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Medical Health Problems and Remedies, My Health Astrology

Medical Health Problems and Remedies | My Health Astrology

Astrology is a powerful science- more so as it not only predicts and helps in analyzing the horoscope of a person but also because astrology helps in providing a multitude of remedies for different Health Problems Solutions Astrologer India. Health of a person is a crucial aspect- a proper health is necessary to keep the body up and running all day long without any problems. With astrology and the Indian best Astrologer in London, UK, a person can have an idea about the health and well-being through forecasts and get solutions to them. A person can have an idea of upcoming medical issues which are soon going to hamper the health of a person. As such, with the Health Problems Solution by Indian Astrology, one can lead a better life without any health issue in future.

Get Way to Your Health Issues via Gupta Ji

Everyone wants to lead a healthy life. Medical issues and health problems are something every person avoids and gets regular check up. In such a time, one can for a evaluation consultation with Gupta Ji a renowned astrologer who can help you will all the medical issues and problems. Gupta ji, a top Indian Astrologer UK would give a thorough evaluation of the horoscope and forecast the Health Issues Problem and also suggest remedies to avoid them in future. With a proper analysis, the Indian Astrology Service in London and Gupta Ji would tell about the medical issues and the person can be prepared from earlier about the unforeseen situations to come.

Illness forecast in the Birth Chart

Get the help of medical astrology to know about the illness and health issues that are highlighted in the birth chart. With a panel of experienced astrologers, we would ensure your illnesses and medical issues are tackled beforehand. The birth chart is an open book of the future of the person. It highlights any occurrence or medical illnesses which might come the way. As such, consulting a medical astrologer or famous Astrologer UK and having a thorough analysis is of utmost importance.

Planetary Positions, Health and Disease indicator – the Connection

Planetary positions in the birth chart have different types of impact in our lives. The position of the stars impacts hugely in the well-being and prosperity of a person. Each planet as well as star sign influences different certain parts of the human body. As such, a thorough analysis of the birth chart by an expert astrologer is necessary to forecast any medical issue or problem and also practice the remedies and solutions as per Indian astrology in advance. Get a thorough evaluation of the planetary positions and their effects by top Astrology Services UK and also solutions for their disappearance.

How to Effectively Solve any Health Problems by Indian Astrology?

Astrology has a huge impact on the lives of a person. Through astrology, one can achieve great good things in life due to a good forecast of what would happen in future. A birth chart has different houses for the planets ruling the horoscope of a person. The positions of the planet work in tandem with each other, bringing in both good and bad situations in life. The following houses in the birth chart rule various health disorders like:

  • Like the 1st house of the birth chart regulates the general well-being, body and personality of a person.
  • The 5th House suggests ways to overcome health complications and the 6th House indicated the diseases and their nature in the person.
  • The 8th House of the birth chart reveals obstacles as well as dramatic physical issues of a person.
  • The 11th House suggests solutions to any physical disorder of a person.
  • The 12th House determines factors that are responsible for hospitalization and assists with a good analysis any of possible physical defects. It also predicts common health problems and offer solutions for them.


Astrology as a branch of powerful science can very well help a person to diagnose any health problem and issue which may be bothering a person. It would also suggest good remedies and astrology remedies for good health which would help a person to get the rid of any disease. However, it is strongly advisable that any person still consults a doctor and gets a thorough checkup done once the disease erupts.

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Astrology yog of becoming successful Doctor, Medical Profession

Astrological Yog for Becoming a Successful Doctor – Medical Profession

Career is of extreme importance to all of us and we start thinking about it much before opting subjects. With so many choices and with so many new choices of career coming up, it is actually not simple for children to know what career would be good for them. In this process, advice from parents and teachers plays a significant role. They understand their strengths and weaknesses and therefore, they can suggest what career choices would be more suitable for them.

Doctor as a profession has always been a very alluring choice of career for children. It is considered to be one of most reputed professions. But it also demands lots of hard work and focused studies to become a successful doctor. Once the basic education gets completed, students undergo confusion whether they should opt for medical or not. This is because they have so many uncertainties hovering them that they are unable to decide whether it will be a good choice of career for them or not. They have doubts whether they will be able to clear the entrance and if they do, whether they will be able to get admission in their desired college.

Yogs for Successful Doctor

To bring clarity on all these points, we have come up with the astrological yog which is helpful in becoming a successful doctor. Let us have a quick look at these equations that suggest success in medical field:

  1. For all those who desire success in medical field, for them the most important planets are Rahu and Shani.
  2. If Rahu is in a good position then the person has bright chances of becoming a surgeon.
  3. If Mars or Ketu join 10th house of 10th lord then the person becomes a specialized surgeon.
  4. A person can become a doctor if his horoscope is based on Atmkark planet and the parent triangle is present in conjunction with Panchmesh.
  5. If Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio or Aries are in relation with 10th house of the horoscope then success in medical field is guaranteed.
  6. If Guru is seeing from 5th house then person will be very dedicated and honest in his profession.
  7. Relation of 5th and 6th house signifies that person will have strong diagnosis.
  8. Presence of relation of Jupiter or Ketu with 10th house or 10th lord suggests chances of opting homeopathy are brighter.
  9. If Sun and Saturn end up joining in 10th house then chances of becoming a dentist are bright.
  10. If you wish to become a gynecologist then Sun, Venus and Jupiter should be placed in the 10th

So if you are looking for yog for becoming a successful doctor, the above mentioned combinations suggest that you can be a doctor. So before pursuing a career in medical field, if you can check for these combinations then you would know whether it would be a good profession for you or not.

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