dignity of both an elephant and lion making it a strong combination.

That’s the reason all those who are born under this yoga are very intelligent and wealthy. They are blessed with many impressive skills and are appreciated by the high officials like the governing body or king.

When Gaja Kesari Yog Forms?

This formation takes place when Jupiter or Guru is placed in central position in relation with Moon or Chandra. This means Jupiter is placed in 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house of the horoscope or in some extent in 5th or 9th house.

As per the Indian Astrology, Jupiter is considered to the Guru of Devtas. Therefore, Brahaspati or Jupiter is known to be the planet which is associated with principles, wisdom, growth, expansion, destiny, knowledge, religion etc.

There are still some confusions in relation with formation of this yoga. In Brihat Parashra Hora Shastra, Gaja Kesari yoga has been defined by the following shloka:

केन्द्रस्थिते देवगुरौ शशांकाद्योगस्तादाहुर्गकेसरीति ।।

दृष्टे सितार्येन्दु सुतेः शशाङ्के नीचास्त हिनैर्गजकेसरीति ।।

गजकेसरिसंजातस्तेजस्वी धनवान् भवेत् ।।

मेधावी गुणसंपन्नो राजप्रियकरो भवेत् ।।

अनेकयोगाध्याय, बृहद पाराशर बृहत्पाराशर होराशाष्त्रम्

This shloka explains that whenever Guru is in quadrant from ascendant or Chandra, the yoga is called Gajkesari. Therefore, in order to find out the existence of this yoga in a horoscope, it is very important to study the lagna chart.

Benefits of Gaja Kesari Yog in Horoscope

Here are some of the benefits if a person has Gaja Kesari yog in his kundali:

  • The person has the power to destroy his enemies just like the lion

Person enjoys positions of great dignity usually in the governing sector

  • Whatever projects or ventures a person gets involved in, enjoys success easily at an early age
  • The person is very mature, intelligent and smart
  • The person has good command over his communication skills which make him a good orator.
  • He earns respect from the educated people 

Astrological combinations and yogas that bring wealth, money and property 

Gaja Kesari Combination in Different Houses

We have discussed the distinctive points related with different kinds of placements in Gajakesari yoga in kundali:

Gaja Kesari yog in 1st house

  • This Gaja Kesari yoga example is considered very auspicious as placement of Jupiter in the 1st house writes off 100 doshas
  • Promises stable and successful life full of wealth, name, fame and glory

Gaja Kesari Yog in 4th house

  • This is another good yoga as native gets easy success in life because it is the original house of Moon and Jupiter and it is in this house that Guru reaches exaltation in Cancer sign
  • This combination promises lots of houses and vehicles to the native as he is blessed with wonderful wealth.
  • The person enjoys a resplendent life along with great fame and immense knowledge

Gaja Kesari Yog in 5th house

  • When Jupiter is in conjunct with moon in 5th house of horoscope then native is blessed with good children who bring happiness and pride to parents
  • Success in career and healthy inflow of money is predicted
  • Person enjoys good education and is extremely intelligent

Gaja Kesari Yog in 7th house

  • Native is blessed with a very good wife as she has a good background and nice family
  • Native gets married early in life
  • This ensures healthy and successful partnerships
  • The partner is of a pious and religious mind, he is intelligent and wealthy

Gaja Kesari Yog in 9th house

  • Person with Gaja Kesari with Jupiter moon conjunction taking place in 9th house enjoy wonderful gains in foreign countries
  • Success in early life is forecasted
  • Person is blessed with high earnings, pious nature, fame and extra-ordinary wealth.

Gaja Kesari Yog in 10th house

  • This conjunction promises a wealthy life to the native
  • Person enjoys strong position in professional life along with good health and great fame
  • Native enjoys top position in government or becomes a successful politician or politics
  • He enjoys impressive success in mid years of life
  • Good opportunities in career come easy
  • Conjunction promises a rising career

Reasons for Gaja Kesari To Be an Auspicious Combination

As mentioned earlier that Gajkesari yoga is known to be a very auspicious combination in Indian Astrology. We have compiled a few reasons which make this yoga so beneficial for the native:

  • Jupiter is known to be the most benefic planet. It is known for wisdom, destiny etc.
  • Moon directly controls the mind of a man. It is known for the luck it brings long and helps in growth of a person thereby helping him achieve greater heights.
  • When they both come together, they synergize by multiplying each other’s effect.

Gajakesari yog and its effects or Gajakesari yog effect:

If this yoga aspect by sun then gives more powerful results in early age of life with administrative and government power. You can find this gajakesari yoga horoscope in many peoples charts.

Gajakesari yog Marriage Life

When Gaja Kesari Yog occurs in the 7th house then in that care this combination has a strong effect on the marriage of the native’s life. He is blessed with a happy and successful married life as he will get married to someone who will belong to a good family and will prove to be a very supportive and understanding spouse.

In this combination, native is blessed with successful partnerships and marriage is of course the most important partnership in life which is blessed with this yoga.

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